Monday 130211

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A1: Back squat 3×4-6. A2: High box jump 3×2.

B: For time: 20 kettlebell swings unbroken, 30 jump squats, 40 mountain climbers; 6 minutes rest x2 sets

3 rounds: 25m sprint, 50m sprint, 100m sprint and back down.

AmberR_painfaceisrealSpotted this photo on Facebook of Amber R. competing for the first time ever and I loved the caption she put on it: “Pain-Face is REAL.”

So I asked Amber R. for a quote about her first competition experience at “Hail to the Queen”: “Faced terror going into it, struggle going through it, and the biggest sense of accomplishment and did-I-really-just-do-that-ism completing it… (Being subjected to ‘Evil Fran’ entitles one to make up words).”

Amber not only ROCKED that competition but she also decided to participate in this Saturday’s Hope for Kenya fundraiser at CFNYC. Won’t you?

Thank you to our latest sign-ups for “Hope for Kenya”. We’re now at 26 people registered to participate and fundraise. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do. (Here’s why you should.)

Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s classes:

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
[Black Box scaling:] A: 3 sets not for time: 3-5 muscle-ups, 10-15 back extensions/good mornings

[Beginner scaling:] 3 sets not for time: 5 ring pullups (false-grip if possible)/10 ring rows, 10 ring dips/ring pushups, 10-15 back extensions/good mornings

B: 8 min AMRAP @ 80-85% effort: 15 situps, 15 supermans, 30 double unders/60 single unders; rest 4 minutes x2

-6:00 of 100m sprints on 0:30, rest 3:00,
-4:00 of 100m sprints on 0:30, rest 2:00,
-2:00 of 100m sprints on 0:30
*You will do 2 100m sprints for each 1min of time.


  • Woohoo! Go Amber!

  • reisbaron

    This is a great recent article from Outlaw North on the difference between high-bar and low-bar back squats as they apply to Crossfit –

    It inspired me to explore high bar today…looks like a long road ahead.

  • ||6:45a||

    A: 3 set of 5 reps: 123-123-133

    A2: I was about to settle with my usual 20″ box, but Mary bossed me – erm, encouraged ;D – into jumping on the 24″ side. I was able to do that, THEN she threw a 25# plate onto that. And whaddyaknow, I did it! ::slow clap::

    B: I forgot my time (somewhere over 11mins), but I went pretty darn slow. Those jump squats after the KB swings (20kg) offered up a hefty serving of humble pie.

    ||8am CFE||
    Sprints in the pouring rain. Need I say more?

    (And thanks for the feature, Allison!)

    • Bossy Mary

      And you rocked it!

      And THEN you kept the 20kg KB for both sets! Double win! πŸ™‚

  • Jana B.

    A: BS 6x 123-133-143 – these felt good today. Box jumps; 24″
    B: 10:33 (I almost wish there was a 3rd round – I know. Nuts.)
    C: 5k recovery row

    • JMo

      Just for the record, my second position plies are much more turned out than my back squats πŸ˜‰

  • reisbaron

    Back Squat: 225 – 225 – 245
    WOD: XX:XX – 5:36

    First day back after illness took me out for almost two weeks. The mountain climbers had me seeing spots. Re-assimilation is a bitch.

  • david slifer

    Back squat – 225,225, 245

    High box jumps- 30 inch box + 4-45#, 1-25#
    Wod – 32 kilogram kb – 9:40

  • Jared_h

    Just gave blood this morning at 9am. Anyone with a medical background know if it’s ok to attend today’s 615pm WOD?

    • vikkikatz

      Not a doctor, but remember a doctor friend lecturing me about waiting 24 hours after giving blood to do anything overly taxing, so as not to put stress on your heart…hope that helps πŸ™‚

      • David

        This is not medical advice. However, take today off. Wait at least 24 hours before doing strenuous exercise. Double your fluid intake for the next 48 hours, too.

        • Jared_h

          Thank you everyone for your advice. Taking a day off!

          • Naveen

            Also, make sure you eat the cookie.

    • Nino_S

      Hey, MD here. The AABB (blood banker professional organization) recommends waiting 24hrs before resuming strenuous physical activity. Take the afternoon off big guy.

  • Just now realized that I forgot to include today’s links in today’s post! Got so wrapped up in writing up Amber’s feature last night (while tired, lol) that it slipped my mind to include the links which I always draft in a separate folder and save them for when I need them.

    Anyway, I’ll use them on tomorrow’s post instead, but just wanted to mention that the absence was unintentional!

  • jsg

    A1: BS –> 185-205-215
    A2: Box Jumps –> 30″ + (3) 10# plates for 1, +(4) 10# plates for 2

    B: 9:20 including the 6:00 of rest

    pleased with my stats for the day – first day back after a week from a tweaked back…felt 90%.

  • Aaron Segal

    a. 245, 255, 275
    b. 9:21 @ 32kg

  • Brad Hoover

    Back squat: 185-185-185
    Box jump: 28 inches + two 45lb plates + one 10lb plate = ?
    WOD: 9:39 (20kg kettlebell)

  • Jonathan P

    BS 225-225-235
    48″ Box
    9:15 @ 24kg