Wednesday 130206

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
[Black Box classes [please note this is a TESTING DAY!]:] A: Take 15 minutes to work up to a heavy single power clean; then take 15 minutes to work up to a heavy single deadlift — go for a PR only if you are feeling good. B: 100 kettlebell swings for time @ 1.5pood/1pood — do NOT scale (up or down) if you don’t need to; kettlebell swings must be overhead.

[Beginner classes:] A: 4×3 push jerk; A2: Wall ankle mobility 4×8/side. B: On the minute for 14 minutes: even minutes perform 5 push presses, odd minutes perform 10 pullups.

CFE WOD (indoors!):
A. Row 1000 meters in groups of 2 or 3 to warmup

B. “Time to Chip Away”
20 Box Jumps
20 Toes To Bar
20 Thrusters (65, 95)
20 Over the Bar Burpees
20 Power Cleans
20 Pushups
20 Squat Jumps
20 Ring Dips
20 Pullups

Coach Sully writes: “I decided to test out the new Yoke Squat racks [Coach] Will and I put together. We concluded they are great squat racks and are fun to carry as well.” Bonus points if you can guess how much weight Sully is carrying there (post to comments!).

Zero tolerance
The price of success
Pistol squats video
Feel better in 37 seconds
Why indoor rowing? A quick list (free PDF download)

Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s classes:

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A1: Front Squat 3×6-8; A2: Pullup 3×3-5 (add weight if needed)

B: For time: 30 HSPU, 40 Pull-ups, 50 Kettlebell swings (1.5/1pd), 60 Sit-ups, 70 Burpees [Beginners: sub feet-elevated pushups for HSPUs]

1 mile’s worth of Tabata Sprints


  • Jason L.
  • 525# for the yoke?

  • 535#. Yoke – 175# plus 8 x 45#.

    Unless you’re asking us to guess Sully’s weight, in which case that’s just rude.

    • Sully

      Close. The side storage is not on the rack in that photo though. 175# is the Y-1 with side storage weight. Unless you think I weight 175#, shhhh don’t make me blush, haha.

  • Justin Katz

    A: Power Cleans- 145
    Deadlift- 330 (PR by 5#)
    B: 4:22 rx’d

  • Jason L

    Power Clean: 205 (not PR. Shoulders tired from Bear complex)
    Deadlift: 345# (45# PR on Crosffit Complete way back when, 7-8 months ago?)
    100 KB Swings: 28kg 3.54

  • Jonathan K

    A 245 power clean (missed 265 twice), 335 deadlift
    B 4:58

  • ||6:45a||
    A. 93# Power Clean – PR! Finally got over that 83# plateau I’ve been stuck at for two months. Thrilled doesn’t quite capture it.

    203# Deadlift – Another PR (previous 193#). ’twas a good day.

    B. 5:37, 1pood… Note to self: resting every five swings after 30 in a row is NOT time-efficient. And 1pood feels so light after deadlifts… For the first 15 swings, maybe.

    ||8a CFE||
    21:4something? – Loving these CFE Chippers! Got some kick-to-wall practice in as well. Much needed.

    Today’s episode is brought to you by the letter “W”… For, WOBBLY-ARMS.

    • Mary

      Congrats Amber!

      • Thanks so much, Mary!!

      • dededos

        I am consistently humbled and impressed by the members at CFNYC, but this is a totally badass post! Two PRs, an rx’d workout to follow, and then a freaking chipper immediately after that?! You are a whack job. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

        • That is one of the kindest things anybody’s ever said to me. Thank you!

  • 195 Power Clean PR’d
    275 deadlift, not PR’d and unfortunately, a ways off from my 305 PR. 295 attempt 3x didn’t get off the ground. 🙁
    100kb swings: 24kg 4:09

  • MLRG

    I have a question unrelated to the WOD….I’ve found that my legs are getting really stiff and I’ve lost flexibility. From a standing position, I used to be able to get my hands flat on the ground–now I can barely touch my toes. Has anyone found that adding Yoga to their routine to help? Or anything else? Thanks!

    • Jana B.

      If you really want a good stretch (and have the funds), I would suggest pilates over yoga. It stretches AND stabilizes joints and in my opinion is better than yoga in terms of core strength which would compliment crossft better. I’m super bendy anyway and when I was doing pilates I was like gumby but still doing strength work. Reab downtown is great and once you get proficient the group classes arent cost prohibitive.

      • MLRG

        perfect! Thanks! Ill bite the bullet and spend some cash

  • david slifer

    225 clean – PR
    315 deadlift ( not a pr)
    4:18 KB swings

  • JonnyHK

    170 power clean (PR) :>)
    315 dead lift (failed 335 – 325 is PR)
    6:03 KB Swings – 20kg

  • Stacey

    93# power clean
    163# deady (both were 20# PRs)
    7am CFE
    …last one standing…or should I say hanging?

  • reisbaron

    Sick on a deadlift max day. A cosmic crime. #sigh

    Wash your hands (with soap) an extra few times a day folks. I got the “light” version of the flu going around and I’ve been weak and dizzy for almost a week now. I’m one of those “never get sick” people and this thing had me on my ass for the first time in years…beware…

  • Aaron Segal

    A. 205 power, not a pr
    B. 400 not pr
    c. 3:53 rxd
    definitely in a lifting funk

  • Brad Hoover

    145 power clean (PR)
    265 deadlift (PR) – ran out of time but confident I could have pulled at least 10lb more
    6:56 KB swings (20kg)
    Another great PR class with Sara

  • Jonathan P

    PC 210. PR by 25 on Saturday when I did heavy singles. Today 215 pushed me into a squat.
    DL 375. PR by 20.
    100 24kg KB swings 4:57

    Sully is carrying… 505.

  • Power clean: 125 (5# PR, eh)
    Deadlift: 230 (20# PR AND DOUBLE BODY WEIGHT! YEAH!)
    100 KB Swings @ 16 kg 4:46

    I gotta say, this programming is working. I do about 4-5 WODs a week, Bikram 2-3 times a week, with pretty much nothing extra. Each testing day is bringing more pleasant surprises.

    • Avery W

      YEAH PETER!!! 2x BW deadlift!!

  • Ian C

    175 power clean
    335 deadlift (PR)
    3:58 KB swings (24kg)

    Guessing Sully is carrying 535lbs

  • Jim S

    Clean 165 (pr=180)
    Dead lift 300 (pr=305)
    100 kb 6:08 (accidentally used 57.5lbs. Close enough. Taped three 2.5lb plates to my 45lb kb).

  • Craig T

    Power Clean 185
    DL 355 (PR)
    3:58 KB swings

  • 5:45 PM Great day today. Worked with Shannon and Will with all three of us hitting at least one PR. Watching Will power clean #265 with room to grow was certainly impressive.

    #215 Power Clean – #10 PR
    #415 Dead lift – #25 PR. It was ugly but I got it up.
    3:57 RX

    These testing days have been a lot of fun.

  • A: 205# Power Clean
    370# Dead Lift (PR by 55#)
    B: 6:00 @ 24k