Crossfit NYC Represents at Frostbite 2013

Frostbite1Crossfit NYC lit up the leader boards at the recent Frostbite 2013 competition at Crossfit Long Island City.  Along with CFNYC team members Morgan Newman and Bobby Gorvetzian, gym members who also came to throw down in both the RX and scaled divisions included Katie Aholt, John Grosso, Jennifer Guida, Jason Lucking, Aurelia Morales, and John Sykes.  Congratulations to all of our gym members who braved the bitter cold to put their fitness to the test!

The leader boards can be found here:  RX DivisionScaled Division

You can read reflections from Bobby and Jason on this event below…

“Nasty Girls” was the final WOD but instead of 50 air squats we had 25 wall balls….of course the muscle ups were the hardest for me…  the 500m row after wod 1a was Frostbite5challenging….9 places were seperated by less than 8sec, really pushed to the limit on that one.  Overall had a great time, saw some familiar faces that i have competed against in the past, and the element of outdoors in the winter, isnt usually seen in crossfit programming so it was an interesting change of pace. –Bobby

Diary of a badly dressed crossfitter…

I woke early Saturday morning. It was bitter cold outside, but I didnt care. Today was the day of my first ever Crossfit Competition.

Getting out of the taxi and arriving at the cleverly-named “Frostbite 2013,” the view was incredible. It was just over the river in Astoria (overlooking Manhattan). Dear lord was it cold.Frostbite4

Only a few of us from the box were there: Katie, Jennifer, Aurelia, Bobby and myself. Still, the support was incredible. We befriended and cheered along Chris Sanborn, a new crossfitter and board member of the Civilian Military Combine who had traveled from Huntington alone…as well as a marine who was also doing his first competiton.

With the crowd behind you and competitors from other boxes coming over to cheer you on, its easy to get a second wind just before the clock starts. Needless to say, I didnt win. Do I care? Sure I do. Am I going to lose sleep over it? Probably. But in the grand scheme of things, who cares? I’ll get stronger, work harder and crush him at the next one!

Frostbite3For me Crossfit goes beyond picking up heavy weights and putting them back down. It goes beyond getting shredded so we look good for the summer. Crossfit keeps people wanting more for the community. Everyone at work hates me when I tell them about what I’ve been doing. I’ve lost over half my friends on Facebook thanks to my constant status updates on Grace times or “come run the CMC with me”. CultFit leaves you ready to push further from the camaraderie, from the support, from your newfound love of fitness.

This day demonstrated the incredible nature of Crossfit. From some of the fittest athletes in New York, to those just going to get in shape and have a good time while doing it. Get involved. Go cheer on your teammates. Go compete if you feel ready. Seen some random person in your class before? Say hey…get their name. Enjoy crossfit for the exercise and the sport, but love it for the community.

Crossfit Addict and avid member of Team Dangerous (aka. CFNYC A.A. group)


  • Maria_L

    Good job guys! way to represent!

  • Naveen

    Looks like fun. What were the wods?

  • Dave B

    Great work to all!