Monday 130204

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
5 rounds [Beginners: 3 rounds] of the Bear Complex for max weight — one round is 7 sets of: 1 power clean, 1 front squat, 1 push press, 1 back squat, 1 push press — hands cannot come off the bar during the round, rest between sets.

HIIT Training–High Intensity Interval Training
THE WOD: 4 rounds for time:
Rest 10 sec
Rest 20 sec
Rest 30 sec
Rest 40 sec
Rest 50 sec

Maria L., our first-ever mom-to-be writes: “I’m now going into my 33rd week of pregnancy, only about 7 weeks left to go! I’m still crossfitting and training mostly with [Coach] Sully, who’s been very encouraging and attentive, as are other coaches I’ve trained with. I’ve been staying strong and pain-free through the pregnancy and I’d like to think I owe a good part of it to CrossFit. I always feel best right after a workout. I plan to continue to train until I can’t do it anymore. So I may be there for another few weeks until I give birth.” ๐Ÿ™‚ Congratulations, Maria!!

Pregnant power clean from CrossFit NYC on Vimeo.

Reminder of upcoming schedule changes beginning TODAY, Feb. 4th!
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Hereโ€™s whatโ€™s on tap for Tuesday’s classes:

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
[Black Box scaling:] A: 3 sets not for time: 3-5 muscle-ups, 5 HSPUs/10 ring dips, 20-30 sec. L-hold. B: 5 sets of: 30 seconds of no-pushup burpees, 30 seconds of jump switch lunges; rest 4 minutes–all-out effort.

[Beginner scaling:] A: 3 sets not for time: 10 pullups, 5 ring dips/10 ring pushups, 15-20 sec. L-hold. B: 5 sets of: 30 seconds of no-pushup burpees, 30 seconds of jump switch lunges; rest 4 minutes.

โ€˜Count Back From 10โ€™: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1sets of Kettlebell Swings with a 100m sprint in between each set.


  • Sully

    Maria is incredibly dedicated and I’m privileged to have her in my class. She has been a devoted member before and during her pregnancy and has consistently checked out the CrossFit Mom website for scaling during each trimester for the different movements and checks in regularly with her doctor. As you can see, we have had to change the timing and bar path a little on some movements, which has been easy since Maria is very coach-able and a good CrossFitter. We will continue to monitor how she is feeling and scale appropriately. We’re all looking forward to meeting her new addition/future CrossFit NYC member.

  • Maria_L

    Thank you Sully for the encouragement! It’s been so great training under your direction and I’ve always felt like I was in good hands every time I walk into class. It will be hard for me to take a break from CrossFit after I give birth but it will be much needed. I will definitely bring the little guy in to meet everyone and tour his future playground ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Jeff

    I enjoy exercise. I like CrossFit. I love the Black Box.

    Thank you Court, Josh and Hari, as well as the former owners, for sharing CrossFit and being with me since the beginning of my CF journey. I will always be grateful and proud to have been part of CFNYC and its growth.

    Thanks to my fellow trainers and to my fellow members, past and present, for supporting me and putting your trust in me. Your friendship has been invaluable.

    Yesterday I taught my final classes as an instructor for CFNYC. You will still see me occasionally at the gym.

    It’s been a pleasure lifting and learning with you.

    • Jim S

      Hey Jeff, Really glad I made it to one of the last classes you taught. It’s been great learning from you going all the way back to the one-on-one elements I took with you and Sara. Really sorry to hear you won’t be coaching anymore. Hope to still see you around.

    • BenS

      Is this Jeff B? Really enjoyed having you as my Elements coach — you put us on a great path and I hope to see you around.

  • Hello all – just got back from a trip out of town, during which I worked out at my first Box outside of NYC. This prompted a few thoughts which I think are worthwhile sharing.

    First, I highly recommend working out at another box on occasion. Why? I’m a firm believer that in achieving fitness goals, path dependency can hamper your development. Personally, I’m very amenable to developing bad habits, and I’ve found that while I’ve made tremendous gains in certain areas of my fitness development (thanks Kev P you know what I’m talking about) certain other aspects have barely moved. In my case this is intensity. I’m stronger and more skilled today than I’ve ever been. But I’m still posting times towards the bottom of the class. I shrugged this off by telling myself “I do the BlackBox WODs, of course those guys are better than me, blah blah blah”. When I worked out at a different box this week, I looked around at other people and in all humility I knew I was stronger than some, and more skilled than some, but I still posted times or reps at the bottom of the class. Which made me realize – I’ve been blocking myself mentally all this time, and I’ve allowed the path dependence of working out with the same, much better, athletes to let me mask my bad habit of avoiding intensity. I need to work on this.

    Second, we don’t know how spoiled for choice we are at CFNYC. I was trying to find an open class in London on Saturday. It was almost impossible – most boxes only run 2-3 classes starting at 9 in the morning. For us New Yorkers who go out on Friday night, that’s as good as not having weekend WODs. I ended up having to travel 45 minutes to a WOD, and then 45 minutes back, in the process losing almost 3 hours of my precious Saturday. The idea that I have so many classes to choose from on Saturday AND Sunday, to suit my particular schedule, is astounding. Yes, there are always kinks to be worked out in any complicated operations machine like CFNYC, but I have to appreciate the dedication and flexibility of the coaches and CFNYC management who allow me to work out whenever I damn well please. I’m sure the coaches would much rather be working out themselves or hanging out with friends and family rather than watching me do a “snatch” (translation: wide-armed yank from the floor into an overhead press, with head to one side).

    Third, and lest this post be construed as a CFNYC love-fest – drops. OMG. You have no idea how much more fun, and danger free, a high-rep Powerclean WOD is when you can just drop a weight with impunity. Seriously.

    Fourth, running during WODs. I know we have CFE, but our regular WODs dont have running incorporated. I know that is purely a result of location, but that does mean I need to do more running on my own, or something, because that’s an area of fitness I’ve let lag considerably.

    That’s it folks. I’m so excited to be back in NYC so I can get back to the Box with renewed vigor. Looking forward to seeing my 5:15 / 6:15 folks tonight. If any of you see me slacking off on the intensity do me a favor and yell at me will you? Thanks.

    • Jim S

      Big +1 on the schedule flexibility. I’ve worked out at probably 15 boxes in the last year and most of them, with memberships of <50 people, have something like two morning classes and two evening classes three days each week, and then one of each on the other two days. Of course the flip side of that is that I'm frequently in classes with about six people.

      I definitely agree with Kayam on the value of hitting other gyms during travel because they seem to focus on different things, or just bring a different point of view to the process. It's fun, I learn a lot, and it keeps things interesting. Like running down Folsom, dodging sidewalk diners, with a wallball on your shoulder…

    • Aaron Segal

      I actually enjoyed reading this which is such a rarity on this blog. Appreciated your analysis of intensity in the WODS, it is great that you recognize what is holding you back. I also belong to a crossfit gym in scarsdale and I have to agree, being able to drop the weight changes the whole workout. Hopefully one day…..

    • Francisco

      Thanks for such a great post. I completely agree with every single point that you mention. I have particularly become aware of how little we run at the black box and tried to incorporate some running here and there.

  • joncoffey

    65-95-95-115-115. It’s a small miracle that I didn’t leave 7 layer dip all over the floor this morning. I may not have been so strict re: hands on the bar

    • 1 layer for each rep… Did you do that on purpose?

      • joncoffey

        Ha nothing I ate or drank yesterday was taking CF into mind

  • Suggestions?

    Any suggestions as to how Black Box members working out on the 4th Floor at 26th Street should approach Muscle Ups? It’s impossible for tall folks to work on them with the rings available…..

    • Sara

      We will be doing bar muscle-ups tomorrow. For people who are not quite there the sub will be c2b pull-ups and ring dips (getting a really good kipping c2b is essential for learning a mu). We will also be going over false grip (again, it is essential to get comfortable with this before learning mu… At least the way I teach them as there are other methods). If you can do all of the above things and prefer ring mu to bar mu then I suggest you attend a class on the 3rd floor or 28th st.

  • Awesome post, Kayam. And farewell, Jeff! You have no choice but to visit us often – we’re known for hunting people down if they stay away too long. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, a BIG FAT CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU to all the incredible, kick-ass CFNYC Ladies that I spent time with this Saturday at Hail to the Queen! And especially COACH HEIDI – who convinced me to stomp on my crippling fears and sign up in the first place. Experience of a LIFETIME!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Did 4 sets, due to time constraints (I took too long). 7 reps of the bear complex takes FOREVER. Cruelty incarnate. But, results:

    (Considering my Bear 1rm this past June was 58#, I’m pretty darn happy with that!)

    • Maria_L

      Thank you Amber! I am driven by my fellow CrossFitters to keep going! Thank you all for being my inspiration!

  • Jana B.

    Bear: 53-73-83-93-98 for 1 set and 83 for remainder (ran way over but wanted to finish)

  • Keka Schermerhorn

    | for your viewing pleasure.

  • KevinBoul

    Worked out at Shoreline Crossfit in my hometown of Branford, CT this morning with my good friend Dave “Rilla” Callahan who is an absolute monster. He did this.

    10 rounds of: 12 HSPU/36 DUs/200m run

    I did HSPU negatives for as long as he was working on HSPUs. As many DUs as I could while he did his set, and tried to keep up with him on the runs. Really great to be pushed like that.

    • KevinBoul

      BTW. He did every single set of HSPUs unbroken. Beast mode.

  • Jim S

    That was hard. 75, 85, 90, 95, 100

    • Jim S

      Btw, I should add. Great job Steve Slo getting through 125lbs tonight. I had absolutely nothing left after the 100.

      • Steve Slo

        Thanks Jim.

  • David Stogsdill

    “The Bear” — 65-85-95-95-105#

  • Craig T

    Bear: 95-95-95-105-105

  • eric

    one miss by a only few inches with that bar and good bye baby. the idiocy is astounding but not surprising.