Water Main Break in Flatiron District affecting ONLY our 26th St. location

UPDATE! As of 12:22pm: A water main break in the Flatiron District is affecting both of our locations currently ONLY our 26th St. location (meaning we currently have no water for showers or bathroom usage at this moment at 26th St.).

Today’s daytime and evening classes at 28th St. are unaffected and will run as normal with full water service.

26th St. classes will hopefully be able to proceed normally as repairs are made but stay tuned to the blog for details as they emerge. (If this post itself has not been updated, do check for updates in the comments from owners/coaches/staff.)

ADDED UPDATE as of 2:50pm:

The 4:45 PM Black Box WOD is canceled.
The 5:15 PM Black Box WOD will be held at 28 Street (in Avery’s Quadrant)

If the water at 26 Street is not turned back on by 3:00 PM:

The 5:45 PM, 6:45 PM, and 7:45 PM Black Box WOD’s will be canceled.
The 6:15 PM, and 7:15 PM Black Box WOD’s wil be held at 28 Street.

All Beginner WOD’s are as normally scheduled, for now.

Flooding near Madison Square Park due to the water main break that occurred this morning:


  • Hari Singh

    As of 12:20 PM, the water is fine at 28 Street.

    As of now, we are moving the 4:45 PM Black Box WOD to Avery’s Quadrant at 28 Street. We will make a decision about the 5:15 Black Box PM WOD by 3:00 PM. (It and subsequent HR:15 Black Box WOD’s may be canceled, so that we can continue running HR:45 Black Box WOD’s at 28 Street.)

    All Beginner WOD’s are as normally scheduled, for now.

    • Robert Miron

      Update: Other than the two changes above, everything is back to normal as of 5:45 PM.