Monday 130128

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A: 1, 2, 3…10 reps for time: kettlebell swing and goblet squat

Rest exactly ten minutes then:
B: “Annie”
50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of:
Double-unders [Beginners may scale to single-unders or parallette jumps.]

8X 100 meters with full recovery.

CAPTION CONTEST! What’s up with Jon C.?

Band pull-apart super series for shoulder health
Group finds more fake ingredients in popular foods
Bodybuilders through the ages
January is the cruelest month
Squat therapy

Jon says: “The action shot isn’t terribly flattering, but hey, it was a personal
best 5K @20’36.3″ so it didn’t have to be pretty.”


Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s classes:

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A1: Push jerk 4×2 [Beginners instead do: Push press 4×4]; A2: Lateral lunge with overhead reach 4×8 (alternating)

B: 5 rounds for time: 5 kettlebell thrusters left arm, 5 kettlebell thrusters right arm, 10 kettlebell swings (Russian)

Time to run, sprint, run some more…this time with a soccer ball. It’s Soccer Day at CrossFit Endurance. One thing soccer players have is endurance, so we are going to take their non-stop running and sprinting action to the infield of our practice track for a fun, but exhaustive day with Coach Heidi. This is a special CrossFit-style soccer day, so NO PREVIOUS SOCCER EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!


  • The folks at CrossFit Advanced in Easton, PA are running a burpee challenge, and asked that we share the info with our members. While we don’t normally pass this kind of stuff along (as we get inundated by event notices from affiliates around the globe), I’m sharing info on the 116 Royal Burpee Challenge as I learned something awesome from their pitch:

    Turns out, the burpee is an eponym – the exercise was invented by Royal Huddleston Burpee as part of his PhD thesis in Applied Physiology at Columbia University in 1940. That’s right, the burpee was born right here in NYC.

    This year would have marked Royal’s 116th burped; hence the challenge. Anyone with a lot of free time and rotator cuffs of steel can find info here:

  • joncoffey

    6:15AM A: 4:50 @24kg / B: 11-something (doubles). Is it weird that I find double-unders a lot easier to do barefoot?

  • I left my Ropes as Rx jumprope at 28th street yesterday. Black cable with black handles, approximately 9 ft. If it was found could you please leave it at the desk at either 26th or 28th street? Thanks!

    • Jason L.

      Pretty sure I saw it in the lost and found at 28th street

  • I overslept and missed class. Sara is going to kick my @ss – rightfully so!

  • Mary

    Congrats Jon!! That’s a great time!

    caption – cost-benefit analysis of looking for a porta-potty one last time..

  • Albert Insogna

    A: 6:14 (?) at 24kg
    B: 7:22

    And congrats on the PR Jon.

  • 7:15am
    A: 5:51 – 16kg. I tend to do russian swings with the 20kg, but I was profoundly grateful for going a little lighter after round 5 of swings/squats.

    B: Hail to the Queen is looming, and Sheryl & I decided to give their scaled version of Annie a shot. Similar enough:

    50-40-30-20-10 Single Unders
    50-40-30-20-10 Sit-Ups
    10-8-6-4-2 Power Snatches at 35#
    TIME: 9:53

    (Practicing this chipped away at my terror over Saturday a bit.)

  • jsg

    A: 24kg – 6:50ish….regretted my kb choice by the fourth set….
    B: 9:59 – sub’d paralette jumps for DUs

  • Aaron Segal

    A. 5:01 @ 24kg
    B. 5:05 rx’d (first annie)

  • reisbaron

    Stayed in Jersey today. Snuck in a WOD in MoTown this morning…

    Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
    155 – 175 – 185 – 205 – 225 – 235* – 235* (10# PR)

    12 Min AMRAP – 5 Push Jerks, 3 Bar Muscle-Ups
    10 Rounds + 5 Jerks @ 135# (subbed banded C2B for muscle ups)

    Back in NYC tomorrow…should be interesting…

  • Jeff k

    3pm class: 5:15 for part A and 6:22 for Annie (rx). Beat previous time by over 4 minutes.

  • Jim S

    A: 45lb 5:52

    B: OMG. Whatever has to go right in my brain to make the timing for double unders work, wasn’t working today. It took me 12 minutes to just get through the first two rounds (Last time I did this workout it took me 10 minutes and some change, total). Half way through the third round my rope got fed up with the abuse from so many misses and broke. The little nut that holds it to the handle went flying. So, my absolutely horrendous time of *18:49* is mitigated at least ever so slightly by the fact that it includes at least 45 seconds of me muttering curses while I looked for my other rope. Mysteriously, once I switched from the now broken speed rope to my big thick plastic heavy rope my double under timing magically returned and i finished the last 2.5 rounds unbroken. I’m sorry I wasn’t at the gym to share this virtuoso performance with everyone.

    • Jim S

      btw, the only thing worse than my performance tonight on this wod, was having to enter it in beyond the whiteboard. They have got to be kidding. Their new interface requires the weight of the kettle bell to be entered 20 separate times, with three mouse clicks for each entry. Serenity now… serenity now…

  • Jana B.


    A: 4:56 12kg

    B: Did Hail to the Queen Annie (again): same ladder but w single unders and adding a 45# snatch ladder (10-8-6 etc). 10:24. A little slower that Saturday’s practice bc abs are sore but everything else felt really good.

  • David Stogsdill

    8:15 WOD
    A: 3:35 w/ 20kg
    B: 8:03 Rx’d

  • Icand Marquez

    Hey, coach Tom said you’re familiar with setting up a Beyond the Whiteboard account. Can you please help me. Thanks – Icand