Saturday 130126

REMINDER! This weekend and every weekend, all classes are at 28th St. ONLY. Thanks!

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:

Black Box classes [please note this is a TESTING DAY!]:
A: Take 15 minutes to work up to a heavy single front squat then take 15 minutes to work up to a heavy single back squat – go for a PR only if you are feeling good. Rest 10 minutes, then max reps back squat @ 85% of your heavy single. B: Max reps burpees in 3 minutes.

Beginner classes [please note this is a TESTING DAY!]:
A: Take 15 minutes to work up 3RM front squat and then 15 minutes to work up to a 3RM back squat. B: Max reps burpees in 3 minutes.

A little birdie sent in this photo for the blog and cheekily named it “Graceful Slobs Squats.” Sounds like a great t-shirt slogan… 😉

Here’s what’s on tap for Sunday’s classes, all at 28th St. only:
[Black Box scaling:] A: 3 sets not for time: 30-second L-sit, 3 muscle-ups, 5 HSPUs or ring dips
[Beginner scaling:] A: 3 sets for for time: 30-second L-sit, 10 ring rows, 10 ring pushups

B: 5 sets: 250-meter row, 2 minute rest — max effort, no pacing


  • joncoffey

    A: FS: 235# (+10PR), BS: 255#, 6 reps @ 235#
    B: 42

    joncoffey to his friends and family: “CrossFit isn’t a cult” // 50 people with buzz-cuts show up at the gym at 7AM on a weekend

  • BenS

    Front squat: 275 (30# PR from July 26)
    Back squat: 295, 335F, 305F (PR from July 2 is 315)
    3 back squats at 255 (out of gas at this point)
    50 burpees

    Felt very awkward on back squats after front squats but psyched about the front squats and the burpees

    • Jason W

      Hey BenS,

      Nice job on the Front Squats!

      You probably already know this, but your weight progression on your back squat was way too aggressive. 295 -> 335 is super steep and you might have seen better results if you stepped up in 10# increments or less.


      • BenS

        Thanks man. I picked my back squat weight based on my previous PR, but I really should have based it on how I was feeling, which would have dictated smaller increments.

  • Ben

    FS, kept failing at 205, did 200 yesterday

    BS, 235 (+10# PR from Wed), 6 @ 185#

    51 Burpees

    More importantly, finally got a ring muscle up. Clearly the trick is to do 3 minutes of burpees and PR BS first

  • Zephan

    FS: 205# (PR),
    BS: 255# (PR +10#)
    6 BS reps @ 215#
    38 burpees

  • Jana B.

    1RM FS 143 (same as July 2012)
    1RM BS: 163 (down from 178 in August 2012)
    Totally disappointing all around.
    Max reps 138: 11
    Burpees: 36

    Made up yesterday’s WOD: Pwr cleans 93-103-113; cleans 83; HSPU 1 abmat and 10#bumper

    Hail to the Queen practice

    • Paul B

      I wonder if there is a relationship between complaining about the programming and a lack of progress on said program??

      • Jana B.

        I resent that. I show up regularly and work my ass off. Ask any of the coaches (or fellow crossfitters) that I train with. And I show up and work my ass off DESPITE the fact that I am unhappy with a lot of the current programming (which, I have had several private and (I hope) constructive discussions with Jason about rather than anonymously posting complaints on the blog). Frankly, I don’t think I know you and I don’t think I work out with you so your comment is pretty shitty and uncalled for in my view.

        • Judy

          Jana–I know you work your butt off…I see you and am VERY impressed with your squats–esp. 11 reps at 138#…that is NOT easy!! You rock and keep it up. You can’t have perfect workouts and PR every workout. It’s just not possible. Keep rockin’ it Jana!!

      • Not Cool.

        It’s this kind of attitude that played a role in my choice to just go to another box rather than bring up my issues with the programming. There are giant blind spots. It seems like a personal workout program, complete with avoidance of non-favored exercises, and then applied to everybody without any regard for a variance of goals or tastes. I respect and like all the owners/coaches. I was a regular member from 2008 until now… never complained about the lack of showers, being in small spaces that required running all wods in heats, and supported the move away from main-site. I liked the main site – and disliked seeing less and less of the staple wods like Michael, Filthy 50, etc. But I also disliked that the culture shifted to one where I felt like any criticism on my part was going to be met with hostility and insults aimed at me personally. Taking digs at people for voicing opinions is why people think CF is a cult. Implying that the results you want are the results everyone else should want is why people think CF members are jerks.

  • Jim S

    Tested on Wednesday so I made up yesterday’s cleans.
    A1: power cleans x 2 165, 165, 155
    A2: weighted push ups. 45×6, 35×8, 35×8
    B: 12 min hang cleans, push-ups x 10. 115lbs
    Didn’t do HSPU’s because of a very sore shoulder. Also, spent last two days in bed with norovirus. So today was a light day.

  • Guest

    2:00 WOD

  • David Stogsdill

    FS – 175#(10# PR)
    BS – 205#(20#PR)
    4 back squats at 175#
    58 burpees
    Muscle ups- 5 UB on rings(Tied PR); 4 UB on bar(+2 PR)

  • FS: 215# (PR)
    BS: 255# (PR)

    6 BS @ 215#
    49 Burpees