Wednesday 130123

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD (please note that 10am thru 3pm daytime classes are at 26th St INSTEAD of 28th St.):
Black Box classes [please note this is a TESTING DAY!]:
A: Take 15 minutes to work up to a heavy single front squat then take 15 minutes to work up to a heavy single back squat – go for a PR only if you are feeling good. Rest 10 minutes, then max reps back squat @ 85% of your heavy single. B: Max reps burpees in 3 minutes.

Beginner classes: A: Hang Snatch 5×3 (just above the knee). B: Snatch deadlift 3×5.

Indoors Team WOD! 3 Rounds of ROWING, KB SWINGS, & BOX JUMPS
3min Row that consists of :15 Sprint :15 Rest, 1 minute of REST, 1 minute of KB SWINGS, 1 minute of Box Jumps.

In teams of 3, one person will row for 3 minutes with a 1:1 work ratio of :15 sprints, :15 rest. While that person is rowing, the other two teammates will rotate through a minute of rest, a minute of KB Swings, and a minute of Box Jumps. Then when the partner is off the rower, one of the teammates jumps on the rower and the other two continue with the rest, swings and box jumps. Each round is 9 minutes and you will complete 3 Total Rounds for a total work time of 27 minutes.

Michael C. was tired of all the handstand vacation photos so he decided to go for a split jerk at the top of Snowmass mountain at 11,300 feet instead:

I can be lazy…tomorrow
You are going to die.
Sitting is the smoking of our generation
There’s more to life than being happy
Blueberry & chocolate chip bread pudding

Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s classes (please note that 10am thru 3pm daytime classes are at 26th St INSTEAD of 28th St.):

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A1. Bulgarian Split-squat 3×8-10/side – weaker side first [Beginners: A1. Reverse Lunge 3×8-10/side (no alternating) – weaker side first]; A2. Scapular wall-slides 3×8

B: 3 rounds for time: 10 KB front squat L arm, 10 KB front squat R arm, 10 pullups [Beginners: 8 reps each instead of 10]

3 X 600m with 2-3min recovery


  • 1 RM FS: 265# (+20# from 6/22/12), 1 RM BS: 275#, 7RM @ 235 BS, 55 burpees.

  • reisbaron

    FS: 355* (PR)
    BS: 365
    13 Reps @ 315
    31 Burpees

    No way I was coming close to a PR on back squat after that. Felt like I could’ve dug in for some more at 315. If we do the 20-rep on its own again I’ll give it a whirl for sure. Burpees? Well I did 59 in 7 minutes during the Open (with Open standards). So for a 3-min amrap after the squat madness I’ll take 31 all day long.

    In May 2011 I failed on FS rep 5 at 200# – – The road from 4 @ 200 to a single at 355 is paved without additional strength training, and without ever doing a 1-rep max front squat WOD. I average 3-4 days a week Black Box programming and nothing else (I took a break and did 6 weeks of endurance training for CMC last year that actually hindered my lifting progress).

    The reality is that unless you are at the level of the competition team, as long as you’re doing constantly varied functional movements at high intensity, you will make continual progress. But it is on YOU and not the WOD schedule to bring consistent, daily intensity that will push your fitness to the next level. Volume does not equal intensity, and a schedule full of chippers dopes not equal progress. Maybe the globo gyms are on to something, because oftentimes the best thing you can do to really assess what’s holding back your fitness is look in the mirror.

    • Sara

      Love this. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • Avery

        Reis congrats on the PR (that’s a huge improvement) and thank you for this post! Makes me actually want to read the comments 🙂

    • Peter

      Yes, thanks for posting this! I think every CFer reaches a point where the gains start to plateau a bit and thoughts of “Is Starting Strength the answer..? Do I need to do MORE?” start to creep in. Always good to hear from someone who can confirm that gradual successes can happen over the long run.

    • Shannan

      Well said Reis! And congrats on the PR!

    • Court

      Awesome testimonial and accomplishment, Reis.

    • reisbaron

      Thank you all…very kind words!

    • Jonathan P

      I love this, Reis. I love the programming, too. I don’t crave feeling wrecked all the time, but I do crave feeling strong, energized, and optimistic all the time, which is what is happening.

    • BenS

      Well-said and congrats on the PR!

  • Brad Hoover

    FS: 185 (PR)
    BS: 215 (PR)
    10 reps at 185lb
    52 burpees

    Thank you for the encouragement this morning Sara

  • KevinBoul

    BS: 245# PR
    FS: 220# PR
    10 reps @ 205#
    58 burps

    PRs galore this morning in coach Will’s black box WODs!! The huge gains we are making as a box are amazing. This is a testament to our incredible coaching staff. Thank you coaches!!

  • Justin Katz

    FS: 245 20# PR
    BS 245 10# PR

  • Gordon

    FS: 325# (PR) increase of 17#
    BS: 370# (PR) increase of 25#
    9 reps @ 285#
    41 burpees

    Felt great today…mix of recent WODS and CFE has helped!!!

  • Sara

    Really good numbers from my classes today… highlights were:
    Ryan: FS 315, BS 335, 13@285, 66 burpees
    Reis: FS 355, BS 365, 13@315, 31 burpees
    Angela: FS 163, BS 193, 15@163, 46 burpees (she has a lot more weight in her for both squats
    Gordon: FS 325, BS 370, 9@285, 41 burpees

    Congrats to everyone who pr’d and good job to all my people today. Also nice to see some of the beginners come to testing.

  • kevin p

    Congrats in the pr’s ! Nice job everyone!

  • Jason K

    FS: 215# PR (from 185#)
    BS: 225# PR (from 205#)
    10 reps @ 190#
    44 burpees (I think)

    First non-beginner WOD (going to be away over the weekend, and wanted to get tested before I left)…

    • reisbaron

      Nice work!

  • Aaron Segal

    A. bs: 320 pr by 5 pounds, ill take it
    fs: 225 off my pr by 30 lbs felt like real shit
    B.70 burpees

  • Jonathan P

    BS 275, PR by 20.
    FS 245, PR by 20.
    BS x4 @ 235

    56 Burpees

  • Jim S

    Sure wish I could have made it in to Sara’s class this morning for testing. Had to do it in my 18 degree garage instead. Extra incentive to finish quickly.
    Front squat: 235lbs (+ 20 over previous pr)
    Back squat: 250lbs (+ 15 over previous pr)
    10 @ 215lbs
    36 burpees. Still have trouble sustaining pace with these.
    Great day with two PR’s. Might have had a bit more in me but ran out clock on the FS’ and don’t like to go too hard without spotters on the back squat. They wouldn’t find me till summer if I got pinned under the bar in this cold. 🙂
    Congrats to everyone on all the PR’s today.

  • Kicking a**, taking names!
    FS: 225* (PR)
    BS: 255 (PR)
    11 Reps @ 215
    50 Burpees

  • Albert Insogna

    At Crossfit Jersey City
    A: front squat: 3×3: 95,115,135 (x2)
    B: 1100m run, 60kb swing at 24kg, 30 pull-ups: 9:10

    C: max ring hold: 47 sec

  • FS: 225 PR
    BS: 275 PR
    3 Reps @ 225
    48 Burpees.

  • Craig T

    BS 280 PR
    FS 225 PR
    6 @ 235
    66 burpees

  • NickH

    A: BS 255# (PR by 30#)
    FS 215# (PR by 20#)
    4 reps at 215#
    42 burpees

  • Steve Slo

    After an autumn of almost no regular weight training, I had no idea where my numbers were and did not expect to be hitting the 300 mark on the back squat. Small overdue victory. 350# by year’s end!

    BS: 300lbs PR
    FS: 245lbs (PR?)
    3 Reps @ 255# (PR?)
    42 burpees

  • BS: 235#, 30# PR
    FS: 205#, 50# PR
    5 Reps @ 195#
    54 burpees – should have had closer to 60…next time!