Monthly Archives: December 2012

Sunday 121216

REMINDER: This weekend and every weekend, all classes are at our 28th St. location ONLY. Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD: A1: Black Box scaling: Bulgarian split-squat 3×8-10 (weaker side first) Beginner scaling: reverse lunge 3×8-10/side (no alternating–weaker side first) A2: Scapular… Read more »

Friday 121214

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD: Do 3 rounds of “Barbara” (normally 5 rounds) 20 Pull-ups 30 Push-ups 40 Sit-ups 50 Squats Rest precisely three minutes between each round. [Beginner scaling: 10-20-30-40 reps version] CFE WOD: Tempo Day 5 Rounds: 3 min… Read more »

Thursday 121213

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD: A1. Back Squat 3×8-12 A2: 3 high box jumps x3 sets B: 3 rounds: 8 power cleans @ ~60% 1:30 row (hard effort) rest 2 minutes People can pair up (sub double-unders or lateral jumps if… Read more »

Wednesday 121212

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD: A1: Push Press 4×3 A2: 30-second goblet squat hold x4 sets (what’s a goblet squat hold?) B: 4 rounds: 3-minute AMRAP of 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 situps; rest 1 minute between rounds CFE WOD: **Remember… Read more »

Tuesday 121211

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD: A1: Front Squat 3×3 A2: Pullup 3×8-12 [Black Box scaling: add weight if needed on the pullups] B: Every minute for 10 minutes: 3 front squats @ 80-90% of your heavy triple 5 box jumps (high,… Read more »

Monday 121210

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD: 7 rounds, not for time: max reps, handstand push-ups 15 hollow rocks [Beginners: substitute push-ups for handstand push-ups. Scale up to band push-ups (around the back) if needed.] CFE WOD: “Partner Wall Ball Run” Grab a… Read more »

Sunday 121209

REMINDER: This weekend (and every weekend) all classes are at 28th St. location ONLY. Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD: A1: Bulgarian Split-squat 3×8-10/side – weaker side first A2: Scapular wall slides 3×8 [Beginners: Substitute Reverse Lunges for Bulgarian Split-squats] B: 5… Read more »