Friday 121130

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A: Press 3×5

B: “Yo Adrian”
3 Rounds
10 Push Presses 135#/95#
10 Box Jumps, 30″
[Beginners = 105#/73#, 24″ box]

Tempo Day. 1 min up tempo, :30 jog, 1:30 up tempo, :45 jog, 2 min up tempo, 1 min jog, 3 min up tempo, 1:30 jog and then back down the ladder. The purpose of this tempo is to halve the rest to teach the body to run at this elevated pace longer with shorter rest. The ultimate result will be a faster pace per mile.

Marc F. writes: “I just wanted to share a picture that I took at the Spartan Race in Fenway Park last weekend. I was proud to represent CFNYC up there. The three of us finished in top 11% overall and top 16% of the men’s 25-29 age group.”

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Here’s what’s on tap for Saturday’s classes, all at 28th St. location only:

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A: Russian gymnastics warm-up

B: Teams of 2:
One partner does Turkish get ups (24kg/16kg); can only work while other partner is in a handstand
1′ Rest
One partner does goblet squats (24kg/16kg); can only work while other partner holds 225#/155# at top of deadlift.
1′ Rest
One partner rows; can only work while other partner holds a plank. Partners can switch as
often as they like.
(Beginners: 20kg/12kg, 185#/125#)


  • Joe W

    Yo Adrian: 2:04 Rx’d

    Question, if we workout Saturday AM at 28th street, is 26th st open for showering?

    • best in the gym so far today. rocked that shit dude!

      • Joe W

        Thanks Will! Had to make up for my DFL finish in the 3 rds of Eva WOD pre-thanksgiving

  • joncoffey

    A: 105-115(3)-110. Somehow these are getting worse. Mental?
    B: 3:19 @ 95#/24″

    Koach Kyle Healthy Habit: Bananas…help you poop!

    Wait, when are bananas in season? Asking for a Paleo friend.

    • reisbaron

      Broccoli is always a good choice in that category. Bananas are a super-heavy source of fructose. If your friend is Paleo for weight loss, daily bananas can slow down the process. They are damn good though ;-).

  • reisbaron

    Yo Adrian 5:55
    Pull ups instead of box jumps. PP @ 135#: unbroken – unbroken – 5+5

    First day back since the back squat festival on Monday, and apparently my groin was not ready…lunges during warm-up unleashed some beastly pain that barely went away after stretching through part A. Although after wrapping with a voodoo floss band and squatting for a few minutes, the pain was a lot more manageable. These things are pretty amazing for attacking junky tissue. I highly recommend them:

    Ron is a sick human. Great job today!

  • Jana B.

    A: 73 (PP on last)-73 (PP on last)-73 (PP on last)

    B: Yo Adrian: 6:02 83# (too heavy; and tweaked knee somewhere in there as well so did step ups on last set of box jumps)
    C: Kipping practice (PR 3 in a row of good ones)
    D: Row 30:00 (6125m)

  • jds

    Can we choose partners tomorrow? Dont know why we cant do partner WODs with another crossfit friend.

  • Aaron Segal

    A. Strict Press: 135 145 155×5 all felt light
    B. 3:47 Rxd, just not a fan of 30 inch box jumps. Legs felt like cement going from press to box.

  • 6:15pm Beginner

    A: Push press, 4×5, last two sets at 48#
    B: 3:46 with 20″ box and 40# push press (broke up last set into 5/3/2)

  • Adrian: 4:35 73# and 24#

    Joe – great time!!!

  • amy k

    7:15 beginner with Brian, woot!

    A: 5×5 PP last set @ 70# could have gone heavier
    B: 3:14 @ 55# 24″

  • Steve Slo

    A) 3×5 Deadlift at 295#, 315#, *315#
    *I stopped after the 4th rep because my form was breaking down

    B) Yo Adrian: 3:30 (24kg one-armed push press / 30″ box jumps)