Storage Space for Long-Time CrossFit NYC Members

We are allocating about 90 storage bins for our most senior members. These will be plastic containers about twice the size of a normal shoe box. They will be suitable for storing lifting shoes, a jump rope, a log book, and other small gear that you may want to leave at the box. Initially, we will have space for 30 bins on the Third Floor of 26th St., 30 on the Fourth Floor of 26th St., and 30 in the southwest (Avery’s) quadrant at 28th Street.

We will begin by offering bins to our members and coaches who have maintained a membership and/or employment status since prior to 2009. If you are interested, please post to comments your name, the year you joined CrossFit NYC, and where you would like a storage bin (28th Street, Third Floor at 26th, Fourth Floor at 26th). Kristina will create a label for your bin and put in where you requested.

After we see the response, we will determine whether we can offer bins to members who started in 2009.


  • mike r

    Mike Roper, Apr 2009, Third floor 26th street

    • Kristina Harrow

      Gotcha, Roper. It will be ready tomorrow.

  • Jai Berg

    I’m interested, but I think I joined in 2009, not prior to it. I know I’ve had a membership for more than three years now, but I don’t recall my join date. Regardless, if there’s room once more senior members have signed up, please reserve a box for me. Thanks!

    Jai Berg, 2009, 28th Street.

    • Kristina Harrow

      Do you remember around what month you joined?

  • Justin Katz

    Justin Katz, May 2009, fourth floor 26th street

    • Kristina Harrow

      Thanks, Justin. It will be ready tomorrow night.

  • Paul B.

    Paul Bonner, Sept 2008, 3rd floor 26th Street.

    • Kristina Harrow

      Thanks, Paul. It will be ready tomorrow.

      • Kristina Harrow

        Actually, right now we’re making the first 6 months of 2009 so I’ll keep you updated when I make your label.

    • Kristina Harrow

      Your bin is ready.

  • Brett_nyc

    I’ll take a cubby in Avery’s corner on 28th. 2006

    • keller


    • Kristina Harrow

      Gotcha, Brett. It will be ready for you tomorrow.

  • Not sure if i make the cut, if I do: John Sykes, late 2010(i think?), 26th Street.

  • Matt D.

    Avery’s corner on 28th. August 2009.

    • Kristina Harrow

      Matt, what’s your last name?

  • Guest

    Wendy Greene, July 2011, 26th street 3rd floor.

  • Todd

    Todd Persen, May 2012. 28th Street. I’m nowhere near making the cut, but I’d happily pay monthly for a storage bin. Think about it?

    • Jeff

      I’m thinking about it, How much would you be willing to happily pay?

  • reisbaron

    In case 2010 makes the cut…
    Reis Baron – Nov 2010 – 3rd Floor

  • That is one expensive storage bin!

  • Sara H.

    4th floor at 26th…. Sara Harris, June 2009

    • Kristina Harrow

      Gotcha, Sara. It will be ready tomorrow night.

  • Neeraj

    Neeraj, Jan 1st 2010, 26th street (In case 1/2010 makes the cut)

  • David

    David Dodge, January 21st, 2009, 3rd floor 26th street

    • Kristina Harrow

      Gotcha, David. It will be ready for you tomorrow night.

  • scott

    Scott Root – August 2009

  • scott

    would have been good for me to actually follow instructions!

    Scott Root – August 2009 – 4th Floor 26th Street

    • Kristina Harrow

      Your bin will be ready tomorrow night.

      • scott

        Hi, I still don’t see my bin anywhere. Will it be ready this week? Thanks!

  • Annie

    Annie Yearwood, April 2009, Third Floor, 26th Street

    • Kristina Harrow

      Gotcha, Annie. I’ll have it ready for you tomorrow night.

  • Mike n.

    Michael nerenburg. Feb 2009

  • Mike n.

    Michael nerenburg feb 2009 3rd floor 26th street

    • Kristina Harrow

      Gotcha, Mike. I’ll have your bin ready tomorrow night.

  • Kate J

    I’m July 2010, if it gets that far. 3rd floor.

  • Mike K

    I’ll take one at 287th.

    • Mike K


  • Greg S

    If there’s still bins available.
    Greg Sprich – Oct 2010 – Avery’s Corner 28th st.

  • I’d like one please

    Tim Broder – June 2009 – 4th Floor 26th Street

    • Kristina Harrow

      Your bin is ready, Tim.

  • Aaron

    Aaron Dornbrand-Lo, May 2010 if that makes it. Fourth floor 26th street.

  • Josh R

    If it’s not too late:
    Josh Rasiel – August 2009 – 3rd floor, 26th street.

  • Chris Choi

    26th Street 3rd floor

    Chris Choi – BBB April 2009
    Saskia Lenis – BBB 2009 fall I think

    (my spine is still broken but I’ll be back soon)

  • Jenna Gatto

    just in case…Jenna Gatto Feb 2012 (28th street)

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  • If there are still any available…Jon Nassimi, Elements June 2009

    • Kristina Harrow

      Which location do you want the bin?

      • 26th Street, 3rd Floor

        • Kristina Harrow

          Your bin will be ready tomorrow!

  • anthony

    Anthony Holland – June 2008 – 4th Floor 26th Street

  • Chadron Edwards

    Awesome idea.

    Chadron Edwards: June 2008, though there was a period in which I wasn’t living in NYC. If that works, I’d make use of a bin on the 3rd Floor of 26th Street.

    • Kristina

      How long was the period?

      • Chadron Edwards

        Kristina, shoot me an email to cle9m at and I’ll give you the story.

  • Allison Bojarski, February 2007, 28th St.

  • Joe W

    In case offer extends to members joining in 2010. Joe Weiss. June 2, 2010. 3rd Fl 26th St.

  • Jason W

    I’m Feb 2010, but i took elements in Nov. 2009. If i make it onto the list, a cubby in avery’s corner at 28th st. please.


    • Kristina Harrow

      Your bin will be ready tomorrow night.

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  • Craig Tamamoto

    If you get to me:
    Craig Tamamoto – August 2010
    3F 26th

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  • Jason L.

    Jason Lapadula – Sept. 2010, 28th street