Tuesday 121120

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A: Back Squat 3×5

B: 3 rounds for total reps of:
1 minute of handstand pushups
1 minute of Front Squats 135#/95# (Beginner: 105#/73#)
1 minute of Pull-ups
1 minute rest

CFE WOD classes:
“It’s High Intensity Interval Training day.” The HIIT method is interval training performed at such an intense level that your body will spend the rest of the day expending energy to recover–that’s a fancy way to say that you will burn more calories and fat both during AND after.

4 rounds for time:
Rest 10 sec
Rest 20 sec
Rest 30 sec
Rest 40 sec
Rest 50 sec

Coach Heidi wants you to NOT be afraid to hit a CFE class on these COLDER days of fall and winter so she WROTE AN ARTICLE all about how to dress properly for the colder days. Check it out! (Pictured below: Gordon, showing us his cold-weather lunging skills.)

Restorative training
The one word you should never use?
A new Then and Now
A little thing that works for better thoracic mobility
Real food gets its time in the spotlight!

Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s classes:

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A: Clean & jerk skill work

B: “DT
5 rounds for time:
155#/105# Deadlift, 12 reps
155#/105# Hang power clean, 9 reps
155#/105# Push jerk, 6 reps
(Beginner loading: 115#/73#)

INDOOR CFE WOD classes (every Wednesday CFE is INDOORS!):
“It’s pre-Gobble Gobble Day in CFE.”
Since Thanksgiving is all about family and friends coming together, we are going to work together as a team to complete Wednesday’s CFE WOD (indoors at 28th St.).

*In teams of 4-5 complete the following for time. All exercises have to be completed before moving onto the next one.

100 pullups
200 Burpees
2K Row
200 Wall Balls
300 situps


  • Hari Singh

    We have reinstated the 5:45 AM and the 6:45 AM for Wednesday. If you wish to switch from the 6:00 AM or the 7:00 AM, please first cancel your HR:00 registration before you register for one of these two HR:45 WOD’s.

  • joncoffey

    A: 235-235-235. Didn’t move up this week, feel a bit crap after lunges yesterday.
    B: 125, knee-on-box HSPU; 115#

  • Joe W

    A: 275-315-365
    B: 125 reps w 2 ab mats for HSPUs

  • NickA

    A: 175, 175, 185 (Finally after 3 months)
    B: 66: 135#, 45# plate for HSPU
    I had no business doing the RXed weight, but I surprised myself and managed to do at least 4 front squats on each round. HSPUs were terrible.

  • Justin Katz

    A: 185-235-235
    B: 78 reps (wall walks)

  • http://www.facebook.com/leienming Andrew Louie

    A: 225, 225, 245
    B: 113 Rx.

  • Jana B.

    A: 133-133-133
    B: 127 (20/10/15; 20/10/12; 19/10/11) 2 ab mats on HSPUs and green band
    C: row for 30min

  • Wendy Greene

    100 at 65#, green band on pullups

  • JIm S

    Wasn’t strong today. I felt it immediately during the BS warmups the moment I got to 185. That should be an easy weight for me, and it wasn’t. Last day of the cycle blues I guess.
    A: BSX5 205, 210, 200(3, fail)
    B: One abmat for HSPU’s. 79. After failing out on my last backsquat, Rx front squats were awful.
    Tomorrow is a rest day! Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  • http://linsfitnessjourney.blogspot.com Linnea H

    A: 155-155-155
    B: 87 with 83#, ab mat HSPUs, green band pullups.

    Later today I was feeling like I needed a little more work, so I did some Wall Turkeys.

  • Alex L

    B: 163 rx w/ exception of 95lb front squats