Tuesday 120925

Black Box WODs (check schedule for times):
A: Russian gymnastics warm-up

B: 21-15-9 reps for time:
95#/65# Hang squat clean
Handstand push-ups
185#/135# Deadlift
Ring Dips
(One bar per person; unload and reload as needed.)

Beginner WODs (check schedule for times and locations):
A: Clean & Jerk 5×2 @ 85%

B: Tabata Ring Rows

CFE WODs (6am, 7am, 8am; meet at 28th St.):
8 X 200m with :90 rest in between.

Joseph’s recent Elements grads…TEAM NASTY!

Thinking about complexity
Dietary protein 101: What is protein, and why do we need to eat it every day?
Metabolic syndrome and the teenage brain
How many sports are played in Central Park?
The way is simple
One-handed push ups while solving a Rubik’s Cube in 25sec (video)


Nick’s 8am Elements grads. From left: John, Jessica, Frank and Aaron:

Nick’s 7am’ers. From left: Charlie, Sam, Jason, Ari, Anthony, Vanessa, Sean:

Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s classes:

Black Box WODs (check schedule for times and locations):
A: Find your 1 rep max on the press

B: 12-minute AMRAP:
5 Overhead squats @ 95#/65#
10 Thrusters @ 95#/65#
15 Pullups

Beginner WODs (check schedule for times and locations):
A: Russian gymnastics warm-up

B: 15-12-9 reps for time:
Squat Clean (75#/53#)
Handstand Push-ups
Deadlift 165#/103# (add 45#/2#5 plates to bar)

CFE WODs (6am, 7am, 8am; meet at 28th St.):
‘Jonathan B. Tabata Mile WOD’. It’s time to run a mile; however, we are going to run it tabata-style, which means run as fast as you can for :20 & then you will stop where you are for :10 and then repeat until you have run a mile.


  • I’m really surprised that WSJ did not find anyone playing cricket in central park. Maybe it’s just a queens thing … =/

  • joncoffey

    A: 135#
    B: Koach Kyle’s “Tebete” Ring Rows (15s work, 25s rest if my math is right: 15s plus a 5s grace period on both ends? This might be a completely arbitrary substitution) 9-9-8-7-6-6-6-6

  • Mark A

    tebete yea!!!!

  • Justin Katz

    Black Box WOD
    B: 28:59
    Hang Squat Cleans-95#
    HSPU-Subbed Wall Walks 7-5-3
    Ring Dips-subbed GHD Dips 21-15-9

  • jsg

    6:45am — 21-15-9 – Rx’d the weight, but scaled the HSPU (wall walks) and ring dips (parallete dips) —-> 22:31 – closest i have come to actually puking at the Box. Feel like a million bucks!

  • reisbaron

    Black Box WOD – 23:02
    HSPU with 45+25 plates – Parallette Dips
    Jacked my thumb hook gripping yesterday so I subbed 2-Pood KB squat cleans
    (nice sub Sara…thanks!)

  • david slifer

    Black Box Wod – 22:02 RX…aside from the 1 ab mat for HSPU

  • Jeff D.

    3rd and final Paleo Challenge Benchmark WOD was a “LuRong Original.”
    20 Burpees
    20 KBS @ 24 KG
    This sucked on so many levels.

    • Andy Graves

      nice work

    • Jeff D.

      Thanks man. Dreading doing those 3 again in 7 weeks.

    • KevinBoul

      Frank and I did it this morning. It was extremely sucky.

      12:29 with 16kg

  • Albert Insogna

    85# squat cleans, 155# deadlifts, 15-12-9 rep scheme- 23:50

  • Mary

    I am so excited for tomorrow’s CFE workout! Crossfit style “Red light, green light”

    I also doubt I will be so excited post-mile tomorrow

  • 30:45 – HSPU to 45 and 10# plate, Ring Dips. 95# thrusters 185# deadlifts. HSPU and ring dips really slow me down.

  • Aaron Segal

    14:53 rx’d (switching weights before ring dips and hspu’s was key, any extra recovery prior to those movements helped.)

    • Beast mode!

    • Avery W

      Nice work Aaron!

    • Albert Insogna

      That’s ridonkulous.

  • meret

    they forgot quidditch for the sports in central park. yes. i’m seriously.

  • Wendy Greene

    20:10/ 45# and 95#. I didn’t come in DFL so that just means to me that I scaled it too much and should have done 55# on the cleans.

  • Jana B.

    A: Black Box WOD: 23:38 (weight rx’d; 2 abmats; sub paralette dips). There must be something wrong with me bc I really liked this WOD.
    B: 30:00 min row

  • 20:56 Rx

  • Jim S

    95lb cleans, 165lb DL’s, HSPU with 45lb bumper and an abmat, ring dips. 31:03
    That was a grinder.

  • Caley

    Awesome WOD tonight! 17:24 (RX’d weights, sub paralletes and 2 ab mats+10lbs plate) Those handstand push ups…. do they ever get easier???

    • reisbaron