Farewell party for Ryan, Ali, & Zoe this Saturday night!

From Coach Ryan:

Hey guys, so as all of you (I hope) know by now, your favorite CrossFit family is moving back to Denver in a couple of weeks. Coach Ryan, Desk Lady Ali, and Coach Zoe are sad to go, but the timing is right and we are ready to be back home in Denver.

Before you celebrate our exit, come hang out with us for one last time on Saturday September 22nd from 6-9pm. This is after the CMC and will be at the 28th Street location.

We have some leftover drinks from the CF Games viewing party but feel free to bring your own as well. No it will not be paleo, no we don’t want to hear about it. We are thinking pizza because it is cheap for a lot of people, and we expect a lot of you to show up. If you happen to be in the middle of a paleo challenge, bring some carrot sticks 🙂

Please send an RSVP to ryan@crossfitnyc.com or join this event on Facebook so we know how many to expect. See you all there!

Can you squat as well as a toddler can?

Zoe hits the erg hard, with just a little help from dad:


  • Aaron Segal

    Don’t think I will make it on Saturday, which is a bummer.
    It will be a different place without you. I wish the whole family nothing but the best.

    PS. Ryan, are you growing out your mullet in the first picture?

    • Jason L.

      business in the front, party in the back

  • Wendy Greene

    Oh, no! I had no idea you were moving. Can you leave Coach Zoe with me? Seriously, it’s been great meeting you guys. Playing with Zoe in the morning was a great way to start my days. I’m sorry there’s no surf in Denver but come and hit Rockaway with me any time you like! I can’t come on Saturday so I will have to say my goodbyes at the gym.

  • Good Luck, Ryan! The handfull of times I was in one of your classes you really helped me with form and technique. All the best to you and your family.

  • John Fitz

    Coach Zoe, altho i have never actually met you, if you are anything like your Dad, youre already a Star.
    Ryan, to say “Thanks” to someone i have spent 48 mornings with seems quite Lame.
    Thank you so much for your Wit, your Enthusiasm, your Drive and your “Coach” skills at Beginners WOD. You have been nothing short of brilliant to me and the rest of the class each day. its been an absolute pleasure meeting you and you have definitely made “working out” more enjoyable.
    I wish you and your family the very best of success, health and happiness in Denver. Our Loss here in NYC is their gain in Colorado.
    Good luck to you and thank you so very much for being a Great Coach.
    You will be missed.
    Johnny Fitz

  • beginner

    Congrats on the move, family always should come first. Our loss is Denver’s gain. We will miss your professionalism and the gravitas you lent to the box,

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