Congrats to Team Black Box!

By Coach Brian DeGennaro

Congratulations to all the members and coaches of CrossFit NYC who competed this past Sunday (9/16) at the Rudy Sablo Memorial Weightlifting Competition! As “Team Black Box” they placed first in the team rankings.

On the women’s side Jennifer Alvarez placed 3rd for masters with a 37kg (81.6#) snatch and 48kg (105.8#) clean & jerk. Shannan Wilson placed 1st in the masters category and 3rd overall with a 55kg (121.3#) snatch and a 64kg (141.1#) clean & jerk. This was Jennifer’s and Shannan’s first weightlifting meet (but hopefully not their last!). Coach Avery placed second for women overall with a 59kg (130.1#) snatch and 73kg (160.9#) clean & jerk, both competition personal records for her. She is well on her way to qualifying for a national meet.

Post-meet happiness! From left: Brian, Avery, Kyle, Shannan, Jenny, Kevin, and Jeff:

On the men’s side Coach Jeff snatched 70kg (154.3#) and clean & jerked 100 (220.5#) for his first meet and placed 2nd in the 69kg (152#) category weighing a svelte 65kg (143#). Coach Brian snatched 107kg (235.9#) and clean & jerked 145kg (319.7# and a double body weight C&J as he weighed 158#) for 1st in the 77kg category. Coach Kevin unfortunately failed to complete a snatch but tied his competition record of a 117kg (257.9#) clean & jerk and very close with an overall personal record of 121 (266.8#, called only for a minor technicality). Coach Kyle snatched 102kg (224.9#) and clean & jerked 115kg (253.5#) to place 2nd in the 105kg (231#) class.

Congratulations to everyone once again! Stay tuned for videos and brief write ups from some of the competitors later this week!


  • Aaron Segal

    It was great to see everyone compete. Congrats to you all.

  • Jonathan P

    YES! Can’t wait for more vids and details

  • Way to go!!!

  • Mel_Hullings

    Awesome job everyone!

  • Jai Berg

    Yay, congratulations!

  • Yay for the ladies and congrats to the whole team!

  • reisbaron

    Congratulations to the team! What a cool accomplishment across the board! Well done…

  • KevinBoul

    Huge numbers!! Congrats to you all? will there be video?

  • meret

    wow! awesome! you all rock!

  • Courtney S

    Congrats everyone! Amazing job!

  • michelle_gr

    Congrats you guys!!! 🙂

  • taina r.

    kicking ass and taking names! go team!

  • David Stogsdill

    Well done team! Now for some functional fitness…

    • Andy Graves

      how depressing, that guy is only 4 years older than me.

      • David Stogsdill

        Come on Andy! In four years you’ll be carrying a fridge in each arm..

  • I feel like a proud parent here. Awesome, awesome work!!

  • kev p

    great job everyone! lots of fun! I was in the 94 kg category (207lbs) weighing 87kg(191.4lbs)

  • That is awesome! Nice work coaches

  • Leslie B

    This is amazing! Congrats. I’m out here at Crossfit Fort Atkinson kicking some butt…got my pullups back and having a blast!

  • Andy Graves

    Very cool guys and gals!!! Love the finger Avery.

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