CFE Running WODs…now 5 MORNINGS a WEEK!!

Hey you guys!
It’s me…your CrossFit Endurance Coach…Heidi.

Coach Heidi and some dude… 😉

So, running WODs aren’t so bad after all, are they?

We know this because my classes keep growing each week. They are growing so much that we have given you two more days of options to join me and my awesome crew of hard-bodied CrossFitters who are stretching the limits of what’s possible through sprints!

There is no denying running anymore in CrossFit. Just look at the WODs in this year’s CrossFit Games. Running was immersed in nearly each day of competition. In fact, the first WOD was a triathlon with an 11K run at the end (that’s more than 6miles).

Tiffany H. & Phillipe H.:

Not only will you see running in our WODs and on the main site, but running will build your endurance for the long MetCons. As I tell my athletes, running most definitely prepares you for long WODs, but beyond the physical benefits, it’s the mental prowess you GAIN by running that is the game-changer.

Running is hard. End of story. That’s why most don’t do it. However, don’t we live in the ‘hard’ zone of life with CrossFit? So, let’s conquer what is most CrossFitters weakness…running.

Post-CFE-WOD monkeying around (L to R: Josh, Stewart, Daniel, Brian, Angela, Aurelia, & Judy):

Trust me on this, the benefits of running go well beyond the physical leaning out of your body. Running most definitely SHATTERS a person’s self-imposed limitations. I am talking about those barriers that we set for ourselves without really putting them to the test. Think about it, if you can shatter your self-imposed limitations, the possibilities are ENDLESS.

My favorite quote is, ‘if you knew you wouldn’t fail, what would you try?’ Simple, yet profound, yes? Yes!

So, let’s do this! Give CrossFit Endurance a try. You now have two more days in the week to fit me in!

Daniel in the lead:

I promise, you will come back hungry for more; hungry for the physical benefits, and starving for the mental benefits. What is the mental benefit? Oh just a little thing called ‘redefining the possible.’

Ok…I have made my play, now it’s up to you.

As of Monday, August 27th, the CFE Running WODs are Monday through Friday at 6am, 7am, and 8am and all meet at the 28th Street box. (Plus you can always check the blog to see what that day’s running WOD will entail, as they’re announced alongside the Black Box WODs and Beginner WODs.) CFE Running WODs are included in CFNYC membership.


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  • Sully

    Love it! I go most Monday’s at 8AM. When Coach Sully runs no one has an excuse not to! So get out there, Coach Heidi is great and the Running WOD’s are really fun. Seriously no one hacked my account this is Coach Sully.

    • Andy Graves

      Convinced Sully, will give it a go Monday.

  • Are the running WODs an hour long?

    • Sully

      The class is an hour long just like normal WOD class. You meet at 28th Street, jog to the track, do more warming up, then a running WOD, then a cool down.
      PS, I don’t know why they call them smart phones it took me 20 minutes to write this from my phone. Sorry for grammar and spelling error, Andy will catch them for me.

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  • Andy Graves

    Okay, did the 6AM CFE. Very cool. Forgot what it’s like to get that pukie feeling first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

    Sully, check with Heidi, I am fully shaved. Hope you are too!

    • Sully

      Not feeling well today, but I still did the 8AM, really close to puking round 4. I told Heidi you were coming, described you as scruffy beard with longer dirty blond hair, she had no idea who you were, so I believe you did shave haha. I can’t do it right now, but will probably be forced to around Thanksgiving.

      • Andy Graves

        She didn’t know me because I do shower man-hair isn’t really “dirty”. Plus I am all clean shaven. You could put a suit on me and I’d be all snazzy. Guess if you’re sick we score coaching with Sofia tonight.

  • Jay

    6am CFE: Proper butt-kicking to make up for the garbage consumed over the weekend. Running is no joke, but thankfully Coach Heidi was there to give us that extra push! Andy, you’re definitely not alone in the puking department. Maybe another reason to come regularly is the ab cash out – awesome cap to the workout. Hopefully I’d one day be able to run without a shirt (like guy pictured above).

    • Andy Graves

      it was horrible right? My plan is to do the regular WOD’s at night so don’t really need that cash-out business in the morning.

      • Jay

        beast! wish i had the same energy at the end of the day

  • Monica

    Any chance of getting some afternoon or evening classes added? I can’t do mornings. At least not that early.

    • We’re working on it. As I’ve said previously, we have a limited number of CFE-certified coaches, and rearranging without blowing up the WOD class schedule takes a bit of work. Look for new PM CFE classes within the next month.

  • Andy Graves

    No CFE on BTWB?

  • Anna E

    Will there be some new running form classes in September in the afternoons?

  • MLRG

    can non-runners join in? what if we’re really slow… 🙁

    • Sully

      Hi, have we met yet? This is Coach Sully I am the definition of non-runner. I have been attending the Monday running WOD’s at 8AM, it is sprint work and it’s a great way to start. We do a light jog to the track, warm up, do the sprint WOD designed by Coach Heidi and then a cool down. I promise you, you will be able to keep up and will do great. If you need any further details I’m sure coach Heidi can help out. Please check it out.

      • MLRG

        haha I’ve seen people power walk faster than my run….but I’ll give a try!

  • Daniel K.

    Heidi: Are you coaching the new Thursday and Tuesday CFE wods too?