Beginner WODs, CFE WODs: Wednesday 120822

Beginner WODs (check schedule for times and locations)
A: Press 3×5

B: In groups of 3, in sequence, for 12 Rounds (4 rows each): Starting every 3 Minutes: Row 500 Meters

Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s CFE running WODs at 6am, 7am, 8am
Time to climb the ladder of intervals one rung at a time. The first sprint is a 400 meter and the day ends with a 1200 meter sprint.

1 X 400 meter
1 X 800 meter
1 X 1200 meter

**Don’t forget, Coach Heidi always has an awesome AB cash-out, time permitting!

All CFE WODs are free to members and a $25 drop-in for non-members. See you at 28th St.!

Coach Tom writes: “This is what happens when you run out of challenging kettlebells….You start Turkish get upping human beings! She [Coach Melissa] weighs 117#, and doesn’t care if you post that.”

Coach Tom TGU’s his girlfriend, Coach Melissa from CrossFit NYC on Vimeo.

Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s beginner WODs (check schedule for times and locations):

Your choice:

A: Back Squat 3×5

B: 5 Rounds, Not for Time:
Max Ring Rows
Max L-Sit


Make up the CrossFit Total if you missed it this weekend


  • joncoffey

    CFE this morning. Running sucks, but so does every other part of CrossFit if you’re doing it right, no?

    400M: 1’05” // 800M: 2’28” // 1200M: 4’02”

    • Albert Insogna

      Solid times. Not sure you can claim “running sucks” with a 2:28 800m 🙂

    • reisbaron

      I’m training for a race and I’m trying not to facepalm looking at your times. I did four 1Ks last night and my best time was 7:22. #sigh

      (nice job btw)

      • joncoffey

        Thanks! Keep up the flattery everybody! But seriously, I know your misery. 3 years ago my fastest 5k was 35 minutes…I spent countless hours on a treadmill driving that down before finding my way to CrossFit.

        In less self-aggrandizing commentary, here’s a great running MWOD:

        After watching it “running” will forever be linked with “potato chips” in your mind (and for that I’m sorry).

  • CFE WAS rough this am! I know my 400 was 1:26 and my 800 and 1200 were worse…I don’t remember the times because I was in a running black out….

    5:30 pm Rows 1:16 1:13 1:16 1:16 (consistent at least! The 1:13 is when Bo was standing over me yelling at me to sprint.) 😀