Black Box WODs, CFE WODs: Monday 120820

Black Box WODs (check schedule for times)
A: Deadlift 3×5 @ 60%

B: 20’, Find Max Double-Unders

CFE WODs at 6am, 7am, 8am
We are still basking in the euphoria of the Olympic Games, so Coach Heidi has decided to make it RELAY Monday! Get ready to pass the baton to your teammates! Coach Heidi DOES have a GOLD medal gift to the overall winners of the 100meter and 200meter races in each class!

4 (4 X 100meter) relay
4 (4 X 200meter) relay

*the cumulative FASTEST overall time wins! All WODs are free to members and a $25 drop-in for non members.

Coach Heidi writes: “Good motivation to join CFE (ab style). From left: Paul, Andrew, Aurelia, Heidi, Shannan, Mai, Ali (drop-in from Scotland!) and Daniel and his 8-10pack abs.” 🙂

Get used to last
How to make a better guacamole, lemonade / Caramelized watermelon salad
Listen to your doctor (unless you’re an athlete) / Safe
Soviet dad of the year

Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s Black Box WODs (check schedule for times and locations)
A: Press 3×5 @ 70% 60%

B: 4 rounds of:
500m Row
3’ Rest


  • As mentioned in the newsletter, this week is a de-load – a chance to recover from our prior periodization cycle so you can hit the next cycle, starting next week, full-bore. If this week’s WODs seem “easy”, that’s exactly the point. Do them as RX’ed, and don’t feel the need to add extra. Don’t worry; stuff will suck again soon.

  • Paul Cupo


  • Where is the run at?? Chelsea park?? 27/28 st & is that after deads at 26 th?? Please advise… Drop in so not sure where it is at… Please advise

  • Jai Berg

    Regarding “listen to your doctor, unless you’re an athlete”… can anyone recommend an endrocrinologist? My primary care physician recommended me to a rheumatologist to check out a potential thyroid issue, and all the rheumotologist did was test whether I could push back against his arm…

    • Judy

      Dr. Vivien Sobel–excellent endo! 212 746 6290 located at Cornell Medical Center on 525 E. 68th St.

      • Jai Berg

        Cool, thanks!

      • Mel_Hullings

        I go to her too, she is the best endo I’ve found in the city!

  • Jai Berg

    Oh, and I just had a T-shirt idea. Can we get some women’s Ts with the phrase “Iron Maven”?
    Or maybe Hell’s (bar)Belles, though I’m partly stealing that idea from the name of the Smith fencing team.

  • Judy
  • Andy Graves

    Coach Sofia gave me some excellent cues (besides noticing my rope is too short) for DU’s tonight and I totally nailed them! 15 in a row runs. Way thanks. Hopefully we get more of her coaching in WOD’s.

    • Vince

      Sofia I am going to look for you this week… I really want some DUs.