Beginner WODs, CFE WODs: Friday 120803

Beginner WODs (check schedule for times & locations)
A: Bulgarian Split Squats

B: “Nasty Girls” (scaled)
3 Rounds For Time:
50 Squats
14 Difficult Pull-Ups
14 Difficult Dips
10 Hang Power Cleans (105#/75#)

Here’s what’s on tap for Friday’s CFE running WODS at 6am, 7am, 8am:
If it’s Friday, it’s Tempo day with Coach Heidi. So meet her at 28th st at 6, 7, or 8am to work on getting your pace per mile FASTER! Free for all members, $10 for non-members.

In case you didn’t already know it, CFNYC Happy Hour makes you pretty. Proof: (from left) Coach Heidi, Anne, Coach Nick, Coach Will, and Scott. See you at the next one! (Thx for the pic, Coach Will!)

Here’s what’s on tap for Saturday’s beginner WOD classes (check schedule for times–all at 28th St.):
A: Back Squat 3×3

B: Five Rounds For Time
25# Overhead Lunges
15 Burpees


  • Steve

    A: 3×8 with 12kg kb each hand. This was tough
    B: 16:01. 95lbs. First set of pullups no band. Second set blue band. Third set green band. I think I see a trend with my pullups. Ring dips. Makes you appreciate the Olympics a little more.

  • Luke

    hey folks. I’m Luke, from Denver, and Crossfit Verve. My wife and I are trying to stay in mid-lower Manhattan for a few days in September. Any recommendations on hotels, sub 300$/night?

    • Steve Slo

      Hi Luke, I don’t really have any hotel advice (besides staying away from the Hotel Pennsylvania)… but your post will get a ton more attention on the Black Box WOD page (as opposed to the Beginner WOD page)… also… the Message Board gets way more traffic on Monday.

      • luke


    • Clara

      Hi Luke, check out the Desmond Tutu center in Chelsea. I’ve had loads of friends and family members come from overseas and there haven’t been any complaints. You might want to check out and see if you can book through there as well. The rates are great. The center is an experience to stay at because of its unique feel in NYC. Good luck.

    • RyanCWoods

      Hey Luke. I am one of the coaches out here and would love to talk to you about Verve when you are out here. Will you please shoot me an email when you get a chance? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!