Beginner WODs: Thursday 120802

Beginner WODs (check schedule for times & locations)
A: Find your 1 rep max on the deadlift

B: “Dirty Sanchez-ette”
20 handstand push-ups (“HSPUs”)
10 Pull-Ups
15 HSPUs
15 Pull-Ups
10 HSPUs
20 Pull-Ups

Attacking toes-to-bar any way they can:

Here’s what’s on tap for Friday’s beginner WOD classes (check schedule for times & locations):
A: Bulgarian Split Squats

B: “Nasty Girls” (scaled)
3 Rounds For Time:
50 Squats
14 Difficult Pull-Ups
14 Difficult Dips
10 Hang Power Cleans (105#/75#)

Here’s what’s on tap for Friday’s CFE running WODS at 6am, 7am, 8am:
If it’s Friday, it’s Tempo day with Coach Heidi. So meet her at 28th st at 6, 7, or 8am to work on getting your pace per mile FASTER! Free for all members, $10 for non-members.


  • Jeff D.

    Embarrassed myself at Crossfit Central London. Over here for Olympics. Saw an experienced Black Box member doing the same WOD an hour before me and he crushed it.

    Run 800 meters, then:
    4 rounds:
    10 DL @ 205 lbs
    10 USMC Push Ups (spider man push-ups in my book, 2 = 1 rep)
    6 HSPU (RX’d is head to ground, I scaled with one abmat)
    3 Rope Climbs
    Then, run another 800 meters
    Good enough for dead last in the class. I lost it on the rope climbs. First 2 rounds (total of 6 climbs) were decent, but last 2 rounds were seriously scaled.

  • joncoffey

    A: Deadlifts with Dave (side note: new local morning news fitness segment?) 335# (PR)

    B: (-ette) 12:38 // 45# plate + abmat

    Coach Ryan Fashion Update: The new Nanos are in, and this probably says more about me than anything else, but I think the best way to describe them is: Wildberry Pop Tarts. In other words, they’re glorious.

  • Nelson

    Deadlifts with Paul, we both joined the 300 club today thanks to Coach Ryan’s few simple words “I expect 300lbs. from both of you.”
    B: Dirty * ette 14:21 2 abmats (1st rd)/ wall walks/green band.

  • taina r.

    5:30 class with Coach Tom
    Deadlifts: one rep max of 165 lbs, a personal record! 🙂
    DS-ette: 7:40something with 2 abmats and green band
    Thanks Coach Sully for the hardcore punk music (Minor Threat, right?)! I think that helped me through the WOD.

  • Deadlift PR 265#. Pretty proud 🙂
    6:20 Blue Band, piked HSPU on box.

  • NickH

    A: DL 1RM @ 305
    B *ette, 6:02: piked HSPUs and blue+green band