Important Schedule-Related Update!

1) In response to your requests, we are allowing registration up to seven (7) days in advance, with the following caveat:
If you do not show up on time or at all to a class for which you have registered, all of your subsequent reservations will be canceled.

2) Effective Monday, July 30, we are creating a new 5:35 PM Black Box WOD that will be held Monday through Thursday on the Fourth Floor at 26 Street.

3) Effective Monday, July 30, we are canceling the 7:35 PM Black Box WOD that had been held Monday through Thursday on the Fourth Floor at 26 Street.


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  • Matt L

    Any chance you guys would consider offering the running workshops on weekends? Would love to learn the pose method but can’t make it at the current times offered.

    • Hari Singh

      There will be weeknight and weekend Running Elements and WOD’s, probably this fall.

      • Matt L

        Awesome. Thanks Hari

  • Mark Lohmann


    Good initiative – it is still possible to delete your own bookings from home if you find out you Can not make a class right?

  • Mark Lohmann

    Hari of course…. Damn autocorrect

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  • This is going to be even more annoying with classes LOOKING full but not being full. It incentivizes everyone to make far-out reservations and then cancel at last minute to avoid penalty, yet not working to manage attendance efficiency or transparency. It seems that a 48-72hr window is both realistic and practical. With subsequent bookings deleted for non-attendance.

    • You make a good point. Obviously, we’re actively trying to tweak this, and I’m sure we don’t yet have it right. On the plus side, after our rearranging, we now have more than sufficient bandwidth to make room for people in the actual classes; now we’re just on to the problem of figuring out how to most fairly let people reserve slots with the least hassle.

      • Sounds good. I’m sure you guys will find the reservation sweet spot soon!

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  • Is there a mobile sites that makes it easier to access the schedule? Had to access the site to add myself to a class via iPhone last week and it took quite a while.

    • Albert Insogna

      I use the zenplanner app on my iphone. Much faster than going through the site, and it saves your login info which is nice.