Black Box WODs: Friday 120727

Black Box WODs (check schedule for times & locations)
A: Find max height box jump

B: “Amanda”
Three rounds, 9-7- and 5 reps, for time of:
135#/95# Squat snatch

CFE running WODs at 6am, 7am, 8am (meet at 28th St.)
It’s Tempo Day CrossFitters! If you are training for a half marathon or full marathon, this run should be a staple of your program!

Meet Coach Heidi at 28th street at 6am, 7am, or 8am. It’s free to all CFNYC members and $10 for non-members.

CAPTION CONTEST! What’s up with Coach Brian (who’s birthday is today, BTW)? And thanks to Coach Bo for taking this pic. (Also, be sure to click through below for an awesome video of Brian snatching 225#.)

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Are you paralyzing others with paleo perfectionism?
Welbourne on supplements / Superhuman athletes / NFL’s widest necks
Secret weapon against sports injuries? It’s called growth hormone
Means to an end?
Bluebery brussel sprouts / Kiwi popsicles

Coach Brian (pictured in video at right) emailed last night: “225# with the new plates, for my 22nd bday tomorrow. 🙂 then followed it up with “it is pretty slow, sadly” to which I thought, “Would that we were all as slow as you are, Brian.” I then asked him what his current bodyweight is and PR snatch is. (Current body weight: 155-160#, PR snatch: 265#.) He also mentioned: “LOL tell them that if I can lower that weight, they can too.”

Here’s what’s on tap for Saturday’s Black Box WOD classes (check schedule for times & locations):
A: Bench press 3×3 @ 75%

B: Find Max 1-Arm Jerk
Find Max 1-Arm Snatch

* * * * *
High Noon Hero WOD (at noon & 1pm at 28th St.)

Hey Guys and Gals, this weekend is “Josh.”

For Time:
95 pound Overhead squat, 21 reps
42 Pull-ups
95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps
30 Pull-ups
95 pound Overhead squat, 9 reps
18 Pull-ups

SSG Joshua Hager, United States Army, was killed Thursday February 22
2007 in Ar Ramadi, Iraq.

This is a fast one, or should be, see you out there.

–HNHW Crew


  • Brian_D

    FYI that is not the first time snatching 225#, probably about my 100th, my best is 264#.

    • Duh, sorry for the mistake/misunderstanding on my part. Obvs I am way tired and need to go to bed. All fixed above now!

    • Avery W

      Too slow 🙂 However, I like the lowering of the bar so bonus points for that.
      Happy Birthday Brian!!!!!

    • kev p

      Was 264 done at your current bodyweight?

  • Coach rudy nielsen & the outlaw way are coming to nyc next march. You gotta sign up this saturday, its gonna sell out real quick.

  • david slifer

    Max box jump – 51.5 inches
    “Amanda” 95/ Muscle ups – 9:48… finally figured out how to do kipping muscle ups

    • Albert Insogna

      Nice! Now show me how to do them 🙂

  • Albert Insogna

    A: 47″
    B: Amanda lol. How about 75# snatches and 2x pullup/dip subs instead? Still barely made it under the time limit.

  • Shannan

    Happy Birthday Brian!!
    A: 51″ (7″ PR from 1/11/2012 (2nd week @ Xfit) oooohhh yyyeeeaaahhh!!)
    B:12:30ish? 95# sub PUs bar dips for MUs (uuuggghhh, those snatches were heavy and my form suuuuccckkked)

  • Albert Insogna

    I left my purple rx rope on a window sill at 28th. Can someone chuck it in the L&F bin? Thanks.

    • Kate J

      Hey – how do you like your Rx rope?

      • Albert Insogna

        It’s fantastic. The ball bearings allow the rope to rotate much more easily, so I don’t get the shoulder/wrist burnout anymore. Taking some time to get used to, but overall I’m able to string together more consecutive reps with less effort.

        Basically- it’s paying $30 to cheat at DUs.

  • Jana B.

    Max Box Jump: 28.5 (first time trying anything above 24″ – 30″ still terrifies me).
    Amanda: 9:39 (2x paralette dips and blue/green pullups; 53#). I got a couple of snatched where I really felt “pulling myself under the bar”. I think those lifts are finally improving and I’m not just muscling them. Ahhh progress…..

  • taina r.

    happy birthday coach brian!

  • Kate J

    Are the photos randomized? Because I felt like there should be bells and whistles and $100 in quarters when I got 3 pics of Sohpie at once.

    • reisbaron

      The prize is revoked as soon as her name is misspelled. Sorry…

      • Kate J

        DAMN REIS! Way to keep me in (spell) check. 🙂

  • Dex

    Picture caption “Clark Kent’s Spiderman impersonation”.
    Solid snatch Brian

  • reisbaron

    Seems this guy is just sick of deadlifting.

    • Andy Graves


  • james_vergara

    Nice time with the 445 and Sully
    Max ht box jump: 40″ (+2″)
    Scaled Amanda 95# and 2x pull ups and dips: 8:22

    • james_vergara

      Wow…I need to work on my box jumps…and snatches…and muscle ups…sigh…can we just put my membership on perpetual?

  • Jim S

    A: It turns out that two cinder blocks (on their sides), a milk crate, and 2×45,35,25,15, and 10lb bumpers = 44″
    B: 65lb snatch, C2B pull ups, and ring dips. An absolutely awe inspiring 19:29.
    The part that is most important to me is that tonight is the first time I’ve ever caught a snatch in a squat. Mobility work is finally paying off.