Beginner WODs, CFE WOD: Wednesday 120725

Beginner WODs (check schedule for times & locations)
A: Press 5×2

B: Goat practice (what’s a “goat”? click here)

Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s CFE WOD classes at 6am, 7am, 8am:
All Hail to the half mile! It’s 800 meter day with Coach Heidi. How many? Four! 4 X 800m with full recovery.

Meet Coach Heidi at 28th street at 6am, 7am, or 8am. It’s free to all CFNYC members and $10 for non-members.

Jeff’s first-ever non-CFNYC WOD at Brick CrossFit in West L.A.:

Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s beginner WOD classes (check schedule for times & locations):
A: Russian gymnastics warm-up

B: B: For 15 Minutes, on the Minute: 1 Squat Clean


  • Jeff

    Talk about your intense workouts!

    -not the same Jeff from the photo

  • Brick is in West Hollywood! Good peeps, I dropped in once. ALTHOUGH, someone inexplicably stole my paper I was writing down my reps on mid-WOD, so I guess there is a slight epidemic of kleptomania. 😉

  • Maddy Curley!! Love her.

  • That is an unfortunate uh sweat-area. 🙂