Coach Avery’s Garage Games Write-Up

by Avery Wittkamp

I am so proud of the people who competed this weekend in a Garage Games event at Crossfit ACT in Saddlebrook, NJ! For the past month, many of these athletes prepared for this event by attempting the workouts and including the competition movements in their warm ups and cash outs. I was very impressed that some athletes signed up regardless of the fact that they knew they would have trouble with certain skills such as overhead squats, double unders, and knees to elbows. It takes a bit of courage to enter a competition and perform skills you are still learning or working towards!

These guys worked hard to prepare, and I was thrilled to be able to help them along the way. Everyone did a fantastic job, and every single person improved from between 25% and 40% on each WOD compared to their baseline test–on every workout! That’s an outstanding result, and a testament to their work ethic and preparation for the competition!

For most of the athletes, this was their first Crossfit competition outside of the Crossfit Open that was held at our gym this spring. Many of them had never done multiple WODs in a day. And all of this under at least somewhat challenging conditions: little space to warm up, no A/C, trying to figure out how to eat and hydrate with multiple WODs, and all over a very long day. It’s not necessarily easy to figure out when to eat and drink and still be fresh and ready for your next workout over the course of a nine hour day. (Excellent work, everyone!) Despite all of this, everyone was amazing in cheering and supporting one another during the competition as well as fellow CFNYC folks who showed up just to support during the day. It would not have been the same without them – taking pictures, offering advice and screams of encouragement during the WODs.

Some noteworthy finishes at this event include: Coach Tom Tanzosh who tied for 11th place in the Men’s Rx’d division overall after 2 top three finishes in the first two workouts of the day. JP LaFrance finished 4th place overall in the Men’s Scaled division just missing out qualifying for the final workout of the day, while Reis Baron tied for 11th place. For our women, Adena Altman tied 9th overall and Shannan Wilson finished in 11th place.

There is nothing like competition to figure out where you’re at and how you compare to other athletes outside of the gym. Training is fantastic, and the competition at CFNYC is an essential part of the Crossfit recipe, but going to a “meet”, well, that’s a different thing altogether. That’s where, provided all goes well, you get to really test yourself. But even more than that, it’s actually fun (despite how nervous some people were). We’re all here to be more fit and to be better athletes, but we should be here to have fun too. The whole process, from training to showing up on “game day” is really a lot of fun and for many gives purpose to the countless hours they spend at the gym. What’s not to like? Join us for the next one!

To see all 126(!) photos that our friend Cass Xu posted on Facebook, click here (please note that you’ll need to be logged in to Facebook to view these photos).


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  • Avery, awesome write up and thanks again for your support and coaching last Saturday. It was a great atmosphere at ACT and was an awesome experience to compete at the games. The next time there’s a competition like this, I’d highly recommend you give it a shot. We all train hard everyday at the gym, but competing in that type of environment, you find yourself pushing a little harder and you end up knocking out more reps than you imagined you could. Everyone who competed gave it their best and it was inspiring to watch everyone.

    It was great meeting some more of the AM crew and big thanks to Keka & Kev for coming up with those cash outs leading up to the games.

    Looking forward to the next event

  • Big congrats to everyone who competed!
    I want to be Shannan when I grow up.

  • Big congrats to everyone who competed!
    I want to be Shannan when I grow up.