Intermediate & Advanced WODs: Tuesday 120529

Intermediate/advanced WOD classes at HR:00 and HR:45

A: Russian gymnastics warm-up

B: For time, 21-15-9 reps of of:
Handstand Push-ups
Burpee Box Jumps 24″/20″

Welcome back to the work week. To feel better about that, let’s look at Coach Will‘s beach handstand:

The perfect strict pull-up
How do astronauts lift weights in space?
The definition of an expert
Little girl’s lunch-review blog convinces her school to serve healthier meals
Constantly varied functional movement done at high intensity (thx, Jeff)
An open letter to those who say none of that stuff matters

Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s intermediate & advanced WODs at HR:00 and HR:45

A: Deadlift 21-15-9

B: Press 3×5

C: 1 minute, max reps of toes to bar

D: 1 minute, max reps of rings dips


  • I was a little surprised, today’s workout is better than it looks. 13:17 with a 25# plate and 2 10# plates.

  • reisbaron

    21+8 reps: 45+10 plates – 45+25 for the rest
    20″ box

    Good to be back.

  • 12:45 scaled (16inch box , three big plates.)
    skill work was TGU with 10lbs (getting more stable, so yay for that!)

    After the long weekend, it was good to be back.

  • BenS

    14:01 with a 45# plate and a thin 10# plate for the HSPUs. 24″ box.

  • Amanda Long

    A. 10:12 – one ab mat for the first set and only a ten pd plate for the last two sets (courtesy of Coach Sara)
    B. worked on my cleans – my technique continues to suck

  • John Grosso

    A: 17:04 – one ab mat for 21, 2 for 15-9.
    B: Tabata situp cash-out (tougher than the WOD I think)

  • MadeleineT

    15:07 with regular push-ups and a 24″ box.

  • Josh R

    Thanks for the pull-up link. I’ll be trying those tips tonight, I definitely don’t think I”ve been using my lats properly.

  • Aaron Segal

    A. 8:52 rx’d strict hspu’s
    B. Tabata cash out

  • reisbaron

    The pull-up article is great, and I’ll be more conscious of my lats as I continue my infinite struggle. Interesting picture though, showing the man looking up, with legs bent back at 90 degrees. It seems their evaluation of good pull-ups deals strictly with lats and shoulder blades.

  • Sara mentioned this morning that pre-registration for classes is started. how do we go about doing that?

  • Jeff K

    Still recovering from last week’s death flu. 9;52 – HSPU done with a 45lb plate and ab mat. Cashout 84 situps with 25lb plate.

  • Jim S

    Whoa. Ugly.
    A: RGWU day 2 I-
    B: HSPU w/ 2 abmats. 23:11 Last 9 HSPU were all 1’s and rough. But they succumbed to my obstinance. 🙂
    C: cashed out with 50 20lb renegade rows (1:30) and a single set of max DU’s (37).

  • Ben M

    5:45 class @28th St

    10:35 – one ab mat.

  • KB

    95 lb squats green and blue band Pull ups 4:03 not sure about how long it took to row 1000 meters, I blacked out half way thru

  • d_simon

    14:44, followed by my first muscle up, with totally smoked shoulders nonetheless.