Beginner WODs: Tuesday 120529

Beginner WODs at HR:15 and HR:30

A: Russian gymnastics warm-up

B: Three rounds for time of:
95#/65# Front squat, 12 reps
12 Strict Pullups

Then Row 1000m

A bunch of CFNYCers hit the NE Regionals this past weekend to cheer on their friends and see the amazing level of competition. Thanks to Erica G. for this pic (clockwise from left: Kelly, Adena, Erica, Steve, Coach Mike K.):

Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s beginner WODs at HR:15 and HR:30

A: Russian gymnastics warm-up

B: 21-15-9 reps of:
Handstand Push-ups / HSPU sub
Burpee Box Jumps, 20″ box


  • joncoffey

    A: Continued progress on handstands. No 180s today. Frog stands, not so much.

    B: 9:33, 95# / green band

    Cash out (max plank hold): 3:08

    Coach Ryan Fashion Update: the hat is back following a brief hiatus

    • Sully

      I look forward to the Coach Ryan Fashion Updates, they are great.

  • TheOtherNick

    A: My HSPUs are getting better. I can actually do them (though I still need two abmats). Tomorrow’s scale should be interesting.

    B: 11.11; 95# / green band (green+blue for final 12).

    Max plank hold: 1.48

  • Sully

    Look at the path of the hips and the vertical torso. We will be discussing this tonight along with maintaining a tight core/back and a good front rack position.

    Why do I stress chin down and neutral neck on pull ups? Other than not cheating the full range of movement.

  • michelle_gr

    WTH! How are these 5:15 classes booked the whole week?!

  • Molly

    6:15am is full for the rest of the week! anyone not show up this morning? Wondering if people are still registered that don’t come

    • RyanCWoods

      Yes. We had a total of 10 people on the “Shit List” this morning for signing up but not showing up. A huge problem we are working to resolve. My recommendation is show up because I have yet to have a class where everybody shows up that they are registered for :)

  • Justin

    11:38, 65# / blue band

  • Nelson

    13:45, 85#/ green band/ double green band 3rd round
    Thanks Coach Ryan and the folks on the “shit list” for letting me come in as standby.

  • Tim Geisenheimer

    7:35, #95 + maroon band. 3:54 1000m row.

  • Jeff D.

    A: After a handstand in front of a crowd in Amsterdam, I’ve finally gotten over my fear of being upside down. Sort of. Must be all those years of “swirlies” from the older kids in middle school.

    B: 95#, Green Band: 4:52
    1000M Row: 4:10
    Plank: 2:37

  • Allison Dembek

    B: FS (33#) and PUs (black and red band) – 7:33
    Row – 4:44

  • michelle_gr

    Front Squats @ 63# and band assist pullups (black and blue) – 7:33
    It’s taking me 4evaaaaa to progress on pullups.

    1000m row – 4:36

    The CF gods got me in on standby! Really wanted to get some front squats in so horray!

  • Jonathan Reid Levin

    8:19 – Front Squats 95lbs, 1st round black and blue, 2nd and 3rd rounds black and green

    • Jonathan Reid Levin

      5:15 Row

  • Raquel

    Front squats 53# with green/blue band for pullups 4:18

  • Michael S.

    6:37 – #95lbs, No band
    4:10 Row

  • Jason L

    8:41 -#85, Green band/green and blue/black
    Row: 4:28
    Still experimenting with proper weight/elastic

    • Sully

      The middle ground sounds like just the black band. If a workout is 21-15-9 you shouldn’t pick a band you can do 21 unbroken pull ups. Think 5 reps of strict pull ups on a band and break up the work sets, like 21 reps would be 5-5-5-4-2, the breaks are short. You want them to be hard to build strength but not so hard that all you can do is 1 or 2 at a time.

  • Matt L

    8:15 for the workout (using a blue band), 3:47 1000m row. Damn sully, that cash out was unexpectedly brutal. Well done

  • Hall C.

    i forgot to ask Sully about my time, but i think around 10mn.
    95lbs. no bands on pullups
    3:41 Row

  • Maria L

    5:10/53#/green, blue band. I think it’s time to move to lighter bands again! And a heavier weight on the front squat next time.

    5:39 on the 1000m row

  • Anthony A

    7:32 with blue band and 95 pounds. I haven’t been doing many strict pull ups lately, BIG difference…3:58 on the row, was doing WAY too many rows per second, Sully helped clear that up.

    Also working on flexibility with It is really tough but it is definitely helping and I recommend it if its a problem area for you.

    Looking forward to tomorrow

    • Sully

      Stoked on the rowing improvement, even more stoked that you have started and that it is really helping

  • Dee C


  • DeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeC

    7.35….115 FS/mixed color bands. 4.48 row

  • Barbara

    7:34 with a red and green band, 4:31 for the rowing

  • Dave B

    9:17 with 95lbs and blue band and 4:08 with about 28 strokes per minute.

  • Shannon H

    6:53 with 75lbs, blue band, and 4:00 for rowing.

  • Danielle


  • Rich J

    7:00 #75, black band
    4:17 row
    First WOD.
    Probably use more weight on fs next time and work ok improving pu

  • Matthew S

    6:19 #85, 2 blue bands, and 4:30 for rowing

  • Philip van der Made

    8:32 with 95 and green band (green and blue for last round); 4:02 1000 m row.

  • Philip van der Made

    How do you join Crossfit NYC on beyondthewhiteboard ?

    • joncoffey

      Sign up for a trial account (you’ll need to do cc etc but won’t be charged)

      Go to your profile, edit, add/change gym

      You’ll get verified in a day or two

      • Philip van der Made


  • Rob C.

    8:05 with 95 and red band. didn’t time the row. 5;15 class

  • taina r.

    6:15 class
    5:46 on the front squats w/ 55lbs and pull ups with green band
    5:20 rowing

  • Marisa M.

    4:46 for the front squats w/ 53lbs and pull ups with the black band
    5:18 for the 1000m rowing

  • Laura P

    5:26 w/ 33lbs, red band
    5:15 rowing