Intermediate & Advanced WODs: Wednesday 120523

Intermediate/advanced WOD classes at HR:00 and HR:45
A: Russian gymnastics warm-up

B: Four sets of 3-minute sprints of:

5 Handstand Push-Ups
10 Pistols (alternating legs)
15 Pull-Ups

Perform as many rounds as possible in 3 minutes, then rest 90 seconds between sets and pick up where you left off to start the next set. Score total number of rounds completed. Then, rest 90’, find max set of double-unders in 3 minutes.

Congrats to Brian H. (at right, beside Dwayne and Lisa) for placing 2nd amongst all first responders and 14th amongst all men who competed in last weekend’s CMC. What a way to represent CFNYC and NYC Endurance!

NOTE: Effective Sunday, May 27, all Sunday WOD classes will be held at 28 Street.

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Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s intermediate & advanced WODs at HR:00 and HR:45
A: Find 1 rep max clean

B: Press 15-12-9


  • Jono

    Hey all, visiting Chicago this weekend, any suggestions on boxes I should check out? Gonna be staying in Lincoln Park

    • Rick G.

      I had a good workout at cf river north. Free t shirt too.

  • Matt M.

    A. Wendler Warm Up
    B. Yesterdays WOD:12 DL (315) / 40 DU9 DL / 30 DU6 DL / 20 DU3 DL / 104:35 rx’dC. Mary: 4 Rounds HSPU felt better, but still need work. Pistol ROM is still not where it needs to be.D. 3 min AMRAP DU’s – 185

  • Rory

    A: Mary:  5 and 2/3 rounds (HSPU’s to floor, Pistols 2.5lb plate under foot, Pullups Rx’d)
    B: Max DU’s: didn’t count totals, tried to get max unbroken and best was 40

    everyone really respected each others space (s) at 6am today…was very nice to see…except for Sara stealing my pvc WTF?

    6am soundtrack was a little aggressive (NSFW)…

    • Michael North

      That was your 2.5lb plate? You didn’t put it away after the WOD… 100 burpees for the 6am class. You can thank Rory.

      • Rory

        nice try i put mine away…awaiting your score for today’s wod

        • Michael North

          Must have been the same guy who borrowed your KB and pull-up spot a few weeks ago…

        • Michael North

          Must have been the same guy who borrowed your KB and pull-up spot a few weeks ago…

  • Did yesterday’s Deadlift/Double Under WOD at 28th Street this morning.
    7:13 315#
    Double unders off this morning.

  • BenS

    Mary: 5 rounds even, w/ 2 abmats on HSPU and subbing 20kg goblet squats for pistols.

  • Mary: Four rounds (2 pullups shy of making it 5 rounds…le sigh)
    DU: 8…plus lots of lovely whip marks 🙂

    Best comment I overheard at 6am rg. music: “This song sounds…inappropriate. I feel a little awkward” lol

  • reisbaron

    A: 4 Rounds + 5 HSPU (45+25 plates & black band) 
    B: 2

  • Amanda Long

    A. 70 double-unders (27 in a row!), 2 sets x 10 – pistols, 2 sets x 5 HSPUs, 20 strict pull-ups (8, 9, 3), 3 sets x 10 of k2e
    B. 800m run, tabata push-ups (80), 800m run, tabata squats (128); 800m run, tabata sit-ups (112)

  • Michael North

    A: 3 rounds + 3 pistols not Rx
    2 wall walks. Today was the closet I have come to getting chest to wall
    10 pistols. Improved as time went on. Right much worse than left. Heel on plate, KB for counterbalance. Found new goat to add to the list
    15 pull-ups. Green band

    B: 32 total, all singles. Misunderstood the max reps directions obviously

  • Gwachsteter

    8 rounds + 1 HSPU rx’d

  • Asegal04

    9 rounds + 5 hspu rx’d

    • Gwachsteter

      freaking awesome!

      • Asegal04

        Right back at you, good stuff

  • Gwachsteter
  • Amanda Long

    And for the second wod of the day, at Red River Crossfit (saw it was a squat day, so in true Michael North form, I could not miss it):

    A. Front squats (5 sets of 3): 103, 123, 133, 143, 153 (PR)
    B. kbs (16kg) – (30 sec of work, 30 sec of rest for 8 minutes): 128

    • Rory


      • Amanda Long

        Was really worried that Mr. North would find out there was a squat day and I skipped out. Still remembering the wrath he gave Mr. Vergara!!!

    • Michael North

      Like. Nice work!

      • Amanda Long

        Thanks – and note that “wodding” is no longer being used

  • jenntang

    Broken Mary: 4 rounds + 10 Pull-ups (45#/10# plates HSPU). Pistols were actually on today, pull-ups still slow me down.
    DU: 100

  • Emerson

    Crossfit NYC, sorry I wasn’t able to post this sooner, but I’ve just moved to California after ten years in NYC. I was a member of Crossfit Brooklyn back in the day and was a regular Crossfitter for the last couple years. I wanted to thank all the coaches who’ve helped me throughout the years, I am definitely a stronger person because of all of you. I’ll be sure to stop by the box whenever I am back in town.

  • Jim S

    A: RGWU
    B: Broken Mary 4rounds plus 5 HSPU (HSPU on 45lb bumper and abmat)
    C: Tabata sprints on grass

    • Jim S

      Oh, forgot to mention. In three minutes did sets of 40, 30, and 21 continuous DU. 40 is a pr.

  • Adam H

    9 rds + 5 HSPU / 88 DU