Intermediate & Advanced WODs: Thursday 120510

Thursday 120510

Intermediate & advanced WODs at HR:00 and HR:40
A: Row 3×500

B: With a continuously running clock do one pull-up the first minute, two wall-balls the second minute, three pullups the third minute, four wall-balls… continuing as long as you are able.

Because post-WOD sweatiness is more fun with L-hangs (or h-hangs, LOL):

No dying! How to avoid the most dangerous accident in Olympic weightlifting
How to live vicariously through yourself
Calling all finance dudes: The RBC Decathlon (for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Ctr.)
Bad days
Layers of deceit / The smart seafood guide
The dark side of sunscreen

Here’s what’s on tap for Friday’s intermediate and advanced WOD classes at HR:00 and HR:40
A: “Diane” (compare to 120221)
21-15-9 reps, for time:
Deadlift 225#/155-185#
Handstand push-ups

B: Then, 5’ for Max DUs


  • Naveen

    On a work trip, had 45 mins between meeting and dinner at my hotel – just enough for a 15 min wod and shower. Burpees on the minute: 15,1,14,2,13,3,12,4,etc.

    Since I made it, next time I have to start with 16.

  • james_vergara

    RGWU day 1
    3x 500m row @ 1:34, 1:35, 1:41 (sandbagged, I learned that term from Michael North)
    Pullups and wall balls to death: skipped…NOT, got to 13 then had to go to work

    Thanks, Ian for the rowing pointers! Great job, 6am!

  • reisbaron

    On Beyond the Whiteboard, today’s WOD requires a bit of extra effort from you.  There will be a “0” for reps on round 1.  Enter a “1” and click next.  This will fill rep numbers in the proper sequence.  However, you will notice that all rounds feature “Wall Ball” as the exercise.  For the rounds you did pull-ups (i.e. the odd rounds until failure), change the exercise name to “pull-up.”  Sorry but this is the best the site can do for WODs like this…

  • John Grosso

    Failed @ 18′

  • Amanda Long

    A. May Man Makers
    B. 3 x 500m row (2:16; 2:04: 2:02) – thanks Coach Ian for the tips!
    C. WOD – 16 rounds and 12 pull-ups – I think that this is the first wall ball wod ever that Coach Sara did not no rep me! Yes!!! Watch out Karen – next time you come around, I will be ready!!

    • james_vergara

      Athlete, you should be pulling sub-2:00!  

      Nice work today….in the hot pink shorts…

  • reisbaron

    Newest video in Crossfit Journal is “Fixing Common Rowing Errors” by Shane Farmer of the Invictus Rowing Club.  Might come in handy today –

  • Gwachsteter

    Row 500m:  1:34, 1:36, 1:42

    was at a bachelor party till 1:30am last night in Williamsburg… Who has a bachelor party on a Wednesday night?!? none the less, after the Erg session my legs decided it was in my best interests not to do the Metcon.

    Thanks Ian for the Tips this am  – Very helpful! 

    also Gina was crushing the strict pull ups this am. sick!

    • james_vergara

      nice splits for a guy coming from a bachelor party…even if you sandbagged that last one…

    • Rory

      i hope he got a good discount on the talent for having it on a wednesday

    • Michael North

      Metcon: skipped

      I like your style!

  • After a really tough WOD with heavy lifting, I need a more effective post WOD shake. A “6AM-er” suggested going and building a custom blend. 

    I know I should be selecting high-quality Whey (i.e. CFM Wheny Isolate) but I’m confused on the amount/type of carbs. I’m trying to eat more paleo and don’t want to waste my $ on some crap. Anyone have any suggestions?


    • reisbaron

      Here’s a blog post from some random dude with some helpful info:

      • BenS

         Enjoyed the multi-part series on recovery

    • John Grosso

      Optimum Nutrition 100% whey (no carbs) + handful of trail mix + piece of fruit.  That’s my daily post-workout.  In my opinion, no need to get crazy with shakes.

    • Allan R

      Michael, I miss you at 28th St.  I also try to avoid anything that’s not real food.  I go egg whites and a banana.  And then avocado and sometimes sweet potato.  

    • james_vergara

      A certain “6am-er” also pointed me in the direction of the protein factory and I have been happy with the results thus far.  I got a post workout protein and one for pumping up!

    • Jason W

       I’m on the SFH Recovery bandwagon. I mix it up with coconut water. It’s the jam. Also, something I picked up during this year’s paleo challenge was to eat breakfast immediately after a WOD. I used to shower first. That 20 minutes sooner made a big difference.

      • That’s been my problem, I don’t eat soon enough…and the shakes are so portable! Great ideas everyone. THANKS!

      •  I tend to stretch, then shower, then dress, then eat. Looks like I have to switch it up a bit. Just not recovering from WODs like I should. Any good paleo ideas as to easy snack food post WOD?


      • d_simon

        anyone tried Upgraded Whey?

  • Allan R

    7:40 fun with Craig this morning

    A. 1:55 (PR), 1:57, 2:05 on the rows
    B. 12 Wall balls + 10 pull-ups 

    Also, props to Brett on the unbanded pull-ups.  Nice!

  • Allan R

    Also, going to be in New Orleans next weekend.  Can anyone recommend a box down there?

    • reisbaron

      No, but I bet they have alcohol.  Beware of the Tequila Fran – 21-15-9 shots of Cuervo.

    • Crossfit NOLA. My buddy trains there.

  • Schafe23

    Any insight on why we would do heavy deadlifts yesterday and then follow that up with 21-15-9 @225 today?  

    • james_vergara

      Diane is tomorrow’s WOD

  • BenS

    3x500m row: 1:48, 1:45, 1:44
    Pullups and wallballs: failed during minute 13 on pullups and minute 15 on wallballs.

    Not much in the tank this AM–though today marks 6 months since my first post-elements WOD–have made a lot of progress in that time.

    • Michael North

      Yes you have, Athlete Ben.

  • james_vergara

    Lost in all of the rowing/pull-ups/wallballs this morning are two key facts:

    1) Athlete Amanda failed the Butt Test  (MOAR SQUATS!)
    2) Athlete Kameron passed it (Rawrrr)

    • Amanda Long

      Yeah – not even close!!!! The only way I will ever pass the butt test is with a booty pad!!!! 🙂

  • reisbaron

    A: 1:43 – 1:42 – 1:43

    B: Got 9 Pull-ups in the round of 11 then 8 wall balls to follow. 

    Tomorrow should be the icing on this week’s shit cake.  I’m always up for Diane though…she’s nice.

  • Jenny A

    A: 1:56; 1:56; 2:00

    B:  14 rounds + 9 pullups

  • Allison Bojarski


    If you are a member of CFNYC and want a free ticket to the 2012 Crossfit Games (and know you can actually go), please email me ( by tomorrow at 10am. Thx.

    • Shannan

      What about Regionals?

      • Shannan, Josh is handling regionals tickets, not me.  I texted him today because he hasn’t told me anything so far and I am still waiting to hear back from him.


      I accidentally mis-typed my email address on the earlier post (was typing from my phone with a teeny tiny keyboard, yikes).

      My CORRECT email address is ALLISON at CROSSFITNYC dot COM.

      If you emailed me at the WRONG ADDRESS that I mistakenly posted, PLEASE RE-SEND YOUR EMAIL!!

      Thx and apologies for the error.

  • The_Lisa

    Judy and Dan braved the rain this morning and what a nice morning it was. The rain stopped and blue sky appeared. The workout was 4 x 600m runs with 3:1 rest:run ratio.

    The next session is at 6:30pm this evening, meeting at West 26th St.

  • Jeff K

    Went to 6:40 this am. 1:43,1:47,1:49 – gotta keep working on efficiency. Fun WOD, made it through 8 pullups on round 15.  

  • Ben M

    A: 1:50, 1:45, 1:46
    B: Made it through 16 pullups and then my hands were bloody enough to call it quits.

    Fun time today.