Intermediate & Advanced WODs: Wednesday 120509

Wednesday 120509

Intermediate & advanced WODs at HR:00 and HR:40
A: Deadlift 5-3-3-1-1-1-1
Deadlift 1×20

B: Max single set knees to elbows

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Some thoughts on flexibility
Dr. Atul Gawande on healing medicine
The banded good morning
Brooklyn Food Conference on May 12th (CFNYCer John Durant speaking at it)

28th St. class hits the knees-to-elbows (thx, Coach Bo, for the pic):

Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s intermediate and advanced WOD classes at HR:00 and HR:40

A: Row 3×500

B: With a continuously running clock do one pull-up the first minute, two wall-balls the second minute, three pullups the third minute, four wall-balls… continuing as long as you are able.


  • GinaFleacyno

    oh yeahhhh this looks good!

  • Justin Katz

    A: 225X5 245X3 245X3 245X1 275X1
    275X1 275X1
    B: 8 Knees to Elbows

    • james_vergara

      Nice work, Justin!

  • A: 5×225, 3×290, 3×265 1×315(PR) 1×325(PR) 1x365F, 1x365F, 1×335(PR)  35#PR
    B: 20 K2E – my arms are still sore from monday 

    It was not a good idea to go from 325 to 365 =/. 

  • Michael North

    A1: 5×275 – 3×315 – 3×365 – 1×405* – 1x425F – 1×410* – 1×415* (*PR)
    A2: 20×225 (sandbagged)

    Super happy to join the 400 club today. Previous PR 385 (last week).  Great working with Reis and Chadron (new PR 485!). Good day

    B: skipped

    • james_vergara


      Nice work on the PR!

      • Michael North

        Yes skipped. Like you last Friday on backsquats OR you yesterday on backsquats OR you this morning on deadlifts… Just kidding I know you made up those sessions. Cheers mate!

        • james_vergara

          I sense a nasty trend of skipping metcons, Athlete North

          • Michael North

            Agree. 1 ME set of knees to elbows is for firebreathers only…

          • james_vergara

            I was thinking more of last Friday…-and yesterday.

          • Michael North

            Agree on yesterday. I did the DU workout with Aussie Nick (when you failed to show…) post 20RM last Friday

          • james_vergara

            I stand corrected…criticism partially withdrawn

          • Michael North

            Criticism partially accepted

  • Malcolm

    Deadlift:  5×225, 3×275, 3×305, 1×345 (PR, TERRIBLE form), 16×185
    K2E:  16 (could have done more)

    • james_vergara

      Nice work, Malcolm!

  • Jana B.

    Hi from Miami.
    A:  RGWU day 1 (sub KB push ups)
    B: Diane @135 8:30 (slower than normal but man its hard to push yourself in a hotel gym w brand new barbell (read: torn hands).  Missing CFNYC!.

  • reisbaron

    5×275 – 3×315 – 3×365 – 1×405 – 1x425F – 1x425F – 1x415F

    Well isn’t this a confidence builder…best I had today was 40# under my PR. Fun…

    Yesterday’s metcon – 10:45 (135# – barbell jumps)

    Michael North and Chadron are my heroes.  They could barely see me in their rear-view mirrors.

    • Michael North

      Dude you are a beast. You were hitting triples at 405 last week. You will be back hitting PRs soon enough. Some days are just “off” days. However, you need to grow that beard a little thicker before the PRs will come:

    • Sam G.

      You did a max effort squat yesterday.  Sufficient rest is needed before another max effort day, 24 hours between max effort is almost sufficient Almost. Westside barbell has a max effort on Monday, then another on Wed they lift some heavy shit, and hardly do met cons paired with it. 
      If you want to be serious about your lifts be picky on what days you want to do max efforts. I fully understand that you only usually work out on the weekdays, but try to sub a strength day with another in efforts to make progress. 

      If you know you are not going to hit a PR don’t bother doing it at all, do a variation of the lift and work up to a new number, instead of deadlift you could have easily did RDL’s or rack pulls, work on things that make the deadlift better and come back to it later. 

      You have come a huge way, and I sense crappy periodization programing will no longer suit your needs, start to look for new things. 

      Your Friend Sam C Gaberal

      • reisbaron

        Thanks Sam…I completely hear what you’re saying, and I considered swapping max deadlifts for another day, but I woke up pretty damn fresh, definitely the best I’ve ever felt after max effort squats, so I figured I’d give it a whirl.

        As much as I see what you’re saying with the odd placement of back to back ME days, it’s undeniable that the programming has done its job in getting me better-conditioned.  At the end of the day if I’m pulling and squatting 400+, RX’ing most metcon weights and getting 20% more running in for longer amraps, I can’t say that snafus like today are any reason to change the whole game.

        We should talk soon…I’ll hit you up on the Gmails.

        • Sam G.

          I totally would still do the met cons, but be very picky about the strength portions the the best way you can, email me and I will send you a template for you to consider.

  • Amanda Long

    A. May Man Makers
    B. 5 x 143, 3 x 163, 3 x 183, 1 x 223, 1 x 233, 1 x 245, 1 x 250 (PR), 1 x 255 (PR)

    Great working with haylee from Virginia and thanks for the tips Coach Sara!!!!

    • james_vergara

      Great work, Athlete!

      • Amanda Long

        Thanks Athlete James! Missed you this AM!!!! Luca getting the best of you again??

        • james_vergara

          Tried to sleep in after making up back squats and WOD yesterday. Plus, Sara always yells at me when we deadlift

          • Rory

            that’s half the fun, getting yelled at

          • james_vergara


    •  Thanks for showing me proper form on a Man Maker 🙂
      You OWNED those deadlifts!

  • david slifer

    Non crossfit related question….. Does anyone know of a good GRE tutor?

  • Gwachsteter

    Found my one rep max Dead Lift this am: 405

    K2E: 25

    • Amanda Long

      Congrats on the PR!!! – It must have been the teeny bopper music 🙂

    • james_vergara

      Nice job, Greg!

    • Michael North

      Nice work Greg!

    • reisbaron

      Excellent work Greg!

    • Awesome job Greg!!

    • Rory

      high tops or oly shoes?


      • Gwachsteter

        oly shoes – but i had the Agryle Socks… and some crazy Beyonce mix Ms. Long had cranking.

  • Still going light while stupid ankle heals.
    A:5×83 / 3×98 / 3×98 / 1×103 / 1×113 / 1×123 / 1×33
    B: 83lbsx20
    C: 35 Tuckups (tweaked shoulder dictated I can’t do K2E just yet)
    extra: 18lbs k-bell x25 swings.

    Ankle is feeling better…thighs and glutes not so much, lol.

  • 3bobby5

    A: 5×225 / 3x 315/ 3x 365/ 1×405/ 1x 455/ 1x 475/ 1x 495/ 1x 500 PR

    B: 18

    • reisbaron


      • Michael North


  • 3bobby5

    A2 20x 250

  • Michael North

    Random fact lost in the Spealler madness from South West regionals. Front Range Crossfit not only qualified a team for the Games (and they also had a second team come 10th), but also ALL 3 individual women spots for the region. Pretty impressive.. .

    • Rory

      Random thought: North will be the reason crossfit sites are blocked at investment banks…

      • james_vergara

        Good call, Rory…

    • 1st place in the region from FRCF:  17 years old
      3rd place:  40 years old
      Check out the journal on how FRCF prepares for the Games. I wish I could hang out at the gym all day. I wonder why they’re so good?

      • RyanCWoods

        Their gym is 10 minutes from my house in Colorado. They have their gym split in half by a huge wall. One side is for strictly lifting and the other side is strictly for metcons. Really sweet set up. They do a lot of team workouts with their elite people which seems to be working really well (and we seem to be following this idea, just a little less elite…for now). They run their gym for competing and that’s pretty much it. Yes they do GPP and anybody can join, but if you join a gym in CO and want to go to the games, you are FRCF

  • Jim S

    West coast tour wrapping up at Crossfit Santa Rosa.
    A: 5x RM press. 105 (failed on 5th rep at 110)
    B: 3 rounds
    400m run
    11R, 11L DB snatch (rd 1 25lbs, then 20lbs)
    12 pullups
    18:29 DB snatches are deceptively tiring to string together.

    • Michael North

      Did you hit up any of the TJ’s Gyms in Marin County? TJ and Andy Boone (co-owner of the Novato gym) are two of the nicest, stand-up guys you will ever meet. Just real quality people. Highly recommend their gyms. Plus they have a beast who can thruster 325:

      • Jim S

        Nope, didn’t go to them. But I’ll be back out here again in June and will look for them then. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Jeff K

    Not feeling it today. Did de-load back squats: 5x 125,145,155. Then some clean and jerks up to 135. Finally, 3 rounds of 30 double unders and 5 dips. Tomorrow will be better…

    • reisbaron

      For what it’s worth your counting and encouragement helped me hit a breakthrough with unbroken jumps.  So helpful…thanks man.

  • Jim S

    BTW, after two weeks of 6am workouts I am in awe of people that always work out in the morning. Man, that is not my thing. As soon as I get back to the East coast I’m back to workout out at 6pm like God intended.

    • Gwachsteter

      hey man, someone’s gotta slop the pigs and shuck the corn.

  • Jenny A

    Deadlifts  155×5, 165×3, 170×3, 175×1, 180(F), 180×1, 185 (F), 185×1 (PR), 190×1 (PR), 195×1 (PR), 200×1(PR)

    Getting a 20 lb PR on my deadlift was a great feeling.  Being carried across the room by Sara was pretty sweet too:)

    Thanks so much, Sara, Avery and Brian!

  • Asegal04

    A. 1500 meter row

    B. Worked up to 335# on dl’s

    C. 30 Knees to elbows, shoulders and grip were fried from all the k2elbows and pullups yesterday

    D. 45 GHD situps

  • Sara

    Amazing work today by 6, 7, 8, and 10am.  About 80% of people pr’d.  And huge congrats to Bobby on joining the 500# club (as well as getting his first muscle-up yesterday).  

    • Wow, strong and skillful!! Awesome job Bobby!!

  • meret

    A: 1500 meter row
    B: 103# x5, 123# x3, 133# x3, 153# x1, 173# x1, 178# x1, 133# x1 (Fail). this was my first time establishing a max rep for deadlift, so i’m not sure what to compare it to. but yay! all of them are PRs 😉
    C: 11 knees to ellbows. considering my palm is kinda shredded right now, i’ll take it.

    • meret

      whoops that last one is supposed to be 183#

  • Chadron

    5×275 – 3×315 – 3×365 – 1×455 – 1x475F – 1x485F – 1x485PR.

  • 10 yr old – 215 DL Boom!

    I wonder if they would let her workout at planet fitness =P

  • Peter F

    5×175, 3×185, eventually hit 205 PR.  Could be happy about it, but 6 months ago the PR was 200.  Coming up on a year of CF, and I’ve hit a serious plateau on most lifts. More proud of my 20 rep max at 140.  

    25 K2E, which I’d like to try again with my hands in a happier place. 

  • Starting Strength Day 8.

    A. 50 DUs
    B. Back squat 3 x 5 x 215 (PR for 5)
    C. Bench press – 3 x 5 x 130 (PR) – felt pretty good today
    D. Deadlift – 3 x 5 x 265 (PR for 5, felt heavy)