Intermediate & Advanced WODs: Tuesday 120507

Tuesday 120507

Intermediate & advanced WODs at HR:00 and HR:40
A: Back Squat 5-3-3-1-1-1-1

B: 2010 Northwest Regional, Event 1
Three rounds for time of:
135#/95# overhead squat, 10 reps
50 Double-unders

The lovely ladies of the 7:40am intermediate class yesterday morning:

Speal! (Who is Chris Spealler?)
What is the biochemical & physiological rationale for using cold-water immersion for recovery?
What Vietnam taught us about breaking bad habits
All about…just about everything nutrition-related
Why the campaign to stop America’s obesity crisis keeps failing
Never, ever give up

Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s intermediate and advanced WOD classes at HR:00 and HR:40

A: Deadlift 5-3-3-1-1-1-1
Deadlift 1×20

B: Max single set knees to elbows


  • Could Coach Josh please explain which part of the mustache / no mustache cycle we’re on, and how he programs it? 


  • Kameron

    A: 245 x 5, 265 x 3, 275 x 3, 285, 295, 305 (PR), 310(F)

    B: 5:45 at 85lbs

    • Rory

      thought Sara said 5:25 for you fyi

  • Justin Katz

    A: 175X5 195X3 215X3 (PR) 235 (PR) 235 235 235
    B: 45# OHS
        Lateral Jumps

  • Gwachsteter

    A: 245 x 5, 265 x 3, 275 x 3, 275, 285 (fail), 285 (fail), 285 (PR)

    B: 7:19 #95 … Lateral Jumps

  • GinaFleacyno

    excited I prd today but considering the weights above I am embarrassed to note them here. Good work 6 am!!

    • Amanda Long

      Come on Athlete – you did awesome!!! Congrats on the PR!

  • reisbaron

    Back Squats

    5×275 – 3×315 – 3×365 – 1×385 – 1×405 – 1x425F – 1x425F

    Training the brain & CNS this week.  Next go round I have 20×275 and 1×425 waiting for me.  Time to process those failures so next time it’s (maybe) no problem.  This lifting thing is a patient game.

    I’ll make up the metcon tomorrow after I do a handful of knees-to-blah…

    • Naveen

      Reis also had to deal with a bumbling spotter, so he will have extra karma for his next attempt…

      • reisbaron

        Me getting a PR is inevitable.  You jumping in when you’re sure the bar is going back down, as your peer has 400+ on his back, is simply good spotting.  Better you err on the side of safety and I live to see another max effort.  Thanks for the help today, and congrats on the PR.

    • Jim S

      Does that say 405?? Damn. You are a strong man Reis.

      • reisbaron

        Holding on desperately to the couple of things I don’t suck at…some days even they seem to get away from me…

        • JIm S

          Dude, love the greatness. This stuff isn’t an ornery nun laying on the guilt and rapping our fingers with a ruler. This is celebration of being alive and giving enough of a shit to make ourselves better every day. Ok, I know that sounded a bit rah rah, but be like a cornerback. Love the good days, forget the bad ones. 🙂

    • Michael North

      Nice working with you again today. You are a beast. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings… What is your DL PR?

      • reisbaron

        445…until tomorrow…

        • Michael North

          I like the attitude!

  • Michael North

    A: 5×275 – 3×315 – 1×335 – 1×345(PR) – 1x350F – 1x350F – 1x350F

    Was feeling pretty flat this morning after not enough sleep. 275 felt heavy.  Should be happy to get a 10# PR but am strangely disappointed.

    Metcon: skipped

    • reisbaron

      Nice work today…

  • Amanda Long

    A. Back Squats: 5X133 – 3X143 – 3X153 (PR) – 1X163 (PR) – 1X168 (PR) – 1X173 (PR) – 1X178 (F)
    B. 8:27 (63) – I suck at double unders

    Great job 6am and congrats on all of the PRs!!!! Awesome WERQ! 

  • John Grosso

    A: 5×225, 3×275, 3×275, 1×295(PR), 1×295, 1×295, 1×295

    B: 95# OHS
        single j-rope x150 per rnd (need to work on DU timing/tempo)

  • BenS

    A: 5×185, 3×225, 3×225, 1×245, 1×265, 1x295PR
    B: 7:10 w/ 65# OHS and lateral jumps

  • Backsquats: 5×83–3×93–3×93–1×103–1×108–1×113–1×118
    6:42 = but I had no weight on bar & scaled to lateral jumps instead of doubleunders

    Still healing off my ankle sprain (had to go light on backsquats) and my shoulder decided to shift out of place in overhead squat (thank goodness I only had light weight that I promptly took off!)

    Chilling with Peas ice pack, aspirin and organic baby-food pouch of sweet potatoes & apples

    its good to be back 😉


    • james_vergara

      Welcome Back!  Sorry I missed you this am.

    • Amanda Long

      Great working with you and Jenny this morning and welcome back to CF!!!

  • Naveen

    hit existing PR of 285 (matched low-bar PR going high-bar).  5:59 at 95#.

  • Rory

    A: #225 x5
    #245 x3
    #255 x3
    #275 x1
    #285 x1
    #295 x1

    B: 5:38 (#95 and DU’s)

    • james_vergara

      Nice job RORY!  Strong!

      • Rory

        i was late but you were a no show…what’s ur excuse?

        • james_vergara

          A spot opened up at Barry’s Boot Camp

    • Michael North

      Strong! Nice work. We will see a 3 handle soon.

  • First day back with a fractured foot. Still fractured, still in the walking boot, but I haven’t lost too much strength

  • reisbaron

    Today is the final day of the Inov8 sale at Natural Running Store.  20% off all Inov8s in stock.

  • Jim S

    Would have been really fun to find backsquat max today, but I worked out at Crossfit Sonoma County. We didn’t do back squats, but they have a very high ceiling which means rope climbs. That was fun in a very painful hemp raining in my eyes kind of way.
    wod: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 reps body weight bench press followed by a “hard” (no legs or L if possible) rope climb. 135 for first six rounds, then 140, 155, 165, 170 (bodyweight)

  • Wow, was this one embarrassing!  Did it by myself:  65#, 10:10.  But hey, stringing double unders together for the first time ever in a WOD.  Thats something.

    In Feb, I did 55# in 11:26 and felt the need to write “just awful” in the log, so we’ll call it an improvement.  

  • Chadron

    Back Squats. Previous 3rm was 265. Today went to 285. Previous 1rm was 295. Today went to 315. Great energy in the gym this morning!

  • d_simon

    Weird experience with squats today. Started off with 5×155 (PR), then hit a sloppy 3×185 (PR), followed by a sloppier 2×185 (fail on third). I followed up with 165-165-165-165, trying  to keep my form. Probably not the most effective way to tackle these sets…anyone got any advice?

    B: 7:41, scaled to 65#, 30 DUs.

  • The_Lisa

    Felt good to squat pain free for the first time in a few weeks today – kept it lighter than current 1RM.
    103#x5, 123#x3, 123#x3 with low bar position (first time exploring that), 133×1.B: 5:51 using 33# bar and 150 singleunders.

    • meret

      thanks for your help today! and welcome back to the painfree squat 🙂

  • meret

    A: 53# x 5,  83# x 3, 103# x 3, 
    113# x 1, 
    123# x 1 (F), 
    123# x 1 (F), 
    123# x 1. 
    B: 6:46, using 43# and 150 singleunders.

    as puny as my weight may be, i consider collapsing under it a crossfit milestone. i was so surprised to be as low as i was (thanks, coach eric!) that i was confused as to how to get back up. er…squats suck.

  • Jenny A

    A: 133×5, 138×3, 143×3, 148×1, 153×1, 158(f)

    B: 8:15 w/ 73#.  Double unders are still terrible and fall apart completely under duress.

  • Annie

    A: 125 x 5, 135 x 3, 135 x 3, 145, 155 (PR), 160 (PR), 165 (PR)
    B: 7:34 – 53#