Beginner WODs: Wednesday 120502

Wednesday 120502

Beginner WODs at HR:20:
A: Deadlift 3×3

B: For time:
Run 800m
30 Snatches at 95#/53#
Run 800 m

Just your standard post-WOD carnage. Nothing to see here, folks… Just move along… 😉

Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s WOD classes at HR:20:
A: Russian Gymnastics Warm Up

B: Scaled “Helen”:
3 rounds for time:
400 meter run
16kg/12kg Kettlebell swing x 21
Pull-ups, 12 reps


  • Xfit Addict Anonymous

    Ok Crossfit. You got me. I am addicted. And I want more.  I am starting my second month here. Yes, the workouts are intense and insane. And yes, I finish in the bottom 25% of my beginner class and have yet to achieve full RX strength. I give it every ounce of effort I can. But I recover quickly from the workouts and would like to know how I can kick it up a few notches. I am focused and committed to the program and want to give it all I have and more.

    So what is the most effective way to accelerate my progress?
    – 2 a day workouts?
    – Run my Xfitual frustration out on the pavement in the mornings?
    – Do squats with my TV at home?
    – Patience? (boring)

    A wise fellow beginner xfitter once told me, “This is all I think about and look forward to every day…. Well except for my girlfriend of course.” (as she was standing next to him)


    • d_simon

      Depends on what your weaknesses are, and your definition of progress. The thing about Crossfit is that with so many movements, it is virtually impossible to “master” the program. If you spend 8 weeks working on your max pull-ups, something else is going to suffer. Likewise for trying to maximize your back squat.

      Be aware of what you need to work on and scale appropriately. Trust the programming. Don’t overtrain.

    • RyanCWoods

      Just keep coming. It took me over a year to be comfortable to do every workout as RX and I still have plenty of weakneeses. Even some of the most elite do not to 2 workouts a day and for somebody only 2 months in you will be noticing HIGE gains in the first 6 months. If it was easy and quick, everybody would be doing it. Come to the gym 3-5 days a week, bust your ass, eat right, and enjoy every second of it.

      If you feel you can kick it up a notch then go faster, with heavier weights (if the safe form is there of course) and push your comfort level. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. It should never get easier and you should always feel (somewhat) crushed after a workout but you will just do it faster and heavier.

      Keep a good attitude and we look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals!!

      • Dickie

        Everyone IS doing it.

    • If there is anything you want to throw your excess energy towards it’s going to be working on two things: mobility and recovery.

      You are going to be way ahead of the curve if you can master these two things.  People asked me to get better at OHS….I did pvc OHS everyday my first two years of CF.  I still do them almost every time I’m at the gym – I’m at the gym almost every day now.  PVC pipe is your best friend.  Focus first on mastering technique; it is going to accelerate your progress more than any 2 a day practice or Hero WOD will at this point in your CF career (No offense to the Hero WOD folks!).  Do it.  Now.  Your weak shoulder position (just making that assumption because like myself almost all of us suffer from this malady), your lack of ROM and flexibility, and inability to hang out in the bottom of a squat are preventing those PRs and progress.  If you’re the opposite of most folks, and are overly mobile and hyper flexible you have to get that in check.  If you’re not sure talk to a coach.  Take that seriously: at home and at the gym.

      If you have any fervor left, dedicate yourself to sleeping more.  This is where recovery occurs and adaptation is gained or lost.  From someone who has worked too much without enough sleep, I can vouch how slow progress can be despite hitting all the WODs and making dedicated efforts on every other end (gym, nutrition, etc).  And how much more awesome you’ll feel at the gym if you make that a priority.

      Keep us posted on how this turns out!

      • I love Avery’s answer, and the only thing I would add is…if you do all of what Avery says and STILL have excess energy left over, learn to cook your own food (food so good that it’s yummier than what you can get in most restaurants, so you’ll want to cook it and eat it).  Read and learn about paleo/primal/real food, self-experiment, and figure out what works for you.  Of course, nutrition falls under recovery, so Avery’s already mentioned it, but I just wanted to elaborate a bit further.

        Good luck!

    • Dickie

      I don’t know you, and I’m no expert, and you’re hearing below from phenomenal coaches who also happen to be experts, but if I were to take a shot in the dark about things to focus on, it would be:

      Get. Stronger. Fast.

      Build the muscle and neural connectivity to protect your joints with basic movements, and then worry about all the more nuanced technical stuff (Oly, gymnastics, etc.). If you try to do it all by month 3, you’ll overtrain or worse — get hurt — and let me tell you there’s nothing worse than having to take a month off to nurse an injury. Cassie went absolutely crazy when she hurt her back and started the Occupy movement.

  • Ben

    Is the Helen tomorrow really only one round?  Can we choose to do non-scaled 3?

    • Sully

      Helen will be 3 rounds, it’s just the Kettlebell weight that is scaled. *Note if you are experienced with Kettlebell you are welcome to use the normal RX weight, just check with your coach first. 

  • Sully

    Form, form, form. Tonight is 30 Snatches, the first 10 to 15 might be easy, the remainder might be a struggle while fatigued. Stop! Reset! Then lift. Those 2 seconds you take to reset your BACK and position will make the lift easier and help reduce any lower back issues. 

    Great video from Shane at Westside on this topic. 

  • Sofly

    9:32 RX

  • KB

    9:28 with 2:05 Cash out Plank