Beginner WODs: Monday 120430

Monday 120430

Beginner WODs at HR:20:
A: Press 3×5, Press 12-9-6

B:Five rounds for time of:
185#/135# Deadlift, 5 reps
5 Pull-Ups
5 Toes-To-Bar

Coach Ryan took this pic of member Michael N. and he wrote: “Michael, 5 minutes post 235#x20 back squat. Just missed getting the shot of him laying on the floor in the fetal position. If you do strength days correctly, that is what you should feel like.”

Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s WOD classes at HR:20:

A: Back Squat 3×5

B: In 12 Minutes:
30 Box Jumps 20″
10 Push Press 85#/53#
20 Box Jumps 20″
20 Push Press 85#/53#
10 Box Jumps 20″
30 Push Press 85#/53#
With the remainder of the time complete…
AMRAP of: Burpees
Score is number of burpees


  • 6:45 (145# / green band)

  • Hall C.

    7:00 (185 lbs  – no band)

  • collin d

    6:01; 135# no band

  • Kristina

    6:38; jumping PU, 105# DL

  • Edward Chung

    A: 105# Shoulder Press. 2×5 and 1×4
    B: Time: 9:33.  155# Deadlift, 5 reps of kipping pullups and 4×5 of pullups with green TB, and 5×5 knee to chest.

  • Spencer Hawes

    5:29; No band for first two rounds, then green band.  205# for DL

  • Emily L

    A: 58 lbs
    B: 5:08; 103 lbs DL; Black band 1 round/black & green 4 rounds

  • Mike S.

    6:39 165#, no band

  • A. 53# (3 x 5 Press) 
    B. 5:27 — 103# DL, green + blue band pull ups 

    Proud that I was able to do all the toes to bar though! 

  • Stuart W

    6:11 @ 145 lbs. No band. 

    5 Rep max for shoulder press @ 115 lbs

  • Dave B

    7:32, @ 155lbs and 2 full sets pull-ups no band, 2 reps on third and then the rest on the green band.   3X5 Press @ 115  

  • Randy Lampert

    a little late on the posting but it counts…7:55@225# rxd. Nice little triplet with a lot of grip strength work. 

  • Matt T

    10:13, @ 195lbs.on the dead lifts.  Should have incorporated band during pull ups. Need to fix my kipping technique.
    *Side note* coach Sully suggested I go to (EMS) Eastern Mountain sports to purchase some “rock climbers hand product.” I Tore the calluses on my hands pretty bad from pull ups. Any other suggestions?

    • Hall C.

      An alternative might a pair of inexpensive gardening gloves (they have them in black) from Home Depot or similar store. They cost about $3-$5. Another choice is a product called Gripad; a bit more costly at about $18, but similarly effective.

    • reisbaron

      As far as healing your hand tears, Sully was spot on with recommending mountain climber hand repair.  One I’ve used with great success is “Climb On!” – Put some directly on the open skin and overnight it improves dramatically…

      thru Amazon:

  • Thomas M.

    9:34– 215#. No assist.

  • Marisa M.

    5:30 (83 lbs deadlift and black band)

  • Adam Gr.

    6:06 (155lb, no band).

  • Maria L

    6:37/93# DL/blue green band pullups/knees to toes