Intermediate & Advanced WODs: Saturday 120428

Saturday 120428

Intermediate and advanced WOD classes at HR:00 and HR:40:
A: Front Squat 3×5
Back Squat 1×20

B: Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 7 minutes of:
15 Kettlebell Swings (24kg/16kg)
10 Burpees
5 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups

* * * * *
Today’s High Noon Hero WOD takes place (as always) at noon and 1pm (be sure to sign up in advance via Zen Planner):


Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups

In honor of Navy Lieutenant Michael McGreevy, 30, of Portville, NY, who was killed in Afghanistan June 28.

Happy 1st birthday today to Baby Asher (son of Coach Court and Mama Morgan) who displays impressive kettlebell skills with his 1-pound kettlebell:

Here’s what’s on tap for Sunday’s intermediate/advanced WOD classes at HR:00:

A: Press 3×5
Press 12-9-6

B: Five rounds for time of:
225#/155-185# Deadlift, 5 reps
5 L-pull-ups


  • Brian

    Sorry Saturday’s running classes are canceled for now

  • Gwachsteter

    Row 5k:  19:19 new PR (44 sec improvement) … Thank you loud hip-hop music.

    1:54 Avg. Split.

    • james_vergara

      that’s more like it.  Do you have an erg at home?

      • Gwachsteter

        si.  in the garage.

        • james_vergara

          Sweet. Rower, kettlebells and box for jumping.
          Crossfit Montauk at Greg’s house!

    • Michael North

      Nice work. I’m not much of a rower (would like to spend more time on the erg) but stumbled across this blog online:

      Aussie triple Olympic gold medalist and his journey to 2012 in London.

  • Rory

    Front Squat with Big Joe and James V. x5: #185/195/205

    WOD: 5 complete rounds w/ 20KG KB

    • james_vergara

      Nice work today, Rory…the value of sleep cannot be overstated…

    • Michael North

      Nice work on the FS.  20RM BS numbers please…

      • Rory

        Had 205 on the bar but after 6 gave up…something wasn’t right today, chalking it up to sleep deprivation

        • james_vergara

          I’m sure a deluge of disparagement is coming from Michael North…

        • Michael North

          Are you baby sitting the Vergara children? Or you better have a good story from last night as an excuse…

  • james_vergara

    Nice lifting morning with Rory and Princeton Football Joe (sorry, Joe, I didn’t catch your last name…)
    Wasn’t feeling super-strong on the FS today:  5 x 185, 205, 225

    20RM Back Squat:  20 x 235 (I’ll just keep adding five pounds a week until the system shuts down…how’s that for a training strategy?!?)

    WOD:  4 rounds + 10 swings with 28kg KB

    • Jim S

      hey James, are you doing those 20 back squats in one continuous set? I’m noticing lots of people posting back squat sets like this with higher weight than the max front squat and I’m amazed. When I do these workouts I’m usually peaking at 200 or so on the FS and then killing myself to crank out 20 back squats at 145. By the 15th back squat I’m pretty winded. If I tried to back squat 20 at above my FS lift I would run out of gas way too early. Anyway, impressive.

      • james_vergara

        Yes, one continuous set without putting the bar down. We’ve been treating that as rx’d. It’s certainly getting heavy now. I think I could have gone heavier on the FS (235 or maybe 245) but have been a little sleep-deprived this week, if that helps with the BS/FS relationship.

        Thanks, man.

        • Jim S

          Cool. Hmm… Maybe I need to push and try for a bigger load on the backsquat x 20. See how it goes… Thanks for the reply.

          • james_vergara

            Sounds good. What’s the worst that could happen?

          • Michael North

            You can rest during your 20RM set if you need to, you just can’t re-rack the bar.  


            It really is a mental thing, you get to 10 and you think there is no way you are getting to 20.  At that point I just focus on getting to 11.  Big breath at the top, focus on getting to 12.  Rep 13 – 17 are usually the worst and when you get to 18 there is no way you are getting that far and not completing the set.  Even if it means resting at the top for 10 seconds or so…

          • Jim S

            Well, now I have to go bigger. 🙂

    • Michael North

      Nice work for the sleep deprived! Congrats again on the addition to the family.

      5% per week not 5 pounds per week…

      BTW – how much of a beast is Princeton Joe?  A few weeks ago he FS 275 x 5 easy and then 265 x 20 UB (i.e. no rest at the top).

      • james_vergara

        5pct a week?! Crap I knew something was off! Yes, 235# is a PR but after seeing joe ease through 265# didn’t seem worth mentioning. 245 for me next week!

      • Rory


  • Jenny A

    Front Squat: sets of 5 reps @ 98
    Back Squat: 20 reps@ 98

    WOD: 5 rounds Rx

  • Michael North

    A1: 5 x 185/185/185 (sandbagged for the main event)
    A2: 20 x 245 (PR) – interestingly much easier than last week at 235
    B: 3 rounds + 5 burpees (20kg + green band CTB)

    This week has been an awesome week of programming. In fact, this whole strength cycle (plus short intense met-con) has been fantastic.

    • james_vergara

      Well done, Michael North, Well done. I was hoping to witness the feat when coach Ryan mentioned you might come in at 10. But boo for tanking the front squats! 🙂

    • Rory

      Not sure we should count the PR since u wimped out on front squats 🙂 kidding great werq bud

      • Michael North

        225 is my failing point on FS.  Usually can get 1 or 2 reps before dumping the bar as it rolls forward of my shoulders.  The weight is not the issue.  Need to work on mobility (staying tall, elbows up…)

        • Jim S

          Before front squats I always stretch my triceps thoroughly. I use a band attached at the floor, squat with my back to it, and stand up with the band behind my shoulder in my hand and my elbow pressed to my ear. Then slowly walk away from the attach point. Might help your rack position.

  • Avery W

    The only hero WOD I can probably finish now without crippling myself.

    Unbroken ghd hip extensions and abmat sit ups…runs could be faster.  


  • Mike Visaggio

    Did Michael at Mccaren park in Bk. subbed supermans for back extensions. 24:45

    Tough week of workouts. Time for beer

  • Stefanie Novak

    4 rounds…. 8KB swings

    AWESOME wod today at 2pm! I really appreciate coaches who focus on technique and form, push me to my limits and motivate throughout the entire wod. Williamson was a great coach. Everyone’s squats were looked at or adjusted, he gave suggestions, and he spent all 9 minutes of the amrap cheering us on. Over the past two weeks I’ve had coaches who spend the wod looking at their phones or the ground, and coaches who I love that really help me push to my threshold. Williamson is definitely one who goes on my top 5 fav list and I hope he gets more time on the schedule!!! 🙂

     i <3 crossfit

    • james_vergara

      Steph, nice work. But I think you meant to post that as Kimbo Slice…

  • Wodharder

    To say Williamson should have more classes during the week is an understatement!  I totally agree with Stefanie Novak’s comments!  He is by FAR 1 of the best coaches in terms of how much support he gave all of us!  He is DEF at the top of the list in terms of his cheers which totally pushed all of us harder!  More Williamson please during the week!

    • james_vergara

      Dickie? Or Williamson posting himself? Kind of like yelp reviews 🙂

  • Jamie F.

    Michael – 27:13 as RX’d.  Last time was April 5, 2011 and 29:56 as RX’d.  Hoping for under 25:00 next time. 

    Sit-Ups and Back-Extensions both on the GHD.

    • james_vergara

      Nice work, athlete Jamie!

  • Jana B.

    FS: 103-113-123
    BS: 103 x 20 
    WOD: 3 rounds +3 (16 kg and blue and green bands)

    I don’t <3 crossfit the day after 30 margaritas

  • tom glavine

    is there open gym

  • Jim S

    RGWU day 2
    WOD: made up FGB today. 240. PR by 20
    WB 20 15 15
    SDLHP 15 15 15
    BJ 17 18 15
    PP 15 15 15
    Row 17 17 16
    Glad today was a light day. I needed it after Barbara yesterday.

    • Jim S

      Btw, a year ago on 4/9 I did my first FGB and got 191 reps. And thought I was going to die. So I’m pretty happy about 240.

  • AndrewNYC

    Had a terrific day with Erika Ramos, Kameron Mengel, and Tracey Wilson taking the CFL1 Cert. at Crossfit Virtuosity.

    Kameron got his second PR of the week with Fran (first was FGB just 24hrs earlier!!!)


  • Steve Slo

    A) Strength:
    Front Squats: 205×5, 205×5, 185×5, 
    Back Squats: 195×20

    B) Metcon:
    4 rounds rx’d

    Wow… Felt weak today. The set of 20 back squats was a tough fight. This week’s programming has been challenging.

  • Jim S

    First I just did WODs as hard as I could. I got stronger and felt better. Then in December I started eating paleo and leaned out a lot. Also, I feel a lot less sore after tough WODs. After impinging my shoulder during the open I figured I better get a lot more serious about flexibility / mobility. So I’ve introduced a lot more mobility work into my program. These days I think of this as three near equal parts – exercise, diet and mobility.

    With that in mind I decided to sign up for a KStarr workshop. There aren’t any in NYC this year so I’m going to Alexandria in October. I just thought I’d share there is also one outside of Boston in late October. Info here and here if anyone is interested.