Intermediate & Advanced WODs: Tuesday 120424

Tuesday 120424

WODs at HR:00 and HR:40
A: Back squat, 3×3

B: “Elizabeth
21-15-9 reps, for time:
Clean 135#/95#
Ring Dips

We love it when our members do specialty certs: here’s John L. (left) and Kyle (right) with Rob Orlando (center) at the CF Strongman cert!

Upping the ante after Lapadula’s video yesterday: Sean M.’s 144# pull-up
Why anatomy is important
Tips for type A’s who can’t meditate
Coconut milk tapioca pudding / Indian beef & spaghetti squash
Are most people in denial about their weight?

Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s intermediate and advanced WOD classes at HR:00 and HR:40:

A: Deadlift 3×3
Deadlift 21-15-9

B: “Karen”
Wallball, 150 shots @20#/14#


  • Kate J

    The 5:40am class: now with 150% more attendance! At this rate, it will be 76 people by next Friday.
    12:40, 43#

    • keller

      if yesterday was ‘personal training with will’, implying you were the only person, today can’t be 150%…  you can’t have a half person. 
      you work at a bank kate!!!!

      • Kate J

        Keller, I work in HR. We don’t have math here.

        (There was a visitor from San Fran.)

        • keller

          i know 😉

  • Rory

    Elizabeth: 11:30 #115 and ring dips

    Sara and Matt were very supportive this am, thanks!!!…Sara “bending over (while resting) is NOT a good look for you get back on the bar”

    Overhead squats x5 (neck still scabbed up from the bear) #95/115/135

    • Dickie

      I think it’s a fabulous look for you.

    • james_vergara

      Chewed up and spit out by the bear…

  • Hari Singh

    Email received this AM from the 28 Street Super:

    Good morning Hari,Could you please ask your members NOT to:

    1.      Dress on the lobby, it really doesn’t look appropriate, makes our tenants  unconformable and building staffs as well. Issues

    2.      Bring bikes into the lobby and passengers elevators as well. They can chain it outside of the building.If there are any questions please let me know.

    Thank you and have a nice day!

    • Jason W

       whoa. getting naked in the lobby? is this a ploy to get more AMers to 28th st?

  • Looks like it’s a Ladies week! fun

    • Dickie

      I’ve seen this movie at CrossFit Mexico City. At some point, between Cindy and Mary, tequila gets involved, and someone gets pregnant…

  • Matt M.

    A. Back squats – 245-275-295 (should have gone heavier)
    B. Elizabeth @ 155 with squat cleans – 10:32

  • reisbaron

    Elizabeth 13:58 – (135# – Parallettes)

    I need to work on making my squat cleans one swift motion. I’m too anchored in the power clean – pause – front squat mode.  No bueno.PMS (Post-Metcon-Squats) x3: 275 – 315 – 335

    Boy do back squats feel different after 45 squat cleans & dips!  Congrats to Michael North for rocking a solid PR single at 335.Coach Ryan on Main Site today in the Coaches’ Prep Cert photo –
    (3rd photo up from the bottom. Note Chuck Carswell on the far left…apparently Motown certs do not compromise on coach quality!)

    • Yeah Michael!

      • I’d congratulate you on facebook too… oh wait…

        • Michael North

          There is a story here I am not a party to…

    • Dickie

      Wow. A lot of Asians in that prep course.

    • Jim S

      Clean more weight. If you have to get under it to get it on your shoulders you will, and consequently won’t power clean it. For you I’m guessing 275lbs will require a fast drop into a squat. 🙂

  • A: Elizabeth – 18:47 – 1 min slower than last time on march 4th, but full squat cleans instead of power cleans. Rx. 
    B: back squat 3×3 (205#)

    Props to Sara for running 7am so well with sooo many people! 

  • Malcolm

    Back squats:  185 – 205 – 225 (could have gone heavier)
    Elizabeth:  11:16 rx

    Watching Matt consistently pass me while lifting 155 was humbling…nice work

  • Kristin_Cunningham

    A: Tabata Sit-ups
    B: Back Squats: 83 – 103 – 103 (starting to get comfortable at 103 – next time will add more)
    C: Elizabeth: 12:53  – 75# /parallette bar dips

    Thanks Sara for the form help today.

    • Amanda Long

      Awesome job KC! You crushed it! Next time 85# and no parallettes!!!!

  • Amateur Crossfitter

    Dear CrossfitNYC,

    You do a great elements class and have provided excellent coaching since I graduated, but I feel slightly embarrassed because I’ve evidently missed something. Allow me to shed some light on the situation.

    See, for the past couple of weeks there are these guys that never seem to do the warm-up exercise. I mean, they get to the class on time (most days), but then they just stand around and then jump in the class when the main exercise starts.

    Can you help me understand at what point I’ll become such an elite crossfitter that I can skip portions of the class and wear the “I’m too good for that” badge? Is this because they are such great athletes that they don’t dare stress their muscles prior to the B exercise?

    Oh, and one other question. Let’s take yesterday for instance. These guys skipped the warm-up, and then practically walked during the entire running exercise. Is there some sort of advantage to walking and not pushing yourself? I’d love to know at what point I’ll reach that level and what advantages it will give me. But, if they are going to walk, could we make some sort of walker lane so they can get out of everyone’s way – you know – the rest of the people that missed whatever it is I’ve missed.

    If I (we) in fact haven’t missed something, please respond to this comment. And yes, I’m leaving this anonymously, because that’s how I want to roll.


    The Men’s Room Needs a Doorknob

    • Dickie

      I took the doorknob as a souvenir.

    • mike r

      bet it wasn’t sully’s class… he shamed me into an additional 400m with 20 seconds left in Nicole yesterday

    • Gwachsteter

      there’s a men’s room?

    • Grumpy Old Crossfitter

      Dear Amateur, 

      Welcome to the world of crossfit! CFNYC is indeed a place of excellent coaching and varying skill levels. I’m glad you’ve posted about your concerns – we’ve all experienced the frustration when we compare ourselves to those around us.

      While it’s easy to wonder when you’ll be at the level of others in your classes, there is one sure way you’ll know when you’ve reached elite status: when you stop giving a fuck what anyone else does in their WODs.  

      Chin up, AmCro.  I believe that with perseverance, you too can be this elite in a very short amount of time.


      No one gives a shit what you do in the Men’s Room.

    • Andy Graves

       I really hate running and definitely hit this life’s quota in globo gyms before I joined CF so I want to officially petition for the walker lane, great idea!!!!

    • Mike n.

      I suppose someone should take you seriously even though this sounds whiny.

      Yesterday’s wod was about the pull ups not running. Racing around so you can do 3 pull ups is pointless. Wait until you can do a bunch and then hit the bar.

      Second people run at all different speeds, the environment there isn’t conducive to running fast. Most people did 5 or 6 rounds. So a round every 4 minutes. I can trot a 400 in less than 2 minutes. Do the math. I did 17 pull ups in the first round. That doesn’t take 2 minutes.

      Third, not sure how what others do affects you. If anyone walking was slowing you down they were probably doing you a favor. But what I think you should do is next time you see this guy or guys, Say something to them.

    • Jeff

      If you really want to know why people are showing up late, why they are skipping the warm up or they are walking during the runs, then you should ask them.

      The direct approach is generally more effective than a passive-aggressive post.

      • Jeff

        To clarify what I said earlier, if you see someone slacking, feel free to call them out on it.  

        If you *actually* care, then ask.  Maybe they have a legitimate reason for doing what they’re doing.  You might learn a thing or two.  Or maybe your suspicions are correct and they’re being lazy.  Asking makes me feel good because it’s alway nice to be around people that care.

        If you don’t care, then STFU and don’t worry about.  Make yourself too busy kicking ass (at the WOD, at life in general, etc.) to be concerned with what the “walkers” are doing.

    • Chris

      i guess this is the result of CF becoming a mass product. Some people dont get it and should rather do sth else instead of signing up because it is cool. If you dont have the attitude that CF requires, it is not the right thing for you and those ppl should stick with sth else. Like Zumba. Or biceps curls.

      On the other hand, this also might be the result of seperating beginner classes from the advanced ppl and classes being rather big. I bet no one will walk or skip the warm-up if you do it in a small class where everyone else (and the coach) will give you shit about it and where everyone else goes all out

      • Amateur Crossfitter

        Thanks for all of the lovely responses and making my thoughts feel welcomed.

        And you know, part of what I like is the group environment about Crossfit – it’s a great motivator. If two people take slots for a class and only do 50% of it, I’d hate for someone else to lose out on the opportunity to do the entire class. Maybe that just makes too much sense. And folks, if someone is so grand that they don’t need to do the entire class – stay out of the post elements or intermediate class.

        And Mike N – things were mentioned so that the gym might be able to get things – like participation – in check. I’m not paid to do that.

        Again, thanks for the comments.

        Amateur Crossfitter


        • Pro CrossFitter

          If you are worrying about what other people are doing you’re doing it wrong. 

          To borrow words from Josh Everett – “if you need other people (music) to motivate you, go do something else”.

        • mike n.

          So do you want to police effort?   I think its 50% effort to write something and then not attach a name to it.  Cowardly actually.  But I guess that was smart since most respondents have either insulted you or made fun of you. 

          But you really should ask people why they do or don’t do certain things if you’re void of anything else and need to know.  I typically don’t ask people I’ve ever met why they aren’t doing squat cleans or running faster because I don’t care.  That’s my cross to bear.  I run around them like I did yesterday and not waste my time writing a post or thinking about it after and I don’t have a real full life but I guess full enough that I don’t care about such stupid and irrelevant things.  This all started because you wanted to run somewhere and someone was in your way.  Living here must drive you crazy.   

  • Amanda Long

    A. April Pull-Up Challenge (24) – am I the only one still doing this??
    B Tabata sit-ups with KC and Gina (109)
    C. Elizabeth: 13:00 85# / ring dips
    D. Back Squats – 103 – 123 – 123 (legs were shot after Elizabeth)

    I have to agree with Malcolm that Elizabeth is the worst wod of them all. Thank you for telling me this, right before I am about to start!

    • Kristin_Cunningham

      Yeah….that WOD was brutal.  Great job today – You’re definitely ready for 95#!!!!

      hot pink shorts what whattttttttt

      • Dickie

        So THAT’s where my clothes went…

        • Amanda Long

          I actually bothered them from Athlete Greg

          • Amanda Long

            BORROWED! Elizabeth did a number on me today…

          • Dickie

            I was so ready to correct you.

    • I’m still doing the April pull up challenge! I do the pull ups in the afternoon if pull ups are not in the programming for the WOD. 

      my run route takes me past a pull up station, which makes the run much more fun. At the pull up station, everyone else I see there is doing these half-pull ups, their range of motion is the height of their head. *sigh*

      • Amanda Long

        Glad to know that I am not the only one! I hope that you tell those amateurs to get their f-ing chin over the bar (Coach Sara would be proud)!!!

        So, what is the May challenge going to be??

    • Dickie

      You’re such a young CrossFitter. Wait till you meet “Eva.”

      • guest

        | I have a feeling she is coming back soon……folks will be beggin’ for Elizabeth. 

      • Jim S

        I prefer Eva. Nothing wipes me out like a string of squat cleans.

    • Malcolm

      Felt like I went a long way towards getting over my fear of Elizabeth today after getting completely dominated by her last month.  Was definitely dreading this one…

      • Dickie

        Next time a Girl dominates you, can you film it and send it to me?

  • Amanda Long

    Great energy at the 6am class this morning! Heat 2 – thanks for all of the encouragement, cheering, cursing and telling us to pick up the bar!

    Also loved seeing Athlete Gina rocking the skirt to 6am this morning! It was actually nice to have Coach Sara give someone else a hard time besides me! Who would have thought that skirts to class are actually worse than makeup!

    • Dickie

      Attention all new members: GO TO THE 6AM CLASS! It’s great energy!

      Actually, you should hold 6AM try-outs.

      “Front handspring step out, round-off backhandspring step-out, round-off back handspring, full-twisting layout.”

      • james_vergara

        6am tryouts! I love it. We need to make sure everyone has “the look,” and certainly there will be a casting couch involved

        • Rory

          don’t forget the hazing

          “pledges, prepare to release”….

      • “Bring it on!” 

        (I can’t believe I got that reference immediately) 

        • Dickie

          You have the Dark Gift.

  • Avery W

    Dear Amateur,

    You have missed nothing.  Unfortunately, when teaching classes, at some point as a Coach you have to remember that everyone attending is an adult and makes choices – either to listen to you or not.  

    As a member, you are constantly making a choice to work hard or hardly work.  I can cheer and coach and try to inspire you all I want, but if you are only willing to put in 50% effort you will get 50% of the results (at best)….the people that commit to thoroughly doing the warm ups, working on their ROM and correcting their movement patterns reap the benefits of becoming the better athlete.  In my experience, the people that only want to do half the work eventually fall out of Crossfit and into something else.

    Coach Avery

    • The only comment I want to make about this is that the Russian gymnastics warmups are brutal. I really want to do them as Rx. I tried to do a day 2 level 1 RGWU, and it totally destroyed me. I had nothing for the main WOD. so when they come up I’m afraid if I complete the whole warmup I won’t be able to complete the main WOD. 

      • reisbaron

        So here’s what we can do.  I have an old thigh master that’s been collecting dust in my garage.  I’ll bring it in for you, and set you up against the back wall to do a few sets.  I’ll also make you some herbal tea and throw down a nice comforter and bring in my 5-year old’s stuffed monkey that you can cuddle with while the rest of us do the real warmup.  We will form a circle around you as we do our KB deadlifts and sing softly to you, so as to lightly energize your precious soul and hopefully get your shakras prepped to be able to handle 15 fucking minutes of work Andrew Fucking Louie now nut up and do some fucking work!

        • burn! ouch Reis. Alright I get it. I’ll do 20 extra Wall balls tomorrow as penance for me daring to complain about the difficulty of the warm up 🙂

        • Dickie

          Reis, I need you to google something for me.

          • reisbaron

            More smart remarks out of you and I’ll kick you out of the….oh, nevermind.

          • Dickie


        • Jim S

          Aw snap!

      • Jason W

         The RGWU is awesome! Don’t be discouraged by the difficulty, it will pay off! I got significantly better at HSPU by doing this warmup consistently for a few months.

        • Jana B.

          I completely agree!  I’ve noticed marked improvement in HSPUs and ring push ups since we started (and upper body strength in general) and I’ve never been unable to finish a WOD after – though it may take a little longer.  On balance, I think the RGWU is totally worth it!

  • AndrewNYC

    15:00 #95
    Have to learn to get under the freaking bar and to stop reverse curling it.
    Thanks Cameron for pushing me!!

    Matt…you’re an animal…Very impressive work today!

    • Kevin

       You will have plenty of opportunities to practice and perfect your technique.

  • keller

    the night crew has determined that james vergaragarag, amanda long and kc are the same person posting as one… and that that person is most likely dickie.

    • Dickie

      “Like” this comment if you want my shenanigans back on the blog. I can be Alumnus Dickie.

      • Rory


      • Kristin_Cunningham


        • Dickie

          Gotta hit 20.

    • james_vergara

      Hmmm, never seen them all together true same time…

      • Amanda Long

        Athlete James – you seem to have the man makers down, but I guess that you are scared of the ladies???

        • james_vergara


  • Elizabeth at #95 with parallettes –  9:51Two months in and I’m still working on my form and coordination (Avery knows THAT’S my weak spot!). Next time, I need to move up to dips and #105.
    Today, Jeff was an ANIMAL!

  • Jeff K

    Back squats 3x 165,185, 205.
    Elizabeth was a struggle. Rx’d – 24:59. Whew, still panting. 

    • reisbaron

      You are on a tear my friend.  Those cleans looked a lot more solid than you give yourself credit for.  VERY nice effort.

      • Jeff K

        Your cleans make it look like you are tossing an infant into the air.

        • reisbaron

          My son weighed 135 at birth. I almost named him Elizabeth.

  • MadeleineT

    Elizabeth, 105# cleans and 7-5-3 bar dips: 15:33.
    Squat triples: 185-205-205.

  • Jamie F.

    Sad to miss this one…my hands were having nothing of it after tearing yesterday.  Hopefully, I can make it up tomorrow.

    • reisbaron

      Bummer…you would have smoked this one…

    • james_vergara

      It will be the junior varsity WOD in the east subbasement, if I read the color coding correctly…

    • Allan R

      Come to 7:20 at 28th Street.  We can knock it out together.  

  • Jana B.

    Elizabeth, 73# squat cleans and elevated paralette dips:  15:05 – need to work on not stopping before the squat – or maybe I should just start cutting and pasting what Reis says he needs to work on.  Dips have seen major improvement though.

    Back Squats x3 (post Elizabeth):  53-73-83-103-123

  • Michael North

    B: 15:10 (95# and 15-12-9 GHD bar dips)

    A: 225, 275, 315

    C: 1RM backsquat: 335F, 335 (PR)

    Was fried after squat cleans to try for a PR on 3RM. Wanted to go for a 1RM at 325. Reis of course talked me into going for 335. Was promptly pinned under the bar on first attempt. Rested 5 minutes and got it. Thanks to Reis for the push.

    • james_vergara

      Nice job!

  • anyone know how we get the free tickets to regionals? Do we have to register somewhere?

    • reisbaron

      I think you need to register as a member of Crossfit Enhance.

  • 12:14 105#.  Only bright spot in this WOD was unbroken ring dips.

  • Elizabeth, solo- 11:50 w/85 lbs and bar dips.

    Last time was 10:30 w/95 lb power cleans and bar dips.  Mostly just happy I was getting full squat cleans as those have been feeling gross lately.  Last WOD in NYC before…

    Toronto Kettlebell Cert this weekend!!!  Woohoo!  See you all next week.  

  • Paul s

    Dear amateur crossfitter
    Shut the hell up. Seriously. Crossfit is like golf. In the end, you compete with yourself, admire those who are better at certain skills, and encourage those who are not. You do not bitch and whine about whether someone else isn’t as committed as you are. Get over it. Work on your own game. Own your own game. And celebrate that. or go somewhere else.

    Paul S

  • Jenny A

     Back Squats 3×3 133 – 133 – 133

    Then Elizabeth.  11 minutes and ? seconds.  Started with 83#, then went down to 73# three reps in.  Rx volume on squat cleans, scaled volume on bar dips  to 12-9-6 because shoulder not feeling great.  Squat cleans were rough after back squats.  Thanks for the great class, Sara and Will!

    • reisbaron

      Wait a minute…they put the band back together?

  • Ben M

    A: 225, 275, 275
    B: 12:24 with #95. Ring dips are getting stronger each WOD.

    Really good class today. The current floor plan has room for “So Many Activities!!!”

  • Jim S

    A: Back Squat 3x 185, 195, 200
    B: Elizabeth 95lb / ring dips 16:59 (1 min 12 seconds faster than in March)

  • Jim S

    A: Back Squat 3x 185, 195, 200
    B: Elizabeth 95lb / ring dips 16:59 (1 min 12 seconds faster than in March)

  • Zoe

    A: 123, 133, 143
    B: Elizabeth w/ 14:00 time cap, made it through the last set of cleans. Scaled to 73# squat cleans, and was all ambitious and tried to do 15-12-9 ring dips. Made it through the round of 15 and did the last two of the round of 12 as bar dips bc I wasn’t able to lock out at the top of the last few reps on the rings. Ok with not finishing though, worth it to try doing ring dips in a WOD.

  • james_vergara

    Because its 6an somewhere in the world:
    Nice strength morning…err…evening with Jim P. ( from 6 am natch) and Matt.

    Back squat:
    3 x 245, 275, 295

    Thanks, Sean M. for introducing yourself and for the squat pointers.

    My first post-Luca WOD:

    Elizabeth, 10:13 rx’d

    • Amanda Long

      Amazing Athlete James!!! Look what happens when you take a rest day… And make some men on the side! You better be back at 6am on Thursday!!!!

  • Annie

    A:133, 143, 143
    B: 10:52 (73#) and parallette dips 

  • jenntang

    Back squat 3×3:

    14:24 (almost Rx) – 95#, last round failed at ring-dips, so did negatives just to get this shit over with.

  • ObiCraig

    Elizabeth: 9:28 RX’d

  • Steve Slo

    It really helps to be squatting with people who are better than you. 

    A) Back Squat Triples: 225, 245 (pr), 245I think I could have done 255# or 265#. Next time!

    B) Elizabeth (115#, bar dips):15:01