Intermediate & Advanced WODs: Monday 120423

Monday 120423

WODs at HR:00 and HR:40

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of the following:
Run 400 meters
Max rep Pull-ups

Note number of pull-ups completed for each round.

Beginner WODs at HR:20 are now being listed in a separate daily post on the blog, which you will always find immediately preceding the Intermediate/Advanced WODs post.

Congrats to Jason L. for getting his first 50kg (i.e., 110#) chin-up at a bodyweight of 173#. You can also see video of him easily getting 46kg. He also did 42kg for 5 reps after the PR!

Lapadula’s 50kg chin-up from CrossFit NYC on Vimeo.

Pathomechanics and I.T. band hell
How exercise could lead to a better brain
We need every little catastrophe
First, do a little less harm
Caffeine’s effects on your thinking

Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s Intermediate and Advanced WOD classes that meet at HR:00 and HR:40:

A: Back squat, 3×3

B: “Elizabeth

21-15-9 reps, for time:
Clean 135#/95#
Ring Dips


  • Hi, all: We’re trying out a new format of 2 daily blog posts, one which lists the Intermediate and Advanced WODs (which is this post) and one which lists the Beginner WODs (which will always immediately precede the Intermediate/Advanced WODs post.  Just thought I’d put the word out in case anyone was confused…  Thanks!

    Also, just FYI, I’ve put a different photo (or in this case, video) on each post but I have reproduced the same daily links on both posts so that folks won’t have to read both posts to find the links.

    Any suggestions on how to make things clearer if anything is confusing, just let me know by email (allison at crossfitnyc dot com) or here in the comments.

  • GinaFleacyno

    way to bring it 6 am. Avery is awesome but Will was missed… 🙁

  • Gwachsteter

    Nicole: 100 rx’d

    I went with the run less pull more strategy but i have to give it up to Ian who lapped me… twice. 

    • Rory

      was that a mid WOD parking ticket GW?

      • Gwachsteter

        yes, yes it was … expired inspection sticker… ugh,.

      • james_vergara

        You’re never safe in te city.

  • reisbaron

    If the advantage of two blog posts is that people can click a link to jump to their specific skill level, why not just have four headings at the top of a single post?


    Each heading can anchor directly to what a user is looking for (there are only four things people come here for) and you don’t have to segregate the comments, which seems a little anti-community in nature.  Just a thought…

    • keller

      inclusion of a fifth heading – GOSSIP

      • Allan R

        I’m with Reis. This is a little bit of hassle, but I appreciate the push for greater ease of use!

        •  agreed. I can barely keep up with 1 page of comments O_o

          • Naveen

            I like having only 1 blog.  Since the beginner wods trail by one, we can just list three workouts and beginners will know that this means today plus two more and int/adv will know that it means yesterday through tomorrow.

  • Kate J

    The 5:40 class should be called “Personal Training with Will.” W/band, 44.

  • Amanda Long

    A. April Pull-up Challenge (23)
    B. Nicole – 65 (6 rounds plus a 200m run; 10 pull-ups for 5 rounds and 15 for the last round): should have probably pushed it a little harder on the pull-ups
    C. Tabata Sit-ups (105)

    Great wod today and great job 6am! Coach Will – we missed you! Come back!!!

    • Kristin_Cunningham

       awesome job!

      • Amanda Long

        Thanks Athlete KC! We missed you today!

        • Kristin_Cunningham

           The arms just weren’t ready for the pull-ups today.  🙁

    • james_vergara

      Nice job, Amanda…as usual.

  • Rory

    Nicole: 72 reps rx’d in 5 rounds (15,15,15,14,13) (6 rounds of run though)

    great gymnastics kip tips from Avery this am, thanks!

  • reisbaron

    “Outlaw Doctrine” by Rudy Nielsen –

    I’ve just read this article for the third time in two days.  I’ve rarely come across a more poignant, selfless and informative passage about Crossfit, and programming in general.  It’s really no mystery as to why he has sent tons of people to regionals and coached numerous Games competitors.  He really has this shit down to a science.

    If you’re remotely curious about the benefits of power cleans vs. deadlifts, Louie Simmons’ Conjugate Method vs. Wendler’s 5/3/1, why you will never do Murph in his gym, or you simply want to read fun terms like “cockpunched” and “monkey stomped”, this is the article for you.

    •  remind me I read that post workout nutrition article. keep forgetting to talk to you about it

    • Jason L.

      Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great program, I just have some issues with this “Doctrine”.  First, the whole deadlifts vs. clean pulls debate is a little more complicated that what is seen in the article.  He goes into max effort DLs vs. DLs for speed (ie cleans).  But what about max effort DLs paired with clean pulls on different days?  Or what about same day as assistance (so for my DL day I would do clean pulls around 60-70% for speed)? 

      Second, this is nothing new, just an applied version of ME + DE (Westside methods) to Crossfit.  To my knowledge, most powerlifters train the squat far more than the deadlift for the reasons stated in the article.  There is also the idea of minimum effective dose – if I can make gains by using a linear progression (ie Starting Strength or CF Strength Bias), there’s no reason for me to switch over to a more complicated conjugate method program.  Remember, KISS – keep it simple stupid.

      And finally, the effectiveness of a program is entirely based on what the end goal is.  If you want to look better, live healthier, and have fun doing it (which are most people’s goals), any type of strength program paired with a short conditioning component (pretty much any crossfit program you see) will get you there.  There’s no reason to kill yourself at the gym for 3 hours, and worry about whether you should be doing deadlifts or clean pulls.  If I have these goals, and I want to do Murph every now and then, so what?  If I’m having fun and staying healthy, who cares?  Moreover, if I’m using Crossfit in my general conditioning phase for an endurance sport (triathlon, hiking, etc.), not doing anything past 12 minutes would be stupid.  Along similar lines, if I want to go to the CF games, I’d probably want to be doing a more oly lifting focused program (which is what I see Outlaw as) versus an absolute strength focused program (the closest I can think of is probably CF Football, but they still have quite a bit of power development to be called an absolute strength program).  I would also develop a lot of efficiency and technique in all areas tested by Crossfit.  Most of this skill development doesn’t have great transfer to anything outside of CF – for example, being able to string together 10+ ring muscle ups, or performing 50+ unbroken KB swings overhead.  Outlaw does a good job at accomplishing this, which is why it is such a great tool for people looking to compete in CF.  Most of the top programs I see (New England, Outlaw, OPT, Invictus) have the same general trend – olympic lifting and stength focus, short heavy metcons, and lots of work on technique.  But if I’m not looking to compete, why do I care about all of this?

      This was a verbal diarrhea, but my point is: your program needs to be evaluated in relation to your goals.

      • reisbaron

        I think he would agree with your post as much as anyone…it just so happens that his goals are competition based with a focus on Westside concepts, and your statement about any program applying well to regular schmoes (like me) also applies to his “doctrine”, with hardcore results to back it up.

        I saw his article as a reflection of his passion, and how it guides his programming.  I didn’t take away from it that he criticized other approaches if they differed from his, or that he was presenting his application of Westside as anything new.

        As far as Starting Strength I see that as very different than Crossfit programming, and it’s not an alternative to what he’s presenting, since people who do Starting Strength likely could not maintain SS plus regular metcons.  I could be wrong, since I never did SS.  I just know that those who do it drop out of WOD classes pretty quickly.

  • Nicole: 66 pull ups, in 6 rounds. argh, too much running, not enough pulling…

  • BenS

    Nicole: 47 pullups, 5 rounds (11, 12, 10, 10, 5).  Kipping needs a LOT of work; the tips from Avery will be very helpful.

  • Malcolm

    Nicole:  59 pull ups (14-12-10-13-10) + and extra run
    Tabata sit-ups:  83

  • Jeff K

    Good to be back at the Box. Did Wendler deadlifts to start: 3x 235, 255, 285. Then WOD as Rx’d -63. Only ran 5 rounds, was trying to maximize pullups. Did 20 the 1st round and fell way off pace in the 2nd and 3rd round, improved in 4 and 5. Tabata situps -90.

  • Jamie F.

    Nicole RX’d.

    34/22/16/20/12…and, not one, but two wounded paws!

  • MadeleineT

    Nicole, 3-2-3-3-3, 14 total, Rx.

  • Michael North

    Why is the beginner WOD scheduled a day later then the advanced/intermediate WOD? It is the same workout with different weight/scaling, correct?

    Just a question, not a criticism. I have definitely used the beginner WOD to make up a WOD I missed *cough backsquats cough*…

    • MadeleineT

      I had assumed one reason was to work out the kinks in running a WOD, letting the coaches learn from experience what might go less well and how to address that.

    • james_vergara

      Tomorrow’s your day, my friend.

    • d_simon

      I think a lot of it has to do with doling out equipment at 28th street when they have WODs overlapping every 20 minutes. I personally think it’s a great solution and love the increased flexibility. Two-a-days!

  • Rogue Dickie

    What were the tips for the gymnastics kip?

    • Michael North

      Very similar to Carl Paoli if you have watched him on gymnastics wod or the CF journal (with K*)

      • Rogue Dickie

        So basically stay tight, initiate from the core not the legs, keep globally flexed or extended with the aim of moving to flexion in the hollow, etc.

        Good Kipping is like good sex. When you get in the groove you can go all day, but it’s really hard to dial in the rhythm.

        Needless to say I’m not a good kipper.

        • Rory

          funny never been able to go all day…guess i need to keep greasing the groove and it will come…kipping of course 🙂

          • james_vergara

            I miss you guys…groove greased, indeed.

          • Rory

            it’s clear as a result of yesterday’s news that you, my friend James V, have no issues in this department…kipping of course 🙂

  • Nicole:  81 Reps Rx’d. Hands weren’t feeling it this morning and got a migraine in the middle of it. Ouch.

    • | that just means you need more caffeine, nfw. 

    • Michael North

      Exertion headache as per Mobility WOD?

  • Kristin_Cunningham

    Mr. James isn’t making an appearance on the blog today????

    I mean really Mr. MIA you can’t be that tired yet… your wife did all the work!

    • Amanda Long

      He must be at home working on his man makers!

      • Kristin_Cunningham

        ahhh I see… I guess we should hear an announcement soon about baby number 3

    • james_vergara

      Clearly I’m afraid of Nicole. I’ve Not let bigger things than the birth of my second child keep me from the gym before.

      Besides, you’re in good Hands, Dickie’s here!

      • Dickie’s Hands


        • Amanda Long


  • 54 Strict C2B.  15-10-6-7-8-8 

  • reisbaron

    Nicole – 4 Rounds + the stairs  
    42 total  (12-10-10-10 – black band)

  • Asegal04

    A. Nicole:  84 reps   Need to start running a few days a week, pullups felt better.  If it is not one thing it is another

    B.  Tabata situps:115

  • Rick G.

    i don’t know if this is an advanced question or a beginner one, so i’m just going to put it here.  why can’t beginners just scale the advanced wod until they become advanced?  i’m only asking because it seems like no one has a clue where or when workouts are happening.  last week i talked to a few new or prospective members during open gym time and i didn’t know the answers to their questions and neither did most of the people around me.  

    in order to make this post somewhat constructive i guess i should offer a suggestion.  here it is:

    i think the gym should stop referring to WODs by their start time since the differentiating characteristics are really “advanced or beginner” and “new gym and old gym.”  as far as i can tell, “beginner” WODs happen at “new gym” and “advanced” WODs happen at “old gym.”  if that’s the case, then “beginner” is synonymous with “new gym” and “advanced” is equivalent to “old gym.”  if my understanding is correct and we do actually need “beginner” and “advanced” WODs, then i think we should have two schedules.  we could call them “beginner WOD schedule” and “advanced WOD schedule.”  after clicking on the appropriate link, a crossfitter would see an address in big, bold letters indicating the location of the WOD.  happiness and clarity will ensue

    • james_vergara

      That is far too simple a solution to be feasible


    • Sean M.

      happiness and clarity will ensue”

    • reisbaron

      Advanced WODs happen at 40 minutes past the hour on 28th St, as well as on the hour at 26th St.  Since I never look at the schedule I’m nobody to comment on the best system, but it would seem easy enough to have a single paragraph on top of the schedule that says “WODs at :00 and :40 past the hour are int/adv” “WODs at :20 past the hour are beginner”.

    • Rrgnews

      bloody hell reis, it appears that you’re correct; advanced
      WODs do happen at “new gym!”  And it’s a
      damn good thing too.  stand-by for why.


      it has come to my attention that “beginner” WODs are
      identical to “advanced” WODs except for the fact that they occur one day later
      (+/- 20 minutes).  If I didn’t know
      better I’d think that meant fitness is expanding faster than the big bang
      because yesterday’s “advanced” people have progressed to a high enough level of
      fitness that they must reclassify all former sessions as beginner WODs.  as awesome as that would be, it’s
      incomprehensible.  “advanced” WODs must
      have a half-life longer than 12 hours.  therefore
      we can assume that a beginner crossfitter becomes advanced if he starts a WOD
      at 20 minutes past the hour.  Fuckina,
      that’s a discovery.


      Earlier i said that, “beginner
      WODs happen at new gym and advanced WODs happen at old gym.”  reis pointed out that “advanced” WODs
      do occur at “new gym” and here’s why it’s a damn good thing that he was
      correct.  If it were true that “advanced” WODs only
      occurred at “old gym” and we continued to implement our programming discovery, we’d
      be back to that mega overcrowding thing real fast and risk of getting
      doubleundered in the nuts would go way up.

    • Rogue Dickie
      • Rick G.

        Probably. I’m not strong, but I will be by Wednesday.

  • Amanda Long

    Athlete Viagara – so nice to have you back!

    • james_vergara


      The blog at least

  • Jana B.

    RGWU day 2 (not the wisest choice given today’s WOD)

    Nicole: 55 + 200m (black band)

  • Jim S

    A: Worked on the clean today. Made my way up to my previous PR (175) and thought “that was hard, but I can do 180.” It took me nine attempts, video analysis, and finally a minor but critical start position adjustment and dammit, I got it! I was super psyched. I have to give credit to that Broz video somebody posted the other day. The one where he said it took him 23 tries to get a snatch.
    B: 6 rounds plus 400m. 11,10,10,10,10,10
    Since my shoulder injury I’ve been working on my “gymnast kipping pullups” – maintained unbroken hips through all of these pullups.

  • sofly

    sofia- 81 pullups 5 rds
    courtney s- 90 pullups 5 rds

  • Peter F

    6 rounds. 98 pull ups. I should be happy about thIs, but gaahh… Really wanted to hit 100.

    Tabata sit ups: 72

  • Annie

    61 pull ups 7 rds rx

  • Zoe

    66 pull ups rx’d, 5 rds + 1/2 of the 6th run