Quick wrists, steady shoulders

Monday 120416

WODs at HR:00 and HR:40
A: Back squat 3×3

B: 8 minutes, as many rounds as possible of:
30 Double-Unders
10 OHS 115#/75#

WODs at HR:20 and HR:30
A: Shoulder Press 3×5
Shoulder Press 1×15

B: For Time:
25 Burpees
Run 400 meters with a 25#/10# plate
25 Weighted pull-ups with a 20#/15# dumbbell
Run 400 meters with a 25#/10# plate
25 Handstand push-ups
Run 400 meters with a 25#/10# plate
25 Chest-to-bar pull-ups
Run 400 meters with a 25#/10# plate
25 Burpees

NOTES: Tonight’s NYC Endurance running class meets at 6:30pm at 25 W. 26th St. In addition, on TUESDAY morning from 6-9am, CFNYC member and licensed physical therapist Eugene “Bo” Babenko will be offering more of his FREE 20-minute consults. Sign up and sessions at 28th Street.

Coach Sully takes advantage of the wide-open spaces at 28th St.:

IMPORTANT! Please read our blog post about new class times, additional morning classes, and a clarification on our Open Gym policy
Sitting for just a couple hours has measurable (and negative) health impact
Chin-in for head and neck comfort
Is your job killing you?
There’s more than meets the eye when two friends hit the trail

And to continue with the Monday-morning lulz, Coach Sully introduces “the device” on to an unsuspecting Ari:

And now on a more serious note, member J.P. (pictured below at right) writes: “I have been part of a charity (donations go to Autism Speaks) bike ‘ride’ (not race) for the past couple of years and wanted to know if it would be acceptable to leave a comment about the ride and asking if any CFNYC members would be interested to reach out to me?” Check the comments below where J.P. will explain how you can help.

Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s WOD classes:

WODs at HR:00 and HR:40
A: Russian gymnastics warm-up

B: In teams of two, a 20-minute AMRAP:
One team-member works at a time, finishing a round–the other holds a barbell (45#/33#), then switch. At no time can the barbell touch the ground, wall or any type of support; 3-burpee penalty (for both teammates) per violation.

3 Pull-ups
6 Knees to Elbows
12 Goblet Squats (53#/35# kettlebell)
18 Flutter Kicks

WODs at HR:20 and HR:30
A: Back squat 3×3

B: 8 minutes, as many rounds as possible of:
30 Double-Unders
10 OHS 115#/75#


  • John LaFrance

    Hello Fellow Crossfiters,

    I don’t want to take up too much space or your time so I
    will make this brief and encourage you to ask me any questions you have or come
    out to our information/happy hour this Thursday at The Wharf Bar & Grill
    from 6-9.

    Bike to the beach started in 1999, when two friends (Ben and
    Joey) biked from Washington, DC to Bethany Beach, DE. This led to Bike to the
    beach being founded in 2007 as a 501c3 whose mission is to be a community
    driven non-profit that raises funds and awareness for Autism Speaks, while
    promoting fun and fitness through cycling. In 2010 the first NYC ride took
    place and this year B2B is adding a third ride in Boston.

    I asked Allison, who so kindly obliged, to write a post on
    the website because I feel this is something that would be of interest to our
    community. As all of us are at different levels of fitness and need to scale
    (Me), this ‘ride’ (not race, although that makes it less competitive than our
    WODs) is scalable to all. The ride is about 104 miles from Union Square out to
    Westhampton Beach. This ride is
    certainly challenging, but there are a handful of rest stops along the way to
    break up this massive workout. The rest stops are run by volunteers and are
    stocked with all the refueling essentials. In addition to the challenge of
    biking 104 miles, this ride is also enjoyable because you are doing it with a
    group of awesome likeminded individuals.

    Some highlights to look forward to: riding through the
    streets of Manhattan and over the Williamsburg bridge in the pre-dawn hours,
    arriving at our first rest stop on the oceanfront promenade in Rockaway Beach
    as the sun rises over the Atlantic, and, of course, crossing the finish line at
    the Dune Deck Hotel, where a crisp dip in the ocean and great post-ride
    festivities await!

    Moving along to the post-ride festivities: the ride takes
    place on Friday June 8th, which means it’s the weekend! Some riders
    will hop on the train back to the city after the post-ride ceremony, but most
    of us take advantage of the 50% discount offered by The Dune Deck and enjoy the
    weekend at the beach.

    I hope this gives a brief idea of how fun and challenging
    this ride is and I certainly encourage anyone who has questions or is
    interested to reach out to me.

    PS: Don’t forget about the happy hour Thursday, which should
    make for an enjoyable Saturday morning WOD for anyone that attends considering
    we have a CFNYC happy hour on Friday as well.

    For more info and to sign up, please go to: http://www.biketothebeach.org/



    • Kayamraj

      JP – am interested. How do I get in touch with you? Probably won’t make it to happ hour on Thursday.


      • JP

        Hi Kayam, feel free to shoot me an email with any questions you have and I can give you more info.

        I guess some important details I forgot to mention to the entire group is that we have set up bike rentals with local shops, so if you don’t have a bike (like most that participate in the ride) you can rent one and they will take care of getting it back to the city after the race. We will also be do training rides with the bike shops for anyone new to road bikes.


  • John LaFrance


  • Sleepdoctor

    Hey guys,
    I wanted to make sure people were clear on what my 20 minute screenings were all about.
    My area of specialty is neuro musculoskeletal health.
    My goal is to identify any and all risk factors for injury before it happens as well as help you deal with any current injuries. I hope to see you soon.

    Bo, doctor of physical therapy

    • Sleepdoctor

      Ps, sign up sheet is at 28 st

  • Anonymous

    Goat Day.

    OHS 3 sets 10 reps 95#
    Double Unders… still a challenge.

    • Anonymous

       is it bad to say.. that I am sort of happy there is something you aren’t perfect at? 🙂

    • Anonymous

      one day you’re a man, the next day you’re a mouse…GOTTA LOVE CROSSFIT!

      • Amanda Long

        Yep, gotta love the highs and lows – That is what makes it so addicting! #crackfit

      • Anonymous

        Some days you’re the dog and others the hydrant….

    • Anonymous

      We should just call this WOD Malcolm…

  • Anonymous

    Nice lifting part of the morning with Alex, Dan L, and Peter K.

    BS: 3×225,245,275

    WOD:  3 rounds + 30 double unders, rx’d.  Shoulders were mush after handstand push-ups in RGWU and the set of 30 unbroken double-unders continues to elude me…

    25 burpees for time: 0:51

    • Anonymous

       great job today! Your double unders are coming along nicely…..I am getting envious

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, KC.  trying to string a few more together everyday!

        • Amanda Long

          Great job James! And so glad that you got over your fear of filthy fifty yesterday! Congrats!!

  • Anonymous

    Did yesterday’s WOD this A.M…..

    22:50 – I had to sub a lot of the movements though (weighted pull-ups were changed to pull-ups with blue band / HSPUs were changed to wall-walks / chest to bar changed to pull-ups with green band)

    I realllly need to work on pull-ups along with HSPUs, double unders push-ups….. list goes on….

    • Anonymous

      Nice work, KC.  That looked like a challenging WOD even scaled!  

      • Amanda Long

        Nice job KC! That wod looked impossible!!!

  • Amanda Long

    Half marathon on Sunday – 1:49. PR’d by 4 minutes. Was ready to be done around mile 5, but kept hearing Coach Sara’s voice “No one gets a fuck about how tired you are.” That got me through the last 8 miles!

    Tried to take it easy today: RGWU; Back Squats: 103; 123; 133; WOD: 4 rounds plus 5 double-unders (OHS with the bar); first time that I have ever done 15 double-unders in a row so pretty happy about that!

    • Anonymous

      nice work, Amanda!  Double unders are coming along…

    • Anonymous

       great job today! congrats again on the PR yesterday… double unders are looking good

  • jenntang

    Backsquat 3×3: 135-155-165

    WOD: 4 rounds + 30 DU Rx

    Cashout: 25 burpees for time – 56 sec.

  • Jeff K

    Did sets of 3×5 squats: 155,185,200f (on 5th rep).
    1.5 rounds RX, overhead squats were heavy.

  • I badly sprained my left ankle getting off a bus last Tuesday (the drop between bus and street was about 2 feet higher than anticipated…yay for paying attention). I’m on crutches for one more week so I will be back next week  week, obviously scaling way down.
    So bored sitting on my behind day in and day out!! Can’t wait to get back next week (probably going to upgrade to a cane by then…muy sexy verdad?)

    Until then I just wonder has anyone else dealt with ankle issues before? Whats the best way to work around it until I’m (literally) back on my feet?

    • I have sprained my ankle more times than I can count in hs/ college playing soccer. I actually recommend doing something rather than nothing because it helps the healing ( increase blood flow etc). Swimming is the #1 best thing since you’re putting no weight on it, I think people have better recommendations for pools in the city though.

      I also did a lot of recumbent bike work too ( so boring but worth it). Also – all upper body weights are still do-able. Same with stability and core work that can be done while lying on your back. Don’t forget to ice and heat repeatedly every day! 

      •  I’ve been doing some upper body work (and balancing on one leg is really working my core, lol!)

        Don’t know about swimming (can’t point my foot at all yet). Thanks for the info! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Get well soon!

    • Naveen

      I was a runner back in the 90s, and there was always someone getting a sprain each fall when we hit trails again for the first time – before they’d gotten their “cross country ankles” back.  When you are not injured, to toughen up your ankles, a few times a day, draw the alphabet with your feet while you sit at your desk; include reverse letters too. 

    • Shannan


      I’ve also twiste my ankle more times than I can count and also recommend mobilizing your ankle…I have an electronic book with several exercises that I can email you if you think that will be helpful. 

  • meret

    avery’s 7:30am post-elements here.
    A jump roping skillz — soo fun!!! i wanna do more of that!

    B, completed in 23:37
    25 burpees
    run 400 meters w/ 10# plate
    25 pull-ups (black and blue bands – graduated form black and green!)
    run 400 meters w/ 10# plate
    25 handstand push-ups (from box)
    run 400 meters w/ 10# plate25 chest-to-bar pull-ups (black and green bands)run 400 meters w/ 10# plate25 burpeesthis is probably the hardest i’ve worked yet. it felt good to see some imrpovements in the burpees (though they still suck) and the pull-ups :-). i also biked to class from queens (about an hour bike), so i’m flying highhhhhhhhhhh on endorphins. woooohooooo!!!!!

    • meret

      grrr formatting is not my friend. i need to stop posting as a “guest” so i can edit.

  • Avery W

    8 minute AMRAP rx’d
    7 complete rounds in 8:10 minutes
    OR 6 rounds + 30 dus + 7 OHS in 8 minutes
    *All OHS unbroken and snatched from ground – time lost during second to last set of dus

  • Avery W

    whoops miscalculated my time.  7:40 minutes = 7 rounds

  • Anonymous

    BS – 225 – 315 – 365 
    It’s challenging to get a bunch of sets in these days, so hooray for back squats every 3-4 days!  I didn’t PR but 365 felt solid and made me feel like 3 x 405 might be a reality in this cycle.  High-barred the set of 225.  Y’all crazy…

    WOD: 1.9 rounds (1 round + 27 attempts – 2 full sets of OHS)
    30 DU attempts (got 3!) per round – 135# OHS

    Many thanks to Jeff K, and may I say sir you worked your ass off…well done!

    • Anonymous

      nice work, Athlete Reis!  3 x 405, indeed!

    • Brett_nyc

      Hey Reis, you might consider doing sets across next time, ie 365 3×3. I wouldn’t count 225 or 315 towards your work sets. if it’s a time issue, do 135×3, add plates, do 3 more right away, add plates, do 3 more. Then, you can let someone else play on the bar.   

      • Anonymous

        “play” on the bar…ha

      • Anonymous

        Brett how long do you typically wait between sets?

        • Sean M.

          For max effort sets across he usually waits 3-5 mins for me to finish ruining his sets.  

          • Brett_nyc

            yeah 3-5 min

          • Anonymous


        • Mike K

          Reis, just rest until you are 100% ready to go.  For me that’s usually anywhere from 5-8 minutes….. mainly because we need to keep changing the weights for Sean…

          • Sam G


  • Jana B.

    AMRAP: 3 sets of OHS w 53# (Next time 63#) and a jump-roping shitshow.  I think I got 3 DUs total.

  • A. Back squats:  225×3, 235×3, 245×3. Should have gone a little heavier as it felt a lot better than last week.

    B. 3 Rounds with 95# 

  • Jason W

    Wendler Backsquat 5-5-5 deload:

    Frontsquat 5-5-5-5

    Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes of
    135# thruster x 3
    C2B x 6
    time to complete each round in seconds:

    Also, congrats to Carmen who joined the triple digits club with her back squat today! she did 103# and 113# today!

    • Anonymous


  • Malcolm

    Back Squats:  3×3 @ 225
    WOD:  5 rds rx

    • Malcolm

      …and 54 seconds for the 25 burpee cashout

    • Anonymous

      Nice work, Malcolm…OHS and DU are like water for you…

  • Matt M.

    A. Back squats: 225 – 255 – 275( ran out time)
    B. 3 rounds plus 30 du’s and 8 outs @ 135

  • Asegal04

    A. Back Squats: 225 – 225 – 235, will go heavier next time

    B. 4 rounds 1rst set RX and then 105 the rest of the way.  Double unders continue to trip me up and my ohs did not feel right today.  Continually felt off balance

  • Sully

    1. Deverell, velodrome at 28th? 

    2. “the device” looks sketchy, but it’s great accessory work after squatting or deadlifting. I spent 5 minutes in it last week, Ari made it about 2 minutes. Ask me or Jeff Yan about it before trying it. 

    • Jana B.

      What is “the device” supposed to do?

      • Brian

        it is a mobilization exercise as well as it develops your glutes and hip flexors

        • Naveen

          do you just stand up, or squat?

          • Sully

            After getting into it, you walk around raising your feet about 10 to 12 inches. It doesn’t sound hard but your glutes feel like they are on fire about 2 minutes in.

  • Brian

    Just want to let everyone know that NYC Endurance has running classes 5 times a week.  And soon hope to increase that nubmer to fit everyone’s schedule.  At the present time we have class on Monday 630p @ CFNYC, Tuesday @ 630p in Central Park, Thursday 630a and 630p @ CFNYC and Satruday 9a @ CFNYC.  
    We were also planning on conducting a 2 hour information session on proper running form and how that form relates to crossfit and how crossfit relates to running.  If people are interested please email contact@nycendurance.com.

    The weather is incredicle for getting outside and running.

  • Jim S

    A: Shoulder press. First time going overhead since 12.5 impinged my shoulder. About 85 or 90% now. So, good, but I’m being pretty cautious. 3×5 85, 90, 95 1×15 65
    B: Back Squat x3 185, 200, 205  That’s the first time I’ve done multiples over 200. Can I get a hell yeah?! 🙂
    C: 8 min amrap
    30 double unders
    10 115lb front squats. My shoulder isn’t having any of that OHS right now.
    3 rounds plus 15 D.U.’s
    Good day.

  • Zoe

    A. 123 for all sets, trying to focus on keeping decent form
    B. 2 rds + 30 DU + 1 OH squat, rx’d. Probably should have scaled the weight since they got pretty ugly but I was determined to stick with it once I started. 

  • A. 3 x 185, 3 x 205, 3 x 215 (PR)

    B. 3rds + 16 DUs with 65#

    C. Handstand practice – failed 9 times (sigh…)

  • Julie of Ithaca

    B. 3 Rds, 25 DU with 45# OHS.  Herp a derp.