Strong is why we’re here

Tuesday 120410

WODs at HR:00 and HR:40
A: Russian gymnastics warm-up

B: Split Jerk 3×1
Deadlift 5×3
Deadlift 12-9-6

WODs at HR:20 and HR:30
A: Snatch practice

B: With a continuously running clock do one pull-up the first minute, two pull-ups the second minute, three pullups the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.

NOTE: Tonight’s NYC Endurance running class is at 6:30pm at the south end of the mall in Central Park.

Caitlin, Shelley, Stacy, & Emilee enjoying Keka‘s amazing paleo cupcakes as their post-WOD fuel:

The anatomy of a squat
How to keep a CrossFit workout logbook
How to make your coffee bulletproof…and your morning, too
The Ethiopian town that’s home to the world’s greatest runners
Why we find it hard to do the things that are good for us
Feeding vs. cleansing

Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s WOD classes:

WODs at HR:00 and HR:40
A: Back squat 5×3

B: Teams of two, five rounds of two minutes on, two minutes rest. Max reps wallball/burpees. First person throws the ball, drops to do a burpee; second person catches the ball. Then, second person throws the ball, drops to do a
burpee; first person catches the ball. The two teammates alternate back and forth over the two minute round, one rep at a time. Then they both rest for two minutes, before repeating.

WODs at HR:20 and HR:30
A: Russian gymnastics warm-up

B: Split Jerk 3×1
Deadlift 5×3
Deadlift 12-9-6


  • Steve Slo

    Wednesday’s part B is a ton of fun. I’m excited for it.

    • Yeah! I am excited as well… to catch the wallballs with my face!

    • Wow. My two least favorite Crossfit movements. Combined in one WOD with the added pressure of not f*#$ing things up for my partner. 

      Evil Josh, just evil.

    • Anonymous

      The name for this WOD is “Grab My Ball” (according to the time we did it in October).  It will be listed this way in BTWB.

  • Anonymous

    Nice lifting morning with Malcolm, Mike W2, Matt M., Greg W and New Mike C.
    Split Jerk:  155-185-205(F)-205(F) 
    … couldn’t get under the bar/get low enough…
    likely a problem with the groove not getting properly greased…

    DL:  3×315-335-355(F)-335

    Cashout:  9 strict pull-ups for the April pull-up challenge…

    • Anonymous

      nice job today!

    • Anonymous

      I’m pretty sure you owe us one more Vergara….It’s April 10th…

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      what is the April pull-up challenge

      • Anonymous

        Coach Jeff proposed a muscle-up challenge for the month of April.  That is, do the number of muscle ups each day that matches the date.  For those of use without MUs, this because the pull-up challenge.  Since today is the 10th, you do 10 pull-ups.  Or in my case, 9 at the box and 1 on the scaffolding outside my office.  If you would like to start now, you have to buy in by doing all the pull ups you missed (i.e., 55 using athlete Dickie’s fancy formula)

        • Anonymous

          I think with the 50 from visiting CrossFit Bethesda on Saturday, I should be square! Just watched the Carl Paoli video today on false grip progressions, so I may try to make this the false-grip pull-up challenge.

        • Mike K

          I’ve already mentioned to Jeff that I would advise against the muscle up challenge in spite of the fact that he is pretty good at the gymnastics stuff and well conditioned for the volume.

          He will likely be fine doing it, but make your own decisions for yourself.  If you hurt something, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  • Anonymous

    A: 155 /185 /205 (fail)

    B: 225/275/315/335/355 (1)

    • Anonymous

      strong, Greg…strong

    • Anonymous


      Here’s that stuff for your hands:

      Cool to see you in Babylon…

  • As we’ve had a few questions of late about this cycle:

    We’re now starting the second week of a six week cycle, focused first and foremost on building a foundation of strength in the slow lifts (or, as it’s sometimes called, ‘limit strength’, to differentiate from the ‘speed strength’ or ‘power’ that the Oly lifts develop).  

    We’re regularly hammering those lifts in low rep sets to maximize the weight moved, then pairing in higher-rep yet still heavy sets to develop limit-strength endurance – a key skill for doing unbroken (or less broken) sets on weighted WODs.

    Secondly, we’re focused this cycle on positional awareness, the foundation of gymnastics (and, really, all movement).  The Russian Gymnastics Warmup should give us plenty of chances to re-look at the same basic movements, in a ‘for quality’ rather than ‘for time’ way.  (For example, ring pushups are a perfect chance to practice turning out at the top of every single rep; the shoulder position that entails is the basis of safe and efficient ring dips.)  And, in the WODs, (much to Kayam’s dismay), we’re using more than our usual share of movements like burpees, wall-ball, and pullups, so we can practice holding those same kinds of movements together under the heat of the clock.

    Current plan is to stick with slow lifts for another cycle after this, then move to a limited conjugate method approach for the next cycle or two after that, to start adding in a speed component.  But, as ever, Court and I are keeping an eye on Beyond the Whiteboard, the physical whiteboards, and the comments here, to see the progress we’re all making, and we may need to adjust accordingly.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Josh.

    • Allan Roth

      This discussion of the programming element has me wondering if there’s a plan to differentiate the A (or even B) portions of the WODs based on the post-elements, intermediate, advanced distinctions rather than only suggesting like groupings for classes.  

      Right now it seems like coaches can tailor their instruction for the current programming which is great, especially for the Olympic lifting, but that there’s also an opportunity to use the homogeneity to work on or review skills that folks need at their particular level of development (kipping, proper HSPU form, etc.) but have typically been assumed in the main programming.  

      • Sean M.

        Generally that can work if you have super small classes. If you are going to have more than 15 people in a class, it helps if they “pre-sort” themselves by going to the appropriate class.  

      • Actually, pretty soon the Russian Gymnastics Warm-up will start bifurcating between class levels. It’s definitely something we’re working on more broadly, and I completely agree.

    • Andy G

       Been doing the 4:40 and 5:20 classes lately. The classes are tending to be full. Can a new method of getting everyones name on the board be taken up? Spending upwards of ten minutes having the coach go person by person and write the names one by one AND then listening to everyones favorite animal or whatever is not getting anyone fit. As far as community building I don’t connect with people during this time. Spending time lifting or working out with fellow athletes (Athlete Dickie, are we allowed to refer to ourselves as athletes like this or only other people?) is the time I introduce myself and develop friendships. Personally, I would prefer just getting to the warmup quick. OR, extending the overall allotted time to 1:20 would also do the trick.

      • Great point. We’re working on streamlining classes in general, tryin gto balance out fun / community building / instruction / working out / etc. Feedback on how to get that balance right is always appreciated.

        • Andy G

           Thank Josh. To me the need for the names on the board is for the athletes to be able to report their times/loads. Frequently though it seems it’s some kind of control being used by management. I think that is best done at the front desk. The screening should be completed when we walk into the gym, not as everyone is waiting for the WOD to begin. The athletes should put their own names on the board as they come in.

          Wall clocks would help everyone have a sense of urgency too. We don’t have a clue what time it is and can’t manage our own time. Being told we have until “x” time to finish the warm up and be set up for the next task etc, would speed things along.

      • Dickie

        You can do whatever you like. :-). I resigned my membership at the box.

        • Andy G

           NOOOOOOO!!!!! Athlete Dickie, NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Do at least send me that little dress you used to put on the KB’s.

          • Dickie

            Stay in touch brother. I’ll never forget your first Fran. And FUCK THAT BELL. She needs to know who’s in charge.


  • Erika Ramos

    100# split jerks. new PR. previous was 85#.

    didn’t finish the deads, just did the 5×3. 160-175-185

    • Anonymous

      Nice job on the PR, Erika.  You crushed it…

      Since no one has said it yet….WERQ!

    • Cass


  • A: split jerk:155, 185, 195 (f)
    B: DL: 225, 5×3285 – Having a lot of trouble with figuring out where my back is supposed to be. 

    • Anonymous


      This video is such a gigantic help for deadlift setup:
      …hit me up if you don’t have a journal subscription.

      • Erika Ramos

        reis! can i have a journal subscription please? my email address is

        • Anonymous

          Re-reading that I see how it looks like I’m pimping comps to the Journal.  But I was only offering my login for him to see that video.

          • Anonymous

            I found an abridged YouTube version:

          • Naveen

            The CFJ is the best deal on the internet.  If you don’t have one, you’re doing it wrong.

      • Thanks Reis, I just purchased a subscription seeing as how I keep running into these Journal articles…

  • Anonymous

    B: Deadlifts – 83 – 103 – 123 – 143 – 153 – 160 (PR) / 103 (21) – 103 (15) – 113 (9) – Lynn and I screwed up the rep scheme.  I worked on form today and thanks Erika for keeping an eye on it.

    Cassie – you would be proud 😉

    Split Jerk – 33 – 53….ran out of time on these

    • Amanda Long

      Awesome KC! You are getting so strong! So proud of you!

    • Anonymous

      You’re getting a PR everyday, KC!  Nice work!

    • Cass

      i’m always proud you b*tch..except when you say you’re not strong..which you clearly are..don’t ever disagree with me again lol

  • Amanda Long

    A. Tabata with KC – pushups (73); situps (105)
    B. Split jerks (65, 85, 85)
    C. Deadlifts (160, 175, 185) – ran out of time to finish

    Form was awful today – need a lot of practice on lifting!!!!

    • Anonymous

      DLs looking strong, Amanda…

    • Anonymous

      great job!!! If there was more time, you could easily get 225 on the DLs.

    • Amanda Long

      B. split jerks correction (65, 85, 95) – one thing that did not change was my awful form!!!

    • Cass

      great work as always!

  • Alex

    First post! 630 PostElements

    A. Snatch form work
    B. Death By Pullups – 10 rounds, strict.

    • Cass

      This post is for Avery!

    • Avery W

      LOVE IT!!  

  • JoeR

    I can’t believe you got me to try coffee with butter this morning.  With those two ingredients I immediately stopped thinking critically and let the confirmation bias kick in.  I can’t imagine this drink is for everyone, but I kind of liked it, even though it’s ridiculous.  Also, I only had ghee — probably better with real butter.

    • Jim S

      I’m definitely going to try this. Since starting the perfect health I’ve been using heavy whipping cream in my coffee. About half coffee / half whipping cream. Usually end up using a pint or two per week. Jaminet makes the point that heavy cream has very few of the proteins that make dairy suspect but I do occasionally put coconut milk in my coffee instead. I definitely need to give this a try, if for no other reason than to make people say WTF?

      Btw, ghee is probably even better because it is butter without the milk proteins.

      • Mike K

        Love the BP coffee.  Smjor butter and coconut oil with cinnamon is awesome.

    • Steve Slo

      I’m told butter/espresso is a popular drink in the merchant marines. I’m a fan. Never tried it with drip coffee.

      • The_Lisa

        I love heavy cream and cinnamon in my espresso. The butter/ghee in coffee reminds me of Tibetan po cha, buttered tea.

        • Andy G

           well except they put salt in their tea and an amount of butter that would make the concoction more akin to soup than tea, Ew…

  • Split jerk: 75lbs & Able to Deadlift  135lbs (PR!! My previous deadlifts were only 85lbs). I was working hard on form today so I didn’t want to go super heavy since my split jerks are still a work in progress.
     Also, I basically suck at running big time but managed to make the whole 800 meter run with only on two second break needed. All in all, I’m very proud of myself today 🙂
    Amanda & Kristin, I’m totally crashing your awesome pushup/situp party next time! 😉

    • Anonymous

      Nice work!

    • Amanda Long

      Join us anytime! We usually try to get to the gym around 5:40 to practice a few drills before class starts!

      • Anonymous

        5:40…yikes…although this is coming from the girl who gets up at 4 to iron and wears make-up to class…

        • Amanda Long

          #overachiever 🙂

  • Malcolm

    Split Jerk:  155 – 185 – 205
    Dead Lift:  225x3x5

  • Jamie F.

    Wendler: Deadlifts
    3 Reps x 265 LBS
    3 Reps x 305 LBS
    Max Reps x 345 LBS – 8 Reps

    Death by Pull-Ups:
    16 Full Rounds + 10 Pull-Ups

    • Anonymous

      Full Rounds are definitely better than half-full rounds.  Well done Jamie…

  • Cass

    28th street
    Snatch – 53-63-68 (feeling more comfortable with the form)..AMAZING drills Avery, seriously more difficult than snatching or death by pull-ups..LOVE IT!

    Death by pull-ups: 10 rounds + 7..improvement from Sept 2011 when I last did this at Crossfit Hollywood, got to round 7 then

    • Anonymous

      I heard that was the cash out…

      • Cass

        it was a cashout when Dickie and I visited Crossfit Hollywood

        the WOD for that day was

        warm-up: run 800 m, then we did sprint dashes in lines, so run 0.5m, back to the start line, run 1m, run back to the start line, run 1.5m, etc…did this twice..then we mobilized

        the WOD itself was overhead lunges with a plate and double-unders..rep scheme was something like 21-15-9..short and sweet sub 10 WOD

        cashout was death by pull-ups

        and voila..THAT was a complete metcon workout

        • Anonymous

          Complete metcon workout indeed…

    • Amanda Long

      Great job Cassie!!!

  • Anonymous

    Deadlifts 3X 163-183-193-203-213(PR) Whooooo!!!  163X12, 173X9, 173X6

    Jaime, this is the protein powder dispenser I was telling you about… simple concept but super convenient.  check it out…

    • Jana B.

      Big fun lifting with you this morning!!

  • Shannan

    Anyone know where I can actually try on a pair of weightlifting shoes? I haven’t seen any sold in any stores in the city.

    • Naveen

      You’re best bet is to post your size and see if anyone will offer to let you try theirs.

      • Naveen

        Your.  I hate myself

        • Shannan

          LOL, don’t hate yourself at least you caught the mistake 🙂 

          I’m a 9.5 – 10.0 if anyone wants to help me out. Jenny already offered her DoWins for a try on (thanks!)…plus i promise to shower and wear socks 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Split Jerks: 185* – 225* – 235* 
    (previous Jerk PR was 225 for push jerk – split jerk PR was 175)

    Deads: 225 – 275 – 315 – 365 – 405

    • Anonymous

      strong reis!

  • Jana B.

    Split  Jerk: 53-73-83-93
    Deadlift 3x 163-183-193-203-213 (PR)
    Deadlift 163x 12-9-6

  • A. Gymnastics warmup was fun. Definitely need work on those movements so glad we are focusing on them.

    B. Split jerk. Stayed light with gassed shoulders from yesterday. 95×3, 115×3, 135×3


    315×3, 335×3, 355×3 (PR)

    225×12, 245×9, 245×6. 

  • My split jerk form is suspect. Need to work on that.

    warm up with 33#
    2 x 53#
    1 x 73#
    1 x 83#
    1 x 83#

    3 x 123#
    3 x 143#
    3 x 163#
    3 x 183#
    fail on 193#
    a very difficult final 3 x 183#

    12-9-6 at 123#

    Tomorrow’s part B looks both terrifying and giggle inducing. I’ll consider it a success if I don’t catch the wallball with my face at any point.

  • dan def

    Have you watched the video on today, April 10th, page called “The Pursuit of Excellence” with Coach Glassman?  If not, please do so.  You will recognize our gym and several of our athletes and coaches.    

    • Sean M.

      I look bald in my cameo…oh wait..

    • Jim S

      Funny. Glassman is saying “not make more money” just at they cut to CFNY. 

  • Avery W

    Gymnastics Warm up – I did Level 2 today.  Strict HSPU are almost back and shoulder is not too grouchy.  Super excited bout that.  

    Split jerks – in class added a pull before every clean and worked on jerks.  Slow negative back to rack position and jerked a second time again up to 123#.  Worked on lowering slowly and with control into the rack position each time (this by the way will get you guys stronger if you’re interested in that sort of thing instead…).

    Clean Pulls subbed for Deadlifts – triples up to 203#
    Looks like I have enough speed on the pull to clean 193#.
    Too bad I can’t get under the bar!!

    • Brian D.

      I’ll be there when you CJ 200#+… on the platform.

      • CAIN

         me too

        • Naveen

          to get under the weight you’ve got to be tough like a barnyard dog

        • Mike K

          Same here.

  • Anonymous

    Shout out to Coach Tom on his promotion who can no longer be referred to as Coach Fireman Tom. Props to Lieutenant Coach Tom, New York’s bravest!

  • Jim S

    More T-Sping mobility work plus gymnastic warm up.
    A: Split Jerk x1. 135, 135, 135. Didn’t try to go higher because I’m still nursing my shoulder. It’s getting better though.
    B: Dead lift x3. 225, 255, 275, 255, 255
    That set of 275 was heavy. 90% passed out setting down the third rep. Ok, it was 100%. That must be why I completely forgot to do the 12/9/6 progression at the end. Drat.

  • Jeff K

    Did my own thing this am:
    Part One: De-load dead lifts, nice and light: 5×135,155,190
    Part Two: 3 rounds 5×30 inch box jump, 10 x24kg KB swings (Russian). 2:25
    Part Three: 7x100m sprints on the rower. 18-20 seconds per round. Rest one minute between rounds.

  • Schafe23

    Really hating this ZEN PLANNER.  It refuses to sign me in to the account.  Any troubleshooting available? – Ryan Schafer

    • Steve Slo

      Ryan… Are you using Safari? Try using a different browser. If that doesn’t work, i’d be happy to see if i can help. Sslovacek at

  • Sara

    10 rounds of Cindy and then 30 power cleans (95).  12:02.  

  • Paul Booth

    Just wanted to add that I too am a fan of the gymnastics warmup

  • Ben M

    A: Split Jerk @ 135 it was my first time trying and it started to feel a lot better towards the end. I’ll be adding weight next time around.
    B: DL 235-285-335-335-335

    Standing up in slow motion! Randy made 335 look easy.

    • Randy Lampert

      It was a good workout today. I need to not be king tut on my lifts. My hands are killing me!!!

  • Zoe

    A. 83-93-103
    B. 173-183-193-203-213, plus 1 at 223 just to give it a shot. Ran out of time for the 12-9-6 

  • Asegal04

    Split: first time 135, 175, 175, 135

    Dlifts: 275×5 275×3 315×3 315×3 315×3 225×12 245×9 275×6

    Cashout: 3 minute Cindy 6 rounds

    Not sure I love the title of Thursday’s wod

    • Anonymous

      It was titled at the tail end of a short era where WODs earned names like “Rusty Trombone” and “Arabian Sand Goggles”.  If you Google those you might feel better about “Grab My Ball”.

      • Asegal04

        Okay, thanks. Have to meet you one of these days

        U had impressive jerk numbers, well done

  • Michael North

    Split jerk:
    Shoulders still sore so worked with bar only
    DL:5×3: 225, 275, 315, 335, 345 (previous 1RM was 335)12-9-6: 225, 245, 255

  • Split Jerk: 95 x 3

    Deadlift: 3 x 185, 1 x 3 x 225, 4 x 3 x 245, 1 x 3 x 255 (PR)

  • Anonymous

    65×3, 85×3, 95×3, 115×2, 135×2
    death by pull-ups:
    15 + 12
    first time really using butterflies in a wod

  • Annie

    1st part – 143, 153, 163, 173, 183
    2nd part – 123

  • Steve Slo

    A) Did a lot of sets… Worked up to:
    185 – 185 – 195PR (but with poor form)

    Huge debt to Kevin for the invaluable split-jerk coaching. That guy is a badass.

    B) 275×3 – 315×3 – 295×3
    Stopped short when it was feeling weird. I’m going to spend the next few weeks working with lighter DL loads, and really drilling in form.