T2B Tuesday

Tuesday 120403

WODs at HR:00 and HR:40
A: Deadlift 3×3, Deadlift 1×20

B: Five rounds for time of:
12 Wallball shots, 20#/14# ball
12 Toes-to-bar

WODs at HR:20 and HR:30
A. Back Squat 3×5

B. “Baseline” (Compare to 111228)
For time:
500m Row
40 Squats
30 Sit Ups
20 Push Ups
10 Pull Ups

NOTES: Tonight’s NYC Endurance running class meets at 6:30pm at the south side of the mall in Central Park. Also, Dr. Eugene “Bo” Babenko, PT will be hosting more FREE 20-minute ortho screening sessions this Thursday from 5PM-8PM and Saturday 10AM-2PM. Sign-up sheet should be available at the front desk at 26th St.

Millie on weighted lunges:

Repeat after me: “I will pull myself UNDER the barbell.”
The ultimate guide to CrossFit lingo
Train like you fight
The house that Stumptuous built
A tribute to awesome weightlifter Natalie Burgener: part 1, part 2
Study says DNA sequencing has little predictive power for disease

John, Paul, and Alex:


WODs at HR:00 and HR:40
Russian Gymnastics Warmup

B: For time:
30 Handstand push-ups
40 Pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 24kg/16kg
60 Sit-ups
70 Burpees

WODs at HR:20 and HR:30
A: Deadlift 3×3, Deadlift 1×20

B: Five rounds for time of:
12 Wallball shots, 20#/14# ball
12 Toes-to-bar


  • Wow, so THAT’s what a snatch is supposed to look like. She lifts the weight so smoothly until the bar gets to her hips and suddenly she’s under it in full squat. beautiful.

  • Naveen

    Late Monday:  w/u- 3 rounds of cindy.  wendler dl: 325(5), 370(3), 412(4); press: 105(5), 119(3), 133(5).  Baseline: 3:58. 

  • Rafi

    Hey guys,

    Coming back to the blackbox after a long layoff.  Is this new schedule explained anywhere on the site?

    • Anonymous

      Welcome back!  During the transition (as the new box on 28th gets built out) the schedule has been explained best via the blog.  Hari goes into detail about the class times and locations here: http://bit.ly/HUfjRM

      • Rafi, you have to scroll down to the comments on that link to see what Reis is talking about…

    • In addition, Rafi, you can read the scheduling announcement I posted to the blog a couple weeks ago: http://www.crossfitnyc.com/2012/03/07/thur-mar-8/#scheduling

      • Rafi

        Thanks so much guys.  I am looking forward to seeing you all again.

  • Justin Katz

    A: 3X3 135-185-225
    1X20- 185
    B: 9:47 RX’D

  • Anonymous

    245 x 3
    295 x 3
    345 x 3
    225 x 20  (10-5-5)

    B: 6:34 rx’d

  • Anonymous

    Lower back a little tweaky today so not too agressive on DLs.
    3×3: 275-295-315
    1×20: 245

    WOD: 8:14. Grip fell apart on the last two sets of T2B

    • Anonymous

       315.. not too aggressive – that’s crazy talk

      nice job today! thanks for getting me through the last set today.

      • Amanda Long

        Great job Athlete James!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    3×3 225 
    1×3 235 
    1×20 225

    WOD: 10:11. This one looked a lot easier on paper

    • Anonymous

      I think I’ve been saying things look a lot easier paper since I started…need to stop looking at the paper…

    • Anonymous

      they all suck. it never gets eaiser. So you got that to look forward to, which is both Awesome and Fun!!!

  • meret

    avery’s 6:30am post-elements reporting: backsquats 3 x 5 (65, 95, 105), baseline: 6:07 with knee push-ups and black & green bands for pull-ups.

    first off, cassie, you rock. thanks for being our teacher for the squats today (and for doing a really awesome job counting jumping jacks :-P). second, can people tell me how long it took for them to go from personalizing their workouts to doing them as RX’ed. just curious…i have a ways to go 🙂

    • Dickie

      The trouble with asking that question is that it will just end up frustrating you, as the RX’ing of the WOD has more to do with the programming than with your level of fitness.  Every time I look at Athlete Greg, I just want to die.  (Yes, because he’s beautiful, but also because he’s just a better Athlete, which frustrates my Type-A, uber-competitive, “do perfect in school” personality.  But, he doesn’t have double-unders, and I do, so f*ck you Greg.)  

      For example, I would wager that many folks who RX most of CFNYC WODs would not be able to RX most of the Mainsite WODs.  

      So, what may be more helpful is setting goals like: improvements in lifts, conditioning (e.g. being able to do so many kipping pull-ups, etc.).  All else equal, if your strength is increasing, and your bodyweight movements are getting more fluid (and through full ranges of motion), and you’re not getting slower (running, BIKING, SWIMMING), the right things are happening.

      • Anonymous

        I would wager that more than half of the CFNYC WODs are main site WODs.  Between benchmarks like Fran, Cindy, Barbara etc to ones like today’s, which was a mainsite WOD in January ( http://bit.ly/HN2Qfd ) I think the programming uses main site in a way that serves our population better.  So if you can consistently RX CFNYC WODs there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to RX the same percentage of main site WODs.

        Meret your question will answer itself over time, because everyone’s strengths and weaknesses start to solidify after the first year or so.  Dickie and I are great examples of opposite ends of the Crossfit spectrum.  Dickie can run distances that would have me vomiting all over myself.  I can lift weight that would likely put Dickie in some form of tremendous danger.  Neither of us RX WODs very often.  But in the case of a WOD like Sage, I was able to RX the thrusters at 135#, but I used the black band for pullups.  Dickie was able to RX the pullups, but I would imagine he chose a lighter weight.  Training in Crossfit is all about your journey to the middle of that spectrum.  For many people that is a life-long journey.  Bon voyage!

        • Dickie

          Basically what Reis is saying is that if he and I had a kid it would be the Perfect CrossFitter.

          Reis, you are the Yin to my Yang. The Sonny to my Cher.

      • Anonymous

        The A. Greg Wachsteter Man-Crush continues to spread…
        and well put, A. Dickie…

      • Anonymous

        where’s the “Really Like” button?  lol!

    • Dickie

      But if you REALLY want data, I’ve been CrossFitting for about 18 months and I still don’t do WODs as RX’d.  It’s gonna be a long road, Meret.  Gird your loins.

      • meret

        my loins are girded. no, seriously, i know i’m in this for the long haul…which makes it exciting too! the thing i like about this way of working out that progress is measurable in so many ways (with good record keeping anyways!). for now, i’ll dream about doing my pull-ups with the black and blue bands. also, i realized today, i really need to push myself on the push-ups. especially when it’s not so many…like today.

        btw…since we’re both AM’ers, we should meet properly one of these days…

        • Dickie

          Meet in person? Uh uh. I made that mistake once. Took me 3 years to get my record expunged.


    • Cass

      nice work today meret! good pace
      i start with teaching..and then it becomes yelling..Dickie can fill you in on the progressions =)

      also, as you travel further along in this endless journey that is crossfit (cue instrumental/elevator music), you will see great improvements but you will also find other weaknesses..my list of weaknesses is still longer than my list of strength. the biggest mistake most people in post-elements make is not giving themselves enough time to learn the movements properly and try to attempt something RX’d over proper form and meeting the set standards. it frustrates me immensely to see improper technique and what i deem as cheating so even if it means not RXing wods, being honest to yourself and what you’re capable of at this stage is something to remember. The first RX’d WOD will be great, but it will come with time and a hell of a lot of patience (this is coming from the most impatient person in the world).

      i have let my ancestors down, what asian can’t count beyond 63 properly?

      • You are amazing to work out with, Cass, because you’re so encouraging. I bet (know) you’re a great coach!

      • meret

        i’m happy to have you yelling at me about form any day!

  • Malcolm

    DL (3×3): 175 – 225 – 285
    DL (1×20): 185
    WOD: 7:44

    • Rory

      malcom didn’t think 5 rounds was enough so started his 6th

      • Malcolm

        Somehow got 6 rds stuck in my head.  Was very glad to be done.

  • A: 3×103
    PR by at least 20#, first time lifting more than my bodyweight. o/


    B: 9:27, with knees above waist instead of TTB. 14# wallballs

    • Anonymous

      Congratulations on the PR!

  • Rory

    today’s 6am class theme song:  “dick in a box” 

    A: deadlifts x3  225-265-285(PR), deadlift x20 185
    B: 7:44 Rx’d
    C: 50 situps (abmat)

    with more and more equipment staying at 28th street (3 rowers, limited #20 wall balls at 26th street), 6am this week has been a logistical masterpiece thanks to Sara and Will…

    • Dickie


      • Cass

        oh dickie stop..#6:30royalty

    • Dickie
      • Richard Rivero

        REALLY?!  This got NO likes?

      • Naveen
        • Richard Rivero


        • Court

          I suppose this means you guys think I never click the links…good one.

    • Anonymous

      nice job, on the PR, Rory…

      • Amanda Long

        Great job!!!!!

  • Erika Ramos

    A. 155-185-205 NEW PR, HOLLA! amazing job, amanda, lynn and kristin! we all hit PRs this morning! great WERQ!
    B. 8:00, 10# & K2E bc i’m carrying some sand.
    C. 50 situps cashout.

    • Cass

      you ate all my prosciutto

      • Anonymous

        Is that code for something naughty?

        • Cass

          no she actually ate all my prosciutto lol..i have substantially less for breakfast now..damn ramos

          • Erika Ramos

            worth it

          • Anonymous

            sorry cass…that sucks…and is much less interesting…

          • Cass

            she probably liked it because it was so moist..and that’s how Ramos likes it

          • Erika Ramos

            moist is good. but i liked it because it had a kick to it.

          • Anonymous

            …but how was the prosciutto? 

          • Erika Ramos

            i’ve had better.

    • Anonymous

       that last comment was supposed to go under yours hahaha – awesome job today  – 205.. very impressive

    • Dickie


      • Erika Ramos


    • Just in case any AM coaches didn’t do so in person, I just want to officially call bullshit here.  If you can still cash-out with 50 situps, you probably didn’t need to scale the T2Bs…

      (That said, money on the PR trifecta.)


      • Erika Ramos

        calling me out.. i’m injured! and i DID say that i’m carrying around some sand.

        take your filthy x’s away!

  • Anonymous

    A: Baseline: 6:02 (assisted push-ups and pull-ups with blue band)
    B: 135 – 155 – 165 (PR) – Thanks Erika, Amanda and Sara for all the help!
    C: 11:16 rx’d
    D: 50 situps

    Thank you everyone for getting me through this WOD.

    • Anonymous

      Nice work, Kristin…T2B are looking smooth!  and you threw in an whole extra WOD just to warm up before your warm up.   Fierce!

    • Cass

      i never want to hear the words i’m weak come out of yo mouth again you w*i*e w*o*e

    • Dickie

      Nice work!

  • Anonymous

     awesome job today… 205!!!!!!!!!!!! insane

  • Amanda Long

    A. Tabata push-ups with Gina – 80
    B. Deadlifts (3×3): 155, 185, 205 – PRed by 35 pounds YAY!!!
    C. 5:51 Rx’ed
    D. 50 sit-ups

    And finally for the highlight of the morning: KC, who could not do toes to bar during 12.3, doing toes to bar for the entire workout! AMAZING!!!!!

    • Anonymous

       205….. you did AWESOME!!!!!!! Very proud!

      You finished that in 5:51?????????? WTF hahah

      Thanks for the support! You’re the best!

      • Amanda Long

        You did awesome ATHLETE KC!!!!!

    • Amanda Long

      Also heading to Crossfit Endurance tonight at 6:30pm at the park if anyone wants to join!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        I am in 🙂 then maybe a glass of wine after?

        • Amanda Long

          YES! I find that wine really helps my WOD times or at least makes the WOD way more entertaining 🙂

      • meret

        what do the endurance classes usually entail? i’ve been thinking about joining!

        • Amanda Long

          Most of the times that I have been, it has been speed workouts. Check out their website (nycendurance.com). It has really helped with my races!

    • Anonymous

      smoking time on the WOD, Amanda…and a 200+# DL….WOW

    • Cass

      strong like bull!

    • Anonymous

      nice job on the PR!

    • Dickie

      Nice job!

  • Cass

    28th street WOD
    backsquat: 115-135-145 (PR)
    baseline: 6:19 (boo-urns), push-ups were more like vag-ups

    • Anonymous

       nice work little nugget! congrats on the PR.  Thanks for making an appearance at 26th 😉

    • Anonymous

      Nice job, on the PR A. Cass…..

      • Amanda Long

        Awesome job Cass!!!!!!!

        6am is not the same without you screaming at me 🙂 We miss you!

    • Court

      Maybe you should make a video Cass so everyone can be sure to do your variant of V-ups to Games standards…

  • A: Deadlifts: 3×3:225, 1×20:185, would have gone heavier, but grip was shot from T2B. 
    B: 10:51 ugh, T2B really killed me. 

  • Anonymous

    WOD – 9:33
    wall balls unbroken – t2b scaled and very broken

    Deads – 315 – 365 – 405 –  20×185
    grip gone…pullups & swings tomorrow are gonna be so awesome 😛

    • Anonymous

      Athlete Reis:  I think you have a typo in your DL score.  1×20 @ 285, right? 🙂
      for tomorrow, those 70 burpees at the end are going to the “awesomest!”

      • Anonymous

        If it was 285 I would have left the gym in a wheelchair.  After the heavy triple it was all I could do to get through the 20.  Ugliness…

        And yes Tim and I worked out that even without the 12.1 jump, the 70 burpees may themselves take 10 minutes or more for me tomorrow. Oy…

    • lets go. I expect that to be 465 soon so you can deadlift 3 of me

  • carly

    7:30 at 28th St.
    A: 75-85-95
    B: 6:48

    Thanks to Michael for telling us honeymoon stories to help pass the time during planks at the end.

  • Jeff K

    7:20 RX. Wendler deadlifts: 235(5), 265(3), 300(1). Finally got 300! A goal that has eluded me more because of previous math errors than any other factor (confusing KG’s). Where is mathlete Dickie when you need him.

  • Cass



    • Richard Rivero

      You’re not Australian.


  • B: 7:29…RX’d
    C: 5 Rounds Tabata sprints:
    1) 0.5inc – 10.0mph
    2) 1inc – 10.2mph
    3) 1.5 inc – 10.4mph
    4) 2.0 inc – 10.6mph
    5) 2.5 inc – 10.8mph
    D: Elevator at office broken – 5 flights of stairs – hardest part of the AM

  • Anonymous

    Free drinks at No Name Bar this month:
    I saw Michael and Greg on the list…

  • Avery

    LOVE the Natalie links – thank you Allison.  Those videos are so beautiful!

    • Kevin

      This Natalie person is pretty good! Thank you for the pull under article as well. That needs to be posted at least once a month.

      • Glad to hear that our resident Oly lifters liked those links.   🙂

  • Anonymous

    265-275-285, then 20×205 on the deadlifts, though only the first 11 on the last set were unbroken.  I took too long, so I ended up replacing the metcon with chin ups (2-2-2-1) and TGUs (3 each side at 28kg).

  • Wbgreene

    70 burpees? Holy hell. 

  • Jason W

    Wendler Press 3-3-3

    WOD: 5:05 rx’d
    Wallballs: unbroken
    T2B: (12)(6-6)(6-6)(6-6)(4-4-4)

    Whenever T2B shows up, that last set always kills me. I got to it at 4:20 and it took me 45 seconds to get through it. le sigh.

    On the other hand, major props to Carmen who PR’d her DLs and pulled more than body weight for triples today!

  • Wbgreene

    Also, for Coach Will: 

  • Paul Booth

    I learned today from Sara and Will that I rest way too much during WODs
    Less rest starting tomorrow 🙂

  • Avery W

    Haven’t pulled heavy in awhile!

    Clean Style Deads (with overhand grip)
    3x205x2 with strict chin up work in between these last back off sets

    Need to get better at kipping toes to bar otherwise I make Sara laugh too much.
    8:23 rx’d

    • Anonymous

      Very nice!

  • I just made a blog-post correction for tomorrow’s WOD classes at 28th St.: the deadlifts are “3×3, 1×20” not “3×3, 1×2”.  Just a SLIGHT difference there…  😉

    Thanks to eagle-eyed Reis for the correction!

  • John

    A: 205, 225, 235 
    B: 8:05 rx’d

  • Deadlifts suggested by my Wendler phone app:


    Can’t do wall balls, so I did the WOD with Fran-weight thrusters instead (65#) and that really sucked.  12:30. 

    Unrelated note:  I bought decent kettlebells literally a block away from the box!   If you’re in the market, check out that awful-looking Fitness Showroom place on 26th bet. 7th and 6th.  I thought it was all elipticals, but they sell bells that look no different from what we have at the box.  No weird shapes or vinyl-coated BS.  Epoxy-coated so the paint won’t chip.  They’re in pounds instead of kilos, and are sold at $2.80 per pound.  Might work out to be cheaper than paying to ship one from Rogue or wherever.  And you can get a serious workout like I did if you attempt the farmers carry of death on the subway ride back to Brooklyn during rush hour. 

    • Anonymous

      Don’t say “can’t”

      • Jamie F.


    • In the early days of CFNYC, Coach Keith (now of CF Virtuosity) and I used to carry KBs to and from each of our workouts in Central Park.  Even one poods get heavy, quick.

  • InvictusWayne

    Thanks to Greg for the motivation today on my back squat pr and weighted pull-up pr.

    • Anonymous

      Nice work, Wayne.  That was some motivation…I could hear it from across the room…

  • Allan R.

    5:33 Baseline Rx.  A 1:40 improvement from November.  Sub-5 here I come.  

  • Allan R.

    5:33 Rx Baseline.  1:40 improvement over November.  Sub-5 here I come.

  • Anonymous

    B: 8:57 Rx, by the 4th round 20# wbs were easy compared to the t2bs.
    A: 185, 225, 255*

  • Jamie F.

    Wayne is so “eleet” he legally changed his blog name to “InvictusWayne” …

    • InvictusWayne

      Changed? I’ve never posted before.

      • Anonymous

        TIME YOUR REST!!!!

  • The_Lisa

    109 comments, wow!
    A reminder for runners – there is NO WEDNESDAY MORNING NYC Endurance session. It is moved to Thursday at 0630am.
    The Thurs pm class is still on the schedule. Hope is works better for more peoples’ schedules.

  • Asegal04

    A. 235, 245, 285, 185×20

    B. 5:15 rx, looking forward to the wod tomorrow

  • Asegal04

    A. 225, 245, 285 185×20

    B. WOD: 5:15 rx

    C. ready for tomorrow’s wod

  • Jim S

    30 min of mobility work and shoulder warm up
    A: 205×3 225×3 255×3, 185×20
    B: 6, 12, 3, 6, 10
    Pull ups still rough on the shoulder. Switched to 35lb DB bent over row

  • David Stogsdill


    Skill warmup of DU’s and MU’s

    A. 165×3, 185×3, 205×3, 215×2(PR), 135×20
    B. 7:40 — 14kg WB/T2B

    Thanks to Craig for the tips on KB swings! Very helpful!

  • Ben M

    A: Last set of 3X3 was 325. It was a personal best. Going heavier next time. 20 @ 185. Randy breezed through the set of 20.
    B: 7:40

    Shout out to the 7:40 trio!

    Looking forward to the warmup from hell tomorrow.

    • Randy Lampert

      Hardly breezed through! Either way we both did awesome!

  • BenS

    A: 3×245, 295, 295; 20×155
    B: 8:53 rx’d

  • Michael North

    225×3, 275×3, 315×3, old PR was 315 so did a single at 335 – new PR!
    225×20 unbroken, only paused at the top of the DL – this was a religious experience

    10:00, subbed 1 pood KB squat cleans for WB (L shoulder impingement), T2B were ugly and more like knees to chest-ish

  • Anonymous

    A:  Deadlift
          3 x 3, 265
          1 x 20, 145 (11 unbroken)

    B:  9:17
          14lb ball
           knees to elbows first round and a half, then just legs up as much as possible


  • Hari

    A: 275, 295, 315, Skipped
    B: 9:02 (Masters 55 RX’d = 20lb, 9 feet)
    (12, 12), (12, 12), (12, 6+6), (12, 6+6) (12, 7+3+2)

  • Zoe

    A. sets of 3 at 203, 213, 218, then set of 20 at 113
    B. 7:53 Rx’d… still gotta learn to string T2B together

  • Sam G.

    Millie has to come see me.