J.T. is back (and Sage is still around)

Saturday 120331

WODs at HR:00 and HR:40
J.T.” (Compare to 110908)
For time, complete 21-15-9 reps of:
Handstand Pushups
Ring Dips

WODs at HR:20
A: Floor press 3×5
B: “Sage
Two rounds for time of:
20 Thrusters (135#/95#)
20 Pull-Ups
20 Burpees

John S. gives us the obligatory beach-vacation handstand:

Stay tuned for Sunday’s WOD…


  • Dickie

    Can’t wait to see the WODs of Shame tomorrow AM!!

  • Rory

    What’s the number so far?

    • Dickie

      Unclear. People should submit their scores to Hari for validation.

      I’ll be at 28th at 1:30. I’ll see what I can find out.

      • Anonymous

        I was at 28th from 1 to 2 and you were nowhere to be seen. WODs of shame, indeed…

        • Dickie

          Athlete, by “28″ I meant “26.”  We called an audible (#YayDickieSportsMetaphor) and WODded there instead.  If you have an iPhone, add me on your Find Your Friends so you’ll always know where I am.  XO

          • Anonymous

            Duly noted

  • Vince

    Sorry I missed the night out!

    At CrossFit Seven in Ft Worth this morning. What a great facility and really friendly people. Shout out to Ryan, Summer, Cody, Mark.

    Did a partner workout with Eric — Hero WOD Del, finished in 26:10.

  • Cass

    made up Sage
    i think 6 hours of sleep and 2 slices of pizza helped
    15:07..with 75 lbs…

    props to alex for not letting me rest on my burpees at the end

    • Anonymous

      Nice work, athlete Cassie!

  • Rory


    • Cass


    • Anonymous


  • keller

    no shame here.

  • Mike Mishik

    5 rounds:
    500m row
    8 deadlifts 225#
    12 kb push press 20kg
    rest 90s (all within the 2:40-2:54 range)

    muscle ups/walking lunges(x5)

    • Dickie

      Mishik’s back!!

      • keller

        time for the gym to invest in shamwows

  • Dickie

    Not that anyone necessarily cares (and I’d love Allison Bojarski’s input), but I think the only truly paleo things you can have at Chipotle are the salad, the pico de gallo, the guacamole, perhaps the cheddar and/or sour cream (if you’re Jaminet), and the carnitas.  All the other meats seem to be prepared with soybean oil.

    • keller

      i get steak, carnitas (double meat), guacamole and lettuce.  YUM

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=520915134 Keka Schermerhorn

      both tomatillo salsas are also safe. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1667807987 Allison Bojarski

      Dickie, indeed you are on the right track for the most part but you’ll be happy to hear that unlike the other meats and poultry at Chipotle, the carnitas (i.e., pork) are NOT prepared with soybean oil–far as I can tell they’re just slow-cooked in their own luxurious amounts of fat.  :)

      Of course, as Paul Jaminet has been pointing out recently on his blog, pork can be problematic so that’s something worth reading up on and then deciding for yourself how you want to proceed.

      Here’s where I looked up what ingredients are in each Chipotle item:

      And for those who are dying to know what I order at Chipotle: burrito bowl with a little of the lime cilantro rice, hold the beans, carnitas, onions/peppers, medium salsa,  (and I add in the guacamole when I’m super-hungry).

      Yes the rice and onions/peppers have a bit of soybean oil in them but I figure at least they’re not bathing in it.  I cook only with traditional oils and fats at home and try to cook for myself much more often than I eat out.

      I also try to hit up restaurants that’ll cook with traditional fats but sadly they’re few and far between…

  • Steve Slo

    Rest day, except…

    Press 5×5:
    115, 125, 135f (4 reps), 125, 125

  • Hari

    J.T. 22:41 
    Nearly 3 minutes slower than last time.
    Suspect yesterday’s bench presses, heavy thrusters, heavy drinking (started with Josh at 2:00 PM), and reduced sleep.

  • Anonymous

    6am at 26th street representing…with a welcome cameo from Athlete Dickie!

    • Dickie

      I love how it’s “6AM….with Athlete Dickie.”  Athletes Cass, Jenny, and I like INVENTED 6AM.


      • Anonymous

        I stand corrected:
        Athlete Dickie, 6 am emeritus

        • Dickie

          At some point, we all move on.


  • The_Lisa

    Rest day-ish:
    Bench press 5×5 – 85-85-95-100-105PR; then 3×105 PR, then 1×115 (current 1RM)
    Run 3 miles with groceries in backpack.
    Climb at indoor gym.
    Cooked chicken tikka masala from scratch (moo paleo as it has cream and yoghurt).

  • Sully

    CrossFit Westside Barbell Power Lifting Certification day 1

    Banded box squats are really fun! 

    Sumo Deadlift PR same as traditional deadlift 385#lbs. Still chasing that over #400 dead. Congratulations to Coach Jeff Yan for making a new PR #405 Sumo Deadlift look really easy. 

    • Dickie

      What’s a sumo deadlift high pull?

      • Sully

        No, no. Just a Sumo stance DL.