CrossFit NYC Happy Hour TONIGHT!

Friday 120330

WODs at HR:00 and HR:40
A: Floor press 3×5
B: “Sage
Two rounds for time of:
20 Thrusters (135#/95#)
20 Pull-Ups
20 Burpees

WODs at HR:20 and HR:30
A: Clean 5×5
B: Snatch Balance 3×3


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Jamie didn’t run the half-marathon on his hands, but thought that he might spend his post-race posing in that position…

Here’s what’s on tap for Saturday’s WOD classes:

WODs at HR:00
J.T.” (Compare to 110908)
For time, complete 21-15-9 reps of:
Handstand Pushups
Ring Dips

WODs at HR:20
A: Floor press 3×5
B: “Sage
Two rounds for time of:
20 Thrusters (135#/95#)
20 Pull-Ups
20 Burpees


  • Steve Slo

    Let’s talk about an Advanced Olympic Weightlifting club/class… Who’s interested? How do we make this a reality?

    God knows I don’t want to go all the way out to the Lost Battalion Hall in Queens. 

    Rego Park (not nearby) Queens!!!

    • Asegal04

      I would be interested in Olympic lifting classes. I don’t know if I fall into the advanced category, which is exactly why I would like to see this implemented.

      • Steve Slo

        I suppose I chose to use the term advanced as a more socially acceptable placeholder for “exclusive” because I imagine that resources are limited and demand is high. I think the ideal situation would be less of a class, and more of a coach-supervised club for those who have already effectively internalized the cues that are offered in the regular WOD classes. (This is a class of participants that I might not yet be qualified enough to join, but it would give me something to work towards). Perhaps coach-approval is a condition to participating? Perhaps there is an added fee? (although I hate the idea of pricing out eager participants). I’m just brainstorming here… and there are no bad ideas in brainstorming!!!

        [tangent] The dude sitting next to me on the N train just polished off 4 Mc-Fish-Fillet-Things just now. I’m in awe. He’s kind of my hero. He doesn’t give a shit… [end tangent]

        But yeah…I’ve seen this discussion raised and then left to wither on the vine a few times now… I guess my primary question is for Josh/Hari/Court: Is this is even a possibility? Is this a discussion worth having?

        • Funny enough, was trading emails with Kevin about this just yesterday. Stay tuned.

          • Dickie


    • I am actually fairly close to the lost battalion hall, I didn’t know they had a weight lifting club, that’s awesome! I would be interested in more oly training but I’m unsure of how to fit it into regular crossfit training… 

      • Steve Slo
        • Anonymous

          I’ve gone before and the coaches there are great but I was the only woman in the whole facility which made me feel a little awkward, plus the times of the classes are limited. The Oly lifters are surrounded by old ping pong players too which makes it interesting.

        • Swilsonjm

          So weird I was just doing some research into this club last night…I would definitely be interested in some extra Oly classes

    • Anonymous

      I’m in!

    • Mikesenft

      I’ve trained with Greg Everett (USAWF coach) out in CA, and had considered joining Lost Batallion team for competition but for distance myself. I have relatively extensive Oly experience – happy to be a part and/or help out, as time permits.

  • For those of you who are doing Cleans tomorrow (or today since this is tomorrow’s blog post) – this vid which I stole from the CFNYC Facebook page is super helpful –

    • Kevin

      Hey guys, I started the weightlifting team here at crossfit. It is an offical team that can compete at USA Weightlifting sanctioned events. I want to keep it relatively small so people can really get good coaching regarding the lifts. I will discuss it further very soon. Thank you for chiming in!

  • Just a quick reminder about our CFNYC Happy Hour TONIGHT!

    Please join your fellow athletes, coaches, and +1’s for an evening of fun at Lucy’s Cantina, located at 1 Penn Plaza. 

    We have semi-exclusivity to the back patio from 6p-8p and from 8p we will continue to party but we have to share with non-CrossFitters. AAAAAANDDD…they’ve made some awesome drink specials for us as well.

    $3 Coors Light and Corona Draft
    $3 Blue Moon
    $4 Michelada
    $4 El Jimador Tequila
    $5 Sangria
    $5 Frozen Margaritas

    So – grab your lifting buddy and come play. I’ve received over 100 RSVPs so we’re in for a great time!

    NOTE: If you didn’t get the original email invitation last week, that means we don’t have your correct email address in our system. Please email myself ( or Kristina ( and we will update your profile so you don’t miss out!  

    See y’all tonite!
    Coach Will

    • Dickie

      I’ll be there around 7PM.

  • Anonymous

    “Sage” w/115# thrusters: 11:38

    Great work, Wachsteter and Little for tackling this one Rx’d!

    • Anonymous

       Great job!!!!!!

      • Amanda Long

        Awesome!!!! That workout was a killer!!!

  • Dickie

    PR 1RM Back Squat @ 230lb @ 30X0

    • Anonymous

      Excellent work Athlete Dickie!  And it would be remiss of me not to mention your cameo appearance at 26th street this morning at 6am!

      • But *I* saw athlete Dickie at 28th St. this morning!  Damn, Dickie, you’re sounding pretty serious about this CrossFit thing…  🙂

        • Dickie

          Allison wins.

      • Dickie

        We preserved that stimulus. Then beat the sh*t out of it.

    • I feel honored to witness the power, focus and determination of this beast PRing this morning. Well played Excalibur. 

      • Dickie

        Oh yeah. The sword definitely left the stone.

        • Anonymous

          this bromance is so touching…

    • Anonymous

       Awesome job!

  • Anonymous

    Sage  14:29 rx’d.  

    I’ve been working out with Malcom for about 6 months now… this am was the closest i’ve seen him come to throwing up.  So fucking great. Great work this am!

    • Anonymous

      I can’t like this post enough…you guys were f*cking AWESOME today…

    • Rory

      sickos!!!! nice werq

    • Dickie

      Malcolm is strong.

      • Anonymous

        Strong…like OX

        • Erika Ramos

          strong on plow

    • Anonymous

       awesome job!

    • Malcolm

      Sage 1, Malcolm 0


  • Rory

    Sage: 11:58 (#115) pacing the first set of burpees was huge (#thankswill)

    great wod!!!

    • Anonymous

      Nice Job, Rory…those were some heavy thrusters!

      • Rory

        tnx, not too shabby yourself Vergara!!!

        on a separate note think Jamie F set a new record today for longest warmup…he started warming up for 7am class at 6:18am…#dedication

        • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          I left at 8:30 and he was still warming up.

          • Michael North


          • Dickie

            That’s a lotta groove to grease.

        • Jamie F.

          FYI…Here is what was accoplished, this morning…

          15-10-5 Reps for Time of:
          Press @ 95 LBS
          Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
          Burpee Box-Jumps
          16-11-9-9-9 Reps of:
          Overhead Squats w/PVC
          GHD Sit-Ups
          GHD Back-Extensions
          Strict Pull-Ups
          Strict Ring-Dips
          Mobility Drills & Stretching
          Wendler Strength Work: Front Squat
          Warm-Up Sets:
          5 Reps @ 95 LBS
          5 Reps @ 115 LBS
          5 Reps @ 135 LBS
          Work Sets:
          5 Reps @ 145 LBS
          5 Reps @ 165 LBS
          Max Reps @ 185 LBS – 9 Reps
          Skill Work:
          Split Jerk Step Ladder
          Split Jerk
          13:44 as RX’d.

          Commentary is now invited…

          • Naveen

            You’re doing wendler front squats and back squats?

          • Jamie F.

            Yes … it is the king of all movements.


          • Naveen

            I agree.  Front squats and back squats is king.

          • Rory

            Jamie F.’s posts of his daily werq remind me of those long ass receipts you get at the supermarket…just goes on and on


          • Jamie F.

            If you were really paleo you would hunt and gather all your food…

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            The first WOD is suspect, as you didn’t put a time, and 30 presses @ 95#?  Isn’t that your 1-rep max?  That would be quite an “accoplishment” (using your spelling).

          • Avery

            Reis the presses were a sub for hspu as they were bothering Jamie’s elbow this morning. Nope not his 1rm – I wouldn’t let him do that, but his time wworas the one posted below the world’s longest warm up ever.

          • Anonymous

            Oh…I thought he did Sage RX’d. Misunderstood.

          • Naveen

            jamie’s spelling is sic

          • Jamie F.

            +1 Naveen

          • Jason L.

            I haven’t been posting my workout log, but maybe I can beat you at this dick measuring contest:

            A. Snatch heavy single – work up to 75kg

            B. Front Squat 3×3 – 265-275-285 (felt like I could have done at least another 10#)

            C1. Barbell Row 3×8 @ 165#
            C2. Single-arm Press 3×8 @ 45#

            D. 5 rounds:

            15 pistols

            20 pushups

            20 situps

            E. 4 sets without coming off the bar:
            3 weighted pullups, 45#
            5 strict pullups
            7 kipping pullups

          • Naveen

            looks like you’re the new expert for measuring dicks

  • Anonymous

    Sage w/95# 13:05…..Thanks Vergara for keeping me moving!!!

    Nice work Greg/Malcolm on doing this RX’d 

    • Dickie

      Can we just start calling him Viagra? It’s the obvious thing to do. Just like Amanda is clearly “Sookie.”

      • Anonymous

        i think i’m getting Amanda a hot pink “Sookie” headband

  • Erika Ramos

    sage – 53# w the green and orange band for pullups. 11:40

    good job WERRRRQQQQQQing, everybody!

  • Sage – 14:45 125# thrusters. Waaay harder than it looks. Don’t under estimate Sage…. (I can barely type this comment) 

    • Anonymous

      nice work, Andrew.  As close to RX’d as you could possibly be…i guess, you could have 130#

  • Kimbo_Spelling

    work   [wurk]  Show IPA noun, adjective, verb,worked or ( Archaic except for 29, 31, 34 ) wrought; working.
    nounwerq – no dictionary results

    • Erika Ramos

      let’s be real. we all know that WERQ means looking fierce while kicking that wod’s ass.

  • Anonymous

    “Sage” – 11:25 – 53# and pull-ups with green band

    Thanks Amanda for getting me through this one and timing me since I started late and couldn’t make up my mind about which weight to do :p

    • Anonymous

      Nice work, Kristin!  Frozen margaritas tonite to celebrate!  

    • Amanda Long

      You did amazing!!!!!! Your relationship with the green band is officially over and you are moving on to Mr. Blue!!!!! 🙂 

      • Anonymous

        that will be a mess of a wod for me when I use the blue band in one

      • Anonymous

        I like Mr. Pink

  • Jeff K

    Sage is an evil tramp. 19:37 – 115 lbs. That was fun! Good job Reis – as usual, awesome effort this am. 

  • Anonymous

    Running feels better and better…keep those warmups coming!

    Sage 21:38
    135# – Black Band

    Thanks Erika, Tim & Jeff K for bailing me out of the pain cave. This WOD was great!

    • Hey Reis, do you swim at all? 

      • Anonymous

        Only for recreation…not in an athletic way.

        • there’s not that much different between rec swimming and “athletic” swimming. AMRAP “ground to overhead” or for time is the same as move x meters for time or AMRAP laps. technique is not that important, the resistance of the water and having to use all of your muscles in your entire body is the main idea. 

          You mentioning running made me think of swimming 🙂

          • Anonymous

            Most of the time when I swim I throw my son through the air like 50 times, so if the water resistance makes this even more elite then great 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Well done, sir…Well DONE!

      • Anonymous

        Thx James…tough one.  You crushed it though…impressive time!

        • Anonymous

          Thanks, Reis.  But I don’t think we can characterize this as crushed until the weight is rx’d…

          • #gobigorgohome

          • Anonymous

            There has to be some accounting for your excellent time.  800# less in total weight with an 11-minute time is still a valid crushing.

          • Anonymous

            seeing “800# less in total weight” in writing makes me feel puny…

          • Anonymous


  • Sage
    Time:12: something @ 125lbs..This a sneaky little WOD and showed my AM peeps some love

  • Amanda Long

    Tabata situps with KC, Gina and Lynn: 106
    Modified Sage (power clean squats with a 20kg kb instead of thrusters) – 9:33

    Thanks KC for getting me through this one! You are the best!!!!

    After doing over 150 burpees in two days, I am looking forward to a rest day and happy hour of course 🙂

    • Anonymous

      You killed this one…Awesome job!  hahaha your legs are going to be shot from today and yesterday :p

      Hopefully your shoulder is better by next week!

      happy hour it up tonight!

  • Anonymous

    Me, 8am: “I mean, it’s fewer reps than Fran. I guess those burpees might fuck me up.”
    Me, 8:45am: “(moan) I want to cry. (moan)”

     14:56, 85#, fuck.

  • BenS

    Sage: 15:26 @ 100#.  Felt like I spent the whole time looking at the floor.

  • Totally underestimated it because “It’s only 2 rounds”. But I do love burpees!! 

    13:30 something ? with 75 lbs. Thanks Mel for counting I had no idea where I was at any given time. 

    Big shout out to Sarah for never letting u do anything less than what you are capable of. We need a little swift kick every once in a while. 

  • Dickie

    Can we as a box get a discount code for SFH products?

  • 12:09 with 75#..

     I came close to doing 80, but considering my form with 75 was atrocious, I guess I made the right choice.   I may have spent 90% of my time on thrusters here. 

  • Steve Slo

    Gosh… This looked bad on paper, but was so much worse…

    15:18 at 115#

  • Sara

    9:43 with 73#
    Yes, even I scale sometimes.  

    • Sara

      Forgot to add I did a little run HSPU wod with Will and Ryan after.  Yes, I even work out with other people sometimes.  

  • Dickie

    JIF and I had our second profesh call today.

  • Asegal04

    A. 3×5 bench @ 185

    B. Not feeling it today

    C. Wod: 12 minutes @ 115#

    • How about coming to happy hour?

      • Asegal04

        Sorry I missed it, was plAnning on coming

  • Jim S

    Still feeling shoulder impingement pain.
    A: 45 min of shoulder and spine work. I particularly enjoyed the taped together lacrosse balls jammed against one vertebrae at a time. Good stuff.
    B: floor press x 5 115, 135, 145, 150
    C: Sage, heavily modified. 2 rounds
    – 20 135lb front squats
    – 20 35lb dumbbell bent over rows
    – 20 burpees
    – 20 sit ups

  • Ben M

    Sage: 13:26 with #95

    I made it through all 40 pull up’s without bands. It must be the new bars we just had installed.

    The space is coming along nicely and those 45lb plates will def come in handy.

  • Hari

    A: (Sub Bench Presses) 155, 165, 175(3)
    B: Sage (105 lbs) 16:06

  • Julie of Ithaca

    Sage: 12:38 with 75# and under-bar rows.