Always getting stronger

Tuesday 120327

WODs at HR:00 and HR:40
A: Front Squat 5×5
B: Press 3×1

WODs at HR:20 and HR:30
A: Planche practice (including progressions)
B: Five rounds for time of:

105#/75# Power Clean x 5 reps

24″/20″ Box Jumps x 10 reps

NOTE: Tonight’s NYC Endurance running class meets at the south end of the Mall in Central Park at 6:30pm (as it does every Tuesday).

Heather F. after her first half-marathon, showing off her medal:

Top tips for CrossFit newbie success
Reaction to the red-meat-is-bad study: Maybe red meat is protective, What that study actually told me, Is eating red meat bad?, People don’t want to read what they don’t want to hear
Trading skinny for strong
Milo of Croton / Hip extension

We love it when our members (such as Heather F., pictured above) accomplish things they never thought could. When I saw through Facebook that she’d completed her first half-marathon ever, I asked if she’d mind sharing a photo of that day along with her story of accomplishment. Here’s what she had to say:

Heather writes: My time was 1:59:29, just under 2 hrs, which made me stoked because I honestly didn’t know what to expect and was just hoping to finish under 2:30 going into it. I have always run occasionally for cross-training purposes and never really dreamed I’d be able to finish a half-marathon. Lucky for me, I met [running coach and fellow CFNYC member] Heidi Jones through CFNYC and we became instant friends after encouraging each other through some grueling WODs. She invited me to join her running group after I told her how I’d wanted to start running more. Being such an experienced runner herself, Heidi each week would send me as well as others in our group tips and tricks on training for a half.
After running with the group and doing consistent CrossFit training, I felt confident to sign for my first half to give me something to train for. Each week I added more miles and being here in NYC running in Central Park is now one of my favorite things in the world. Finishing the half was a great feeling and gave me tremendous confidence in my new-found love for running. Now I cannot wait to train for the next one!

Got your own story of accomplishment to share? Email me at allison AT crossfitnyc DOT com!

Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s WOD classes:

WODs at HR:00 and HR:40
Tag Team “Cindy”
In teams of two, do a standard “Cindy,” (20 min AMRAP of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats) with only one partner working at a time, tagging in the other partner at any point.

WODs at HR:20 and HR:30
A: Front Squat 5×5
B: Press 3×1


  • Jim S

    I’m really glad you guys pushed to get us signed up for the open. Now that it’s over I was reflecting on it and I’m really glad I did it. I’m sore as shit but it’s because for the last five weeks I pushed myself really hard. So, thanks for that. 

    I was looking at the scores on the game site and one thing struck me about the scoring. Since so many people dropped out during the course of the competition, there appears to be an unintentional bias of importance to the first wod. For example, in the men’s masters 45-49 division over 1116 people completed all five wods. However, at least 1638 submitted a score for wod 12.1 (it is actually much higher than that accounting for duplicate scores). I’d have to scrape the page to find the actual numbers accounting for duplicate scores, but you get the idea. Something like 30% of the people that submitted a score in 12.1 dropped out by 12.5.

    Therefore, unless I’m missing something obvious here, each incremental rep in 12.1 creates about 30% more separation in scores than an incremental rep in 12.5, and that separation translates to bigger incremental totals in that first round. It effectively gave burpees 30% more weight than fran, with the intermediate wods dropping off at a sliding scale.

    Now, there is no perfect scoring mechanism, and at the top ranks where almost no one drops out, it doesn’t matter. However, a better scoring mechanism for HQ might be to retrospectively drop the scores of people who didn’t complete all five wods (and re-score the early rounds) when scoring the final round. In the meantime, the lesson seems to be make sure you bring your A game to the first wod, if you are going to slack, do it at the end. 🙂

    • Looking at my world rank (19,758) I compared myself against the guy who beat me (19,757). My total rep score for 12.1-12.5 is 541, Guy#19757’s score is: 430. This seems wrong, I should be ranked higher! This guy is also in the NE region and he’s 11 places ahead of me in the NE! All because he completed 15 more burpees than me in 12.1 

      • Michael North

        How is he one spot ahead of you worldwide and 11 spots ahead in the region?

        • Because 15 burpees translates to 1000+ places in the NE region 🙂 more than 1000 men scored between 78 and 93 on 12.1. 

          • Michael North

            And his placing relative to others in 12.1 was able to push him higher in the regional rankings? So overall he must have placed ahead of people in the NE who beat him in the worldwide rankings? Glad I wasn’t on the cusp of making it to regionals…

    • I too am glad you pushed us to sign up for the Open, mostly because I wouldn’t have forced myself to learn DUs if hadn’t done 12.4. Not that I got to the DUs or anything but still.

    • Hari

      Over the next year, we will periodically insert the Open WOD’s into our regular programming. You can then recalculate where you would have finished had you originally gotten your new (and no doubt improved) score on each WOD. 
      For now, you can commit yourself to, say, 10 additional burpees the next time WOD 12.1 comes up and check how much that would have propelled you in the standings. Or you can set a goal of where you will rank using your subsequent score to recalculate over the next year.Even if you didn’t do all the WOD’s, you can still calculate your relative standings when you do the WOD’s for the first time over the next year.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, Hari.  I am looking forward to meeting all of these WODs again…

    • Jim S

      I was just looking at the scores again and it’s interesting to compare my score with the person that I beat by one place because there is a nice symmetry to our results. I got two more burpee reps than he did and that gave me an incremental 78 points on the 12.1 round. He in turn beat me by two reps on 12.5 but that only gave him an incremental 24 points. That’s a much higher spread than just the rate of drop outs would have suggested, so I think the other reason that burpees were so important to the outcome is the score distribution in the wod. I don’t have the data but I suspect that burpee results were more narrowly distributed than say the reps in 12.5. 

      In any case, whether by rep distribution or because of drop outs along the way, each incremental burpee rep was worth about three times what a 12.5 rep was worth, at least for my placement range in the competition.

      The other thing that I think is interesting is to look at how consistent my scores were across wods. I finished with pretty consistent placing throughout the competition except for the snatches. Not having a 135lb snatch really cost me. I think if there had been a 115lb snatch increment I would have consistently placed throughout all of the wods. I noticed that a lot of people tended to do better in some wods and worse in others, but I was consistently mediocre in all of them. 🙂

  • Super stoked about Heather’s finish. She didn’t even look like she was breathing hard! Just so proud of you Heather and the whole new world of halves and maybe full marathons that await you!

    I have another training group that is starting to train for the Lake Placid Half Marathon–2nd most beautiful half in the US–April 2nd.  If you want to rock a half with my team and ROAD TRIP it up …hit me up..I mean crossfitters obvio run halves as shown by Heather F!

    and in the meantime– …check out the last long run video of my group two weeks ago!

    More about the training for Lake Placid here–otherwise see u at the BOX:

  • Justin Katz

    A: 155-175-175-175-195
    B: 115-115
    Ran out of time on last set of push press
    Thank you James, it was your super energy
    that made me go all the way.
    You did awesome today!

    • Anonymous

      Nice work, Justin…you did the lifting!

  • Anonymous

    Nice lifting day with Justin and Yaniv
    A: 175-185-205-225(2), 205(3)-225(2), 205(3)
    B: 95-115-135(F)

  • Anonymous

    “The Miracle Mile”

    Sprint 400m
    KB Swings x 25 at 1 pood
    Farmer’s Walk 200m at 2 pood (1 per side)
    Waiter’s Walk 200m at 1 pood (alternating sides)
    Box Jumps x 25 x 24″
    Sprint 200m
    Walking Lunges 200m
    Burpees x 25 (which we forgot to do)
    Sprint 400m with 20lb Medicine Ball

    Total Time: 18:25.9

    With the burpees, this probably would have been about a 20min time domain.

    • Anonymous

      Love the Farmer/Waiter walk couplet, Althete Dickie…where did you perform this beauty?

      • Anonymous

        I’m almost exclusively at 28th Street now.

        • Rory


          • Cass

            you and i are kind of sellouts..with our branded reebok shoes..just saying

          • Rory

            don’t you know “the sport of fitness has arrived…” get with the program

          • Anonymous

            Aww, do you miss me??

        • Anonymous

          I don’t think I can like that comment…

    • Kristin Cunningham

       nice job Mr. Dickie!

  • Rory

    A: 135/155/165/175/185
    B: 115/135/145
    C: 50 Leg Toss

  • Anonymous

    PR’d my unbroken running – 1200m
    A: 135 – 185 – 225 – 245 – 275*
    B: 135 – 185f – 185f – 155

    I haven’t done front squats in months…felt good to get back to that lift.  Feeling great about putting a 3 in front of my 1RM next time we do singles…then again WWSS (what would Sara say?) – “Who gives a shit? You still can’t do a pull-up”

    • Anonymous

      $100 says you get it by August.

    • Anonymous

      looking strong, Athlete Reis

    • i always love WWSS…she’s the reason i’m usually bruised from C2B and yell at myself randomly in Sara-isms

  • Cass

    A: 123-103-113 (i clearly couldn’t decide on a weight, and we ran out of time)
    B: 63-68-70 (PR)

    so uh..what’s on tap for tomorrow?

  • Kristin Cunningham

    A: 83 – 93- 93  – Need to get lower on the squat

    B: 53 – 63 – 68 (failed) – all done with the wrong form though.  When Cassie corrected my wrist/arm movement, I could only lift the 33lb bar….wowza this needs work!

    Thanks for helping Sara and yelling Cassie!

    • Anonymous

      good work, Kristin

  • Jamie F.

    Wendler Back Squat:

    5 Reps @ 190 LBS
    5 Reps @ 220 LBS
    Max Reps @ 250 LBS – 7 Reps

    Wendler Press:

    5 Reps @ 85 LBS
    5 Reps @ 95 LBS
    Max Reps @ 105 LBS – 6 Reps

    5 Power-Clean @ 135 LBS
    10 Box Jump @ 24″

    4:54 RX’d. Games Standard Box-Jump.

    • Anonymous

      Did you ghost ride the press?

      • Jamie F.

        In the interest of full disclosure I more low-rided it.  I should have listed it as “Wendler (Standing Bench) Press.”

    • Michael North

      You didn’t highlight the barbell snafu from this morning?

      • Anonymous

        Wendler spear-fishing…

        • Michael North

          2nd floor stripper pole?

          • Anonymous

            Rogue sex toy…

          • cock-eyed optimist?

  • Anonymous

    deadlift: 245×5, 255×5, 265x3x3
    bench press: 120x5x3
    chin-ups: 2-2-2-2

  • meret

    total newbie here…but i guess this is where i should log my workout? woohoo! here we go:

    5 rounds:
    5 cleans (53 lbs)
    10 box jumps (20 inch)

    in 7:29 mins

    • Anonymous

      Welcome! Nice work…

    • Avery W.

      Meret, Welcome indeed! It was great to have you this morning at post-elements.  Would love it if all my post elements am folks start posting their comments in the morning.  Excellent work.

      • meret

        well, i wanted to be a part of the fun community! even if i’m working up to the true beastness of the regular WODs 😉

        awesome class! thank you!

        • carly

          5 rounds:5 cleans (65 lbs)10 box jumps (20 inch)
          in 7:14
          I want to be part of the fun community too!  Thanks for breaking the ice for the rest of us morning post-elements newbies meret — and thanks Avery!

          • meret

            yay! post-elements party in the comments! 😉

  • A. Handstand practice
        Max L-Sits: 25s, 15s, 14s

    B. 4 RNFT

    Max Muscle Ups unbroken (3, 2, 1, 0)
    Rest 30s

    Max Strict Pullups (12, 8, 6, 5)
    Rest 30s

    Max Ring Dips (8, 7, 6, 5)
    Rest 30s

    Max Pushups (12,10, 10, 9)
    Rest 30s

    Row 500M (1:41.1, 1:46.5, 1:48.1, 1:40.6)
    Rest 2:00

    • Anonymous

      Gotta love the programmed Rests.

    • Anonymous

      Nice work, Athlete Nick…loving this programming you are working on

    • Michael North

      Where is the programming from?

      • Anonymous



        • Anonymous

          That is so unInvicting of you…

          • you shall not speak his name! (HP available on Kindle as of today btw…AMANDA LONG!)

          • Anonymous

            FU CJ

          • Randy Lampert

            Did you see those prices on the books on tape? 

          • Amanda Long

            Available on the pottermore website! So excited!!!!

  • Kimbo Slice

    8:00 – Class starts, trainer calls everyone to the middle of the gym.
    – Trainer starts to bullshit about 12.4, burpees, speculation on next WOD, what he is good at.  Other members chime in.
    – Trainer starts talking about the WOD
    8:09 – Trainer says: “OK, time to do some cleans.  What are they?  5×5?  oh no, 12-9-5.  OK…  do that”.  member asks, are we going to warm up??  Trainer responds, “Let’s do the Burgener warm-up(pronounced Burr-je-nurr warmup?)
    8:15 – Trainer gets interrupted and we end the most awful excuse for the Burgener warmup without completing it.
    – We are told to start cleans on our own.  Newbies are lost. No guidance is given. Members are trying to help each other.  Trainer is busy doing other things
    8:20 – Cleans start
    8:30 – Cleans end
    – Trainer starts talking again about WOD.  Starts trying to figure out how to do the heats.
    8:40 – First heat starts
    8:52 – First heat ends

    This class did 0 warmups before we started cleans.  the coach provided 0 guidance to anyone prior to starting cleans. when asked about benchmark times his response was “i have no idea”. We did too much chit-chatting and not enough work.  If I am coming in to do 1 hour of work then that hour should be maximized and work should be done as much as possible.  This workout was unacceptable and this trainer is not equipped to manage groups in a class.

    Ideal class:

    1) quick jog or row
    2) warmup (ex: 3 rounds of Cindy)
    3) skill or heavy lift
    4) WOD

    Total working time should be around 40 minutes.  If you really want to do something for your members, how about a stretch after the class?

    • Anonymous

      So it’s gonna be that kind of day on here… 😉

  • Kimbo Slice

    an example was the WOD from last night where the trainer was competent but the workload was low.  5-6 minutes in a box doing crossfit?  At least we warmed up this time.  Our ‘skill’ session was anything but.  It was more like ‘demo to the group and now run along and play’. 

    shouldn’t trainers be involved every step of the way?  encouraging athletes and correcting form, helping work through progressions and guiding?  isn’t this the type of environment that a good coach will create?

    if i come to your box and do a 10 minute warmup and a 6 minute WOD that is 16 out of 60 minutes of work and it isn’t sufficient.  

    if i come to your box and we do box jumps shouldn’t we be mobilizing more as this movement is known to cause injury in the community?

    perhaps my perspective is swayed and i am overreaching here but i have trained all over the americas and in europe as well as at least 30 boxes in the US.  The brand of crossfit here seems to have strong community and good athletes but very little resources put into your trainers.  or, perhaps its that your trainers are training with their hands in their pockets?

    the programming seems off too.  we are not working hard enough in the box.  5-6 minutes of intensity is great but my body asks for more.  if we are going to do short wods then shouldn’t we do some sort of stretch after the wod?

    i’m ranting now but i hope that my criticism was constructive and insightful and doesn’t come off as an attack.  i want to stay at this box but at this point i may be forced to see what else is out there. 

    coming to the WOD at crossfit nyc isn’t satisfying my fitness needs or allowing me to complete my fitness objectives.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure some collection of owners and Coaches will be reaching out to you PRIVATELY to address your concerns. In the spirit of keeping the blog POSITIVE, and consistent with your observation of our seemingly drug-induced sense of community, I’d like to offer you a Hug on behalf of the Level 1 Mentors. You can collect it on Friday at the Happy Hour (please come!) or on Saturday morning, assuming I’m not hungover and/or banned from showing my face at the Box again.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not upset, but could I collect a hug from you as well on Friday? Bonus points if you’re wearing a gas mask….

        • Anonymous

          this post makes me uncomfortable…or jealous…i’m not sure which…

          • Anonymous

            Trust me. It’s both.

        • Anonymous

          Pucker-up, Flicker.

          • Cass

            getting my wrench on tonight dickie

    • Anonymous

      I’m just glad we didn’t have Fran on the schedule.  That one takes LESS than five minutes.  A fitness travesty!

    • Hari

      I think it is possible to be “constructive and insightful,” and still be a jerk. You could have accomplished the former without the latter by speaking to one of us in private.

      However, if “coming to CrossFit NYC isn’t satisfying [your] fitness needs or allowing [you] to complete your fitness objectives,” we will refund all of your money.

      At this point, if you’re not satisfied with Court, who taught last night’s 8:00 PM class and you’re not satisfied with the programming, then we are not the gym for you. 

      • Michael

        My view on this is that i can understand that this blog should not end up in a complaining and hating kind of place (and i would also prefer to limit this “unhappyiness” debate to pure constructive and unpersonal criticism), however, there are issues within our community which are of interest to every member in my opinion. A better place would be a member only discussion forum though (which does not exist, unfornutatley).
        Anyway, a lot of issues have been raised by multiple people (some more, some less constructive…) which from experience means that a lot more see it in a similar way without saying anything (that is why i like to have public discussion). Telling people to leave cannot be the right way to deal with it. I understand this some take this personal and get offended but im sure it is not meant that way even if expressed in a questionable way. We have all been frustrated. If someone doesnt care, he/she would say anyting at all.I trust that this is taken seriously by the responsible people and i am sure that a lot of issues will be addressed in the near future.  

        • Hari

          My (and my co owners) response to virtually every other criticism has been to acknowledge the problem, explain what we’re trying to do, and to support people who bring problems to our attention. 

          However, in this instance, I stand by my response. I don’t take this personally. There are some people who we (or at least I) do not want as members. It takes a lot for someone to reach that point, but occasionally someone does so quite effortlessly. 

          • Michael

            I appreciate that you did respond to the criticism in the past, thats why i said i trust this will be taken seriously. The only point i was trying to make is that a public discussion can be to the benefit of everyone if done respectfully and in a constructive way.

      • I Can do a Pull-up

        Hari, love you man. Really I do. Like a person I’ve never really done more than smiled at in passing. But, blogging 101 says “chill on the comments and definitely don’t call people jerks.”

        Everyone knows you all are growing, but in the process members, and the money they are paying, should be respected. $200 can be a lot for the average person to spend each month, and customer service can’t be ignored.

        Hopefully this doesn’t get you fired up. If it does, ask someone to give you a hug before you respond. 🙂

    • Anonymous


    • Court

      You spend the day away from the internets on a day out with the baby and look what you get…not sure how to respond to this other than to address the points raised.  There is a mention of a lack of mobility specifically for box jumps, but the warmup included modified twisting couch stretches so both hip flexors & ankles were opened as well as how to modify this potent drill without overdoing it.  The skill section was the planche on paralettes, which we spent 15 minutes on.  We went over which muscles would be engaged, the typical mistakes most make when introduced to this skill and how to modify it using bands to create an “artificial environment”, something that one of my first coaches, Dave Werner of CrossFit North, introduced to me in ’04 and Carl Paoli reintroduced to me at his awesome “Freestyle” seminar.  I spent the rest of the time walking around advising and adjusting people.  Then we moved into the metcon portion of the evening.  Since it was on the hour and as I explained at the beginning, on the hour classes are reserved for more advance members, so I didn’t want to drive my advanced members crazy by drilling the power clean for the thousandth time; newer members were told to scale and migrate to 28th at :20 or :40 past hour.  I told everyone that I recommended Games standards for bj’s and particularly to step down on at least the first set while your gastrocs and achilles are still warming up.  Most of our “mathelete” members would tear down the Beastmodaldomains article about bj that has been causing all the brouhaha but I have erred on the side of caution.  It sounds to me Kimbo, (can I call you that from now on? Please?) like you miss your old box and that’s cool.  I’m not your old trainer and I’m not going to try to be (I have trouble pulling off tribal tats, board shorts and making people get in lines: Dave Werner & Nick Nibbler never taught me that way, so I try to return the favor).  It feels odd for me to have to recount what occurred in my class but there are gaps between what you described  and what I remember happening in a class that had two heats.  

  • Avery W.

    Kimbo Slice – your concerns would be best addressed reaching out to a coach or owner *in person* or via email – where they could actually be addressed.  Not on a public blog – anonymous posts don’t really offer much in terms of constructive criticism. 

  • Sean M.

    Anonymous posts are worthless bullshit.

    • Sean M.

      And to support my own opinion: “coming to the WOD at crossfit nyc isn’t satisfying my fitness needs or allowing me to complete my fitness objectives.”

      How can I give a shit about an anonymous person’s goals or objectives?

      • Sean M.

        Disclaimer- I’m not a coach, trainer, owner, or athlete

        • jenntang

          Replying to your own posts made me laugh.
          oh shit, my name’s at the top, isn’t it.

        • Anonymous

          Jesus — than what ARE you?? A Zombie?!?!

          • Jason L.

            poison drinking, gas mask wearing, elite ninja-samurai

          • keller


          • Sean M.

            Nice hat keller

          • keller

            and a hater

          • Anonymous

            ARGH! I meant “then”


  • Jeff K

    Did my own thing today. Dead lifts 3×225,245,275 (5).
    Made up the 4-3-2-1 WOD from last week. 138 total: Calories – 65, 55 (24lb KB), 8 (135 back squat – had to clean and jerk it get it to my back w/ no rack), 10 presses. Good little WOD.

  • Kimbo Slice

    hold on a minute…  I’ve identified myself as a member who has legitimate complaints.  Does my name really matter?  I intended to spark a conversation here and hopefully initiate change.  don’t discount what i’ve said simply because I didn’t use my name.  You may actually know me from the box as we’ve probably worked out together.  I don’t want to have a 1:1 conversation about this I wanted to discuss this publicly. 

    @0382c71f553d36542e707ec8536c2a26:disqus How can a members needs be bullshit simply because I didn’t post using my real name?

    @reisbaron:disqus I’m all about short WODs as long as we are working for the majority of the class.  a 5 minute WOD with a 7 minute warmup is 12 minutes of work.  Why aren’t we using our time more effectively?

    @ea298ddaa4319369d190b316a3b4f6d3:disqus  My goal was to hear other members out.  Perhaps there is a reason why it is OK for members to get in 12 minutes out of 60 minutes of a class.  Maybe I missed something.  Maybe this isn’t normal.  Maybe there is change on the way.  Please, someone enlighten me and tell me this isn’t the way things always are.

    • Anonymous
    • Naveen

      Kimbo, it sounds like you’re not pushing hard enough during the wods.  Moving around for 60 mins is not the point of CrossFit.

      The reason everyone wants to know who you are is that they can’t relate to any of your points – after reading your post above, my mind immediately started cycling through, thinking, “let’s see – that couldn’t have been Will, Sara, Avery, Court, Kevin,….  Who is this guy and why is he getting a different experience that we see everyday.”  If your points had weight, everyone would be find with anon.

    • mike r

      I’ve been a member at the box for 3.5 years now and I fully support members who voice their concerns on the message board as long as they are in good taste and constructive. I think issues like Kimbo’s can be avoided by offering more guidance with the programing. For instance, in my class yesterday, people were scaling up like crazy. If the WOD was Fran, I doubt everyone would have been putting 50 lbs more on the bar. WOD’s need to be explained on the website in more detail (i.e. % of 1RM and/or how the WOD relates and builds on the previous days WOD). People’s expectations need to managed too. Kimbo sounds like he wanted some sort of long metcon. People in my class were doing the cleans at 185#. They were finishing in 5 mins which is nice but was that the purpose of the WOD? I dont disagree with scaling up sometimes and I know more advanced members know their limits, but everone, especially newer people might benefit from some more guidance on the website.

    • Sean M.

      I find it counterintuitive that you want to discuss something publicly while at the same time hide behind anonymity.

      Its not your needs that i’m calling bullshit on…

      Anonymity means I have no way to assess your credibility or knowledge or put myself in your your shoes.  You are relying on the appeal of facts alone, and that is maybe the worst way to communicate or persuade someone – especially on a public message board.  

      I hope this clarifies things…if not, at least you know who you are talking to.    

      p.s. deep down I hope this is the real Kimbo Slice.  

      • The Shoehorn

        Talk to me, I’ll put you through a workout.

        • Sean M.


      • Jeff

        First of all, it’s not anonymous.  

        Secondly, the name Kimbo Slice is pretty much synonymous with internet credibility.

    • Jonathan P

      You seem to have clear ideas about your goals. If you want to maximize your hour, there is probably time when you’re standing around being frustrated when you could easily grab some space and work on one of your goals.

  • For those of you who enjoy this blog and its associated commentary reading more like a cocktail party and less like a shouting match (yes, I’m sticking to my metaphor!), PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE TROLL (i.e., do not respond to this so-called “Kimbo Slice” personage.

    I’ve emailed this person at the email address he/she provided asking to discuss his/her issues, either with me or whichever coaches/owners he/she would like to talk to.

    Maybe it’s because I am in a completely PUBLIC position on this blog as trainer, instructor, and blogger, identified by first and last name and picture, but I’d rather not engage in a public discussion with someone who isn’t willing to be open about his/her identity here.  (To be clear, that’s just my own personal feeling on this issue, I am not speaking on behalf of anyone else, nor am I speaking on behalf of CrossFit NYC.)

    I work way too damned hard on this blog, day in, day out, to see it turned into a place where people throw around anonymous accusations in an uncivil manner.  Take it elsewhere.

    • Anonymous

      For the public record:

      D_Riv = Richard Rivero

      People I like get to call me “Dickie.”

      My Act is “I’m not good enough.” #LandmarkEducation

      I’ll try and rename my profile later.

  • Gotta love when we’re over 50 comments before 1:00 pm.  Either a new meme started among the AM folks, someone put on a gas mask, or someone misplaced their negative yelp review. 

    ANYWHO-  So so day. 

    Front squat- 105/115/120/125 x5   135×1, 145×1.  Eh.. 

    Press- 75×3, 80×1, 85×1.  Hey, its the 1RM that won’t budge.

    But partner Cindy is right around the corner to boost the ego. 


  • Kimbo Slice

    OK.  I’ll take it offline with Allison.

    For the record I was never uncivil.

    • Kimbo, I’ll keep looking for that email–haven’t gotten it yet.

  • Rick G.

    1.  don’t say stuff on the interweb that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face.  in other words, don’t bitch and moan anonymously.

    2.  if your workouts suck, change them.
    3.  here is a video of an elephant playing with a smart phone:

    • Sean M.

      Love that elephant

    • Of course only an elephant can hold a Samsung galaxy note up to his ear and not look ridiculous. =P

      • true – cuz that thing is basically an ipad…

  • Dammit, I wanted to rest tomorrow, but tag team cindy looks like too much fun! 

    By the way, does anyone know what the standard diameter for a pull up bar is? is it 1.5″?

    • Michael North

      1.25 inches on Rogue Fitness (supplier to the Games)

      • Anonymous

        Girth matters.

      • Rory

        busy day at the office eh?

        • Cass

          GOOD USE OF EH!

          • Naveen

            Let’s have thanksgiving in october eh

          • oh Canahsians…

        • Anonymous

          Jesus Christ does no one take 5 minutes every few hours to blog?????

          • Rory

            notice my “reply” was to mr. north…so butt out d_riv …i did learn a new thing today, the “official diameter of a pullup bar”

          • Anonymous


          • Andrew Louie

            Just to avoid confusion, the 1.25″ is most likely the nominal diameter, which if you were specifying a sch. 40 stainless steel pipe would have an outer diameter of about 1.6″. It seems about right. Because there is no real “standard of standards” the actual pipe diam could be different when asking for a 1.25″ pipe of different materials ie 1.25″ copper pipe will have a different O.D. Than bronze or cast iron etc etc.

            I found this out looking for Steel pipe on the Internet…
            -Andrew Louie

          • Michael North

            Rogue Fitness describes as 1.25″ OD

          • Michael North
          • Andrew Louie

            Thanks Michael! That means I’ll probably need to look for 1″ pipe

          • Michael North

            Correct.  1″ steel pipe is what is recommended.

          • steel pipe. i could get into that. #TWSS

  • Steve Slo

    Today is a good day. 

    A) Press: 145×1, 145×1, 150×1
    B) Front Squat: 155×5, 175×5, 185×5 195×4, 205×3, 210×1
    C) 50 situps with 45# plate overhead
    D) For time. 3 rounds of: 
    20 Wallballs (14# – no 20# balls at 26th street?) 
    20 2-pood kb cleans (10 each arm), 
    10 pushups
    E) Turkish Getups: 5 each arm (28kg right arm, 24kg left arm)

    • Anonymous

      wow, you got all the way to E. 

    • Hari

      We need to move the red 20-lb med balls back from 28 Street.

      • Anonymous

        Warmup tomorrow…medball run?

  • Anonymous

    PRs (145×4 fr sq, 115 press) all over the place this morning. One thing I noticed, more than the dramatic gains (+20) in my 5RM and 1RM for both lifts, was how much more comfortable that front rack feels—being able to comfortably take a few breaths at the top is nice. Does this come from increased flexibility, or bigger, more stable shoulders…or?

    • Brett_nyc


    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    A: 63, 73, 73, 103, 103 — wish I had pushed myself harder in the beginning
    B: 53, 63, 68
    C. 50 leg toss

    Thanks, Erin and Jen, for the great encouragement!
    PS – I love CFNYC; it’s now become my happy place 🙂 It’s great being part of such an awesome community!

  • The_Lisa

    Great to work with Aimee today. These were fun strength workouts.
    FS: 68, 93, 98, 103 the no more time
    Press: 75, 80, 85F

  • Anonymous

    Is there a way to subscribe to only Dickies posts?

    Favorites of the day:

    Girth matters
    I’d like to offer you a Hug on behalf of the Level 1 Mentors

    Keep em coming and thank you

    • Anonymous

      Got you covered BRA. Another one below.

      • Dude_fo_dickie


        I’ve never meet you but I want to make out with you (and more).

        • Dickie

          Oh my!  


        • Dickie

          Oh – was that you Woody?

          • Anonymous

            No sir. Wishful thinking?


  • Avery W

    Next to last workout before competition this weekend.  
    warm up and handstand “walking” work, not quite a walk

    Pure conditioning, 5 rounds for time:
    400 meter run
    30 unbroken american kettlebell swings (that’s right american)
    30 unbroken sit ups, anchored

    21:59 minutes

    Worked on breathing the entire time.

    • Anonymous

      Not bad for a kettlebeller! Dip on your toes and slam your heels down this weekend

  • Anonymous

    In the spirit of things we say that we wish we could take back:

  • Steve Slo

    Count me in for Friday. Moving apartments on Saturday… Might as well do it with a hangover. 

  • 20 hours ago
    Heather ForesterI forgot to mention how much doing CF has helped me find me “inner athlete” and has without a doubt helped me and my endurance in training for the half.   What I also did not mention is my obsession with CF. I discovered it this past July while I was working in Boston and have been addicted ever since.  Crossfit (without sounding too dramatic) has been one of the best things to happen to me. I have met so many fantastic people through the CF community and it has pushed me past my limits mentally & physically which I just can’t get enough of. I love to see my progression & my body getting stronger as I continue to challenge myself with CF. I have gotten several friends to join bc they were all sick of hearing me talk about it so much they checked it out for themselves and fell in love with it as well. I joined the Black Box when I returned to NYC in October and I just wanna say that I am ever grateful for the knowledge & encouragement from all the coaches at CF NYC.  I have had a really great experience WODing with all of them.  Although it is a much bigger gym than the one I joined originally and is still growing, I have found that the coaches do their best to give individual instruction and I appreciate that you are offering so many different class times, it has allowed me to be able to still fit CF it into my crazy schedule.Thanks!

  • Sara

    Congrats to Heather!!!  

    Also, anyone who has any issues with my coaching:  Please talk to me!!!  I don’t know everything and I don’t pretend to know everything.  If you want more warmup, stretching, mobility, skill work, different cues, etc just let me know.  I give all of you a hard time every single day but I don’t expect to not get it back sometimes.  And thanks to my morning crew for being awesome, supportive, fun, happy members who keep the blog fun.  

    • Dickie

      Koalas are people too…

    • Dickie

      …and…wait…there are MORNING CLASSES?!

  • Asegal04

    A. Front squats:
    185, 185, 195, 185, 200 x 3

    B. Press

    155, 175, 185 fail (shoulders were smoked from front squats)

    Add squats to the list of things to strengthen

  • what did i miss?

  • 7AM – you may thank Reis for your warmup tomorrow. #iexpectalargedecreasein7amattendance #beatTHATdickie 🙂

    • Dickie


    • Anonymous

       You’re welcome.


  • x2

    • Dickie

      Disqus is all messed up.  Did we break it?

  • Randy Lampert

    Good job on the presses. There was some major lifting being done in the 5:40 class. 

  • i second Sara’s post. Dickie – you crack me up. Cassie – stay Canadian…we love you. Rory – the sass just gets better and better. Sean M. – I giggled (yeah…giggled). Andrew – you’re a nerd and I love it and you work your ASS off everyday…which I love more. Greg – you keep it weird…appreciated. 

    And everyone else in the morning…you guys are why I don’t throw my phone against the wall every day when the Downton Abbey theme songs wails me awake at 4:50AM as you all learned today during our Question of the Day.

    much love,

    Fun Coach/Good Cop

    • Dickie

      I aspire one day to be friends with Sean M.

  • David Stogsdill


    A. 95, 115, 115, 145×4, 135
    B. 65, 95, 105
    C. 500 m Row: 1:41

  • Anonymous

    7:40 pm class. It was enjoyable to do some strength work. Felt good though my squat is definitely weak and needs work.

    A:  Front Squat   
    1 x 3 (fail on 4), 145 lbs
    2 x 5, 135 lbs
    2 x 4, 135 lbs

    B:  Press
    1 x 1, 115 lbs
    2 x 1, 125 lbs

    C:  Pullups (rings, deadhang)
    1 x 6
    1 x 5
    1 x 4

  • Hari

    A: 155, 165, 175, 185, 195
    B: 125, 135, 140

  • Jana B.

    Front Squat: 83-93-93-93-93
    Press: 73-83-88-93(F)-88

    PRs on both (I think).  Thx Kevin for the form reminders.