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Monday 120326

WODs at HR:00 and HR:40
A: Planche Practice
B: Five rounds for time of:

135#/95# Power Clean x 5 reps

24″/20″ Box Jumps x 10 reps

WODs at HR:20 and HR:30
Five rounds for time of:
14 Pull-Ups Pull-ups
14 Ring / Box Dips
75#/55# Sumo-deadlift high-pull, 21 reps

Coach Sara at fighting weight (literally):

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Spectrum of gluten-related disorders: consensus on new nomenclature and classification (PDF file)
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Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s WOD classes:

WODs at HR:00 and HR:40
A: Front Squat 5×5
B: Press 3×1

WODs at HR:20 and HR:30
A: Planche practice (including progressions)
B: Five rounds for time of:

105#/75# Power Clean x 5 reps

24″/20″ Box Jumps x 10 reps


  • Matt M.

    A. Mobility work/planche
    B. 5:27 @ 185# and 24 inch box (step up as the ankle is ready to jump yet)

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    B: 7:54, 165# clean and 30 in box.

    • Anonymous

      That’s a heavy clean.

      • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          LOUD NOISES!!!

          • Anonymous

            (once again…softly)

    • Kristin Cunningham

       wowzaa…165 – awesome job!

  • B: 11:40 185# 30″ Box jump, 4 rounds – I may have bitten off a little more than I can chew…

  • Anonymous

    8:20 – 155# / 26″

  • Anonymous

    It’s MDNA Day!

    • For a moment I misread that as “MDMA Day”.  #noitsnottheninetiesanymore

      • Anonymous

        That used to be my favorite holiday…and it seemed to come around so frequently ;).

  • Kristin Cunningham

    5:08 – 73# / 24″

    • Anonymous

      Nice job, Kristin…

  • Cass

    5:27 – 85#/24″

    • Kristin Cunningham

      85#….impressive Cassinator! little nugget is strong!

  • JennTang

    5:46 (103#, 20″)
    missed the box in the last round and busted my shin. ouch.

  • Rory

    thought i would pass along a great paleo friendly ice cream place on 10th street.  called Stogo ( 159 2nd avenue (10th street off 2nd ave).  couple of flavors with coconut milk base (key lime pie, vanilla, chocolate, sweet potato, strawberry).  very tasty.  think they might put some agave in some of the flavors so prob not 100% paleo but close enough. 

    • Anonymous

      This will come in handy come the summer time. Wish they had one by the Frying Pan.

      • Rory


    • Rory, thanks for the info!  Tried clicking through on the link you provided and it wouldn’t work.  Turns out you had misspelled the website.  Here it is for anyone who wants to check it out:  Can’t wait to try it!

      • Oops, this is me, Allison–didn’t realize I was logged into the CFNYC twitter instead of my own…

      • Rory

        thanks for catching that!!! rory 

        • Caitlin

          The key lime coconut flavor is soooooooooo good

  • Dayum, look at Sara’s 6-pack. 

    B: 75#, 20″, 6:40

  • Jeff K

    8:25 (I think). 125 lbs for 4 rounds and 135 for the last round. Will go up in weight next time. Also, any suggestions for a type/brand of protein powder that isn’t whey based? Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      For post-WOD you might try to see if ON (Optimum Nutrition) has an egg protein powder.  I use their casein protein as the last thing I eat (slow digesting to stimulate metabolism & recovery overnight). If you’re avoiding whey, I’d think best protein post WOD is to grab a couple of poached egg whites.  But egg powder is definitely absorbed more efficiently than milk and has more protein grams per oz.

      • Jeff K

         Okay. I have never tried egg powder before – will give it a shot. Thanks

    • Anonymous

      I use Vega performance protein from time to time.  It’s vegan.

  • Ben M

    Now that the Open is complete… Did anyone from Crossfit NYC make it into the regionals this year?

    • Anonymous

      As it stands now I’m the 21,542nd fittest man.  I’m hoping the cutoff for regionals is 22,000. Keep me posted.

      • Anonymous

        But which of those guys has a video profile!?!

  • BenS

    6:32 (2×155#, 3×135#; 28″ box)

  • Jason W

    A: Wendler Back squat 5-5-5

    B: 5:24 (165#/30″)
    All unbroken.

    Thanks, Mike, for the extra push this morning.

  • A. Snatch Balance:  45, 65, 95 (F)

    B. Snatch Practice

    C. 15-12-9 Overhead squats 95#/Burpees – 9:20

  • Moritzvoges

    Hey, my 12.5 is still pending, could you please validate? 66 reps, Sat 3pm class. Many thanks, Moritz

    • Tifany

      Mine is as well, 12:20 Sunday class. Thanks!

  • Sean

    whaaaa… what’s this about HR: 00 & HR: 40; HR: 20 & HR: 30?  Is 28th street running real wods now?

    • Naveen

      it looks like both locations serve both wods

  • Anonymous

    Honey apple ginger shredded pork from


    • keller

      seriously when do you work richard…………?!??!!??!

      • Anonymous

        It must suck to not be able to multi-task.

        I made the pork in my slow cooker yesterday, and just had it for lunch.

        • Meatloaf today. #nonpaleo. I used oats and wheat germ. So good.

        • Meatloaf today. #nonpaleo. I used oats and wheat germ. So good.

          • Anonymous

            You’re changing the stressors to the digestive system. Good to do that every now and then. Like I’m gonna do on Friday.

    • Tifany

      Agreed – made that last week and it rocked. Great site!

  • Steve Slo

    A) Snatch, followed by 3 OH Squats at 115# x 5
    B) WOD: 7:08 at 155#

    • Sean M.

      Nice work Steve

  • Asegal04

    wod: 6:36 145#

    Adding clean to the list of things to be worked on…list keeps getting longer

  • Zoe

    6:42, 95#

  • Jana B.

    WOD: 6:15 (83# and 18″ box)

  • Jim S

    Ah, day two of a planned three day rest period. Feels good!

  • Randy Lampert

    5:13 rx’d cleans and jumps. Did anyone else think this workout was just badass and awesome? 

  • Ben M

    Today’s WOD: 6:01 RX

    This WOD was pretty awesome.

  • 6:35 with 24″ box and 105# cleans.  Went too heavy.  Sternum/collar bone area looks like I lost a fight.  

  • Hari

    6:01 (115 lbs) 

  • 3:25 at 155# with a 24″ box

    • Kevin

      Nice work Ben ! Should have stepped it up to 165. Next time.

  • Annie

    5:35 83lbs with a 24# box

  • The_Lisa

    5:39 with 83#, 20″

  • Julie of Ithaca

    B. 6:00 95#/20″