Cindy left town

Wednesday 120321

A: Press 3 x 8

B: “Mary”
5 Handstand Pushups
10 One-Legged Squats, Alternating Legs
15 Pull-ups

Compare to 110802 (if you chose “Mary” and not “Cindy” that day).

NOTE: This morning’s NYC Endurance running class meets at 6:30am at 25 W. 26th St.

Our very own Reis Baron in a free download video on the CrossFit Journal!
Somatotype in sport (and CrossFit)
My favorite pork stew
The tale of the dragon slayer
Friday night food rewards

Here’s member Keith J. (pictured below) on his experience with Open Workout 12.3:
“12.3 for me was a humbling experience. It wasn’t the cardio, it wasn’t the strength. It was the my toes-to-bar technique that I needed to work on…”

“That’s why I love CrossFit. When you think you’re good at something–boom!–you get slapped in the face with a challenging movement that makes you go, ‘damn, I need to work on that, to add it to my arsenal.’ Can’t wait for 12.4!”

(Photos courtesy of Andrew L. See his whole set here!)

Thursday’s WOD is to be determined. Stay tuned for details.


  • Annie

    I’m not typically one to leave comments but have had enough with all
    the complaining that goes on in the blog. I’m about to hit 3 years in
    April at the Box and have loved every moment of being a member. I know
    logistics can be a pain but the owners and coaches are doing their best
    to ensure we can crossfit in NYC.  This is just a big thank you to our Crossfit NYC owners and coaches! THANK YOU

    • I am not someone who leaves comments anywhere either and unlike you I am pretty new to Crossfit and the box. 
      Before I continue, I understand things are being worked out and that many -if not all- of the issues will be addressed in the near future. 
      However, I am pretty sure that the issues raised weren’t to complain as if it was a sport; they are real issues that make an experience with great potential into one that’s not so satisfying. 
      Bottom line is that if going to the box will be poor organization and bad trainers (yeah, sorry but some of the trainers at 28th street, suck; not just in the afternoon, early mornings too) many new people like me will get tired and go somewhere else.

      • Anonymous

        First I’d like to welcome you to the box…it’s an exciting time to be new to Crossfit, but also an awkward time to come into such a huge transition period for the gym.

        After posting here far too often (ask anyone) Ive come to realize that the most effective posts (especially ones that criticize the box or staff) are the ones that provide details which will allow people to improve themselves or their services. Just saying that someone or something sucks will not really effect much change. Maybe you could hit the edit button and add some helpful comments like “Avery doesnt pay attention to people’s hips” or “that Kevin P really needs to brush up on his olympic lifting knowledge” or “man Sara’s lack of intensity really leaves me feeling uninspired”.

        You dont have to, but I guarantee you will get more out of your comment if it gives people more to work with.

        • Anonymous

          HEY!  Didn’t I just watch you on THE CROSSFIT JOURNAL?! 

      • Anonymous

        Philosoraptor ( would say that a mass exodus of frustrated new people would alleviate the congestion problems and return the box to homeostasis.

        But don’t do that!  Growing pains aside (and nothing grows forever — particularly in the fitness industry), the community at CFNYC is EXTRAORDINARY.  Ninety percent of my social interactions are with friends I’ve made at the box — I’ve literally alienated everyone else from my life (which makes putting the birthday invite lists easier, that’s for damn sure).

        Here’s how I deal with CFNYC frustrations:
        1. I privately e-mail the owners. 
        2. I vent through group iPhone chats, mostly to coaches who are very dear friends; they get it, don’t worry.  Everyone’s on the same page. 
        3. On a day I know will be crowded, I’ll do the WOD at my company gym, which pays dividends in terms of making me look more bad-ass than I am.
        4. Tequila.

        So, hopefully you’ll stick it out, and maybe if schedules align I will be one of your mentors in the evening.  If nothing else, and I’ve said this before, there’s always SoulCycle.  (I’m “that guy” who feels cool when he spins next to celebrities, and will post about it on Facebook.)

        • Rory

          hopefully #3 comes before #5 b/c otherwise your times/load would surely suffer

          • Anonymous

            Don’t call me Shirley

          • Anonymous

            Loving the Airplane! references, Dickie…two for two

          • Anonymous

            I try…so hard.

        • I’m a big fan of Dickie

          • Anonymous

            That’s the D_Riv dude, right?

          • Jason W

             double entendre!

          • Anonymous

            Me too

      • mike r

        how do our trainers suck? they cant lift the weights for you… my suggestion would be to diversify your trainer base. ie do your homework on the internet. there are plenty of websites like crossfit journal and mobility wod that might help with guidance CNYC trainers cant get to at class.

        • Trainers suck when they are more worried about their cell phone than about the class they have to lead. Or when they don’t understand why someone hasn’t been taught something on Elements and they have no patience whatsoever to explain it. Or when it shows the only thing they want is for the wod to be over so then can go have breakfast or do their own training or chit chat with other people. 

          I am a hard worker and if I decided to try crossfit is because I want to lift the weights myself, and while I can watch a million videos and read a whole bunch of articles on how to improve my performance, there are things that only a live experience can do, and that’s why I go to the box and not train on my own. 

          Reis- thanks for your words and suggestions. And…awesome video, your story is very inspiring. 

          D_Riv- thanks for the follow up and the quota of humor. While I’m not into Soulcycle…I can vouch for MMA training. But I’ll stick for now and see how it goes. 

          • Jeff

            I can’t alleviate all of your concerns, but if you have any questions about the movements or CF in general, just let me know and I’d be glad to help out as best as I can.  I try to make myself as available as possible to our members.

            You can drop me a line at “jeff” at “crossfitnyc” dot you-know-the-rest, or just come find me.  I’m usually at the new space on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and at the old space on weeknights and Sundays.

          • Anonymous

            We’re all in this together!

          • Hari

            If you have an instructor who is routinely on his or her cell phone, let me know. I can fix that. But realize that instructors are required to carry their phones, so they can handle complaints from our neighbors, if and when they occur. Similarly, if an instructor is citing out early, etc., that’s easy to fix.

            In general, we’re pretty receptive to criticism, but if things have decayed to the point where you generally feel that we suck, then the least you can let us do is give you a full refund. We’re doing our best, but if in your opinion we’re not improving fast enough (which is a perfectly reasonable position for you to take as a customer) then just email me Hari at CrosFitNYC dot com.

            Our preference is to give each of our members the value they expect, and if we are failing to do so, then we do not want to take your money. On the other hand, if you trust us and continue to focus us on where we can improve, then we both in this together for the long run.

      • July 26th, 2011. My first day at Crossfit NYC. My first WOD out of Elements was Grace. I finished her in around 8 minutes using 115# (AKA slow and weak)
        My overall fitness has changed considerably from when I first started. But something that has improved even more has been the mental side of things; being able to go to that dark place that you don’t want to go and finish the workout faster than what you did the previous time.
        I owe a lot of my success to the coaches at CFNYC. They have not only been masters at teaching me the finer points of CrossFit, but they also serve as babysitters, therapists, sheep herders, motivational speakers (R-Rated or otherwise) and DJs. They even inspired me to get my CF-L1 certification. I’ve really missed coaching athletes since I quit coaching golf out of college. There’s something quite special seeing improvement in someone who has gone through hell and back trying to achieve it. Even as a fellow athlete in a class seeing Will Lanier knock off over a minute in his Fran time, or watching Adena get her first kipping pullup and now doing Fran Rx’d – it’s really fun to watch.
        We at CFNYC are experiencing growth that is outpacing the resources and personnel needed to tackle said growth. This is the perfect storm of getting a new and improved box up and running, operating the old box, welcoming a record number of new members on a weekly basis, and doing all this with the same number of employees. I am surprised that both boxes are even operating as well as they are. 
        Aside from the official full time coaches, there are many members who have received their CF-L1 certification because they see it as an added value to helping themselves and their own practice along with the ability to train others. Many of these members are volunteering their time to be an extra set of eyes and ears during busy times in the box. This will enable each and every athlete to get the attention he/she deserves.
        I look forward to helping out our great coaches and meeting many of our new members who are as eager as I am to be a part of such a great community.

        • Anonymous

          It’s the fuckin’ Catalina WINE MIXER!!!

    • I think the complaints are legitimate feedback.  I think it’s valuable for people to discuss these issue on the blog. There are a lot of good ideas on yesterday’s comments and people even volunteering to help out (with or without shirts). I don’t think anyone is just bellyaching, but relaying their experiences and ideas that could improve their experiences. 

      I think new and inexperienced trainers should be paired up with experienced trainers for a little while to learn effective class management techniques. To alleviate the short term trainer shortage issue, offer some of the more experienced members credits/discounts to help assistant-coach beginners classes. Perhaps even just run the clock, and help people set up weights and logistics so the trainer can focus on helping people with form and technique.  

      • Anonymous

        Think about all they could do if they raised our membership prices!!  😉

        P.S. Nice job getting all Chloe (#24 #CTU4Ever) on the games data.  Impressive.

    • Anonymous

      I love you, Annie!  #PQTEME

      (That’s a private little hashtag thing she and I have.)

      (Now everyone’s wondering what it means.)

      (And that’s how you create style and mystique.)

  • I thought some people were a little too excited about tabata situps yesterday…. =P

  • awesome video reis

  • Hari

    Overall, the complaints have been reasonable, accurate, and legitimate. I understand and appreciate Annie’s position–basically that things have been worse at times in in the past, and we have always worked through it. But new people are experiencing these types of problems for the first time, and we completely understand their frustration. 

    Our single greatest problem right now is getting a Front Desk set up at 28 Street and capping the classes. On the one hand, everyone loves just showing up whenever they like. On the other hand, that is causing random and over-sized classes. Once we can start efficiently controlling class sizes, we will be far better able to fix everything else.

  • naveen

    Early flight to Boston this morning, so right out of bed warmed up with 50 jumping jacks and a couple mins of stretching, righy into wod: Tabata KB swings (Russian, 2p), Tabata squats, tabata push ups, tabata situps. Under 20 mins between wake up and shower.

  • Anonymous

    A: 95 – 115 (3) – 95
    Mary:  8 rounds + 2 pullups, experimented with HSPU w/2 abmats after presses.  Was a little too much scaling.  pistols w/10# bumper

    • Kristin Cunningham

       great job!

  • Rory

    Reis you are an insipration!

    A. 85-95-105 (keeping my butt tight as per Sara’s demands)
    B. 7 rounds + 18 reps (erroneously wrote Rx’d on whiteboard but used 1 abmat on hspu’s and 5lb plate on pistols)

    can I change my answer from this mornings question from “safari” to “CK One” with the hopes of matching Andrew’s awesome “Drakkar Noir” call

    • Anonymous

      What was the question?

      • Rory

        favorite cologne/perfume/toilette water

        • Anonymous

          Sex Panther.

          • Anonymous

            60% of the time, it works every time…

          • Jamie F.

            60% of the time it works all the time…

          • Anonymous

            got you by two minutes!

          • Michael North

            It’s quite pungent. It’s a formidable scent. It stings the nostrils. In a good way…

  • Hari

    Friday, March 30 Happy Hour, etc. 
    In so far:
    Andrew Louie, AndrewNYC, Amanda Long, Ben S, D Riv, Cass, David Stogsdill, Dwindle 62, Erica R, Jai, James Vergara, Jessica Steiert, Kayam Rajaram, Keith Jusino, Kyle Smith, Kristin Cunningham, Linnea H, Naveen, Nick Walters, Ryan C Woods, Rory, Sara H, Sully, Swilsonjm, Tracey, Wbgreene
    Who else is in? (Re post, if I spelled your name wrong)

    • I’m in!

    • Philippe Hauswald

      Im in

    • I’m in too!

    • JP

      I’m in

    • Anonymous

      I’m in!

    • Erika Ramos

      erika ramos, hari! with a K! 

    • Anonymous

      So in!

  • Michael North

    Predictions for 12.5?

    We haven’t seen pull-ups yet…

    • Anonymous

      It’ll start with a movement “most” people can handle. My money is on medicine ball cleans.

    • Anonymous

      Something with handstand pushups , or pullups

    • Jamie F.

      Chicken McNugget Fran … a true test of fitness!

    • I’m hoping to God there aren’t HSPUs. Anything else but those.

    • Michael North

      There has been a lot of overhead work in the Open. Snatch, push press, wall balls. Even burpee jumps… HSPU would be in the same vein.

      I’m hoping for heavy DL’s or squats. More in my wheelhouse and relatively easy standard to judge.

      • Anonymous

        Brings on the DLs!

  • Kristin Cunningham

    A: 43 – 53 – 53
    B: 6 rounds (pull ups with green band and wall walks instead of HSPUs)

    Thanks Will for pushing me to do 53lbs.

    maybe one day I will be able to do a HSPU

    • Anonymous

      Nice job, Kristin!

    • Amanda Long

      Great job!!! You will get the HSPU!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Amazing story Reis, keep it up!!!

  • Adam Rashid

    In the spirit of mentoring, if anyone wants help with their Olympic lifts (snatch and clean+jerk), feel free to ask me for advice (assuming Kevin isn’t around).  I’m no expert, but I can take a look at your lifts, explain the basics of proper technique, and suggest some corrections.  If we’ve never met, just introduce yourself — I’m the featherweight who trains with the colorful plates at 26th Street, usually Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings.

    • Sean M.

      Other tell-tale signs…he lifts in front of a hanging jump rope, and screams during 70% of his lifts.  

      • D Smith

        Or if you catch him before he begins training, he puts his oly shoes on with a shoe horn 🙂

        • keller

          these are hilarious

          • Sam Gaberal

            The shoe horn is a dead give away.

          • Andy G

             but don’t watch him do his jump rope warm up, you’ll just get dizzy and want to throw up

          • Naveen

            you’ll rarely see him without his green back-pack nearby, so he’ll be sure to have his coconut milk handy in case you offer him tea.

          • Adam Rashid

            Yep, I can assist with shoehorn practice too.

  • Amanda Long

    Mary – 8 rounds plus 6 pistols. Substituted HSPUs with regular push-ups (shoulder is still screwed up from 12.2/12.3). I did the pistols standing on the black box. Taking a few days for me to get back into a routine after vacation, but today was a great workout!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Nice work, Amanda!

    • Kristin Cunningham

       so much for this being 1 round… me=idiot – this will make for an interesting run tonight

      great job today!

      • Amanda Long

        We can always hope 🙂

  • The_Lisa

    Minoj and Tom came to this (Spring!) morning’s NYC Endurance running workout. They did a total of 24 100m sprints every 30 seconds with occasional rests and worked hard. Nice work!

    Congrats Reis on your achievements being recognized, great video!

  • and here are the CFNYC Gym standings for the Open WOD thorugh 12.4:

    • Jai Berg

      Just FYI, there are at least three women listed in the Individual Men tab. (I caught an Emily and two Shannons–I could be wrong, but these names tend to be female.) Thought you might like to know.

      Also, why the hell am I in the top twenty? I see a lot of women on that list who should be wiping the floor with my ass.

      • I double checked, the two shannons and emily Picon are listed on the  games.crossfit site as male. *shrug* 

        I ranked each athlete by their score for each WOD, then summed each rank on each WOD to come up with a total score, then ranked the total score. the numbers say you’re awesome! 🙂 

        There are a few athletes who were doing awesome but for some reason, did not have a verified score for 12.4, I added in a huge penalty (500) for missing scores to move them to the bottom of the rankings.

  • dan def

    Reis– great video.  You are CrossfitNYC.  If you have not yet watched it, please do so.  

    • Sean M.

      I agree.  Great video.  

    • Hari


      Reis, we’re lucky to have you. Thanks.

  • mike r

    Does anyone buy their fish frozen? I usually buy salmon at fairway. I bought some last night and had it for dinner. This morning my stomach didnt feel well. This has happened a few times now and I think its time to check out other options. I know most supermarkets receive their fish frozen, let it defrost, and put it on ice in a display. Im thinking i should just by my fish frozen…. suggestions??

    • I get mine from Trader Joes (20th and 6th ave). I love the frozen socket-eye salmon fillets. Haven’t gotten sick yet…

      • Anonymous

        Do they grill up OK? I don’t season fresh salmon at all, but I’ve been put off by the thought that frozen fillets might turn a little musty as they leave cryogenic stasis.

        • I defrost in the fridge overnight, rinse it with cold water, pat dry and season with salt and pepper only. I then spray on EVOO and pan sear in a hot cast-iron skillet. It makes the skin crispy and the fillet meat tender, it’s delicious! Just make sure it is fully thawed before attempting to cook.

  • Anonymous

    Great video, Reis!

  • Maybe it’s because I’m old(-fashioned), maybe it’s because I work hard to make this blog a positive, learning environment for our readers, but I prefer it when our comments read more like a cocktail party and less like a fight.  If a member isn’t happy, s/he should definitely let owners and/or relevant coach(es) know, but I’m of the opinion that direct communication via email or face-to-face is better than saying stuff here–not only more civil but also more likely to get you what you want.  At the very least, start the communication privately and if you aren’t getting a response you could then post here as a last-ditch effort…but I doubt it would ever come to that as the owners are so responsive.  They can’t please everyone all the time but they’re willing to take suggestions and feedback from everyone all the time.

    Oh, and publicly critiquing coaches that teach at certain times (and therefore outing them in all but name) is rude.  Don’t say stuff here that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face.

    And now to end on a positive note, thank you so much to all of you who crack jokes and make me smile with your witty blog-comment repartee.  While I don’t always have time to partake in the banter, I always appreciate it greatly.

    • Anonymous

      Could you imagine if we blogged while drunk?

      • Anonymous

         …wait…you’re sober?

        • Anonymous

          Yep. Since 7AM.

          It’s Bombay Sapphire hour from 6-7PM tonight chez Dickie!

    • Matt D

      I agree.  This is a public blog, and people from other gyms check it.   

    • keller

      i hear there is a trainer that is usually at the new space on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and at the old space on weeknights and Sundays that likes to coach while asleep

      • Anonymous

        Shouldn’t you be running regressions?

        • keller

          shouldn’t you be working?!?!

      • Jeff

        It must be testament to Reis’ commitment that he made it through this same sleeping trainer’s Elements and still managed to become a featured athlete.

  • Mary:  5 Rounds using so many aids to help me get through it…

  • Paul Booth

    Reis, congrats on the great video!

  • Anonymous

    You’ve all been amazing and supportive and incredible.  Thanks for all of the Love.  I don’t know what to say about the video…just surreal. I look forward to seeing the stories emerge from our new members as everyone’s training evolves in 2012.

    Keith I’m with you 100% on 12.3. Toes to Bar is one of my nemeses…I hope to have it next time.

    And no, I wasn’t dissing you 7AMers today…I was packed and ready until I woke up in the middle of the night completely ill…I’m coming around and hope to be there in the morning for deadlifts, pullups and HSPU (sorry Nick). I can’t see us getting out of the Open without a deadlift…we’ll see.  So far there’s been something in each WOD that everyone can do, so it’ll be interesting if they abandon ship and throw out one of the old main site favorites like heavy dumbbell hang split snatches or something…should be fun!

    • Reis-Im confident that you will go unbroken broken before you know it

    • Reis-Im confident that you will go unbroken broken before you know it

    • Sam G.

      You really hate those hang split snatches lol.

    • Sam G.

      You really hate those hang split snatches lol.

    • vikkikatz

       Reis–your video was fantastic! I’m so glad you got recognized and as a new member, you add so much to 7am 🙂  Thanks for all the support!

  • Reis, sorry I’ve never had the chance to meet you.  Your video was great.  Congratulations on your progress.

    Strict press:  3 x 8 @ 95#

    Mary:  6 rounds, rx’d with strict pull ups.  HSPUs sucked after earlier strict press.

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a box in Sydney?  Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Reis!! You’re a rock star!! Love the vid and you are such an inspiration! 

  • Jim S

    A: 75, 80, 85
    B: 3 rds, 5 hspu, 10 pistols, 5 pull ups
    Used a roll of TP for the HSPU target and pull ups were strict.

  • Jai Berg

    I’ve been thinking about mentors lately (I’ve been going to 28th almost exclusively the past week or so) and how I can be more useful. I mostly just poke my nose into any class that seems large and offer my help, sometimes taking over the stopwatch when a coach needs to finish up a class and start another simultaneously, sometimes advising on form corrections or tricks that have helped me become a better CrossFitter. But it might be more fun if the mentors are introduced at the start of class (if one or two is there) and the class is run in teams. If we can divide up a large group with mentors helping smaller teams, it may help everyone get more individual attention while the coach keeps an eye on the big picture and roves to provide more in-depth help.

    I think someone mentioned shirts.On one hand, that would make mentors more visible. On the other hand, I might have to do laundry more often. Would a baseball cap work better? 🙂

    Some sort of tip sheet for mentors on the most helpful ways to jump in, generated by the coaches who’d like assistance and the athletes who’d like attention and the owners who are trying to make the whole clusterf*ck work… that’d be great.

    Just some thoughts to start. Any others?

  • David Stogsdill


    A. KB press 1×5 –16kg 
                       4×5 –12kg

    B. 20 min. AMRAP: 5 OHS #65 / 10 pushups / 15 situps
    10 rounds + 5 OHS + 6 Pushups Rx’d

  • Anonymous

    A. 65-75-85 with ample rest between sets

    B. “Mary” (subbed kipping ring pull-ups, and scaled pistols to 20″ box, hspus to a 25# plate): 6.67 rounds

    Wanted to especially thank Nick for being an awesome first-year mentor and keeping time for me, and Sully for suggesting ring pull-ups, which I hope looked CrossFit-as-f*ck to the post-elements crowd.

    • Nick W

      Good job tonight man. That was fun.

  • Asegal04

    A. 115, 135, 135

    B. 8 rounds + 5 hspu + 2 pistols. Rxd

    Looking forward to 12.5, good fun