Monday Maxes

Monday 120319

A: Clean 12-9-5

B: For Max Reps:
4-Minutes of Rowing (for calories)
Rest 60 seconds
3-Minutes of Kettlebell Swings
(Men: Adv=24 kg, Int=16 kg; Women: Adv=16 kg, Int=12 kg)
Rest 60 seconds
2-Minutes of Back Squat
(Men: Adv=Bodyweight, Int=3/4 BW; Women: Adv=3/4 BW, Int=1/2 BW)
Rest 60 seconds
1-Minute of Shoulder to Overhead (Push Press/Jerk)
(Men: Adv=95 lbs, Int=75 lbs; Women: Adv=65 lbs, Int=55 lbs)

Presumably taking inspiration from some of our recent Elements Grads Team photos, we received this pic from some CFNYC regulars who should perhaps go by the moniker Team Headband? ūüėČ (Clockwise, from far left: David T., Coach Sully, Andy, Hildur, Ari, and Coach Craig. Thx to Steve L. for the photo.)

“Approach every rep as if it’s your first and your last.”
Why not “train through pain”?
How to assemble your support team
Late night
Bagna cauda / Cauliflower tabbouleh

Because Monday mornings call for more than just one funny pic:

CAPTION CONTEST: What’s up with Coach Josh and Leon (from Mendez Boxing upstairs)?

Bonus hilarity that you can feel free to explain in the comments:

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Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s WOD classes:

A: Snatch 3 x 1

B: Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
155#/105#185#/125# Deadlift, 21 reps


  • Pp

    I think you have Tuesday’s programming on Monday… Am I wrong?

    • Cass

      No you’re not, I remember seeing rowing, kb swings, backsquats, and push presses/jerks with resting and decreasing minute workouts?¬†

      • Stefanie

        3 minutes of each…. Cass ur right

    • You’re right, guys, and I’ve fixed it now–thanks for letting me know!

  • Hari

    Celebrate the end of the 2012 CrossFit Games Open with your 504 teammates 
    Friday, March 30, 7:30 PM
    Venue to Be Determined (after we get a sense of how many people will attend).

    Who’s in?

    • Anonymous

      ¬†I’m in!

    • Anonymous

      In! (as long as I can get home before my curfew)

    • Jai

      I’m in.

    • Cassie

      i’m in

    • Sully

      I’m in, until about 10PM then bedtime.¬†

      • Jai

        Sara does not give a fuck if you’re tired.

    • erika r

      i’m in!

    • I would also attend, but I also have a curfew at around 10pm ūüôā

    • in.¬†

    • I’ll take some time out from my busy sleeping schedule . . .

    • ¬†I’m in!

  • Anonymous

    We skipped Part A.

    Part B: 144 = ( 61 + 52@24kg + 16@125lb + 16@75lb )

    RLR’s Part C: Shoulder Mobility – Turkish Get-Ups (5 Each Side@1Pood)

    Great job, 6AM! 

  • Anonymous

    A: 177

    • Anonymous

      That shirt just had to come off by the shoulder-to-overheads, didn’t it…

      • Anonymous

        I’ll try anything for one more rep.

        • Anonymous


      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Great f*ing workout this a.m.
    Even with quads still sore after wallballfest this weekend.
    A:  12-9-5 powercleans with Mike C.  135-145-165
    B: 177 reps
         85 cal row (1:45-1:50 splits) + 
         56 swings at 28kg + 
         16 backsquats at 185# + 
         20 presses/pushpresses at  95# 

    • Anonymous

      I feel better about myself knowing we were both in the same rep range for the swings and back-squats.

      Then I look at the weights you used and I feel worse.  #NotElite

      Great job!!

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, Dickie. ¬†But I think I have a good 25 to 30# of bodyweight on you, so I wouldn’t read into it that much…

        • Anonymous

          Dude, I read into EVERYTHING. It’s fueling my slow descent into madness, like a pressure cooker on low for 30 years. I’ll be super fun at cocktail parties in my forties.

          • Anonymous

            I liked the comment, btw…not your slow descent into madness…

  • part B only: 133
    86 cal Row
    25 KB swings at 32kg
    9 Backsquats at 195#
    13 Push Press at 95#

    Cash out: tabata sit-ups: 88

    Thanks Avery and Will for another expertly run class!

  • John Nolan

    I second that — ran like clockwork.


  • Cassie

    great work 6am!
    total reps: 154

    row: 55 calories
    KB swings: 56 with 20kg (first attempt with this weight and opted for russian swings)
    backsquats: 22 at 100 lbs
    push presses: 21 at 65 lbs

    i miscalculated at the gym, my bad..can’t do math before 7am apparently

    • Anonymous

      nice job on the swings!

      • Cassie

        thanks james, great energy for the last heat! nice work!

    • Anonymous

      You beat me. Clearly I can’t talk to you at 6AM anymore so I can focus on my fitness.

      • Cassie

        you had more weight dickie..and you’ve been injured..and remember i couldn’t even break 100 on wall balls..and i’ve been squatting since i came out of my mama’s womb..the asian squat position is in my genes..

        • Anonymous


  • jenntang

    WOD: 164
    Row: 57 cal
    KB: 70 (20k)
    BS: 15 (115#)
    PP: 22 (65#)

  • Malcolm

    B:  182
    Row:  82 cal
    KB Swings:  60 (28 kg)
    Squat:  10 (215 #)
    Push Press:  30 (95#)

    • Anonymous

      nice job, malcolm…crushed the swings and the presses!

      • Malcolm

        Thanks.  Nice work on your end as well. 

  • Rory

    B. 156
    row: 68
    swings: 45 (24kg)
    squats: 23 (#135)
    press: 20 (#95)

    IN for cocktails

    • Anonymous


    • Michael North

      You weigh 135?

      • Rory

        you can’t tell

  • Rory

    great HSPU efficiency tips video on main site today with Spealler and Chan

    • Anonymous

      I’ll save those for when I have HSPUs…

  • BenS

    Flawless logistics by Will and Avery this morning.

    B: 153
    row: 74
    swings: 50 (24kg)
    squats: 13 (195lbs)
    press: 16 (95lbs)

    tabata situp cash out: 83

  • Anonymous

    B: 40cal + 55 swings at 24kg + 13 squats at 145# + 11 push jerks at 95# = 119
    A: power clean 115x5x3
    Tabata V-ups for cash out

  • Justin Katz


    Can you validate my score from 12.4
    My score was 74 My judge was Jeff Yan
    I posted yesterday .

    • Hari

      I your score is in the book, it will be validated this evening.

  • Michael North

    B: 125 Rx
    Row: 59
    Swing: 43 (24kg)
    Squat: 15 (215#)
    Push press/jerk: 8 (95#)

    I liked this WOD a lot. Would like to do it when I’m fresh, not after consecutive days of 12.4. Also, need to set C2 monitor to show pace/500m. I’m lost without it.

    Great organization this morning by Avery & Will (again)…

  • Anonymous

    Is there still a mobility wod class? when is is? i don’t see it on the schedule

    • Steve Slo

      Should be tonight at 8. At 28th street.

  • Anonymous

    cool thanks

  • Asegal04

    A. 197 reps

  • Jim S

    A: Squat cleans. 75, 95, 105. Went light, cuz, well, my quads are still all Karen’d to hell.
    B: 74 cal, 55 at 45lbs, 8 at 175lbs, 14 at 95lbs = 151
    Surprisingly I had more squats than that in me, but I left them there because I was afraid. Ever since I saw this video…¬†

  • Ben M

    A: 145 – 5X5
    B: 155 (62, 53 @ 24Kg, 18 @ 165, 22 @93lbs)

    This WOD = WOW! Good fun. I’m looking forward to Snatch practice tomorrow.

    Thanks you, Michelle for counting and for Coach Kevin “forcing” me to use the 24kg kettleball

  • Anonymous

    A. 53, 63, 83

    B. 164

    Row: 51

    KB Swing: 73 (16 kg)

    Back Squat: 20 (70#)

    Push press: 20 (45#)

    Great WOD. Need to get better at rowing. Also, wld like to see a bit
    more organization at 28th street…know it’s tough with so many ppl tho.

    • Hari

      We’re on it.

  • Anonymous

    maybe the blog isn’t the best place to air this grievance, and i certainly don’t mean to target anyone specifically but 28th was undeniably a mess tonight. Clearly running more heats is not solving the capacity problem. Seemed many heats were doing stretches of the WOD unsupervised tonight (yes, i believe the row should be supervised, it’s what we pay for).¬†Has anyone ever tossed around the idea of capping membership until logistics are figured out?¬†

    • Anonymous
    • Hari

      We will do that, if we need to. However, tonight’s difficulties were caused primarily by a lack of equipment. We will soon have more rowers, squat racks, etc.

  • Steve Slo

    A) Oly Stuff:
    (mid-thigh and floor for 2 positions)
    2×2 2-position snatches at 85#
    2×2 2-position snatches at 95#
    2×2 2-position snatches at 105# (failed on the 2nd position of the 2nd rep for both sets)

    3×3 snatch pulls at 115#
    3×3 snatch pulls at 125#

    5,4,3 (reps of) snatch-grip push press at 135#

    50 situps with 45# plate overhead

    B) WOD:
    (24kg swings, 185# (80% BW) back squat, and 95# overhead)
    161 reps (74, 54, 14, 19)

    C) Court’s Mobility Thing:
    Really… Just stupid helpful.

  • Row 70 + Swings 56 (24kg) + Squat 20 (115) + Push Press 18 (75#) = 164

  • Jana B.

    A: 53-63-63-63-63
    B: ¬†161 (54 row; 65 swings w/ 12kg KBs; 21 back squat at 85# (had more in me but got hung up on multiple timers going and stopped 15 seconds early without realizing it); 21 overhead at 53#). ¬†I loved this WOD! ¬†Much needed too after this weekend’s Karen disappointment. ¬†

  • The_Lisa

    Straight to part B:
    55 cals, 53 KB swings at 16KG, 10 BS at 105# (72%BW), 19 PP at 65# = 147

  • ED

    To start, I fucking love CrossFitNYC. I paid for a 6 month membership with student loans because I believe that the spirit and the community here make me a better, healthier person. So, my ensuing critique, while harsh, comes from that place.

    I joined CrossFitNYC in November just prior to the explosion in membership and expansion to 28th street. I generally go to morning classes at 26th street with Sara and Will. Without a doubt, in Sara and Will’s classes, the benefit of the experience ALWAYS meets or exceeds the cost of participating.

    When my schedule requires, I attend evening classes at 28th street. Over the past two months, I’ve attended approximately 10 evening classes. Due to the transition and equipment constraints, these classes are more chaotic and less organized. Tonight, from 5pm – 7pm, was an exceptionally mismanaged time at 28th street. Simply, tonight was a cluster-fuck.

    In the ~12 evening classes I’ve attended, class members have introduced themselves ONE time. Tonight, our coach didn’t even guide us through a warm-up. I’m a novice, but I’m fairly certain the Burgener warm-up is a skill-specific warm-up and not intended to prepare muscles for vigorous exercise. I mentioned our lack of warm-up to another coach who said, “Well, why don’t you go jog?” I was too overwhelmed with frustration to take his advice – though I probably should have.

    After the quick Burgener warm-up, we were instructed to complete 5×5 cleans. After I had finished only two sets, a group of 17 of us were instructed to move across the gym to begin the day’s met-con on the rowers. We huddled around in confusion for about 5 minutes without understanding what we were supposed to do. Finally, someone tracked down our coach who tried unsuccessfully to explain the process. If it weren’t from Hari intervening, I’d probably still be waiting to begin. Tonight, it seemed that CFNYC 28th street in the evening is the soulless, assembly line version of CFNYC 26th street in the morning.

    The only coaching I received the entire night was the Burgener warm-up. I’m happy to be responsible for over 50% of my daily workout, but is it possible to then only pay 50% of my membership fee?

    I know my rant here is insignificant, but I’m super sad an organization I love, an organization I came to love because of the quality of my experience, has deteriorated so much. Can we do better?

    • Michael

      ED i agree. i attended a couple of classes at 26th and 28th in the evening and i am currently not happy with the quality of training. i am a pretty experienced crossfitter and i have been training in multiple boxes. i generally like the atmosphere, but it is def not as personal as i am used to (that might be due to the size, but still) and at points there is also a lack¬†of guidance and organization from my point of view. i know what i have to do and can push myself, but being told to warm myself up and the coach is doing whatever is not what a good crossfit class is supposed to be. i also dont understand why some coaches say, “i dont care what you do, pick any weight”, etc. Today the coach wasnt even familiar with the first WOD (12-9-5 cleans), he just said do cleans, i dont care how many, just do whatever you want. while this is fine for more advanced people, crossfit is not a sport where you just do whatever you want (unless you do a open gym). The biggest benefit from having crossfit classes in my opinion is that these are organized and have a particular programming so you are to get to your (personal) limits and i expect better coaching in this regard, otherwise the atmosphere becomes too “relaxed” in my opinion. i understand that all this might be due to the fast growth and big classes, but this is not going in the right direction and might need to be addressed.
      This is just my opinion and I mean this as a constructive criticism, there is no intent to blame anyone. 

    • mike n.

      I saw the same thing. ¬†In my opinion this was a scheduling mistake. ¬†Monday’s are typically busy as people try and burn off the calories they absorbed over the weekend and this past weekend people ate and drank even more while pretending to be irish. ¬†As a result attendance spiked and the WOD had two components that are limited, rowers and racks for back squats. ¬†I thought the WOD as an idea was good but it wasn’t good for our gym. ¬†There were 2 classes rolling through at any one time with 20 people each all needing to use 5 rowers. ¬†While the kinks are being worked out at 28th street, simplier WODs are probably a better idea. ¬†Like tuesday’s and wednesday’s. ¬†

  • Hari

    The fault is entirely our (Court, Josh, and my) own. There are a number of factors that are contributing to the problem, all of which cascaded together this Monday Night.

    1) We didn’t have enough rowers or squat racks. This is a trivial problem to solve, so I’ll spare you the explanation.(All the equipment is on order). If we had had 8 rowers, 8 racks, and more plates, there would have been virtually no wait, and the same coaches would have been able to stay with their classes from start to finish.

    2) Because we knew we were going to have difficulty sequencing people through the second half of the WOD, we became focused on keeping things moving, at the expense of much else.

    3) It is a mistake for us not to have posted weight recommendations for the cleans.

    4) With the expansion of the schedule, we have not settled into a situation where the same coaches are working the same schedules all the time (the way we have in the AM at 26 Street).

    5) We haven’t mapped out the floor, so people know exactly where to stand. This is in part due to:

    6) We haven’t gotten enough lighting in to make the entire floor equally usable, and¬†

    7) We don’t have even half our pull-up bars in place. (They’re coming this week.)

    8) We are trying to make all classes accessible to everyone, and this is not necessarily as efficient as we had thought. We now have people who were at 26 Street coming over and not seeing the sort of organization they’re used to.

    9) We don’t have White Boards installed, so we aren’t writing down names, scores, explanations, etc.

    10) We don’t have a Front Desk and/or Front Desk Staff on duty. (We’re trying to hire two more people.)

    In sum, none of these problems reflect a larger change for the worse in how we run CFNYC, rather they reflect a lot of small, easy-to-solve problems that we are temporarily struggling with. We’re a bit like a great restaurant that just gotten written up and suddenly is overrun.¬†

    Whatever mistakes we make or have made, we have a history of learning quickly. We will have this significantly straightened out over the next two weeks.