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IMPORTANT SCHEDULE NOTE: Tomorrow, SATURDAY, March 17, all WOD classes will take place at 44 W. 28th St., 2nd floor.

Friday 120316

5 rounds for time:
5 deadlifts @ 225#/155-185#
10 Pullups

Plus pre-Open mobility work.

Go see Coach Kevin in his one-night-only play, Undertow, TONIGHT. Click here for details!
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Jai and Jamie were both kind enough to write up their experiences with 12.3. Enjoy!

“Going into 12.3, I decided I’d be happy if I completed one round. I knew that 75# was not an ideal weight for high reps from me, because I don’t always manage to get that weight up in a clean. But I knew I could get a few. And I want to go Rx’d as long as possible in the competition, just to see how much I can do and compare that to what I’m doing months from now. (I’m more than two and a half years into CrossFitting. Measuring your fitness never stops.)”

“My first clean wasn’t pretty but I got it into the rack position. I knew from the start I’d be doing split jerks. My biggest challenge was remembering to drop under the bar–too often I’d get it most of the way up and have to press it to finish. I managed to get five, then three, then two… and then singles were my friend from then on.”

“I completed two full rounds and was two reps away from starting toes-to-bar in my third round when time was called. Out of necessity, both my cleans and split jerks became more efficient, but I still have more work to do fixing my form on those. But let’s ignore such pickiness–I got way more than I thought I would. Triumph!”

“12.3…I knew I wasn’t going to win this one. Shoulder to overhead has always seemed to be my weakness, so when I saw this one, I definitely was already hurting. As for the WOD itself, first and foremost a big thank you to Mike Williamson, Nick Walters, Jason Wong, Jenn Tang, and whoever else may have watched me wince in pain through this workout. The people around you earn you those few extra reps every AMRAP.”

“I came in to this one, with a stitch or what felt like a charlie horse in my right calf, so I was definitely a little nervous, not so much with the box-jumps, but really on the push-presses, where if I had any hope, legs were going to be my savior. Warm-ups with 45 LBS felt okay, but 95 on the bar hurt. Box-jumps felt okay surprisingly or at the very least manageable.”

“I went out fast, (wishfully) hoping to get 9 rounds, with the first round done in about 90 seconds…thereafter I entered that hallowed ground where no K-star disciple shall tread, the pain cave, and was hurting real bad in rounds 5 through 6 on the box-jumps and push-presses. Toes to bar felt great. How often do you get to say that!

Nevertheless, I pushed through the WOD and finished with 6 rounds and 7 Box-Jumps. I was happy I got that far. Even if I was feeling good, I’m going to be honest I don’t think I would have made it much farther than where I did.”

“But enough about me. Great to see everyone come in and go hard on this WOD, it was tough mentally and everyone I saw do it, went after it. The weight was heavy to look at (for most people) and toes-to-bar is not an easy movement. Great work everyone on this one. Hats off. 12.4 looks even less fun!”

* * * * *

Here’s what’s on tap for Saturday’s WOD classes, ALL OF WHICH WILL TAKE PLACE AT 44 W. 28TH ST., 2ND FLOOR:

Workout 12.4, 2012 CrossFit Games Open

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
150 Wall balls (Men: 20# to 10′ target / Women: 14# to 9′ target)
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups


  • Paul s

    Hey guys. I left my black training notebook at the new space. Please anyone, keep an eye out for it. Thanks.

  • Paul s

    Got cycling non-hook grip MUs! Huge thanks to Will for his perfect cue! Let’s see if I can do atleast one on 12.4. Full extension at the bottom with a false grip is impossible for bigger peoples.

  • Philip Jonat

    I want to do this workout tonight, Friday night.  what time should I come and which gym? Two weeks ago I came at 8:30 and it was a little late for the coaches.

    • Kevin

      As long as you’re done by 9 pm its fine.

  • Anonymous

    A: 10:15 rx’d, with strict pullups at the strong suggestion of coach Sara
    B:  Double under practice…trying to string 10 together in advance of 12.4

    • Kristin Cunningham

       Great job!!!! You are very close to getting those 10 in a row….. me=jealous

    • Anonymous



  • Anonymous

    Public Service Announcement:  Anyone that tells you Mezcal will not give you a hangover is lying.       

    • Cassie

      sponsored by…mezcal

    • Anonymous

      Did you at least eat the worm for recovery? #paleosolution

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    12.4 complete – 151 reps.  I got a double under!

    Karen time: 10:19

    My hamstrings have officially passed the pain baton to my quads.  Judging from my limp to work I’ll need to do some couch stretches in the server room today if I expect to be able to limp down the subway stairs later on. Fun!  This shit never gets old…

    Gigantic thanks to Will & Michael N. for counting and encouraging, as always…

    • Anonymous

      Way to go Reis!! Nice job on the 1st DU.

    • Michael North

      Nice work today! Congrats.

    • Ali Hovland

      Nice work!  I locked myself in a conference room to see if I could do more than 24 double unders in 3 minutes.  Fail.  Legs still don’t work and I have a sweet limp going on just walking.

  • Kristin Cunningham

    12:58 – (1) 113lb (2) strict pull ups with a green band <—- killed me


    • Anonymous

      The goose is sauced.

    • Anonymous

      Nice work, Kristin…and thanks for the encouragement on the double unders…

  • BenS

    WOD: 8:12 rx’d, followed by some pathetic double under practice.

  • Michael North

    Did last Friday’s WOD to practice DU’s. Was down to singles quickly. Went light on DL’s as still very sore from Monday’s squatfest.

    5 rounds
    5 DL 145lbs
    20 DU


  • Anonymous


    • Michael North

      I know… That’s what happens when nobody supervises me. I loaded a couple of 25lb plates on each end (there are no 45lb plates at 28th St) and thought “I don’t want to be tired for the double-unders”

      • Anonymous

        —insert pain face here—

        • Michael North

          Agreed. On a positive note I did do 100 double-unders?

      • Naveen

        He likes choosing a weight that is “down under” the one prescribed.

        • Anonymous

          I think we need to throw that joke on the barbie.

  • Jamie F.

    What’s the latest time can I get into 28th street to do 12.4 tonight?

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps scroll to the top and read post #3. Jeez…

  • Anonymous

    In no rush.  12:37 with 235# and sets of three dead-hang ring pull-ups.

    • Naveen

      Why not rush?  

  • Hari

    The final three WOD’s of the day are the Open WOD:

    7:40 PM (28 Street), 8:00 PM (26 Street), 8:20 PM (28 Street)

  • jenntang

    Open WOD 12.4: 165

  • Rory

    thinking about 12.4 tomorrow and all those wall balls…sometimes my neck gets stiff from looking up to catch the ball…anyone have any tips/views on head position during wall balls? thanks rory

    • Naveen

      look with your eyes, not with your head

      • Rory

        thanks guys…just watched KStars prep which covers this as well…keeping torsoe upright and looking with eyes seems key…appreciate it

        • Michael North

          Grow so you are taller than 5’6″? Boom!

          • Rory

            now that you got a few DU’s you are talking smack!!! i see

    • Cassie

      put a picture of Murph on the wall for inspiration

      • Rory

        good one!!

  • More 12.4 prep, this one from Coach Rudy Nielsen at Outlaw CrossFit: 

  • Jim S

    DL / Pull up Rx’d 9:40

  • Steve Slo

    6:10 rx’d (I maybe be a bit off on the seconds… but I think 10 seconds is correct.)

    So… today is day 16 of eating 90+% paleo. Yesterday was a special occasion, so I scheduled an “off meal.” Well …  I’d like to add my voice to the chorus of people that say when you’ve been eating the right foods, your body will CLEARLY let you know when you’ve eaten something wrong.

  • Asegal04

    A. Wod: 4:26 rx

    B. Clean training with Brian, did not realize I was working out with my previous pr.

  • Zoe

    Couldn’t make it in, so did today’s WOD on my own:
    5:55 w/ 165#, kipping pull ups
    Then some practice w/ HSPU negatives and kipping toes to bar… actually managed to get a few strung together!

  • A. Wendler Bench press – 5 x 75, 5 x 95, 5 x 105
    B. Assistance life – 5 x 10 x 65
    C. WOD – 7:21 w/ 185#, green + blue band