Max it out

Wednesday 120314

2 Attempts of:
Max Reps Overhead Squat @ 95#/65
Immediately followed by
Max Ring Dips

NOTES: This morning’s NYC Endurance running class meets at 6:30am at 25 W. 26th St. (as it does every Wednesday!). Reminder that the Wednesday night Mobility Class has been CANCELED.

Learning pain science can relieve and prevent pain
Urinary tract infections (in people) linked to contaminated chicken
Two ways to hack your jumping software
Bleary America needs some shut eye
Storage: A possible neolithic agent of disease

CAPTION CONTEST! What’s up with Coach Will?

Nick–who seemingly has a personal camera crew following his every move during the Open WODs ;)–has been kind enough to give us his thoughts again on WOD 12.3 (we heard from him earlier about 12.2):

“When I saw Open WOD 12.3 posted on the Games site, I had two reactions…”

1. Yes! We get to do more than one exercise this time that is longer than 10 minutes.
2. $hit! It includes an overhead pressing movement.

“Anyone in the 8am class knows that my weakness is anything overhead: presses, handstand pushups, overhead squats and snatches. While practicing these modalities have lead to improved performance over the last few months, I still have a whole farm of ‘goats’ to manage.”

“The box was abuzz last Saturday, and it was really cool to have fellow athletes including Michael Williamson, Jamie Freedman, Paul Imperio (my judge and resident photog), Jason Wong, Daniel Kunitz, Michael North and others yelling at you and getting you through this pain and agony called 12.3.”

If you’d like to give your own report for the blog as to how your Open experience is going, have someone snap (at least) one pic of you and email me at ALLISON at CROSSFITNYC dot COM with your story! I’ve been asking for stories based on who I have pictures of, but I want to hear from as many folks as possible, so don’t be shy.

Thursday’s WOD is to be announced. Stay tuned for details.


  • Jim S

    See this recent study on red meat?

    Would love to hear Paul Jaminet’s reaction to it. Maybe whoever organized his talks at the box could forward a question to him?

    • Naveen

      I saw this today too.  My suspicion is that a culprit may be advanced glycation end products generated during charring. We should keep open minds and be prepared for possibilities like charred grass-fed beef being as bad as for you as grains.  Robb Wolf always talks about look/feel/perform – unlike mortality, these are things you can measure every day.  I’m sticking with my all meat diet, but with more emphasis on slower-cooked flesh of non-diabetic animals.

      • Jim S

        I’m also curious how they controlled for other factors like sugar intake etc. I’m going to read the study but not sure I’ve got the chops to sort it clearly.

    • Court

      Hey Jim-
      already posted your question on PHD comments; he’s pretty good about getting back to people, so I’m sure we’ll here soon.

      • Court


      • Jim S


        • Looks like he addressed the question here:

          • Court

            You’re right, he did already but was nice enough to repost them for us:

            Hi Court,Thanks for hosting me!I haven’t thoroughly read the study but I’ve seen many other studies like it so I don’t find it that surprising. I commented briefly on it in several places: and, Paul

          • Court

            They count pork as a red meat and Paul did quite a nice 3-part breakdown on the dangers of pork consumption.  Plus, the other lifestyle factors associated with red meat consumption seem almost impossible to factor out, i.e. less vegetable consumption, above average sedentary (no exercise), smokers, processed vs unprocessed, use of highly processed vegetable/seed oils (high in PUFA) pretty much all the same places that the so-called “China Study” falls apart…

    • mike r

      damn man… you sound nervous… how much bacon do you eat?

      • Jim S

        ha! Actually, I keep the bacon and pork pretty limited. I ate a lot of it when I first switched eating styles, but then dialed it back when I read Paul’s stuff about the connection with liver disease. I do eat a lot of beef and lamb though so just thought I’d see what his take was on this study.

    • Jason W

       Can I just say that the study cited in the article is not science? Basically, they sent a questionnaire to a couple thousand people once every two years asking, “what do you eat?” There was no hypothesis made, no control created, no experiment run. There’s nothing remotely reproducible. So, yeah, don’t worry about it.

  • Matt M.

    I believe I didn’t record my score in the log book for 12.3 as my score is still pending for 12.3. I completed the WOD thursday morning during the 6am class, Sara Carr was my judge. Would it be possible to update?

    • Matt M.

      Score was 5 rounds (180 reps).

    • Hari

      I’m sorry, but with 500 people and several thousand scores, you need to follow the procedures. Sign the book.

  • Anonymous

    I gotta say: I’m a big Nick Walters fan.

    • Haha, Dickie, you got 8 “likes” to your comment. I think they’re really a Dickie fan!!

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    18 OHS, 8 Ring Dips, 2x … at least i’m consistent…

  • Anonymous

    1. OHS 11 Ring Dips 20
    2. OHS 12 Ring Dips 15

    what was up with the dude fest this am?

    • Anonymous

      and there were about 10 dudes, about a third of our usual Wednesday turnout…

    • Erika Ramos

      i LOVE boys club!!!!!

    • Cassie

      dudes smell.

  • JennTang

    65# OHS/ Ring Dip
    47 / 1
    12 / 2 (gassed out on 1st rd)

    • Jamie F.

      Bad @$$!!!

  • Naveen

    23/9, 20/12

  • Anonymous

    just saw this on Jim Wendler’s blog…  now that’s a warm up!
    The following is what I do every day (5 days a week) before lifting or running:
    Jumping Jacks x 50 reps
    Push-ups – Regular x 40 Reps
    Mountain Climbers x 25 Reps
    Burpees x 25
    Flutterkicks x 25
    Dive Bombers (Hindu Push ups) x 10
    Leg Lifts x 25
    Lunges x 20
    Bicycle x 25
    Band Pull -a- Parts x 25
    Dips x 10 – 15

    Running x 2 miles ( I run 2-3 times a week )

    • Rory

      i like it, walston style

  • Justin Katz

    OHS 3  Subbed GHD dips for ring dips with blue band 8
    OHS 6 Subbed GHD dips for ring dips with blue band 8
    Did the OHS wuth 45# bar

  • OHS:  16, 11 and then did another one for good measure because I skipped ring dips and got 15. Pretty happy with this as this is my nemesis. My form is getting much better.

  • Jamie F.

    1st Try: 40 OHS – 14 Ring Dips
    2nd Try: 18 OHS – 12 Ring Dips

    • Anonymous

      size!   it must have been the boys sized medium shirt you were wearing this am.

      • Jamie F.

        It helps with extra support in the shoulder girdle.


      • Michael North

        I think he shops at Baby Gap…

    • Awesome job. That’s beastly…

  • Malcolm

    1.  28 OHS / 6 ring dips
    2.  30 OHS / 6 ring dips

  • 18 OHS with 53#/6 banded bar dips
    15 OHS with 53#/3 unassisted bar dips, not full range of motion

    BTW, I found a great article about how everyone is more effective and productive working no more than 40 hours a week and getting plenty of sleep:

  • What’s the scoop on the games t-shirts? Looking forward to some new gear.

  • Asegal04

    1rst round: 23/6
    2nd round 25/6

    I just flat out suck at ring dips.  if anyone has any pointers, I am all ears.

  • Kyle J Smith

    real request- anybody have a pair of dude’s crutches i could borrow? i have a close friend with a broken foot, he could use the support. thanks!

  • Zoe

    15/5, 15/1 Rx’d… wrists were the limiting factor on rd 1, should have taped them up. And wish I’d rested longer between rounds, I was hoping to get at least a few ring dips on the 2nd round. 

  • Steve Slo

    8:20 class on 28th street.

    31/6, 17/4

    • Steve Slo

      err…. those were bar dips on the GHD.

  • David T.

    41/6, 31/7