This happened:

Thanks again, to all members of Team CrossFit NYC!

Tuesday 120313

A: The Turkish get-up

B: In 10 minutes, complete as many rounds as possible of:
5 L pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 squats

NOTE: Tonight’s NYC Endurance running class meets at 6:30pm at the south end of the Mall in Central Park (as it does every Tuesday)!

Good luck to Coach Sara, who’s fighting tonight!!

If you missed last Thursday’s major SCHEDULING ANNOUNCEMENT, please READ IT NOW. (Plus yesterday we had a detailed update on construction at the 28th St. location.) Thanks!

Laird Hamilton’s high-performance breathing
Vegetarianism: The glass is half full
Sugar: The bitter truth
How to write your life list: 10 simple tips for a better life
What is the best rate to lose fat?

Lisa judges Jordan during 12.3. Stay tuned for lots more 12.3 pics this week…

Say hello to our newest Elements grads ūüôā







Say hello to…THE BURPEES:

Thanks to Coach Eric and Coach Sully for the pics!

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s WOD classes:

2 Attempts of:
Max Reps Overhead Squat @ 95#/65
Immediately followed by
Max Ring Dips


  • jim h.

    Where and when is Sara fighting?

  • The_Lisa

    Go Sara! Have a great fight.

  • CrossFit NYC up on the Mainsite Again today — 504 Strong!

  • Sara’s fighting in Staten Island tonight in the Golden Glove Semi-Finals

  • This is more badass picture of Sara…taken by Ben Draper. Kick her ass Sara!

    • Dickie

      That’s some Don Draper shit right there.


    • Avery

      Can you win already so we can see you fight in Manhattan, please??

    • Jeff

      This is an action shot of Sara teaching class, right? ūüėČ

      • keller

        coming from the guy that taught elements sleep walking

  • Dickie

    A. 1 pood
    B. 5 rounds + 5 + 15 + 8 (strict pull-ups with a green band)

    Good luck Sara! ¬†Have fun in Staten Island — say hi to my gang for me.

  • Anonymous

    A: 65lb barbell with Dan and Brian
    B: ¬†6 rounds + 10 squats Rx’d

    Good luck, Coach Sara!  Nobody gives a f*ck how tired you are!

    • Kristin Cunningham

      ¬†65lb…. you’re crazy – nice job!

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, Kristin! ¬†Next time, we’ll put the 10lb plates on a take a picture for facebook

  • watching the video, this has to be one of the grungiest, no-amenities gym in all of the NorthEast. There’s no comfort zone at this CrossFit gym. ūüôā

    A: 1 RM turkish get up: 28kg
    B: 6 rounds 2 pull ups (H)

    • Brett_nyc

      26th street is a country club.

      817, now that place was a shithole. So sad. You morning kids should ask Sara to tell you a story or two.  

      • Hari

        The gravity was so heavy that even the empty bar weighed 135. And of course the runs were uphill, both ways.

      • Mike K

        Yet it also was pretty awesome…

        Good luck tonight Sara!

        • Paul B.

          it was beautiful

    • Naveen

      in san francisco, we had no walls, got wet when it rained, did most of our workouts in a parking lot, and had one porta-potty as our bathroom – regardless, still my favorite place in sf.

  • Anonymous

    The video is great! Such a cool thing for NYC to be on the Games site AND the main site…way to represent!!

    A: 16kg x 5 (each side)B: 5 + 2 Pull-ups (2.5″ band)

    • Dickie

      We need to get JIF a new PR person (“PR” in the media sense).


      (JIF – just kidding. Love ya bro!)

      • Jamie F.

        Taking applications…

  • Dickie

    For those of us who are looking to injury-proof our shoulders, there is the well-regarded CFNE Bulletproof Shoulders program, but I’ve been told (and believe) that TGU are a great pre- and re-hab exercise as well. For anyone who has used them as such, how did you incorporate? 3 times a week or some-such?

    • Anonymous

      CFNE’s Bulletproof Shoulders –¬†http://bit.ly/ywH9nb

    • Sean M.

      twice a week after your workout

    • Jason L

      Add some horizontal pulling to your programming as well

    • Court

      For TGU’s, 3x/week for 5 minutes, alternating each side for 5 minutes. ¬†The most important aspect is maintaining an active shoulder (scap depression & retraction w/ext rot) throughout the entire ROM while keeping trunk wedded to hip/pelvis.
      To my eyes, the bulletproof shoulder routine is just another¬†derivative¬†off of Verstegen/Boyle/Cook; if you’ve never done anything like it, it can help, but it’s not very specific. ¬†Most of what’s happening in that side plank has more to do with lat & QL activation/cross-lateral coordination and only a bit with scap retraction. ¬†Might as well do the full YTWL shoulder routine (if you’re going to go that route) instead of pick & choose…¬†

      • Court

        Also, it’s not necessary to do full TGUs; in the beginning, 1/2 up’s or even loaded shoulder rolls maybe all you can maintain good stability for but they will still give the same benefits.

  • Amanda Long

    8 rounds Rx’d. Never thought that I could do L-pullups!

    So nice to be back at the black box after vacation!!!!!  

    • Anonymous

      Great job, Amanda!  and welcome home!

    • Kristin Cunningham

       I knew you could! Awesome job!

      • Amanda Long

        Thanks guys! So nice to be back for a few days at least!

  • BenS

    B: 8 rounds with strict pullups

  • Anonymous

    A: 24kg TGU, five reps each side.
    B: 5 rounds (sets of two chin-ups substituted for L pull-ups).

  • Kristin Cunningham

    B: 7 rounds plus 5 pull-ups and 8 push-ups – (pull-ups with green band / assisted push-ups)

    I had a little too much movement on the pull-ups though… thanks for pointing that out Cassie and Amanda.

    • Amanda Long

      You did awesome!!! You are getting so much better at the pull-ups!!!

  • Jamie F.

    8 Rounds RX’d.

  • Jason W

    Wendler Press 5-3-1

    10 rounds + 4 pull-ups rx’d. All unbroken.

    shut it down after doing 6 rounds in 5 minutes. need to conserve.

  • Cassie

    5 rounds and 3 pull-ups
    started with a blue band, then added an orange band..brutal
    JIF called my push-ups vag ups..ick
    i don’t have strict pull-ups..or push-ups..but HEY..i’m in a crossfit video!

  • Bench Press: ¬†5 rounds of ¬†5 x¬†@215:disqus# with Paul B
    WOD: ¬†10 rounds rx’d (tried for 1 round every minute on the minute, earlier bench press screwed up my push ups)

  • Hari

    Congratulations to our top performers on Open WOD 12.3:

    Sean McArdle: 419
    David Kerr: 414
    Jason Lapadula: 350

    Nicole Huphrey: 274
    Courtney Salera: 272
    Sara Carr: 267

    Of particular note is the total of our top three men (1163) compared to the CFNE men (1188).

    • Hari

      CFNE Men = 1188
      CFNYC Men = 1183

  • Anonymous

     10 Rounds + 1 Pull up

  • Steve Slo

    Worked on cleans today.

    A) Heavy singles: worked up to 185, then failed on 195 a lot. Scaled back to 155 and worked back up to 185, then failed on 195 a lot. The problem was getting under the bar.

    B) hang power cleans:
    3×5 at 135#, 3×3 at 155

  • Jim S

    Still feel like a train wreck from yesterday’s back squats, so I went at about 85% today. Finally managing to get the L pull-ups. Or at least really close. There is some motor weirdness that makes the first inch of the pull difficult to get started so had to kip into some of them a bit.
    6 rds plus 4 pull ups.

  • Zoe

    Checked out the new 28th St space… nice and roomy
    A. 4 on each side w/ 16 kg
    B. 6 + 1 pull up, doing h pull ups instead of L… working my way through the alphabet

  • Today’s WOD: 6 rounds + 1 pullup w/ green + red band (strict pull-up).

  • Anonymous

    7:20 post-elements

    A: 4 each side, 16kg

    B: 5 rounds. green-band assisted pullups. pushups on knees rounds 4 and 5.
         pushups are a real limiter for me

    It’s getting pretty crowded at 28th street.