Getting ready for 12.2

Open WOD 12.1 Late Submissions:

A slew of folks didn’t seem to understand last week that they needed to enter their scores on the Games site themselves, and that we can only then validate those scores – not enter them ourselves.

As a courtesy, HQ is giving everyone a one-time, “get out of jail free” card on this, manually entering scores for the first WOD.

If you did the WOD before 8pm on Sunday, but didn’t post your score before then, email with your name, your score, and tell them that you did the workout at and are a member of CrossFit NYC. We can then validate your performance, and keep you in the running.

Now back to snatching!


We’re up on mainsite!

Friday 120302

In 10 minutes, with a 24kg/16kg kettlebell, complete as many rounds as possible of the following:
21 Swings
7 Push Presses (each Side)

Plus, lots of pre-snatch mobilization / drilling to prepare for Open Workout 12.2.

REMINDER: All of Saturday’s classes will be doing Open Workout 12.2 on Saturday.

A must-watch video: Kelly Starrett gets you ready for 12.2 / Efficiency tips: The snatch
Might as well face it, you’re addicted to…food?
New study on efficiency: mental and physical
Blind gymnast takes leap of faith
NYC food events: Whisky & Women, 10 Courses of Duck, Pizza 101 / Pomegranate molasses

Thanks again to Kayam for getting great shots of Open Workout 12.1 last Saturday. He got these great shots of Nick W. and I asked Nick to let us know what he thought of the workout…

“I think my facial expressions in every one of these photos paints a very accurate (see: ugly) picture of how grueling this workout was – not just for us tall people (even 6’2” beast Spencer Hendel “only” got 124 reps!), but for everyone who had the courage and determination to complete this very unassuming workout.”

“There were many on Facebook the night that Open WOD 12.1 was announced. There were definitely folks out there in Facebook-land who thought that 7 minutes of Burpees was not a very good test of the true meaning of CrossFit. Let’s review:
CARDIO AND RESPIRATORY ENDURANCE: Were your lungs burning after this workout? Mine sure were….. both times I did it. Check.”

“STAMINA: Were you able to maintain your pace for the entire 7 minutes? Not me. I went from 19 reps/minute to 13 VERY quickly. I would say my stamina was lacking in this workout.
STRENGTH: If you lack lower and upper body strength, how will you get yourself up off the ground? You won’t…
FLEXIBILITY: Most likely, you were in a very uncomfortable pike position in the middle of the upward portion of your burpees. This requires flexibility and strength in your posterior chain including your glutes, hamstrings and lower back.”

“POWER = force x distance / time: moving a load (in this case your own bodyweight) a long distance (up and down for 7 minutes straight adds up) very quickly.
SPEED: Whether you paced yourself out of the gate or at the end, there was a time when you were trying to move as fast as you could at one point during this workout.”

“COORDINATION: For whatever reason, I missed my intended target with my hands a few times throughout this workout. I am just glad I didn’t try and use the rings. That wouldn’t have worked out too well.
AGILITY: Leaving your feet and returning to the standing position then jumping to a target requires quickness and agility.”

* * * * *

Here’s what’s on tap for Saturday’s WOD classes:

Workout 12.2, 2012 CrossFit Games Open

Proceed through the sequence below completing as many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
30 Snatch (M 75 / F 45 lbs)
30 Snatch (M 135 / F 75 lbs)
30 Snatch (M 165 / F 100 lbs)
Max Rep Snatch (M 210 / F 120 lbs)


  • Naveen

    is wod an amrap?

  • Yeah, sorry for the ambiguity in what I had originally posted–fixed now.

  • drake

    When I saw CF NYC up on mainsite, I had to drop a comment.  The Black Box is the only part of Manhattan I miss.  It, and the people who populate it, changed my life for good, and for better.  Great video, and see you all soon.

    Brad, I’ll be looking for ya!


  • Sara

    Thanks for all of the support guys… I stopped her in the 3rd round!  Gave her 2 standing 8 counts in the 2nd, 2 in the 3rd, and then her corner threw in the towel.  I’ll be fighting again in the next week or two and it will be in either Brooklyn or Manhattan.  

    • Hahahah.  AWESOME.  AM classes, if you don’t listen to Coach Carr, now you now her threats aren’t idle…

      • Wayne

        I know that well!

      • Naveen

        Josh, no one in the AM classes ever wondered about this.

    • Steve Lynch

      Yeah Sara!  Keep us posted on the next fight. 

    • Anonymous

      well done!

    • Anonymous

      Great job Sara!

    • Court

      Hoo Hoo, Sara!  I guess her coach had to shake some sense back into her after you shook it OOOOOUUUUUTTTTT!!!!!

    • Hari

      Congratulations, Sara! 

    • Congrat’s Sara! 

    • Awesome job! That’s fantastic.

    • Dan Lagana


    • Sully

      Great work Sara! 

  • Manny

    I did the open wod this morning but didn’t realize I had to sign anything till I read yesterday’s post… Is my score still good for validation? 42 reps. Thanks for staying to judge Naveen.

    Way to throw it down Sara!

    • Court

      OK, Open WOD participants-

      Here is how this works:
      1. You do the WOD.
      2. Your judge judges you doing the WOD.
      3. Both of you write in the Open WOD book log you just did each other (If you both
          don’t do this, we can’t validate your score).
      4. You login to your profile on the Games website and record your score (BEFORE
          8pm EST Sunday night!)
      5. We login to Games website to validate your score.

      Please follow this procedure so you credit for all your amazing work and help advance TEAM CFNYC. 😀

  • Sam G.

    Yesterday’s wod

    5/3/1 Bench

    5 at 195
    3 at 220
    6 at 245

    Thanks to Sean M who told me last month to go up, I am up one rep and 5 pounds from last month

    12.2 outside with Alex P and big Joe, I got to hang with the strong guys, congrats to Alex for getting 62 and Joe for getting 63 and 1/2

    56, the jump from 75 to 135 is too high, I wanted to get to 60 so i didn’t look weak in front of Alex and Joe, but shit was just to much lol.

  • Jim S

    Didn’t manage to make it to Catalyst in time for there open class. Had to do the dreaded hotel workout. With dumb bells, each round continuous, rest between rounds: 5x dead lift, clean, push press, squat 35, 40, 45, 50

  • Nice job Sara and congrats on the win. I have to get myself back to those morning WODs.. I miss the screaming in my face

    awesome video on the main site. crossfit nyc looking good

  • Erika Ramos

    open wod 12.2 – 44 rx’d. 

    my 1RM used to be 65#. thanks to coaches will & sara for the awesome coaching and XOXOXOX’s to 6 am for cheering me on. werq! that really was a fun wod.. 

  • Jenny A

    Yeah Sara!!!!!!

  • Open WOD 12.2: 40

    my 1 RM was 135#. and this was the first time I attempted split snatches which actually made the snatch much easier. There was one rep I used the top of my head a little to help the weight up, it still counts though right, it’s “overhead” 🙂 

    Great Job Dan! That last rep for 31 was perfect! 

    • Anonymous

      Nice job Andrew!

    • Michael North

      Good work,

  • Rory

    Sara you rock! Congrats…any video footage of the fight?

  • Anonymous

    Sara that is damn fantastic…you are such a relentless ass-kicker and we love you for it!

    Kettlebell Amrap
    4 Rounds + 11 Swings RX’d

    Best of luck to everyone this weekend.  Time and again I’m seeing people surprising themselves with this one.  If you’re shooting for 31 because 135 is tough for you, still get the 75s done in a reasonably quick amount of time.  The reps at 135 might have a way of showing up, and you don’t want to take away from the 6-7 minutes you’ll have to hit a lot more than expected…trust me.

    Dan that last rep was huge…congrats.  Jeff hats off to you for tenacity. That was a battle worth fighting, and I’m not surprised that you’re committed to doing it again…good luck.

    • Dickie

      You are SUCH a good, positive person.  #refreshing

    • Jeff K

       Thanks buddy – kind words. I will be forcing that 135lb bar above my head at least once on Sunday. Want to come and help pick it up for me?

      • Anonymous

        In spirit maybe.  The urge is creeping in to do this one again in Morristown Sunday morning.  WTF is wrong with me?

  • Mike K

    Congrats Sara!!!!!!!

  • Is there anywhere in NYC where you can buy olympic weightlifting shoes on site? 

    • David T.

       kyle, what size are you? i have an extra pair of adistars in a 12.

      • Kylejsmith 37

        Im a 12! Will you be at the gym saturday? Bring those snatch-tastic shnoes.

        • Kylejsmith 37

          I should have said snatch-urday. Dangit.

  • Did the Open WOD. Got 32, with a lot of attempts at that 75# snatch. Going to try again this weekend. I can do better.

  • flatiron124

    Whoa, the workout Nick W. is putting in for the Open Workout should be inspiring for Citizen residents – over the next year, warming up with a short jog over to CroissFit can be part of their regular workout so they will be ready to compete the CrossFit Games next spring!

  • Wayne

    Open WOD 12.2: 44 (masters rx) – thanks to Sara for the mid-course advice. I really surprised myself with this one – my previous PR was 63, and I did 14 this time at 75! I’m finally getting the snatch technique.

    Might try this again Sunday, because I think I can do better.

    • Anonymous

      Wayne I’m excited but not at all surprised. Such an awesome breakthrough! Well done man…

  • Sara H.

    I did 12.2 last night.
    Official score: 30
    Snatches completed: 51
    Problem: I was accidentally 10 pounds short of rx weight on the second group of 30. : (

    Hopefully, I’ll be able to make it to the box his weekend to try again rx’d. Thanks to Court for scoring, and last night’s 7:30 class for the applause at the end!

  • BenS

    Open WOD 12.2: 32, rx’d.  135# is a new PR.  Thanks to Jamie and Sara for counting/coaching.

  • 7 Rounds – Swings, 12k; Press, 8k.

    Trying to save my shoulders for Sunday’s 12.2
    mid-60s, here we come! (freaking out.)

  • Anonymous

    Last night’s 12.2 first attempt – 39.  Surprising, because I was really hoping for just one at 135. Definitely attempting this again this weekend.  Hoping for 45 to 50 on the next attempt.

    • Sean M

      Solid work last night.

    • jenntang

      Good job! Stay on those heels!

  • Jamie F.

    Kind of awesome to see people repping out their previous 1RM’s.

  • Power snatch practice this morning with Ryan Woods:

    65×4, 85×4, 105×2, 125×1, 125×1, 135×1, 135×1. 

    Previous PR was 115. Shooting for 40 during tomorrow’s 12.2 attempt.

    • Michael North

      I have a feeling you might see more than 40…

  • Asegal04

    12.2 (2nd time)  38 reps rx, 3 rep improvement over yesterday. 

  • Jason W

    Open WOD 12.2: 55 reps rx’d

    Definitely have 60 in me. Need to figure out how to tape up the gaping hole in my hand and give this another shot.

    Super proud of Carmen. She went rx’d and got 25 reps–45# is the most weight she’s ever put overhead.


    And big congrats to everyone who is pleasantly surprising themselves on the Open WOD.   I’m certainly in the “whoa, I had no idea I could snatch that much!” club. 

    12.2 Open WOD:  30 reps at 75, and 5 at 80 lbs for style points. 

    Some other numbers: Last week, my 1 RM snatch was 70.  Today, it is 85.  I weigh 115 pounds. 

    In all honesty, if this was just a garden variety, tougher than usual WOD I would have scaled this way the hell down.   I’m actually really happy this miserable WOD appeared, as it totally motivated me to get my shit together on snatches.   

  • Anonymous

    Lindsey Valenzuela from Valley Crossfit apparently got 108 reps. Video reported to be coming soon.  Should be good & depress…I mean inspiring!

    • Keka Schermerhorn

      Here it is – favorite new cue is ‘LATS ON’ – will try to draw on that tomorrow! 


      PS Keep in mind Lindsey has spent a lot of time working on her Oly technique and it shows – the reason she can rep out like that is because she lifts ALOT and is very strong. She muscle snatches the 45# bar in about a minute.  I think her 1RM snatch hovers in 85-90 kg possibly more and her clean and jerk is well over 100 kg.

  • Today’s WOD – 4 rounds, 19 swings with the 16KG bell.

  • Naveen

    12.2: 43 reps

    • Anonymous

      Awesome job Naveen!

      • Naveen


    • Great Job!! 

  • David Stogsdill

    PE 5:45 Wod

    4 rounds, 20 swings 16kg KB

  • Zoe

    Regular WOD: 5 rds + 21 swings + 7 PP Rx’d

    And I’m late to say it, but awesome job Sara, congratulations!

  • Steve Slo

    4 rounds, 15 swings. (24kg kb)
    It was inspiring to see the people doing the games WOD tonight. I’m geared up for tomorrow.

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