Workout 12.2: Keep on snatching!

Workout 12.2, 2012 CrossFit Games Open

Proceed through the sequence below completing as many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
30 Snatch (M 75 / F 45 lbs)
30 Snatch (M 135 / F 75 lbs)
30 Snatch (M 165 / F 100 lbs)
Max Rep Snatch (M 210 / F 120 lbs)

(Click here to read the full workout description, including the weights for the Men’s Masters and Women’s Masters divisions.)

Movement Standards
This workout begins from the standing position with the barbell loaded to the starting weight. In the Snatch, the barbell goes directly from the ground to overhead in one motion without stopping at the shoulders. This can be a muscle snatch, a power snatch, a squat snatch or a split snatch. A clean and jerk is not permitted.

Additional Notes
Please be sure to watch the entire workout instruction video (posted above) for full details. Each rep will be counted once the athlete clearly shows control of the barbell overhead. The athlete must be responsible for loading their own barbell to the appropriate loads during the workout. The same barbell must be used for the entire workout and they may not receive assistance when changing the loads. Using additional pre-loaded barbells is not permitted.

Please note that if you are registered on our team and plan to do this WOD, your options are tonight or Friday at the 8:30pm WOD class (or 7:45pm Post-Elements WOD class) or Saturday during regular gym hours (see schedule). Thanks.


* * * * *

How we will handle WOD 12.2

Men: If you know with certainty that you cannot snatch 135#, do the WOD as follows:

30 reps @ 75#
30 reps @ 95#
30 reps @ 115#

This will allow you to post an official score as RX’d on the Games Site (the best you were going to get anyway). But it will also allow you to a full WOD and get more finely (albeit unofficially) ranked within our team.

Women: If you cannot snatch 75#, do the following:

30 reps @ 45#
30 reps @ 55#
30 reps @ 65#

This will allow you to have an official score of 30 on the Games Site and an unofficial score within our team.

* * * * *

Thursday 120301

Find your 1 rep max on the power snatch. Complete 3 x 5 power snatch at 80% of your 1 rep max.

* * * * *

REMINDER! Effective this Friday, March 2:

All Evening Post-Elements Classes will start at 40 minutes past the hour (rather than 45 past the hour). We will have Evening Post-Elements Classes from Monday through Friday at: 4:40 PM, 5:40 PM, 6:40 PM, and 7:40 PM.

(The 5 minute shift is in anticipation of adding additional classes at 20 after the hour in the near future.)

NOTE: Tonight’s NYC Endurance running class meets at 6:30pm at 25 W. 26th St.

How we got 500 athletes on Team CrossFit NYC
Inspirational video: “Keep fighting”
The effect of fatigue on coordination
Yoga unmasked as pagan sex cult (plus a great retort)
Why it’s so important to keep moving

Kelly writes: “Coach Sara fights tomorrow night! Thought we could give her a shout-out on the blog tomorrow. ūüôā Since Lenny, Josh and I are also fighters, we took a pic with Sara to send for the blog.Pictured is the CFNYC ‘Fight Club’, wishing Sara the best of luck in the Golden Glove fights!” GOOD LUCK, SARA!

And to continue with the theme of bad-ass female crossfitters, Coach Will sends in this email (entitled, “i still think about doing WODs”) and photo he got from former member Erika A. (pictured below):

“training is exhausting. long days. lots of info and physical stuff. we were actually told the other day cadre had 3 jobs: to make us soldiers, to make us Army lawyers, and to make us athletes. i am in charlottesville for the next 10 weeks and we ‘get’ to run all over the hills here, which are aplenty. i have my first record fitness test on the 12th. we’ll see how i go.

here’s a pic of me last weekend at the 9mm range at fort lee. it was 14F out and cadre took pity on us, allowing us to wait our turn in a warming van. funny thing is, when holding a gun, you don’t feel the freezing cold on your bare hands. go figure. i still keep it real, obviously….

regardless i am having a blast. i 100% love my job.

miss you guys!”

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Friday’s WOD classes:

In 10 minutes, with a 24kg/16kg kettlebell, complete the following:
21 Swings
7 Push Presses (each Side)

Plus, lots of pre-snatch mobilization / drilling to prepare for Open Workout 12.2.


  • Just FYI, the media guy from HQ, Mike, who came to film the “J.T.” WOD demo on Wednesday night will be around all day on Thursday as well and is interested in hearing stories from our members and coaches. So introduce yourself to him and tell him your story!

  • Anonymous

    For those who are doing Open WOD 12.2 early, you can find it on Beyond The Whiteboard here:

  • Anonymous

    Good luck Sara!!! You have put in the work, and we are backing you all the way.¬† Personally, I’m glad that I’m not in the corner opposite you.¬† Introduce her to a real Fight Gone Bad

  • Hari

    Athletes who cannot snatch the second weight in the sequence (men = 135, women = 75) can do the WOD as follows:

    Men: 30@75, 30@95, 30@115
    Women: 30@45, 30@55, 30@65

    This will allow you to submit an official score to the Games Site of 30 (obviously the most you would get anyway), while allowing you to do a full WOD and get ranked unofficially.

    Log your score in the book and indicate whether it is, say, a 72 scaled (which would be a 30 RX’d) or whether it is strictly RX’d.

    For those doing strict RX’d, we will figure out a time and place where you can drop the weights as needed.

  • i find it necessary to point out that my (non-ironical) LOVE of burpees, is¬†diametrically opposed to my feelings towards snatches. still, ready to have some fun with it.¬†yay 12.2!

  • Emerson Hoff

    Anyone want to venture a guess as to how many people complete one full round of 12.2 in the entire open? I’m guessing none.

    • Hari

      I expect more than 1000 will get to the final weight including virtually every single athlete that makes it to their regionals as an individual. However, there will still be plenty of opportunity to rank the other 50,000 athletes. It’s just that the difference between rep 30 and rep 31 will be several thousand, as will be the difference between the 60 and 61, 90 and 91 rep.

      For this WOD, I believe that a significantly percentage of women will get to the second, third, and final weights than men.

      • Hari

        S/B “higher percentage”

      • Emerson Hoff

        I misread the workout, i thought it 30 reps at 210 before starting the ladder over. That being said I am looking forward to seeing videos of athletes tearing through 210 lb snatches like they were nothing.

    • Hari

      Upon further consideration, I lower my estimate for the men. I think that scores in the 80’s will be fairly common among men who make it to their regionals.

      • Naveen

        I think fatigue and the 10 minute cap will result in a very broad range of scores.

  • I’m actually surprised the weight for women is not slightly higher, but it is only the second WOD. ¬†It’s not uncommon to see men (in Crossfit) with 1 RM snatches hovering around 165#-185# but clean and jerks that are well into the 200’s. ¬†

    I predict more women will get to the third and fourth round of snatches then men. ¬†While it’s heavy – if a woman is fairly strong and does the o lifts with some frequency and has decent overhead position, it’s not that heavy, especially for those women hoping to advance to Regionals and beyond. ¬†I’m excited to see what Kristin Clever, Annie T and some of the elite women that o-lift regularly will do at the maximal weight.

  • paul s

    is there anyway I can get in at 1:30 tomorrow and do this? Can I use the wood in the back?

    • Hari

      Probably not. We cannot really be dropping directly over the office below during the middle of the work day. This WOD is scheduled for the last WOD of the day plus all day on Saturday. Sorry.

      • Nicole

        Any way I can come in on Sunday to do the WOD?

        • Hari

          In addition to all the WOD’s on Saturday, the final WOD of the day on Thurs, Fri, and Sun (1:00 PM) will be devoted to the Open WOD.¬†

  • The_Lisa

    Go, Sara! You will do so well.
    Great to see Erika looking so badass. Good luck with PT and let me know how it goes, babe.

  • Matt M.

    12.1 – 52
    I will be back in this weekend to redo as I think there is room to improve. Will we be doing the WOD at 28th street so we can drop the weight or is this heading outside? 

    WOD note/tip, I Iost a lot of time in the transition. I would recommend (and will be implementing this weekend) 2 or 3 reps at 115 as you advance up the ladder which should help bridge the gap to 115, and shouldn’t cause to much additional fatigue.

    This is a fun WOD.

  • Anonymous

    A: Max Rep Snatch: 155

    B: Cash Out with Rory: 3 Rounds: 20 3 Count Mountain Climbers, 10 Pull ups, 10 Push Ups, 25 3 Count Flutter Kicks

    • Rory

      A: Max Rep Snatch 125
      B: Cash out with GWodster

  • Anonymous

    1RM power snatch: 100
    75# power snatches for maximum reps, touch-and-go: 11-12-11
    chin-up: 3-3-2-1

  • Justin Katz

    Good Luck Sara
    Show them what you’re made of, I know you can do it.
    Great Job to Matt M. on doing the Open WOD 12.2
    You were AWESOME!!!
    I really have to work on my snatches.

  • Good luck Sara!

  • Anonymous

    Good luck, Sara!  

  • Amanda Long


    20 strict pull-ups and 3 sets of 5 kipping pull-ups (working on my form); 3 sets of 10 knees to elbows

    A. Max Snatch: 78

    B. 4 sets of 5: 58, 58, 60, 60

  • JennTang

    1RM snatch – 100# PR

    Looking for 61 reps tomorrow!

    • Ali Hovland

      nice work!! you’ll do great

    • Erica G

      Oh girl, you got more than 61 in you РI know it! 

    • Erica G

      And congrats on your PR!

  • Kristin Cunningham

    A: Max Snatch 68 – PR
    B: 4 sets of 5:  58 Р58 Р60 Р60

    Good Luck Sara!!!

  • Jamie F.

    Good Luck Sara!

    Great Work Reiss!  47 Reps!

    Matt M. a/k/a Footless Joe Jackson Beastmode @ 52!

    Thank You Avery/Mike/Reiss/Jenn/Everyone else cheering me on in my failed Snatch attempts…

    Open WOD 12.2 – 33 Reps (+1 Sakamoto Snatch) so 33 Reps.

    Veyr happy with this result, previous 1RM Snatch PR was 135 so getting it 3 times is even better…may not stop me from trying again on Saturday though.

    Glad to see everyone hitting these WODs hard.

    • Awesome job Jamie!

    • Anonymous

      So to recap, the bar started from the floor, and you got it overhead using a snatch variation without cleaning it to your shoulders. ¬†It just so happens that on the way to fulfilling those requirements you knelt down on one knee. ¬†So it’s a no-rep because you did extra work?

      • Jamie F.


        We really need to get that trending!¬† Rules are rules.¬† Not bitter.¬† Some of the most fun I’ve had in a WOD in a while!

    • Nice! my upper body a rest after J.T. last night..tackling the snatchs on Saturday

  • Jim S

    Worked out at Crossfit NorCal yesterday in San Jose. Really nice people. 
    A: Max box jump = 24″ box plus 5×45 bumpers plus a 10lb bumper (how wide are those things?) Tried six 45’s but looked like spider man falling off a ledge.
    B: 10,20,30,40 ¬†20# wall ball, 24″ box jump, pushup. 19 min 19 seconds.

    Going to try to get to Catalyst Athletics today.

    • Michael North

      Catalyst Athletics is great place if you want to snatch…

      • Jason L.

        ¬†Aimee’s strength will probably have you crying in a corner, great people though

        • Sean M

          “Aimee’s strength will probably have you crying in a corner”


  • Good luck Sara!

    73# one rep max

    3×5 at 63#

  • Cassie

    A: 68 (PR)
    B: 3 sets of 5 at 55#, 1 set of 5 at 60#

    Great working with Steph.


  • Erika Ramos

    WERQ, SARA! 

  • Shannan Wilson

    Good luck Sara!

    1RM – 120# PR!!
    12.2 WOD – 68…gonna try again this Saturday taking more breaks during the first 2 sets of 30

  • Inspiration for 12.2:¬†

  • Anonymous

    Jeez…well…this was unexpected…

    I warmed up with 95 and then got one fail and one good rep at 135. ¬†I just wanted to see if getting one rep was possible (it *was* my 1-rep max). ¬†So I decided to do 12.2 RX’d. ¬†Got to the second level with around 6.5 minutes to go. One rep done…check. ¬†Another…huh? After 17 reps I looked up like “what just happened”? ¬†47 reps on the books…

    I still have no explanation other than I finally stopped thinking during a snatch WOD. ¬†That and I likely haven’t been truly showing up on snatch days…time to explore some weight.

    Huge thanks to Avery and everyone for getting me there…crazy…

    • Rory

      awesome job!!!

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Rory…

    • Amazing! Congratulations!

    • Reis excellent work this morning. ¬†You executed the workout with intention and consistency and stayed calm throughout which was key. ¬†

      No way is 135 an old PR. ¬†We should just use the phrase “most weight used” in a workout. ¬†You haven’t even hit your potential limit since you basically power snatched that each time – awesome!

    • Michael North

      Boomsauce! Stoked for you Reis! Great work.

    • Anonymous

      Well done, sir…

    • Anonymous

      You are all too kind…thanks…

    • Matt M.

      Great work Reis!

  • Hari

    Please make sure you and your judge signs the logbook at the Front Desk and the post your scores to the Game Site. I will validate scores using the logbook for verification.

    If you even think you will get past 60 reps, be absolutely sure to have a Level 1 and/or member of our coaching staff judge you. We want all our the scores that go into our team composite to be beyond reproach. And we want all our other scores to be as accurate as possible.(Coaches, please make sure that your athletes log their results properly, since the logbook will be our official record.)

  • Jai

    Good luck, Sara!

    Speaking of fight club: Will, will the BJJ class be rescheduled?

  • Jenny A

    Good luck, Sara!!

    80#  PR  Thanks for the awesome coaching, Ryan!

  • Anonymous

    If I didn’t log my score from the first open-wod, does that disqualify me from doing any more?

    • Hari


      (We are also hearing that it may be possible to enter scores from the first WOD provided the WOD was done before Sunday. Stay tuned.)

      • Hari

        No, it does not prevent you from posting subsequent WOD’s.

        • Anonymous

          Ok, thanks Hari. I did the first WOD on Friday and tried to log my score on Sunday but there was no option for me to submit my score = (

    • Hari

      Below is a cut and paste of an email from CF Games Support:

      Below is a cut and paste of an email from CF Games Support:Hi,
      Welcome to the first week of the CrossFit Open. We understand that you had a problem submitting your score this first week. As a courtesy, for this week ONLY, we will be manually entering scores. Please send us:- athlete’s name
      – athlete’s score for 12.1
      – the affiliate where he/she completed the first workout and/or video linkSome of the problems that people have encountered are:1. Not confirming their submission. The first click takes you to a confirmation screen. You MUST click submit again in order for your scores to be submitted.2. Problems selecting an affiliate. After you enter your affiliate name in the text box, you must click the appropriate affiliate in the drop down menu in order to actually select it.3. Missing the deadline. You must submit your scores before 17:00 Pacific time each Sunday of the Open.Next week you must submit your score on time. Late submissions will not be accepted. Best of luck with the rest of the Open!Thank you,KatherineCrossFit HQ Games Support

      • Shannan Wilson

        who do we send this email to?

  • Sam G.

    Hari, do you know where we will be able to drop, or when, I would like to give this a try and not have to worry about smashing my head in if i get up to 165.  

    • Hari

      We will have a plan by Saturday.

  • Asegal04

    12.2:  35 reps total

    30reps at 75#
    5 reps at 135

    My previous snatch pr was 135.  I will be doing this again on Saturday.

  • Anonymous

    Games article on the largest teams:   

    CFNYC mentioned. Hari quoted from previous article…

    • Naveen

      if you click on Reis’s link, you also get to see a picture of me in the stands at last year’s Games (near the bottom right)

      • Sean M

        Why are you the only person not having a good time?

        • Anonymous

          I almost just spit out my coffee…

        • Naveen


        • Michael North

          ^^^ Truth

  • Anonymous

    Hey Kev P. do you have a pair of old wrist straps I could try out? I pulled 135 a couple times today, but my broken hand started to feel crusty. Let me know.
    Craig p.

    • Brian D.

      Why are you trying to hold onto anything with a broken hand?

      • Anonymous

        It’s really just my third metacarpal. Weight feels fine overhead and I’m getting under the bar quick. Just think the straps might aid in the first and second pulls.

        • jenntang

          … and that’s how people stay injured. Just sayin.

  • Anonymous

    6:45 post-elements

    Power Snatch
        1 rep, 105 lbs.
        5 x 3, 85 lbs.


  • Joa

    So i did 30 reps @ 45# couldnt handle much more so i had to go down to 35# and i did 26 reps. Im trying again tomorrow, i want to break my PR and get at least 5 snatches at 55#. ūüôā

  • Hari, (or anyone who knows)
    Can we do Open WOD on Saturday at 28th during PE classes?  Or only at 26th?
    Thanks ūüôā