CrossFit HQ is coming to town to film CrossFit NYC doing a demo of the hero WOD ‘J.T.’ tomorrow at 6:45pm!

We need 24 of our members who can do the WOD RX’d to participate.

We will be canceling the 6:45pm Post Elements WOD and using that time slot to film the video. We will run all other scheduled classes, including the 6:30pm and 7:30pm WOD’s at 26 Street. No other class’s are affected. As previously announced, we will be doing the Open WOD during the 7:45pm and 8:30pm classes tomorrow.

If you wish to participate in the 6:45 J.T as RX’d WOD, please register on line. If you have any problems, please post to comments.


Effective this Friday, March 2:

All Evening Post-Elements Classes will start at 40 minutes past the hour (rather than 45 past the hour). We will have Evening Post-Elements Classes from Monday through Friday at: 4:40 PM, 5:40 PM, 6:40 PM, and 7:40 PM.

(The 5 minute shift is in anticipation of adding additional classes at 20 after the hour in the near future.)

* * * * *

Wednesday 120229

A: Deadlift 3 x 3

B: In 12 minutes, complete as many rounds as possible of the following:

wallball (20/14#) x 10 reps
double-unders x 20 reps

NOTES: This morning’s NYC Endurance running class meets at 6:30am at 25 W. 26th St. Tonight’s Mobility class meets at 7:30pm at 44 W. 28th St.

Remedial upper-body strength training
Nutrition triggers and tips
The thousand cuts fitness program
A beginner’s guide to overcoming gravity
Top 3 reasons women make better weightlifters


Kayam took some great shots of Michael W. on his second attempt at Open WOD 12.1. Here’s Michael on what it felt like:

“After a disappointing first attempt, I took a second run at 7 minute burpees in the hopes of improving my performance.”

“As it turned out, my lungs caught fire at the same moment as the first go-round and minutes four and five were an abyss of impenetrable darkness.”

“I did improve my score, but only barely, and I realized that after over a year of crossfitting I still have a long way to go on the cardio side.”

“The WOD was a great ice-breaker to the Open series, and I’m looking forward to more pain and humiliation in the weeks to come.”

Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s WOD classes:

Open Prep WOD. Stay tuned for details.



    CrossFit HQ is coming to town to film CrossFit NYC doing a demo of the hero WOD ‘J.T.’ tomorrow at 6:45pm!

    We need 24 of our members who can do the WOD RX’d to participate. 

    We will be canceling the 6:45pm Post Elements WOD and using that time slot to film the video. We will run all other scheduled classes, including the 6:30pm and 7:30pm WOD’s at 26 Street. No other class’s are affected. As previously announced, we will be doing the Open WOD during the 7:45pm and 8:30pm classes tomorrow.

    If you wish to participate in the 6:45 J.T as RX’d WOD, please register on line. If you have any problems, please post to comments.

    • Anonymous

       I’d love to participate but cannot do the wod  Rx’d,  Why is that condition mandatory?

      • Hari

        We can only efficiently handle 24 people at once, so we wanted some way to prioritize. If we don’t have 24 people who can do the WOD RX’d at that hour (and we may very well not) then we will expand.

        If you can do the WOD with ring dips, no band and one or two 25-lb plates, please stand by.

        Finally, I am not even sure we have 24 sets of rings, so we may be doing less than 24 people.

        • Anonymous

          Ok let me know in comments at some point, I’ll be on standby.

  • Hari

    Handstand Push-ups
    Ring Dips

  • J.T. is the first WOD I walked into after graduating elements. Brutal. 

  • Keith jusino

    I tried to reserve a spot for JT but could not reserve

  • Anonymous

    Crossfit NYC article on the Games site about the contest:  http://bit.ly/wQF0vH

    …written by Hari, Josh & Will.  Nicely done!

    • Hari

      Actually, Court, Josh, and I wrote that article. WIll is handling media stuff, and somehow HQ got the authorship wrong.

  • Keith jusino

    Please disregard I was able to reserve. Hero wod time 🙂

  • If you don’t ever jump rope please disregard the following message:

    I hate doing this but it’s really gotten ridiculous.  The gym just spent a bunch of money to buy new jump ropes I assume because the old ropes were mostly damaged because people couldn’t figure out that ropes were different sizes and insisted on tying the ropes to shorten them.  This not only damaged the rope but also it doesn’t work, it messes with the movement of the rope.  So the gym bought new ones, all different sizes and again the ropes are being tied.  It’s been like 4 days.  Even a small child can tell the difference between two things of difference lengths but probably lacks the motor skills to actually tie a not.  Clearly one problem is that we have members (more than just a few) who clearly have the motor skills to tie a not but cant figure out through basic inspection that the orange rope is longer than the red one.  Ironically the longest rope was one that was tied today.  There are shorter ropes, if you look for more than 4 seconds, you can tell.  They hang over the bar and you can see the different handles extend different lengths.  The gym ownership has mentioned this before but clearly no one cares.  I’m a member and really am just in shock that this keeps happening.  If there isn’t a rope of the length you need wait until one is available, don’t destroy one.

    • Sam G.

       Micheal, I understand the problem, but no matter what you put on this blog, or what you say, there we never be ropes, best bet is to buy a rope you are comfortable with and bring it with you.  I know, I know, you pay a good amount of money for a gym that should supply ropes, but I have been around gyms and this one for some time its just one of those things that you are better off just getting yourself so you don’t have to get frustrated over something so simple.  Remember cortisol is your bodies enemy (at certain times) and you don’t need to raise it over undue stress from a jump rope. 

      • Adam H

        I’d like to think people can change.  Is might be easier, but is it really better to just assume that half the people at the gym are oblivious, stupid people who can’t figure some very simple rules out?

      • Michael

        I’ve brought my own rope for over a year. My post was actually non selfish. Regarding the cortisol, I have low blood pressure, my doctor has suggested occasionally I should get hyper about something. But I appreciate your concern. Michael

    • jim h

      Knot, knot.

    • Hari

      Actually, this is something for our coaching staff to take note of. Our objective is to try to standardize all of our equipment, so that everything is obvious to everyone. The Post-Elements crowd at 28 Street is getting oriented this way (e.g., all med balls are color-coded: Black = 20, Red = 14, Green = 10, Blue = 6). Unfortunately, this is not the case at 26 Street, so many people may not have realized that there, the jump ropes, unlike the med balls, are color coded. Again, we need our coaches to point this out.

      • paul s

        There is a way to fix this rope problem and Im being absolutely serious.  Write in GIANT letters on the board for 2 weeks that there is a 50 burpee penalty for any rope found tied or damaged from tying for every class for a day.  It will raise awareness and stop everyone.  Do it once every 6 months.  Ive seen other boxes do with with garbage and equipment left out.  No joke.  It works.

    • Or you can just buy your own rope that fits you properly.

      • Michael

        Thanks nick for reading. You’ve cleared up alot.

        • Michael, I’m just saying that in an effort to preserve the life of the ropes in the gym, if there isn’t one that fits someone properly, they should just buy their own.

          And for anyone who doesn’t know how to properly measure a jump rope that is the right size for them:
          Stand with the rope underneath one of your feet. The two ends of the rope where it connects to the handle should meet your nipple or slightly beneath. check out http://www.rxjumpropes.com for more info. I am not a spokesman, just a happy customer.

          • Michael North

            +1 on Rx jump ropes

  • Kevin

    I can do it rx’d the only problem is it will take me a long time. This is Craig C’s workout!!

    • Hari

      It’s going to take me a long time, too. Sign up!

      • Allan R

        I’m in the same boat.  How long is too long?

  • Anonymous

    A: 315-335-335
    B: 7 rounds + 10 WBs.  First WOD trying to do real DUs.  Spent most of the time trying to string three in a row together…

  • Justkatzny

    A: 225-245-245
    B: 14 rounds
    Subbed Tuck Jumps for DU

  • The_Lisa

    Lovely running weather this morning. Peter came to the NYC Endurance workout. After warmup and running drills we ran 12 x 200m with 1-minute rests. These were very consistent 42-44 seconds, with the last one run in 36 seconds. Great workout!

    • Yeah, good times this morning.  Really gunning it at the end was interesting.  Much like any good CF workout, I left thinking “OK, that was hard, but I think I learned something, and I kinda want to try that workout again in a month or two.”  Usually reaction is reserved for more obvious skill movements like OH squats or rowing, but the more I do Endurance WODs, the more that seems to apply.  

  • Cassie

    A: 143-153-173 (PR) – 183 (fail, it came off the ground, but i just couldn’t stand up with it, this has more to do than just not trying hard enough..thoughts?)

    B: 9 rounds and 10 WBs and 5 DBs
    DBs felt like a nice break compared to the awfulness that is my ball throwing/juggling abilities

    • Kristin Cunningham

       183 will come next time! Let’s celebrate the 173 PR wooooohoooo

  • Amanda Long

    A. Deadlifts (3 reps) – 93, 103, 133, 153, 173, 183
    B. 5 rounds, 10 wall balls and 5 DU
    Funny how you can have such a high and then such a low all in the same workout! The wall balls and DU are my two least favorite exercises in CF, and the two things that I need to work on the most!!! Thanks for all of the cheering on through a brutal workout 6am class!!!!

    • Kristin Cunningham

       183 – You’re not human… great job!

    • Anonymous

      Nice job on the DLs, Amanda.  I am with you on the WOD…but that’s why we’re there at 6am…to be reminded of all the things we suck at…

  • Rory

    A: Deadlifts x3 with Dickie – 245-265-275
    B: 12 rounds + 4 wall balls Rx’d

    thanks to 6am crew for not leaving early and cheering the second heat on!!!

    • Cassie

      i kept wanting to yell out Murph the whole time you were wodding..

      • Rory

        trust me it was going on in my head!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m down to do JT rx’ed. Are the HSPU’s games standard or just Full ROM, ie head touches floor?

    • Hari

      Full-ROM is sufficient.

  • Malcolm

    Deadlift (3x): 225 – 295 – 295
    WOD:  12 Rounds Rx

  • Kristin Cunningham

    A:  Deadlifts (3 reps) with Cassie and Amanda
    93 – 103 – 133 –
    153 (PR (yahhh) – This is a huge improvement. 
    The last time I was at a max of 103) – 173 (fail) – 163 (fail)

    B.  9 rounds + 10 bar
    jumps –  (10lb – WB (next time will do
    14lb)) – Need to learn how to do double unders!

    • Amanda Long

      Awesome!!!! Yet another reason to celebrate on Friday 🙂

  • Naveen

    11 + 8 wall balls, rxd 

  • Steve Slo

    Is there a 730 mobility class today?

    • Hari

      Yes. Everything is normal, other than the 6:45 Post Elements becoming “Nate.”

      • Wayne

        Excellent. I’ll be there.

  • A. Deadlifts:  275×3, 315×3, 335×3

    B:  12 Rounds + 7 Wall balls. Love that workout.

  • Jeff K

    Just shy of 10 rounds, 4 DU’s short. Had a bit of a jump rope issue where mine broke and I had to use one of the gym ropes. Much harder workout without a speed rope, it was good training. 

  • Hari

    J.T. RX’d

    Jamie Freedman
    Adam Hill
    Keith Jusino
    Jason Labadula
    Sean McArdle
    Courtney Salerna
    Michael Williamson
    Jason Wong
    Hiroki Yokoyama
    Hari Singh

    We have up to 13 slots available. We may need some people who are close to RX’d (HSPU’s to plates plus ring dips). If that’s you, you can post to comments, so we can get you in, if possible.

    J.T. Close to RX’d

    Andrew NYC

    • Hari

      Adding Craig Peugh to the RX’d list.

    • Hari

      Adding Michael to the close to RX’d list.

    • Jason W

       just to clarify: assuming we’re doing this in the 28th street space? we might want to update the blog post to let people know.

      • Hari

        It is at 28th Street.

    • Jeff

      add me

    • Hari

      Adding Jeff to the RX’d list.

    • Kylejsmith 37

      Please add me to the rx’d list. Kyle j smith.

      • Kylejsmith 37

        Remove me from the line up, coach. i read this incorrectly on my tiny phone.

  • Michael Nerenburg

    I can do jt close to rx’d. I’ll do it if you need people.

  • Jason W

    today’s wod: 14 rds + 1 wall ball rx’d

    major shout out to my girl carmen for DL’ing bodyweight for triples this morning!

    • williamson

      hurrah Carmen!

  • Jeff

    please put me down for the wod if there’s room
    it is one of the very few wods I can do given my knee rehab condition

  • Asegal04

    A.  DL’s: 275, 295, 315  Hard to beleive 4 months ago I walked into crossfit and had a 275 max deadlift.

    B.  Lost track of rounds, definitely above 10.  Did my first set of 20 double unders unbroken, most i had been able to string together.   My previous record was 5.   

  • Sam G

    If Kevin P does it, I’ll do it. I’ll even skip my CSCS class for it and work out next to Kevin so I don’t feel slow :-). It’s funny that we are talking about over training in class today, odiviously I don’t need to go to that class.

  • Bo

    I am in for JT at 645

  • Jamie F.

    Trying to make it.  Will know in about an hour or so what the evening has in store for me at the office.

  • Anonymous

    Seems every other article I’m reading on nutrition lately mentions intermittent fasting.  Has anyone here had experience with this?

    Several articles reference this guy’s program: http://bit.ly/ziAXE7

    • Sean M

      If your priority is trying to lose weight, go for it.   If your priority is trying to get stronger or enhance your conditioning, and you are on an aggressive program (like crossfit), skip it.  

    • Sam G.

      Reis, You should talk to Jeff Y about this Topic, I have read a great deal on it, but I am still up in the air about it. There was a reference to it on the journal recently, the man who wrote the article did a very good study on himself, its 60 pages, but it has a lot of information in it that is worth reading.   

      here is the article, within the article is a link to his study, check it out,


    • Naveen

      I have. I got better at not feeling hungry, but I didn’t notice anything else results-wise – I’m guessing most people don’t find much benefit, based on how little attention IF gets compared to Paleo/Zone/CrossFit.

      If you’re underweight, it can be hard to eat enough in a small window, and if you’re overweight, the larger meals may lead to increasing gastric distensibility and more overeating in the future. 

      It could be worthwhile for the convenience of eating infrequently or for screwing over all-you-can-eat buffet owners.

      • The_Lisa

        I IF intermittently. I noticed an increased ability to deal with hunger and noticed food sensitivities when I did have my first post- fast meal. If i have any starchy carbs at all i want to fall asleep. I occasionally felt a little weak if I was doing a strength workout close to the end of the fast but no problems running while fasted.
        I pursue it to lose fat but have not noticed a big change as yet. It is actually quite convenient not to have to eat every 4 hours or whatever 🙂

    • Reis, given that IFing is another stress on the system, and given how your sleep schedule isn’t ideal from what you’ve told me, I’d give you a thumbs-down on trying IF.  Robb Wolf says that only folks who have EVERYTHING dialed in with nutrition/recovery/training/life should even THINK about trying IF.  If you want to discuss it in further detail, drop me an email or talk to me in person.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks so much for all of the input.  I’ll read more about it but it seems it’s likely not for me right now.  I’ve hit a plateau at around 90% Paleo but I still feel great so I’ll just keep plugging away…

  • Jamie F.

    Not gonna make the 6:45.  Really sorry.  Hit it hard.

  • Anonymous

    Games site is getting crushed right now, so for those having difficulty seeing the WOD, here it is:

    10 Minute AMRAP

    75 pound Snatch, 30 reps
    135 pound Snatch, 30 reps
    165 pound Snatch, 30 reps
    210 pound Snatch, as many reps as possible

    45 pound Snatch, 30 reps
    75 pound Snatch, 30 reps
    100 pound Snatch, 30 reps
    120 pound Snatch, as many reps as possible

    Masters Men 55+
    45 pound Snatch, 30 reps
    75 pound Snatch, 30 reps
    100 pound Snatch, 30 reps
    120 pound Snatch, as many reps as possible

    Masters Women 55+
    35 pound Snatch, 30 reps
    55 pound Snatch, 30 reps
    75 pound Snatch, 30 reps
    90 pound Snatch, as many reps as possible

    This workout begins from the standing position with the barbell loaded to the starting weight. In the Snatch, the barbell goes directly from the ground to overhead in one motion without stopping at the shoulders. This can be a muscle snatch, a power
    snatch, a squat snatch or a split snatch. A clean and jerk is not permitted.

    • Whoa thanks, Reis.  Apparently, I’ve been eagerly refreshing the Games site for a few hours only to learn that I’ll be struggling through the first half of the old lady version of 12.2.   

      • Anonymous

        If that’s true just remember we don’t see the workout (or have a chance to anyway) until 8PM.  They release it 5PM PST. Happy to help…I’m shooting for 31 reps on this one. I’ll have to pull some kind of Jamie F. to get a rep at 135 though, since it’s my PR…oy!

        • Michael North

          Froning and Bailey are beasts.  98 and 95 reps respectively.

          • Naveen

            that was an awesome video

    • JennTang

      Thanks for this Reis!

      I’m excited for this one, though it’s going to suck having to deal with Sara yelling at me for dropping the weight.

      • Anonymous

         …I already packed my earplugs…

  • A. DL – 3 x 185 x 2, 3 x 205 x 2.

    B. 10 rounds. Subbed 16KG kettlebell thrusters for wallballs, and 40 SU for the DU.

  • David Stogsdill

    PE 5:45

    A: DL  4×3 – 145, 165, 185, 205

    B. 11 Rounds

  • Hari

    How we will handle WOD 11.2

    Men: If you know with certainty that you cannot snatch 135, do the WOD as follows:

    30 reps @ 75
    30 reps @ 95
    30 reps @ 115

    This will allow you to post an official score as RX’d on the Games Site (the best you were going to get anyway). But it will also allow you to a full WOD and get more finely (albeit unofficially) ranked within our team.

    Women: If you cannot snatch 75, do the following:

    30 reps @ 45
    30 reps @ 55
    30 reps @ 65

    This will allow you to have an official score of 30 on the Games Site and an unofficial score within our team.

  • Jeff

    compare with 9:36 on 11/1/11

    should have slowed down on the first set of ring dips
    might try kipping HSPU next time too

  • Steve Slo

    A) Deadlifts 3×3: 295#, 315#, 325#

    B) WOD: 5 rounds, 10 1-pood kb thrusters, 3 DUs (counting attempts).
    I STILL do not have double-unders. Shameful!

    C) MOBILITY:  Great stuff… I have difficulty getting my shoulders to cooperate when putting things overhead. This class is very helpful for addressing that problem.

    D) OPEN WOD: 40 reps.
    This was a trial run… And 135# came on heavy. I got the reps but they were quite ugly. I’m really excited for Saturday! 45!